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Click to subscribe and stuff. I have a bunch of other footage from my trip and I’m gonna string it together in the next weeks because BOY are slide shows about people’s trips FUN BEANS! As a side note, I’ve been really good about reading all the comics that have been backlogged in my stack. I just finished Lazarus which is SO good I want the next trade immediately. Also, God Hates Astronauts might be my fave thing I’ve read in a while, it’s so weird, when the owl mafia starts coming out of the woodwork and someone punches an owl’s head out their anus, you really know you’re reading a distinctive piece of art. We have a really crappy slot for Comicon this year, 6pm on Sat, which sucks but I guess we can all be drunk because it’s so late in the day, so that could be a bonus. We’re gonna give stuff away at the panel as prizes so come just for that, I’m bribing you, see how that works? I’m mostly looking forward to the offsite event at Jolt n’ Joes because we have a fabulous DJ who plays video game chiptune stuff and I love throwing parties because people thank me a lot for them, and everyone enjoyed it last year, or so they said to my face. There are so many douchey parties with fancy lists on them down at SDCC no one less than Bruce Willis can get into, I love that we’re the renegade alt party in the scene, the sullen hipster of the geek crowd. Yeah, that feels good. I was gone for 3 weeks and Cubby got some allergic reaction and his ears got bumps on them, so basically my brother tried to kill my dog while I was away. He also trained him that he can ask for 4 walks a day, so basically never leave your dog with anyone if you don’t want their soul corrupted. I gotta go, I have a writing deadline that keeps extending because I can’t make the deadline. I guess it’s not really a deadline if I keep extending it, but soon I’m gonna be in a world of hurt. Word of the week: Contract. “Something you have to do.” oops.

I have a personal YouTube channel in addition to "Geek and Sundry", my web video company, and I like to update it with small vlogs about comics, video games and traveling, mostly. 

It's a special type of bravery you have to channel to just upload a video about what you think and put it out there, but it's a rush as well. I love sharing the little personal videos because I make them all by myself. "Look mom! See what I made!" And people seem to enjoy!

If you like them, please subscribe to the channel! I try to update every Friday, but no promises ;)

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