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George R.R. Martin Makes Veronica Faint – Sword & Laser ep. 6
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A Song of Ice and Fire author George RR Martin talks with us in our Game of Thrones spectacular!

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George R.R. Martin:
Henry Jacoby:

A Song of Ice and Fire:


Show Notes:

Video Review by Aaron:

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Executive Producer – Felicia Day
Executive Producer – Kim Evey
Executive Producer – Sheri Bryant

Producer / Host – Veronica Belmont
Producer / Host – Tom Merritt

Special Guests – George R.R. Martin & Henry Jacoby

Director – Geoffrey Orthwein
Production Coordinator – Suzanne Llewellyn

Graphics – Bill Meeks, Meeks Mixed Media
Logo design – Kathryn Parker
Theme Music – Josh Lawrence
Co-conspirator – Len Peralta

Post-production services provided by Pixel Corps
A Camera Operator – Matthew Wright
B Camera Operator – John Ashley
C Camera Operator – Patrick O’Neill
Live Graphics – Zachary Smith
Audio – Keith Eggel, Mary Rentzel
Teleprompter Operator – Becca Canote
Haze Conductor – Riley Hagen
Production Assistant – Alex Castro

Set Design – Fonco Creative Services
Production Designer – Fon Davis
Art Director – Martin MacDonald
Fonco Producer – Wendy Rolon
Creature Designer – Robert Barnes
Set Builders – Hendric Vogel, Darren Wong, Brittany Barnes
Model Makers – Pierre Maurer, John Duncan, Tyler Murray, Brandon Lee

Special thanks to Ivana Kirkbride and YouTube!

For the last two years, since 2011, I have headed up a company that produces web video called “Geek and Sundry”.  It was part of the Google initiative to fund a number of channels to bring an influx of content to the YouTube platform. Out of 100 channels picked for the first year to be funded, we were lucky to be one of them. 

Starting a company was never something I thought I would do in life, and it has been a challenging process to adjust my skills to the never-ending work in a startup company, but I am so proud of what we've made the past two years, and hopefully we'll continue to make content for our fans for years in the future. 

Geek and Sundry is the umbrella for all the projects I make, whether it’s my own show, like Co-Optitude, or shows I produce, like TableTop or Caper or Spooked. We also have amazing vloggers  I have hand-picked to represent different subjects like comics and video games, who I believe in and want to help introduce to the Geek community. 

Below is a sampling of what we do!

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