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Friday Video uploaded on Saturday!

I didn’t edit this at all, I’m sorry I wasn’t lazy, it was because I was already too late to upload and I had a salt hangover. I don’t generally eat after 7pm because of my stupid stomach issues, but we went to Wondercon all day yesterday and I met a ton of people and had a panel and then talked with MORE people (enough with this socializing) and then my stomach was screaming at me, so we stopped at a Chicago hot dog place on the way back to LA from Anaheim and I got a hot dog. And the whole time I’m screaming, STOP DONT EAT THIS HOT DOG but every juicy, salty bite in my mouth was soooooogoooood. Then I couldn’t sleep all night and I woke up feeling like I had 5 Mai Tais, which I’ve done in the past but not last night and I thought WOW THAT HOT DOG WASNT AS GOOD AS 5 MAI TAIS. So anyway, that happened. But the panel went well and Wil Wheaton and I did almost an hour of Q and A and talked about sperm and the slutty maid game I love so much called Tanto Cuore where you basically hire maids and lock them in a room for points and when you put it that way it’s creepy but it’s basically Dominion with…anime maids, and yeah, it’s questionable but I love it and Wil won’t let it on Tabletop so WHATEVER WIL ITS YOUR SHOW. Also the other show I’ve been working on a ton, Spooked, showed the trailer and everyone loved it and I was like YES SIX MONTHS OF MY LIFE WORTH IT. So it’s all good now, and I’ll never eat a hotdog at 10pm again, I promise. I also spent about $150 on stuff for this video and didn’t get any receipts so I hope you like it and screw you if you wanted jump cuts. Go to another video for jump cuts, they’re free. Oh word of the week is masticate. I want to masticate a hot dog never again. Hmm…sounded weird.

I have a personal YouTube channel in addition to "Geek and Sundry", my web video company, and I like to update it with small vlogs about comics, video games and traveling, mostly. 

It's a special type of bravery you have to channel to just upload a video about what you think and put it out there, but it's a rush as well. I love sharing the little personal videos because I make them all by myself. "Look mom! See what I made!" And people seem to enjoy!

If you like them, please subscribe to the channel! I try to update every Friday, but no promises ;)

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