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Felicia Day & Robin Thorsen: A Holiday Journey to Log Mountain

Special thanks to Joe Pastry!

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Hosted by: Robin Thorsen

Featuring: Felicia Day & Robin Thorsen

Directed by: Sean Becker

Executive Producers: Felicia Day, Sheri Bryant, Kim Evey, Sean Becker

Associate Producer: Brit Weisman

Camera: Omer Ganai, Sean Becker, Brit Weisman

Sound: Neno Stevens

, Leonardo Nasca

Makeup: Kim Graczynk

Theme Song: Eanan Patterson

Flog Logo Design: Adam Levermore

Opening Animation: Efehan Elbi

Written By: Eric Collin Campbell

Edited By: Sam Sher

Post Sound: Neno Stevens

Post Coordinator: Sophie Parkison

Visual Effects: Stephen Sprinkles

Additional Music: Kevin Macleod,


Twitter: @GeekandSundry

December 2012

To launch my company Geek and Sundry in 2011, I wanted to include a weekly show I created and hosted, because it seemed like a fun creative project for me, and would help grow the channel. I came up with a show called "The Flog" that was basically a traditional YouTube vlog on steroids. Each week I curated content and experienced new things, like cooking weird recipes and learning to drive a bulldozer, to playing weird games with my brother. You name it, I did it. 

After the first year, we ended the series, and I moved on to do a show called "Co-Optitude" with my brother instead. We only had two other people to do everything with me for the show, and I aimed to keep the production level quite high, so it became too much to keep up with, budget-wise and manpower-wise. Even though I couldn't balance it out with acting on TV and producing all the other shows on Geek and Sundry, I love every video we made!

And, at the end of the day, someone being terrified of a trapeze lesson doesn’t really have an expiration date. So check some of the videos out, I promise you will chuckle :)

Felicia Day’s The Flog! WILDLIFE RESCUE with Misha Collins
Felicia Day’s The Flog! COOKING with Robin
Felicia Day’s The Flog! THEREMIN
Felicia Day’s The Flog! QUIDDITCH
Felicia Day’s The Flog! POLE DANCING
Felicia Day’s The Flog! FENCING with Osric Chau
Felicia Day’s The Flog!: NEON SIGN-Making
Felicia Day’s The Flog!: ROOM ESCAPE w/ Zachary Levi, Seth Green, & Clare Grant
Felicia Day Takes on Parkour and Freerunning
Felicia & Robin Make Dragon Bread!
Felicia Day & Jeff Lewis Assemble an Ikea Wardrobe!
The Flog: Who Dropped the Soap?!
Felicia Day Makes Soap!
Felicia Day & Ryon Day Play Mortal Kombat & Shaq Fu!
Felicia Day & Robin Thorsen Get Saucy With Pad Thai!
Felicia Day: Gamer Poetry
Felicia Day Flies the Trapeze
Felicia Day & Ryon Day Play Battletoads!
Felicia Day & Robin Thorsen Tex Mex It Up!
Felicia Day Milks a Goat!
The Flog Gag Reel 2012
The Flog Christmas Eve Spectacular!
Felicia Day Makes a Hat!
Felicia Day & Ryon Day Slam Dunk NBA Jam – The Flog
The Flog Goes Down Under!
Felicia Day & Amy Okuda Get Their Ghost On
Felicia Serves You Flog
Bach To The Future – Felicia Day & Tom Lenk
Felicia Day & Robin Thorsen: Bakers for Lakers
Spooky Flog: Felicia & Ryon Play Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Felicia Day & Robin Thorsen Get Piggy with It!
Felicia Day & Sean “Day[9]” Plott Design Perfume
Felicia at Dragon*Con
Felicia Day Plays BattleTech with Ryon
Felicia Day Trains Cubby (The Cutest Dog Ever)
Felicia Day & Morgan Webb Master the Art of Archery
Felicia Day & Robin Thorsen: Satan…err, Seitan
Felicia Day Becomes a Gunstar Hero
The Flog: Felicia Day Gives Mouth to Mouth
Felicia Day Tries a Sport!
The Flog @ Comic Con 2012!
The Flog at VidCon 2012!
Happy Fourth of July Flog!
Star-Spangled Pride Pants
Felicia Plays ToeJam and Earl With Brother Ryon
Felicia Day & Robin Thorsen Cooking Segment: Mondo Sushi Rollers! – The Flog – Ep 12
Felicia Plays with Toilet Paper and Talks Cat Scientists, Incredibox and more! – The Flog – Ep 11
Felicia Day Drives a MotherF&#%&# BULLDOZER-THING! The Flog – Ep 10
Felicia Day Swing Dances with KevJumba! – The Flog – Ep 9
Felicia Day plays Sega Bassfishing Tourney 1996. It Sucks. – The Flog – Ep 8
Felicia Day and Colin Ferguson Crochet Together! – The Flog Ep 7
Felicia Day goes Neo-Victorian in a Steampunk Photoshoot – The Flog Ep 6
Felicia Day with a Chainsaw! Plus, adorable baby animals! – The Flog, Ep 5
Felicia Day Plays Violin with Tom Lenk – The Flog, Ep 4
Felicia Day & Robin Thorsen Cook Up An Old Family Recipe in “Torta” – The Flog, Ep 3
Felicia Day Plays “Streets Of Rage” With Her Brother Ryon Day – The Flog, Ep. 2
Felicia Day Plays With Fire in “Blacksmithing” – The Flog, Ep 1
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