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Eureka – “Reprise” – Sneak Peek

While Carter investigates the odd behavior of Eurekans at home, Allison miles away, faces true danger.

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Mondays just got more powerful –

When someone creates a character for you on a TV show, it’s the biggest compliment ever!

I met the showrunner, Jamie Paglia, at a convention in Arizona, and he and I hit it off really well, but I was still surprised when he called me up and asked me to come in and meet the producers of his show, "Eureka", the following month. Turns out...they wanted to add me to the show for a few episodes! The quirky comedy of the show, mixed with a fun sci-fi world, made the opportunity impossible to turn down. So glad!

Holly was added to the cast of SyFy’s “Eureka” in season 4.5 for a two-episode arc, and ended up staying all the way through season 5. She's a smart and quirky scientist who had an innocent heart, and an enthusiasm for all things scientific. I loved playing her, and even more, loved the cast and crew on the show. I have worked with several of them again, with one of the producers Amy Berg on a Geek and Sundry show, "Caper", and Neil Grayston, who played Fargo, on another show I produced, "Spooked." When a show's relationships can outlast the wrap of the know it's special. And "Eureka" was for sure.

Eureka – Holly (Felicia Day about her character dr. Holly Marten)
Eureka — “Up in the Air” — Sneak Peek
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