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Day[9] & Felicia Day: Spellslingers Gag Reel #5 – Thuggish Demeanor

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Next episode’s guest: Grant Imahara

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Welcome to Spellslingers, a competition show based on the phenomenally popular card game, Magic: The Gathering. Presented by Sean Plott of Day9TV, prepare to experience fun-filled, fast-talking and adrenaline-paced battles that highlight the latest MTG cards.

In each episode geek icons will take on Sean with the hope of emerging victorious in an all-or-nothing match.

Special Thanks to Wizards of the Coast!

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Executive Producers:
Felicia Day
Sheri Bryant

Dinh Thai

Hosted by:
Sean Plott

Guest Opponent:
Felicia Day

Ari Weiner
Ryan Copple

Assistant Story Producer:
David Ackerman

Production Coordinator:
Ashley Krick

Assistant Coordinator:
Nick Applebaum

Assistant Director:
Jason Lombardo

Director of Photography:
Michael Pescasio

Camera Operators:
Rafael Leyva
Owen Captures
Jared Washburn

Media Manager:

Lee Narby

Best Boy Electric:
Pat Russo

Key Grip:
Brian McDermott

Otis Mannick

Production Designer:
Geoff Flint

Art Director:
Drew Wootten

Set Dressers:
Jalisco Wayne
Jakob Bokulich

Art PA
Sylvia Kochinsky

Tara Loren

Jacob Bass

Sound Mixer:
Reza Moosavi

Food Fetish

Craft Service:
Rosa Ehrlich

Justin Eastzer
James Deuling

Steve Sprinkles

Sound Designer:
Sean Oakley

George Shaw

On Set Magic Representative:
Gavin Verhey

Jason Adams
Michael Smith
Forrest Tagliamonte
Dermil Bell

In addition to my own projects, I appear in other people’s shows frequently, as myself or as an actor. Here is a sampling of the ones I enjoy most, along with some random YouTube appearances I've done!

RED: In 2010 I did a very fun SyFy movie: Red Werewolf Hunter. It was no Sharknado, we were trying to be more serious. But there are some really cheese-fun scenes of my fighting werewolves when, on set, I had no idea what they looked like. I was just fighting guys in greenscreen suits. If you want a fun Sat night movie you don't take too seriously, this fits the bill!

Legend of Neil: I was super fortunate to have actors I worked with on The Guild who were equally as talented as writers and producers. Sandeep, who played Zaboo in my show, had a super funny web series of his own, Legend of Neil. It was a parody of the world of Zelda, and I played a very naughty version of the healing fairy. Definitely NSFW but fun! :)

My Gimpy Life: I met my friend Teal Sherer on the set of "Warm Springs", a TV movie on HBO. We remained friends, and when she moved out to LA, I wrote a part for her on "The Guild" as Venom, the aggressive girl in a wheelchair. She took some inspiration from my show and went and created her own show, "My Gimpy Life". 

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