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Zelda marathon observation


I really settled in to be a wastrel today.  I had to take a break to write a little stream of consciousness post after several hours of playing Twilight Princess.   I have cheeto dust all over my jeans and three bottles of empty cream soda strewn about the couch area, more empty bags of chips on the floor, on the chair cushions.  I had my top pants button undone, for maximum gluttonous room and I microwaved my dinner.   Sad but fun.   I’ll do something productive tomorrow, I promise.

I really like Zelda, but why can’t my character be civilized and just look inside the clay vases and not smash them?  I feel like a vandal.  I really miss the Ultima days where you could see a chest of drawers and you could open them, and stuff was in them.  That you could steal.  When did it become acceptable to have a placeholder chest of drawers?  Isn’t that going backwards in role playing game evolution?  That’s what always irritated me about WOW.    I always wanted to claim one of those Ironforge houses and make it a Guild way-station, have some flowers on the table, mead in the cupboard, guildie only access.  No can do.  What MMORPG has that kind of detail now?

I think if video game companies had more women on their staff, those kind of details would be #1 on the list.  Like, say, being able to change your hair style, and more face customization.   Character customization is really important to me when I play games, and I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to have flowing red hair out of my helmet for Hellgate.  I am reserving judgment until I actually get to play.

I actually pre-ordered it today.  Eagerly anticipating a beta key in my email.  I’m actually obsessively checking it too much.  I bought from GoGamer for the wasp armour, definitely the sleekest colors IMO.

Oh ya, watched Bionic Woman last night, I’m a little on the fence.  There’s something very cold about it, although I do like the lead girl, I think she’s great.  The special effects were very cool, as were the fight sequences.  Definitely will be checking out a few more episodes.

Ok, back to Wii.  I should be going out tonight, but…I’m too lazy. 🙂

  • empfeix

    I love all that attention to detail like opening drawers etc. I want to be able to have some shack in the woods I can come home to and put all the herbs I collected in a vase. Hopefully games will have that level or interactivity and maintain quality like WoW in the future.

    Also I totally forgot about Hellgate! With all the games coming out, I’m glad you reminded me. Hopefully its a great new game.

  • Ah, another opportunity to shamelessly plug my favourite game…

    Lord of the Rings Online will soon have something close to that level of detail, when player housing is introduced. I can’t wait to craft furniture for our kinship hall. We even get doormats, if the rumours are true. Yay. 😀

  • Ben

    Bionic Woman was awesome. Hot women with superpowers battling it out never gets old! Admit it Felicia, you know you would love to have super powers, again!

  • Dustin

    I have to check out the Wii Zelda pretty soon. I’m already a Pro at Golf, Tennis and Bowling :D.


  • Rhonda

    There was a MMORPG that I played for about 3 years or so called Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC), and they had housing! You could buy different sizes of houses and add furnature and even stuff mobs (taxidermy) and have them on your walls or on the floor (depending on the size of the mob)!! We had an outhouse and a pumpkin patch outside our house, hehe. They could be guild houses or personal houses. Each house had an option of an auctioneer-type merchant where you could sell world items or crafted items. Was sooo nice. I miss that game 🙁 It got all messed up with expansions and other implementations that just further wrecked the balance (buff-bots, Trials of Atlantis expansion, etc).

    I also play WOW, but I mostly PVP, raiding bores me. I often watch DVDs, talk on the phone or play PS2 while I raid.

    Tempted to get the Wii Zelda game now! :O

  • Omer

    Don’t forget, new Zelda for the DS is out tomorrow.

    2D Zelda game with Wind Waker style graphics? Yes please.

  • Jeff

    While I can see that the placeholder graphics are boring in WOW (I remember wasting a lot of time in Ultima VII…heh), I’m kinda glad there’s limited customization because it would be a huge time sink. I mean, imagine the quests if you had to look through everything.

    There’s enough to do in the game between quests, raiding, and PVP…my mind would explode if there was even more to mess with. I’m sure that’s part of Blizzard’s design philosphy – keep things simple and limited.

    Though the customization of features is certainly welcome. Hell, if I could just get another shot at the character screen to change my night-elf blue hair to anything else…lol.

  • Oh, I read a review of the DS Zelda on IGN, I’m going out to get it today! Also getting the HiDef Wii cables, I can’t believe I’ve been playing without them for months!

  • Edgar

    The closest to guild-specific extras will be in Age of Conan… My guild and I are eagerly waiting for this…

    9.6 Can guilds build guild houses?
    Yes. Players can create entire cities and fill it with different kinds of buildings. There is also a town hall in each city, which should become a gathering point of all guild members when they are in town.

  • Rhonda

    Yeah there are a bunch of us that are probably going to head to Age of Conan, VERY much looking forwards to it!

  • Jason

    Player housing it a lot of fun if its done right. Star Wars Galaxies had the coolest player housing of any game. There was 3 different sizes of houses, plus guild halls, banks, city halls, etc. You could make whole player cities. The only problem was that in a couple years all of the planets filled up and there was no room for new players to have houses and/or new cities. But my guild had two cities, one on Talus and one on Lok. We rocked. 😛 But my house was all decorated with loot and decorations and animal heads and all kinds of crap. (My dark jedi had a throne in the guild hall with two rancors flanking it! :-D) Also, the players were very customizable and you could get a class called “Image Designer” which could change the way your toon looked after it was created. You guys woulda loved it. It still has all those features but now they’ve messed it up beyond repair combat/quest/game-wise that those features are all that’s left. Not enough to love a game on, I’m afraid.

    The answer to the overpopulation problem was in EQ2, where they have instanced housing. Basically you pay X number of gold to rent an apartment, or a house, or whatever size place you want. Then there are quests and vendors to get items to decorate your house. Also neat but not nearly as customizable as SWG housing was.

    Combine the two and you’d have perfect player housing.

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