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  • hahahaha. Beaker as Rick Astley is almost too perfect!!

  • Omer

    I can’t believe you Rick Rolled your own readers. For shame, young lady.

  • Omer

    Also, I’m blown away by the resemblance Beeker has to Rick Astley. That must have been like a lightning bolt to the forehead for the guy who made this video when he realized that.

  • Further nostalgia vids. Really made me smile to see these again after all these years.

  • Tyler

    I got Rick Rolled with that earlier today. Frickin’ hilarious, lady :-p

  • Noooo! Not here! Must remember to read comments first….

  • Grrrrr! Got me!

    Now that frakkin’ song is going to be going through my head ALL DAY.

  • William

    Rick Rolled by Felicia Day. This is starting out the weirdest day ever.

  • Ronnie


    I loved the muppet show and sadly I’m of the Rick Astley generation so this was just priceless!

  • You won’t believe this, but, though I’ve probably dealt no fewer than 30 rickrolls in my sordid past, I’ve never gotten caught in one. Oh, the worm has turned.

    Well played, young lady. You should squeeze “rickroll my readers” into your 101 list, just so you can check it off.

    [Grr! My spidersense was all atingle with the “OMG funniest clip ever” tag. I should have trusted my instincts!]

  • edgar

    That’s not as bad as this:

  • Dustin

    I don’t mind being Rick Rolled because I love that song. And I love muppets soo that video rocked my sox.

  • Hi Felicia,

    I guess you got me twice this week, huh! Codex? That was real sly, got me off guard…I totally take back that ‘geek overlord’ title…

  • I’m a little late in commenting, but I’m with Xdpaul…this is the first successful rickrolling I’ve ever been subjected to. Also the funniest.

  • *lol* got me.

  • Danny A.

    😛 I really love that song. XD

  • Man that is osme funny stuff!

  • 6502

    7 million views later, still the best rick roll.

  • kim


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