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YouTube – Cheetos Commercial – Orange Underground – Laundromat


Edgar alerted me to this posting of the fancier color version of my commercial, thanks Edgar! I’ve been totally swamped by things this week, and my stress level is so high I accidentally posted a “poop twitter”, that I promptly removed shortly thereafter 🙂

Suffice it to say, I’m relieved that the strike is over, although how good it is for the writers remains to be seen. I, for one, see it as somewhat of a dubious deal as far as residuals for online content go, but who knows, I glaze over at percentages and all the technical jargon (which is great for accounting :O). I’m a “someone blog it in simple terms for me so I can be outraged” kind of girl. Interestingly, by their new definition a WGA-qualifying webisode has a budget of 15k a minute, so “The Guild” is so safe from that it’s hilarious 🙂 People who are doing webisodes for that budget, please contact me for acting or writing work, I’m available for that price! 🙂

This week will be swamped with Guild stuff, as well as my role in Zaboo/Sandeep’s webisode, and prepping for a sketch show benefit at The Empty Stage, my improv theatre that’s closing. Anyone in town is invited to come! 🙂

Also, Lisa Shearin, author of Magic Lost Trouble Found (The book I pretty much gushed all over last month), alerted me to fantastic pre-reviews of her sequel, Armed and Magical. Check out the link to it on her great blog, a lovely place to go for writer inspiration. Her email inspired me to prepare a post on all the pre-order stuff I have in my Amazon cart, the books I’m drooling to get my hands on, mostly sequels to great series. When I love it, I have to shove it in the cart or I’ll forget to read it the first day it comes out! Now, if I could only figure out a way to sell all the already-read books in my garage being eaten by crickets…

  • S o M a

    cali crickets are the worst!

    so boisterous..

    many a sleepless night spent chasing them..

    and they always congregate in garages.. w t f .. ?

    coincidentally, you play the violin and crickets are always
    portrayed [in animation] as playing the violin..

    maybe you could fight [fire] with music…

    why is everyone getting sick around me.. ?

    i feel like robert neville..

    oh and YAY! for strike being over..

    boo! for strike not having the effect on negotiations that
    it optimistically could have had ? [clueless]

    … how was everyones weekend ?

    [i got to ride my motorcycle it was so warm.. and then
    got drastically cold again in the weathers coup to keep
    us confused]

  • Adam

    I’m sure you’ve already seen this.
    But if you haven’t, not only does it say that The Guild is worth watching, but also that you’re “a graduate of the Joss Whedon School for Gorgeous Nerd Actresses.” Go you!

  • Ben

    Ok, finally saw the commercial and you are officially eeeeevil. Now I know you didn’t really ruin some strangers’ sheets but that still seemed a bit…harsh.

    When I was a freshman in college, there were strict rules about removing food from the cafeteria. Well I “stole” a few individual bowl sized boxes of Captain Crunch for a late night snack. The next day when I got home, on my “in/out” tag, someone put a note which read, “You can’t get away with the crunch because the crunch always gives you away.”

    So I assumed it was from someone who saw me take the cereal and was making a joke. I didn’t give it any further thought…until that night when I climbed up to my loft bed and flopped onto the bed with a big crunch. Captain Crunch between my sheets and the mattress. I eventually found (and got even with) the perpetrator but what a mess—crumbs everywhere.

  • SO does that mean the WGA has won? Or have they lost? I read an article over the weekend in which Eisner basically said “The strike’s over, and the writers can go and screw themselves if they think they’re getting their jobs back” (I paraphrase, of course).
    It’s not really that relevant to me, however, as I’m in the WGGB, and we already had a good deal, although now the negotiations for my feature can continue. Yay!

  • leah

    First of – who made up that budjet? lol. second of all -my fallow book lover, meet the goodness that are book exchange sites – the two biggest are and but there’s more more more 🙂

    lastly – love, love love the Guild 🙂 it was one of the reasons, I actualy started playing WoW 🙂

    and the commercial is no bad either 🙂

  • Hah! Hilarious commercial! Oh, the things I’ve wanted to dump in people’s washing machines / dryers….

  • I sure hope “poop twitter” isn’t to be taken literally… I’m all for sharing information, but that’s kind of pushing the limits 🙂

  • Dan

    Great commercial!

    If you’re digging on the whole urban fantasy thing, might I suggest Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series. Harry’s a wizard-detective (or is that detective-wizard? Hmm…..) in Chicago. I’ve read the first 8 books, and can’t wait to get my hot little hands on #9. Right now, I think it’s my favorite book series.

  • yay colour video!

    yay strike over!

    yay more guild stuff!

    Sounds like a good week. 😉

  • Lana
    Excellent way to recycle books and maybe crickets?

  • Calvin

    Hey felicia, just saw ‘the guild’ on youtube as well as a few short clips you’re in and i must say two things:

    – you’re one talented girl
    – you’re hot

    Keep up the good work!

  • edgar

    Felicia won’t notice this comment now that its been a while, but I wanted to point out that this isn’t really a commercial for Cheetos…

    Its a psychologist’s vision of what Felicia thinks she sees/hears. Yes, Felicia
    now thinks that an imaginary Saw-puppet-looking-kind of Chester Cheetah talks to her and tells her to do things. Its a cry for help everyone!

    If everyone emails her “Don’t believe Chester Cheetah! He’s not real!” we might get to her.

  • lizzy

    Felicia, I know that they’re now allowing online content like webisodes and online films to be eligible for nomination in this years Primetime Emmy’s. So you should definitely check out if “The Guild” can be submitted! I think last year they were allowed for the DT Emmy’s, so it’s pretty cool they’re actually considering online amateur/indie footage for nomination this year. If you’re interested or want to read more, check out I’m workin with the Academy to help spread the message about the new nominations, so if you get to check it out let me know! And spread the love =)

  • OMG that’s fantastic! Thank you lizzy, I am all over that! I entered THe GUild in the SXSW online festival, I’m crossing fingers, just because SXSW is in my home town 🙂 I’ll look into the Emmy thing right now!

  • Hey! – I just saw this commercial today.
    BAD Felicia!!!

    -U got to stop listening to that cheetah, man. 🙂

  • Just saw your commercial on Adult Swim. You rock. Great job! And I love Codex.

  • sandeep

    “as well as my role in Zaboo/Sandeep’s webisode”

    you were hanging in mid air for an entire day and that’s it!!! that’s all you post. why do i even read these blogs!

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