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Yin and Yang Sunday


Ok, so today I have two things to talk about: deep politics, and celebrity stalking. First, I went to this new theater in LA call the Landmark today. It’s 11 bucks a ticket, poop my pants expensive, but it’s designed to be a “gourmet” experience. Arty art house. They sell 4 dollar fizzy water that’s kumquat or lavender flavored, and packs of New Zealand chocolate wafers for 6 or 7 bucks. It made me embarrassed to be a semi-affluent white person. I mean, I appreciate the broadening of the concessions mindset, the Peet’s coffee lattes were a nice option, but their popcorn was pretty crappy, very styrofoamish, stuck to my teeth. My opinion, you gotta get the basics down before you fly away with the special effects, my friend. I went back to the dude and told him in my frank, but ever charming manner, that his popcorn tasted like crap. He just started at me, ’cause I think he was stoned, then said “Cool T-shirt.” I agree, it was this one, but that’s beside the point. Annoying. I insisted on a new bag, and he refilled it with a slightly LESS chewy refill. I should have used my usual line “Oh, I’m diabetic and I have salt sensitivity, can you make me a new batch?” Works most the time, but I didn’t have time. The movie was starting.

Anyway, I saw Sicko. Now, Michael Moore is a great filmmaker in that, he makes quasi-documentary movies that make you think about an issue exactly the way he wants you to. Of course it can’t be classified as a documentary, it has no illusion of objectivity, but as a man with a point of view, he certainly gets what he wants across. And boy, does he. I don’t want to preach about politics, but I really do urge people to see this film, because it will at least make you consider the issue of healthcare and make you think about how you personally feel about how a society should treat it. Bottom line, it does not work the way it is now. I grew up in the military, and there was never any hesitation about going in to the doctor about anything, because there, it’s all taken care of for service members and their families. The fact that people die in this country because HMO’s deny people operations to save money is heinous. There are some things that government should be there to take care of, and health is one of them. They might as well privatize the police force or the fire fighters. Anyway, see the movie and think about it yourselves. At least it could start a national dialogue.

Next, celebrity stalking. I’m not much of a fan person, I never had a picture of N Synch or Justin Timberlake on my wall, but I had the weirdest, most vivid dream last night. I was in a hot tub with Reese Witherspoon and…ok, don’t go there, we were at a SPA and we were in bathing suits, jeez. But in my dream, we were total best friends, going to the spa together. BFF’s. Then we went to high tea afterwards and ate egg salad sandwiches. No joke. It was absolutely crazy. It was so vivid and real, like, our girlfriend relationship, if I ever see her in person I swear I might go ask her to have coffee. She’ll probably have a bodyguard attack me, but if I was on the A list, we’d be totally buds. I think. It must be weird being that famous, you never really meet anyone who’s not famous to be genuine friends with. Well, if you’re reading, I’m here for you Reese. I love making crafts and hate Hollywood parties. Call me.

  • Have you ever seen her in person before?

    I’ve had dreams like that, where the emotions of the dream carried over into my waking life. It’s very surreal.

    One time I dreamt it was my job to disable bombs on top of the Empire State Building. So I would go up there and try, and if I couldn’t get it in time I would jump off and hit the ground. No matter if I disarmed it or not I had to do it all again later. Very weird…and I’m not sure what it has to do with anything…what was I talking about, again? 🙂

  • Josh

    Gourmet concessions aside, I’d pay more for my ticket if the seats were larger and spaced out a bit more. Hell, I’d buy a “First Class” ticket if I could. Comfort is the number one reason I wait for a DVD release. Only the true event movies draw me to the theatre anymore.

    Ehh, Michael Moore. While his movies are “provacative”, I hate the way they are presented. Whenever anyone cherry picks their examples, it leads me to believe that their conclusion is false. I know our healthcare system needs to change, but I don’t think that the Canadian or UK model is acceptable either.

    I think those celebrity dreams aren’t completely uncommon. I personally have had at least two where Will Smith has been my best friend since middle school (which doesn’t work since he’s several years older than I). Shortly after waking up, and the memory of the dream hasn’t faded yet, I wonder where my friend is.

  • The seats are pretty nice, I admit that. The weird thing is though, it’s reserved seating, so you pick out the seats you want before hand, and yet, in a 1/3 full theater, the whole row I was in was PACKED. I mean, wouldn’t you at least pick the seats a few apart from the other ones you see reserved? Isn’t that part of the appeal? Maybe it’s me, I hate strangers sitting next to me.

    I love that people have had that same dream about a celebrity…and of course, the Empire State Building. 😀

  • And were Will Smith and you in a hot tub, just out of curiosity?

  • Josh

    Hmm, no hot tub involved. One was clearly an awards ceremony at my high school auditorium. I think I was winning something and he was there to support me. Afterwards we saved the world from invading aliens…

  • Ben

    Honest to G-d, I had a night-terror (way more intense than a regular nightmare) a few YEARS ago and I can still vividly picture it and the feelings of dread that accompanied. And no, it didn’t have anything to do with Reese.

    In my dream, I was Spiderman and I was being pursued by the Hulk. Now before you roll your eyes—I had been collecting Spiderman comics ever since I was about 9 years old. Spidey was a big part of my youth. Anyway, Hulk was smashing anything and everything to get at me and I was just missing skyscraper-smashing punches by inches. Eventually I woke up but it was a really traumatic dream. Not a celeb stalking dream but it’s interesting how the things we do and say in our waking hours is not forgotten in our slumber time.

    (btw Felicia—did you watch Woody Allen’s Banana’s yet? Not sure if you could afford a Marvin Hamlisch soundtrack but I think it’s hilarious. Found a YOUTUBE clip with some of it…

    –The Real Ben

  • Josh

    Please disregard the following OCD moment:


  • I’m putting Bananas on my Tivo to tape next time it plays. I really love Woody Allen stuff. That music was great! Today my composer came up with something really great for my credits, kinda whimsical and cute, it fits perfectly.
    Weird coincidence, Marvin Hamlish conducted our orchestra when I was in music school at University of Texas. I think it was a Henry Mancini tribute. The only thing I remember that he was kind of a jerk, but that was through my lazy college student eyes. And we did sound kinda crummy for that concert, I admit 🙂

  • kehn

    Sorry, Felicia – now that Reese Witherspoon’s back on the market, I call 1st dibs. 🙂

    re: Michael Moore, I agree that his movies are quite manipulative with how they present their facts and arrive at their conclusions. But… as far as I know, it’s not like he’s ever claimed to be objective, and I would argue that any kind of documentary film will be inherently biased if only by what you do and do not show. And, even if you leave aside the ‘how’ he shows things, the ‘what’ is real and deserves to be looked at. And, as one of those damn liberals who’s ruining the country… I guess my feeling on Michael Moore is that he may be an overbearing media bully, but he’s OUR overbearing media bully. 🙂

    But… no, not dreaming about being in a hot tub with him. *shudder*

  • Cinemas? Bah! It costs about that for the cheapest cinema entry here.

    The Michael Moore phenomenon is interesting to us foreigners, as we don’t have the inside experience to judge what he’s telling us. Until Sicko, that is.
    The UK’s National Health Service is a mess, as you’d expect from a public service created by committee.

    As a case study, here’s me. I slipped on a piece of paper on a cobbled street on the 3rd March, and my cruciate ligament gave way. As a result the bones around my knee clashed and a big piece chipped off. The casualty department I visited (after a four hour wait) couldn’t transfer me to the X-Ray department, so I had to be referred by my doctor. When they found the break I had to go back to casualty (for another four hour wait) to be referred to the fracture clinic. The MRI didn’t seem to reveal anything and the physio made things worse, so I demanded a second opinion, at which point it was revealed that I’d been seeing an arm specialist for 6 months. Finally, I have an arthroscopy tomorrow, which I hope will let me climb stairs again (after more physio).

    It’s not a complete disaster though. It’s free to those who can’t afford it, and if you want to pay for private healthcare, it’s always an option.

  • Ok had to take the brain test thingy. I just had to know. Scored a 25 male. Damn so close. Had to skip the section on the fingers though. Didn’t have a ruler. So who know the true value. LOL. Good times for a Friday. Thanks for the laugh

  • len

    Actually not true. Over the years in music, I’ve met and made friends with A-listers who remain friends. One has to accept that these are some of the busiest people in the world but respect for their work and accepting that knowing famous people doesn’t make one famous or deserve to be go a long way.

    Unsurprisingly it is the B and C listers who can be real sh*ts in person, but with no exceptions every A-lister I’ve known treated me as if I mattered even in situations where I don’t. Perhaps you may want to step up to the idea that you live in a land of carnivores.

    The Internet is really letting the lizards out to run. Look at the obsession with file swapping, the long screeds that piracy is ok because this is stealing from the spoilt rich who live on the beach smoking dope and swinging from the penis trees. Then look at how hard creatives have to work to produce something worthy of noticing. Look at the way some will take care of friends who didn’t quite get to the A-list but did work that was worthy, who stick by their friends, who do reach out to the kids on the way up, the folks on the side, who respect and honor their fans and know it’s a privilege to have them.

    Hollyweird is what it is from where I sit which admittedly is on the other side of the country, but I’ve known some really fine people on the A-list and I’m a bit tired of the way a generation has grown up determined to steal what they could easily buy just to do it like they were playing a game. Gamers.. sheesh.

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