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When author Patrick Rothfuss send me an email (You’ll remember I trashed the cover of his acclaimed fantasy debut “Name of the Wind”) I was like “Uh Oh, another author whose book cover I trashed has hunted me down! Damn these writers and their internet access!” Surprisingly, he just wanted to show me what the paperback version will look like when the book is released April 1rst. Hooray!
First glance: IMPROVED!  LOVE IT!  The eerie black and white spells ominous, the cloaked figured=mysterious fantasy man, the gold gives it the old-world flair. I could have used maybe a tower in the distance (I love towers 🙂 ) but compared to before…well, see for yourselves to the bottom right. Which one do you prefer? This new cover is WAAAAY better dudes, really nice!  

If you haven’t picked up this book, definitely do so. It was on the top 10 fantasy of 2007 everywhere, and it is great. It’s like, Harry Potter meets Feist meets, oh I dunno, someone dark. Erikson maybe. It’s great. And soon you’ll be able to read it without peeling off the cover. 🙂

  • Formaldehyde

    The new cover definitely calls out to me a lot more.

  • S o M a



  • alexis

    Is this a series or a stand alone book?

  • cirby

    “The Name of the Wind.”


  • You can actually find hardcover copies with the new cover too, if you’re into that sort of thing….

  • 1st April… it’s a joke right? 😉

    thx for the suggestion~

  • It’s a series and the next one is due out next year, I believe. Can’t wait to get the new hardback version for my fantasy collectible bookshelf! Thanks Patrick!

  • Mia


    Looks good. I’ll have to remember to pick up a copy April 1st!

  • I thought the name of the wind was “scirocco”. Hope I didn’t spoil the end or anything…

    Incidentally, over here in Blighty we get a nice variation of the good cover:

  • alexis

    Went to buy this book at borders and they had one hardback left and this is the cover picture it has:

    Like it better than the first one but not as good as the paperback.

  • alexis

    Oops, no pictures allowed? Here’s the URL:

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