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If you haven’t noticed, my latest obsession is redoing the blog, and pretty much all things WordPress related. I’ve compiled a list of sites that I’ve found really valuable in my hunt for a new skin, and other resources to help me (attempt to) tweak them. Hope they come in handy to some of you bloggers!

WordPress Theme Links

  • Smashing Magazine has comprehensive lists of anything design related. Three great lists of Free Skins can be found here, here and here. A wonderful starting point.
  • Fresheezy is another site with a Gallery of free WordPress skins. Definitely worth a look.
  • WPZoom has very good articles and compilations of WordPress resources, free skins and otherwise.
  • Uberblogger Skelliwag complied a list of six minimalist free skins. Handy if you’re into white space.
  • Desperate Curiosity lists 100 favorite skins. A little older resource but still some nice designs.
  • A list of skins at a Japanese(?) site called Designwalker rounds out my theme resources.

WordPress Plugin Resources

General Design Lists

Useful Sites for Designing Your Site

  • Dafont is my first stop for fonts.
  • Colour Lovers is a great resource for background patterns and user-submitted color palettes.
  • Or create your own color palette at Color Blender.

After you find a theme and install your WordPress, use this helpful list “The Complete WordPress Post-Install Checklist” to walk you through your first steps. Then start blogging! Or check out adii’s list of his Top 53 Blog Design of 2007 and be envious. 🙂

  • Ooh… thanks! Will definitely be useful for me.

  • Jonas

    Love the new design but you might want to change up the blurb a little the “cooking, her cats” part catches me wrong every time d:

  • Tyler

    Awesome, I’ve been shopping around for a domain name so I’ll definitely be using some of these resources.

    I really dig the new background 🙂

  • Dom

    That’s a pretty good list – don’t forget the official WordPress stuff too – plenty of good resources there:

    Given the that URL, it’d be kind of a shame to leave it out. 🙂

  • Formaldehyde

    This new skin matches your hair. Very nice 🙂

  • edgar

    I may just finally set up my own blog…

    Jonas, Felicia might be from Melmac and if so loves cooking, her cats…

  • Oh awesome, I’m also working on my own WP blog thingy and these will surely come in handy. Also, the new redesign is very swanky. 🙂 Nice work!

  • You compiled this wonderful list, went to the gym and did the outlines for all of season 2?! That’s just too darned good!

    It is a really useful list and one that will come in very handy…

  • Uh…YAY! Me be novice to the whole out of the WordPress womb. I feel like I might be able crawl my way into a well laid out blog.

  • Nathan

    Just in case you missed this one:

  • Great list of resources. And btw, thanks for linking to 100+ web 2.0 generators.

  • Great, I’m going to look at some of these for inspiration for my blog. Which isn’t on wordpress, but I’m sure there’s general stuff in those links you posted.

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