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Wired "How Felicia Day Recruited Millions"


It’s a lofty title to the article, but this is one of the funnest interviews I’ve done, it has a lot of great things in it. The biggest thing that people have picked up on is this section: Has The Guild helped your acting career?

Day: It’s very funny. No. It’s a little frustrating. Having done this for two years, I’ve gotten used to the fact that it’s not going to cross over. Occasionally I’ll see a writer who knows about the show. I have fewer auditions now than before I started The Guild because I have less time to concentrate on my acting career. In an ideal world, people would be offering me roles or at least I’d get more appointments and so would my cast members.

I certainly didn’t want to sound whiney about it, which I hope it doesn’t come off being. It is what it is. The acting jobs I get don’t come from casting directors, they come from writers and producers calling me in directly, which isn’t that often. Oh, well. I just know I’m really happy making stuff on the internet, and hopefully can get enough jobs in the TV/Movie world every year to make my health insurance! 😀

  • Jan

    I’m actually quiet suprised to hear that, because the Guild’s audience (we all know the average Guild watcher 🙂 ) is very strong and loyal to “it’s” stars. Look at the the sy-fy series Firefly which has gotten a full-lenght holywood-like movie mainly because the geeky people wanted it. I think that exactly the same applies for Kristen Bell , which is beloved star of exactly this audience. I’m sure it’ll pick up 🙂

  • I would hire you right now if i had something to give you work in 😉

    I am modeling my two lead female characters after you and Zoe Keating in my new steampunk book. Now I just have to write it and sell it.

  • BobW

    There is no applause quite like prompt, cheerful payment.

    I wish you many happy paydays!

  • i love wired! this is so cool. congrats felicia.

  • Mike D.

    Great interview — even better than WSJ piece. Doesn’t come off whiny at all. Kind of reminds me of the part in the Streamy video (How To Make An Award Winning Web Series) where you say, “I am web gold!” I think most of us expect to see you in something pretty big in the next year or two. Selfishly for us, though, I’d hate to think that might be the end of The Guild.

    Question: If somebody with deep pockets came in and wanted to turn this into a half-hour series, do you think it could successfully make the leap to TV? I don’t really think it’s as niche targeted as I’ve seen written up, and it seems like you hint at shooting for a broader audience in the Wired piece, unless I misread. OTOH, there aren’t too many places where we’re going to see a recurring character say, “I just banged your mom.” TBH, I’d rather have it stay on the web and go subscription or PPV than move to a format in which the creativity or authenticity is curtailed.

    Anyway, kudos on another great installment. Looking forward to the Season 3 DVD.

    P.S. Please write in more on-camera violin. And how about an episode with flashbacks to Vork’s adolescence? $20 says that there’s some really scary stuff in there…

  • Maggie

    That was a great interview, actually! Well done! And I didn’t think you sounded whiny at all!

  • That was a great interview. Sorry to hear your not getting more jobs from the Guild! I’d love to see you in more things. Keep up the great work and see you around Comic Con next year! LOL

  • sheina

    I loved the interview! I’m curious – do you still take paypal payments from donors or use people as volunteers to help with any of the massive amounts of work you do? Or is it pretty much covered now?

    Love all your work 🙂

  • Jim

    What a wonderful interview. I have to say that was awesome of Jimmy Fallon to give you tickets like that. You never see anything like that during an interview. That dress was lovely on you; hope you were kidding about renting it. Keep up the good work. Why hasn’t “The Bid Bang Theory” Called you? You’d be a great love interest for Sheldon.

  • MrChaos

    Actually imho you are getting a ton of awesome press out of what essentially started out as a lark. Your public persona is America’s slightly awkward but endearing sweetheart, this all has to be doing wonders for your Z rating.

    The issue isn’t your unrecognized for your efforts rather mainstream media doesn’t quite know what to do with you and it yet. If you will, your of the entertainment world atm.

    No matter what the series is a brilliant take on gaming and video games. I literally look forward to the day I can down load your new show. Im also embarassed to say Ive developed a tiny crush on your charachter *blushes*. What can I say I like them a little quirky. Oh man did I just say that… gah


  • I like watching “The Guild”. Cool show.

  • Ken

    Glad to see Felicia’s getting some mainstream press about her show. Having read the Wired interview I guess I continue to be mystified by how Hollywood works.

    I’m a normal person with a non-film-industry job in Philadelphia who consumes a moderate amount of entertainment content, yet I pretty much know all of Felicia Day’s work by having actually seen it through the years when it was aired, down to the Sears Blue Crew advertisements. How can casting directors not see her potential for bigger roles than secretary or “wacky girlfriend #2”? How can casting directors not actually know her work? I mean, it’s their job to know this stuff.

    Well, Felicia, if you read this know that there are many of us out there that think you’re great and enjoy your work.

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