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Whoah, great time waster!


The coup d’etat of my website:  The Now Reading widget is now working!  I’d love to claim credit for it, but Edgar the code samurai was able to slice and dice php code where I was all mush and gush.  Again, this place looks lovely all due to Monsieur Edgar, thank you!
So, what do I have to look forward to?  The most scrumptious, lovely time waster ever existed.  Move over, I’ve got my OWN library now!  I can enter every book I’ve ever read WHEN I read it, how LONG it took to read it, rate it, review it, TAG IT, and it link it to Amazon if people are interested in buying it.  Whoah.  Procrastination tool extraordinarre!

I can’t even begin to drool over the hours of beautiful organization I’ll waste on this.  When I was a kid, around 9 or 10, I had a little index box full of index cards where I rated and wrote about every book and movie I saw.  My mom made fun of me for it, so I stopped. 🙁  Story for therapy I know, but now I have my personal online index box for books, and I’m recovering the little part of me that died inside.  Take THAT Mom!

I’m thinking of jettisoning the rest of the site and just have the root address be this blog because I’m that in love with how pretty it is.  Now all I need is a WordPress plugin for a photo gallery, EZ sauce, and the site will be done.

Check one off my to-do list.   Now, 300 left to go!

  • SwordSaintSoma

    speaking of time wasters.. some legendary shoulders
    dropped last night and they have +60 to luck .. in total
    i probably have 200pts in luck [so called]..

    does it even work?

    so far ive seen two people with an odachi sword..

    one was a lvl38 blademaster who either was really
    good at ignoring me, or was playing on their lunch break…

    … in japan

  • Ben

    Why are you not writing a book Felicia?

    You love writing. You love reading. You’re funny when you write for The Guild. And you express your thoughts in an easy to read fashion. It’s a natural. You NEED to write a novel.

    And you could have near complete control over the cover art! (But no leather pants clad men please.)

  • Courtney

    Soma, I have about 250 luck at level 10 and I don’t really notice anything spectacular about it. I’ve gotten maybe 1-2 more oranges than a friend who runs with 0 luck. I’ll still continue to use it though (diablo 2 habit) until I get to the parts where gear stats matter more.

  • SomaSwordSaint

    anyone else in the lvl 20s ?

    i swear if i dont get my official col.ed package

    yes im still using beta..


    i actually get a lot of decent drops.. especially
    legendary engineer/marksman stuff with really
    nice defense and pumped up stats.








  • Courtney

    i feel you… i’m a marksman and all I get are evoker/summoner items.

    Although, I have found some rather insane stuff in the stores. Best item yet was a +31 luck relic. Friggin’ relics…

    I’m aiming for 350+ luck… hopefully that’ll help the drop rate more.

  • SwordSaintSoma

    i dont know what the deal is, but WordPress keeps maybe 1
    of my 10 attempted comments ..

  • SwordSaintSoma

    i guess its opera.

    im loathe to use IE or Firefox

  • My brother is totally jaded about Hellgate since you can’t farm bosses now and his Marksman gets NO Marksman drops 🙁 I’m sad about it and might be turning to Witcher, that new RPG single player for PC that got pretty good reviews. Maybe some alone time is in order 😉

    Ben, you’re totally right. I think I’m gonna take a novel writing class in Jan and start a Fantasy novel. I think it would be cool to not have that Hollywood pressure on at least one thing in my life. Hmm, supernatural romance/mystery, standard fantasy, Sci-Fi…what to write!?

  • SwordSaintSoma

    doh! i guess since im still running beta [package gets here tomorrow]
    i can farm oculis all [night?]

    i get engineer/marksman stuff all day.. seriously..

    ive been selling legendary MM stuff all week to pay/feed this
    new habit i got.

    since grimgar v.1 is long gone.. ive been trying to redeem
    some sort of grimgar v.1.0.1..

    so what i head on down to oxford circus station and wait for
    a blue-rare katana.. then i kill oculis for hours and save up
    10k and put it all on one sword and see what the new
    attributes become.. the best ive gotten so far is one with
    an extra 16%dmg [physical]..

    you can farm shulgoth.. just gotta log in and out .. 😛

  • SwordSaintSoma

    *what i do is i …

    if ryon wants someone to garner more MM/engr parts..

    have him /w Grimgar .. im on most nights

    .. are you and ryon dizygotic/biovular/fraternal?

  • Carl

    Felicia, you have a wonderfully engaging kookiness (meant as a very high compliment).

    Have you ever read any of Terry Pratchett’s “Disc World”? If you haven’t then O.M.G are you in for a treat. Terry is quite possibly the best comedy/fantasy writer….ever.

    I mention him, because I highly recommend that you do mixed a genre like that: comedy/sf ….or comedy/fantasy …..comedy/something.

    Mixed genre are always better. Romance?….. feh…… romantic/comedy, now you’re talking!

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