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Whew. So, That Happened.


Wowooo.  Note to self:  Self-induced tonsillitis is a side effect of extreme stress.  If I was a little grosser, I’d post a picture of my tonsil for you all to enjoy.  I want to, deep down inside, but I won’t. 🙂

I had so many things due these past few weeks: Acted in 2 shorts, music rehearsals, interviews, auditions, callbacks, social obligations, not to mention a sketch show thrown together at the last minute (went fabulously, thank you for asking), a Guild shoot, some stressful inter-personal confrontations (of which I am horribly phobic), my improv theatre closing down and then my grandfather’s health taking a brief turn for the worse.  Combine all these items and that equals insomnia, chest pains, constipation and a tonsil that’s so big it could crawl out of my mouth and take down a small village.  Made me wish for the lazy days of the strike again, except I really need to get working and getting paid for it too, haha.

Yesterday, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief and answer 82 emails from my inbox.  That took a load off my chest, because there’s nothing more groanworthy than a Gmail inbox that you have to actually flip through the pages of.  Then I spent 3 hours browsing WordPress skins, and got stressed again when I was making a to-do list, realizing that…I had wasted 3 hours browsing WordPress skins.  I rationalized it away as “me” time.  🙂

Anyway, the shoot for The Guild: Episode #9 went great!  We had a great time and were helped, yet again, by Flog Reader Dustin and his friend Jermaine.  I went out of my way to get Dustin’s face showing in a few shots, but if it ends up on the cutting room floor, I don’t want to get a Union notice in the mail, hear me DUSTIN!?! 😛  Zaboo tries to eat Dustin’s FaceHere’s a pic from the set I took on my crappy camera.  You’ll notice Zaboo sneaking into the background in this picture  That’s pretty much fair game for every picture on set. 🙂  Thank you Dustin for coming down again!

We have one more episode to shoot in the current storyline and then it’s back to the drawing board for me as a writer.  I’m not going to start writing until we film the next episode, in 2 weeks, because I want to have a fresh start.  I am excited however, because we’ve been on one constant track, and now I can focus on different characters, different storylines, I just have to…come up with them.  Yipes.  Of course I have anxiety that I can’t come up with something great, that it was a one-time thing, I’ve heard that writers feel that a lot, but as a non-professional writer I feel it quite acutely.  And I’m neurotic.  But part of me is excited to start fresh with these characters, who are my friends 🙂

Strange thing, I complain when I’m busy and I complain when I’m not busy.   I think I’ll pop in the meditation tapes again.

  • Dustin

    I’m the one to the RIGHT of Zaboo. Jermaine is the dork that can’t smile and keep his eyes open during a picture. He kept whining that the light burns his eyes, wuss.

  • Tyler

    I’m kind of jealous I couldn’t get down there this weekend. Had a trip to Illinois to see my girlfriend all planned out (dang long distance) so I couldn’t cancel it, next time there’s something going on I plan on going.


  • Eek, get better! My cousin also currently has tonsillitis (and strep throat, lucky her).

    I am sure you will come up with a fabulous new storyline for The Guild. If you have trouble getting started, the rest of the cast probably has ideas to toss around with you.

  • I kept joking with my husband that we should buy tickets to visit the fam and make a side trip to your taping all at the same time. 🙂 If only he didn’t work on the weekends. *sigh*

    A side note, I’ve tagged you on my blog for one of those goofy “get to know you games.” So, if you get bored, you should play the game:


  • “…constipation…”

    Too much information. Thanks anyway 😀

  • ferralangel

    Wait wait wait?!

    You have a single inflamed tonsil? Like not both but one…that is soo cool. You have to take a picture or post a picture of a single inflamed tonsil, this I have never seen.

  • Jason

    I’m sorry to hear about your tonsillitis. I’m of the lucky group that got their tonsils out back in the day. 😉 Also glad to hear the shoot went well. If you need someone to bounce ideas off of, I’m a writer and I used to do some improv theater a few years back, so you know where to find me. 🙂

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