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So Floggers, as the end of the year approaches, I want to thank each and every one of you for the intelligent and helpful comments that you’ve posted here.  Without readers, there is no point in blogging, it would just be an online journal complaining about the wrongs my mother did to me as a child, so thank you for helping me…not do that.  LOL.

My favorite posts have been the ones that took on a life of their own, and evolved the dialogue to a more intelligent level than I started with the initial blog entry.  So, for the New Year, if there are any requests you have for articles I can write that would interest you, please post them here.     You can be sure there will be more book reviews in the near future, I have a stack of horrible covers just dying to be posted 🙂

May the New Year bring everyone many pleasant surprises!  After all, if we knew what was going to happen, why bother doing it? 🙂

  • I would love to read more behind the scenes information about The Guild. Things like how you chose the cast, rehearsals, outtakes, etc. I would also like to learn more about your acting career. Do you go to auditions? Where can we see you perform? Finally, I think a weekly/monthly of how you are doing on your 101 Things in 1001 Days list would give you plenty of things about which to post.

  • Paul

    What Anjuan said. Insight into the mysterious and terrifying world of Hollywood would be teh cool.

  • Dan

    Well now… That’s a tough question. I mean, I’d love to see you write about your online love-affair with that Amish guy you met in some seedy chatroom on a night when you gave in to your love of good wine.

    Them there’s that whole thing about you being an actress, and not just any actress, but a damn good actress, and your spin on this odd industry would be pretty enlightening.

    And aside from that, I’m actually looking forward to reading about whatever it is you complete on that “101 Things” list. Some of those things look like they’d be great fodder for blog posts.

    In the end, though, just keep doing what you’re doing. I think the random things that flutter into your head are easily the most fascinating bits to read.

    Still, though… The Amish guy. We want to hear about it. And, if it didn’t happen, make it up!

  • I’d like to read more about the wrongs your mother did to you as a child. Specifically whether you’re referring to your childhood or hers. Already I’m imagining the fun and wacky adventures of some time-travelling 8-year old…

    Nah, just keep on keeping on. I’ve only just started reading, I’d hate for it to suddenly change beyond recognition. I fear change.

  • Andrew

    I’d like to read about some of your auditions (as long as they’re not too embarrassing(sp?)). Also any info on The Guild would be nice to hear about as well.

  • Tad

    i’m a sucker for anything relating to books or music. you could write about how embarrassingly bad the new duran duran album is…or not…

    i will also admit that i would love to hear more about the guild from the perspective of the creative process you go through when writing and filming. i think the reason many people read the flog is because we are fledging writers ourselves who are drawn to your creativity. personally speaking, i started a novel awhile ago, and i have been sitting on it now for too long. maybe hearing more about your creative process will awaken some ideas in those of us here who really need to get off our behinds and get back to work on our creative writing projects!

    just please, for the love of god, no more posts with spinning figures. i just can’t take the spinning figures. that lady haunted me for days – days i tell you! 🙂

  • some progress report on how you’re doin on your kung-fu class 😉

  • Veronica

    It is strange to me that you exist. I think I’ll keep reading no matter what.

  • Virginia

    I think you’ve done a good job writing stuff, but I’m too horribly lazy to go back and read about your first introduction to WoW. Did you see the box, casually glinting up at you in a Best Buy, and decide on a whim to try it out? Were you having an extrememly drunken time and woke up to find yourself at level 10 with some nifty gear and a pet, then just decided to keep on keepin’ on?

    The reason I ask this is because… Once the patch thingy is finished, I will be playing WoW for the first time tonight… After shit talking to my friends about how Lineage2 > WoW for roughly 2 years… But then I go to Las Vegas, and what happens? Another friend lets me make a toon on his account, just to fuck around, you know, no big deal… all casual and fun. 4 hours later and he’s asking me if he can have his computer back to go raid. I guess that’s what fucking NCSoft gets for nerfing my character and making her essentially only good for out-of-party mana regening. Nerfing my character for 3 whole expansions no less! So, to end this mini-rant, WoW is a drug, and my friend was the pusher.

  • Virginia

    Ugh, I meant to say “for the first time on my own brand new account” damnit.

  • Mia

    And thank you for writing this blog. I had no idea when I found it that it would be so good. You’re always very insightful. Keep it up! 😀

  • Geez, this one is tough…

    I guess I would also like to see behind the scenes information about The Guild, especially about what being a writer/producer is like, and the process of putting something like that together.

    General life things – What is the life of an actress like? It’d be interesting to know more about what an aspiring actress does in her free time, what is your downtime between gigs? does it get tough making ends meet? It would be neat to hear about the ups and downs of your career choice.

    The 101 is an easy 1/wk entry. Just a small update, finished 1..2.. .items, and what they were and a little bit about how it was scary/hard/easy/etc. — not only would it be a update, but it’s almost a little motivation to make sure other readers keep up on their own 101/10001 lists.

    Obviously random things, I like your articles on just stuff – funny news/links/etc are always good.

  • Thanks for all the suggestions! I’ll try to come up with some good posts in these areas. Happy New Years all!

  • Soma

    new year.. ? [ah so thats what all the crazyness is about today]

    i guess i need to prepare my Li Xi in a couple of weeks..

    [hellgate.. lvl 40.6]

  • Robert

    I’m being a bit lazy here, because I haven’t gone back and read all of the archives. So, my apologies if you’ve already written about my suggestions. =)

    I would like to hear about your homeschooling experience, especially since you and I grew up in the same town (well, I don’t know how long you lived in Huntsville, but it was in your bio from The Guild site). I went to a small private school (Randolph) and I sometimes regret missing out on the big high school experience (Grissom). Do you think you would be a much different person today without homeschooling? When/if you have children would you like to homeschool them? I realize it is more common now, but I am 38, so when I was a kid I hadn’t even heard about homeschooling.

    I know you like George R.R. Martin, so you should post a review of A Game of Thrones to spread the addiction. =)

  • Robert

    Wow, your clock is a bit wonky. I just posted at 3:11 AM (CST), but it shows up as 9:11 AM.

  • little_sparks

    I seriously need to get back into reading. I started the book “Vurt” by Jeff Noon a month ago. But my short attention span now has me watching the Xena (cheesy, I know) box set I got over Christmas.

  • “Without readers, there is no point in blogging”

    I try not to think about things like that, especially when posting a comment about another post that is over a month old on a blog that gets more comments then I get hits in a day.

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