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WGA Video Explaining the Strike


I haven’t had time to go picket, although when I drive by the picket sites I honk the crap out of my horn. I’m definitely going by today, but I wanted to show everyone this video put together to explain why the strike is happening. I think it’s a great explanation and if you could link it places that you think would be interested, I’d appreciate it!

  • Rachel

    I have a question: what can I, as a consumer, do? I support the writers, and the actors, and the crews. These are the people who I watch on my DVD commentaries and who I read on the Internet; the people who I respect and whose talents I appreciate. I want to support them, and I certainly don’t want to rip them off.

    On the other hand, the studios generally strike me as a bunch of money-grabbing [expletives deleted] and I don’t want them to rip me off.

    What’s the best way for me to watch a TV show or movie to ensure that the largest portion of my money as possible goes to the talent who created it, and the smallest portion possible goes to the financial backers?

  • I hope the writers get their demands–they’re deserving! Thanks for posting this video. I’ve featured it on my YT channel (where it might one or two extra views. w’hoo!).

    Also, I like the new skin. The Recent Comments section seems to have a formatting issue where the text overlaps the arrows (at least on Safari and FireFox, anyway).

  • Joseph L Reichardt

    I totally agree that the writer’s are entitled to get the their percentage updated to the same par as TV. My only caveat would be that if must be on revenue, some channels like TBS really use it to promote their shows. This can lead to an increased following and more revenue for everybody. But if it makes money then everyone deserves a slice of the pie.

  • SwordSaintSoma

    today i was mig welding some ASTM-500 square tubing
    and the sparks caught my lower left pant leg on fire..
    taking my shoe with it.. so i spent the rest of the day
    looking like i cant afford clothes..

    whats more funny is that i looked down at it with disbelief for
    what seemed like minutes, whilst it was aflame.. the only
    thoughts that initially registered was -hey, my ankle is kinda

    i did the alltoocommon onelegshimmyshakedancewhilescreamingandtryingtopatitout-dance..

    oh and strike on witcho bad self ..

    power to the people.. and all that


  • Thanks to Edgar I was able to use the skin, he fixed some glitches in the programming. Edgar roxxx! 🙂 I really like it, and I can use widgets, which is gonna be bad, because now I’ll be widget happy 🙁

    Rachel, the best way to watch is to watch primetime TV, or repeats, because that’s the biggest residual revenue generator. Hopefully they will get a deal that makes internet downloads lucrative, because that’s turning out to be the easiest way to get your entertainment.

    Soma, that’s a scary story, hope you didn’t get burned!

  • Courtney

    About the ratings/watching thing… do they only count those with Nielsen boxes? Also, do you know how it works with ratings and cable and pay channels? Do they also deal with just Nielsens or can they figure it out due to subscribers?

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