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Welcome to the family Speedbump!


So, after an uneventful week of working in the hot sweaty sun in dirty petticoats, I came home last night to a tiny cat carrier on the coffee table.   Errrrrrrrr…honey, I’m home?

The story is, my boyfriend was driving on a very busy street in LA yesterday when he saw a car in front of him hit an animal.   The way he tells it, he instictively screeched the car across 2 lanes, straddling the line,  came within inches of hitting the animal, with cars behind him barely avoiding crushing him and his car as he valiantly jumped out and took the broken little kitten into his arms, its limp legs dangling and helpless eyes pleading to him for help.  I have no doubt it happened exactly this way. 🙂

Anyway, he rushed it to the nearest vet, and thankfully, (and several hundred dollars later) they determined that the kitty was not mortally injured, but had a shattered femur, that would be very hard to repair, she might never walk on it again.  What does he do then?  Of course, the coolest thing a guy could do in this situation.  He finds an orthopedic cat surgeon (didn’t know that was a specialty) and takes her over there to get an evaluation.  He was still waiting for them to call me back when I arrived home to see the cutest thing I’ve ever seen staring at me from her little cage.

Cut to, vet call, huge estimate for surgery to put pins in her leg with an operation so she can actually use her leg again.  After some consulting between the two of us, and a very nice negotiation in fee with the vet because she was a random stray, we decided that we had to do the surgery, because the minute my bf saved that kitty’s life, she became part of our family.  I’m a firm believer in pets finding their owners.  When they come into your life, it’s for a reason.

So, Speedbump (named for appropriate reasons) is now home after surgery and doing very well.  Here’s a little picture:

Speedy after Surgery

That big incision is where they put her femur back together.  She’s very purry so I think she’s doing pretty good.  We might not be able to go on our European vacation this winter now, but that’s ok since we have a new person to take care of for the holidays anyway.

  • Dustin

    Dammit….that’s so cute no amount of sarcasm can effect it. People like your Boyfriend and You are what good pets deserve.

  • Paul


    Very cute, and very noble on you and your boyfriend’s part. Speedbump has good humans!

  • alex
  • Edgar

    Speedbump is the BEST name ever!

    You should totally consider keeping the hair cut that way always…

    By the way, he or she? You used “her” in your blog but I want to make sure.

  • Jeff

    Ouch, femur. Certainly a good thing you and your boyfriend did. Most people would stop at any one of the hurdles that he piled through (stopping for a stray on the road, finding a vet orthopedic surgeon, negotiating and paying for the surgeon). Hell, even then keeping the kitten as you guys decided.

    Best of luck with Speedbump, you guys deserve each other. 🙂

  • Frigid

    The world needs more people like Felicia, and her bf cos dude, that is just like wow!

  • Pi

    All I have to say is…

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ! 🙂

  • Your man deserves praise for what he did.

  • Gag Halfrunt

    Where in Europe are/were you planning to visit?

  • Wow…I never realized the tiger striping was actually on their skin as well. Cute kittie! 🙂

  • Thanks for all the well-wishes! Speedbump is in my lap right now, chewing on my fingers, my shirt, my jeans…I’ll post another pic of her pretty soon. Cute beyond belief.

    Gag, We were going to go to Spain, but since my task of learning Spanish never happened, we’ll delay until next year. I want to go there really bad, I love Gaudi architecture. And Tapas.

  • I ran into The Guild totally by randumb while at work, which eventually led me here. 🙂

    This particular post caught my attention because I have a similar cat. Her name is Traffic. She was found by my girlfriend at the time curled up in a ball in the middle of the street in San Gabriel Valley, two months old, with a cracked hip. A couple of hundred dollars later, Traffic was taken home to Echo Park. Unfortunately, the cat already living there was NOT thrilled, so I took Traffic to my place where she still lives.

    That was July 2006. Traffic still lives with me. Or should I say, I live with HER? She’s a lil brat, but I love her to death.

    Year One:
    Current set:

    Marty V.

    p.s. noticed the Spain plans above. My sister and mom just got back from three weeks in/around Barcelona. I’m still insanely jealous. They brought me a Gaudi book, and I’m still waiting on my sister to hand over all the Gaudi and graffiti pictures she took. (I gave her an assignment hehe)

  • Shae

    That is the sweetest thing I’ve heard in awhile. The kitten is so beautiful!

  • Awwwwww! You Rock! Speedbump is a beautiful little kitty and a very lucky one!

    (oh–love your web series. From one gamer to another–great work!)

  • My wife and I came up to a similar situation: we saw a family of ducks crossing the street and nobody was going to stop. I pulled a U-turn on the street and came up behind the family so they would not be harmed. There was a mother and 12 ducklings. When the mother crossed the 8 lane road, with huge SUV’s coming too close to them, she jumped the curb but the curb was too big for the little ones. I jumped out of my truck and scooped the ducklings up onto the grass where the mother was. After they left I finally realized that we almost got hit by at least 5 different cars. I didn’t mind, though, the family of ducks needed help and I was more than happy to assist. Only when I got back in the car and my wife hugged me did it hit me. I just started crying. I was happy they were ok. Your boyfriend sounds like a good man. We are out there.

  • Cute cute cute! I’m a sucker for cute cats too – 6 now, 2 more have gone on to their great furry reward, and all of them either strays or from the pound (or destined for the pound). All of them somehow know they’ve got it good when they find the right place.

    And not to sound like a cheesy public service announcement, but I hope you’ll get Speedbump fixed (or is that “broken”?) as soon as you can. I have two cats that are from a friend’s cat who was “too young” to have a litter – surprise!

  • OMG Duck story! Christopher, that story really touched my heart! I can’t imagine people not doing exactly what you did, but in the end, it was a heroic deed 🙂

    And James DEFINITELY Speedbump will be fixed in about a month. She goes to get her stitches out today, which is cool because she won’t have to have the sad conehead on anymore. It made me laugh a lot to shove that thing on her, and then she looked so traumatized and it made me feel like an ass. 🙂 She’s actually running around like a crazy person around my feet. So much for healing the leg.

  • Edgar

    Conehead Speedbump image!!!

    Go go go!

  • Kiwi

    How is little Speedbump doing these days? I think it is absolutely wonderful that your BF stopped to rescue her and the two of you are amazing for keeping and caring for her.

    The picture of her all shaved amusingly looks a little like my cat’s stomach. Unfotunately, my cat is psycho (literally) and anxiety makes her chew her own fur off. But she’s my cute psycho girl and still loves me even after I have to give her the anti-anxiety pills.

  • YS

    Ok, so this is way late, but I want to let you know that cats will also purr when they are in pain or discomfort. Not common, but don’t take it a sign that they’re all good when they purr. Check their overall behaviour as well.

    Oh, and awesomely cute cat. I love Speedy’s face structure. Very bright eyes. And the name too!

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