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So, I’m spending a lot of time on the internet today and yesterday.   And I realize, I may be addicted to start-up internet companies.It’s almost an obsession of mine.  I have a bunch of important tech blogs, like Mashable and Techmeme, and Techcrunch and a bunch of others on my iGoogle page “Tech”, and whenever a startup that is slightly interesting is mentioned, I go and sign up.  Why?  Well for one…ok, it’s a quest to be able to use the handle “Felicia” instead of “FeliciaDay.”  It’s like, I’ve arrived first:  The first Felicia to…mark the territory.   Grossly put.  BUT second reason:  I’m desperate for a way to manage my online life.Not only do I have all the requisite social networking accounts, but I have many other places where I like to have a web presence, like Twitter, and Flickr, etc.  But it’s become a chore, as you’ve heard me whine time and time again, to maintain all these and keep up with them.   Good thing:  A lot of entrepreneurs are aware of the niche-filling problem and are filling it.   To varying success.

Friend Feed  The hottest one of these is FriendFeed.  It’s been jumped on by the early adopter band wagon, and YES I’ve been on there for several weeks now, but honestly, I don’t really get how to use it that well.  You can basically hook up your online life feed there, add all the things you do on the internet like Facebook and YouTube and Flikr etc. and have it be a feed on you that people can Subscribe to, like RSS.  Cool concept.  Sad to say, the superficial rules my impression of this site.   The look of it is pretty bare bones and not attractive.  It doesn’t make me want to hang around at all.  And it just seems like there’s an endless feed of junk, and that’s from being subscribed to just one or two people!  I’m only following a few relative strangers now, but even if they were my closest buddies, the aesthetics of this site leave me wanting more.   Evidently new stuff will come rolling in soon, (Hopefully a more attractive way of sorting feed information) and there ARE nice features like commenting on feeds etc.  I will keep trying it, but they need to get some Makeover magic!

Social Thing  That is what SocialThing! has, and yes, I tend to want to play around with this site more because it’s pretty.  Unfortunately, they are limited at this point in what programs you can add (they’re adding new places like WordPress, Pandora etc. on a continuing basis) and it doesn’t allow comments like Friendfeed does, so I don’t log in much.  I’ve heard that it’s capabilities are much shallower than Friendfeed, but I’m not that sophisticated a user so I haven’t delved into the micro-utilization.  I like it enough to say that when it has a greater selection, I will totally use it more.

Digsby   The program that has really changed my online life in a small way is something my brother Ryon (YES I GAVE YOU CREDIT) hooked me into:  Digsby.  If you’ve ever used Trillian, or Adium for the Mac (Other downloadable chat aggregators), you know the joy of having IM and ICQ and Yahoo Messenger together, but Digsby has made me a happy clam like no one’s business!  Not only do I have IM/ICQ/Messenger AND Google Chat in one program, but it has Facebook AND Myspace alerts AND email alerts!  So, depending on what I tell it to alert me about, a little attractive rounded box pops up on my desktop.  AND there are little icons for Facebook and Myspace, so I just click on those items in the toolbar, and can see all the activity for that program in a nice box.  Don’t have to log into MySpace until I have to!  Sadly, they aren’t supporting Mac yet, but they have plans for it in the near future they say.  I would definitely recommend giving it a test drive if you’re a PCer.

 I just stumbled across a web-based program like Digsby called Fuser that I just signed up for and will try out.  DAMNIT!  I WILL COMBINE THINGS! 🙂  Anyone else have newer startup stuff they’re addicted to already?  Clue me in!

  • b!X

    My “solution” to this conundrum was to methodically rid myself of just about everything for which I’d ever signed up for an account. That does not, however, help you.

  • Honestly, Felicia, I pretty much keep tabs on what you and my other Twitter friends are using and just follow along.

    I’m almost always an early adopter, but never first generation. I’m usually one significant digit away from being considered “cutting edge.”

  • Nathan

    Keep an eye out for OpenSocial apps from Google and Yahoo and others. Hopefully they will enable you to start collecting all of your online profiles, of which I’m sure you have many more than I, in one place.

  • Tyler

    I am pretty well addicted to good Dashboard apps, I am about to the point of learning to code one for garfield-garfield.
    I need to get back into using iGoogle, otherwise I’m an Adium user… the bookmark toolbar has quickly become my new favorite thing (yes, The Flog’s RSS is #1 on my feed… I don’t have a screencap because I’m lazy, but if you really, really have to see I’d probably take the minute to take one and post it :-p) otherwise I’m an opensource guy.
    I’ll probably be checking into some of the stuff you posted about soonish.

    Oh, and what the heck are you doing up so late posting stuff? It makes it difficult for me to keep up!

  • I agree that FriendFeed needs a better UI, but what is making it a litle better for me is using a Grease Monkey script to filter the feeds, the link below will take you to the install page (link shrunk due to ginormous size).
    Also, gotta agree about Digsby, I have been using it for about 10 days and find it very useful, I can Twitter stright from my desktop and it allows me to chat in Yahoo! and Google Talk at the same time. Also very customizable. I’d like to see them add Pownce too, then I would be well away!

  • I have to admit that I also sign up for new online services in order to increase the chance that I can use “Anjuan” as my username. Better yet, I often get better URL’s like or which both look better than my full name. Finally, I think it gives me more Google juice and expands my personal brand by having a presence on multiple sites, but I would have to update and regularly use them all for that to be truly effective.

    That is why digsby sounds cool. I currently use which allows me to post once and have it update Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Pownce, Tumblr, and other social networking sites. It is much better than my previous practicee of having to visit multiple sites to make the same update.

    By the way, Pidgin is a great free multi-protocol instant message tool. I use it to access my AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN accounts. It’s open source and has a clean interface. They may have a version for the Mac.

  • I signed up for Twitter yesterday and now face the dilemma of where to put it since it doesn’t seem to integrate well with LiveJournal, the Facebook plugin is broken there isn’t really a got spot for it on my site. So I’m left with another isolated account.

    As for combining updates, my solution is to have Livejournal, Facebook, Twitter etc notify me of anything important via email. I then use the Gmail Notifier plugin for Firefox ( to inform me of incoming emails. Not so good for updating all my social sites at once but better than nothing 🙂

  • Ben

    The only site I’ve ever been to early enough to be able to register “Ben” as my user name is the Felicia Day forums. 🙂

    While I consider myself kinda tech savvy, you guys are off the charts. No wonder you are getting 300 emails at a time Felicia!

    It seems to me, the number of startup sites is only going to increase exponentially and the chances of being able to “stay on top of them” are very long. I guess I’m riding the backside of the curve but I look at signing up for sites like these the same way I look at television these days. If there aren’t 2 seasons available on DVD already, I’m wary about investing in a new show that will be off the air after a few episodes.

    I gladly break that rule for shows that I am excited about i.e. Dollhouse. (Hey btw, have you been asked to read for that one Felicia? **Fingers crossed**)

  • Nathan

    I think your problem, is that you have Social Media Addiction:

  • Hi. I just wanted to say hello and congratulations.
    I’m from Chile and i’m a huge fan of the Guild.

    It’s really amazing what internet can do. Can u believe there are fans all over the world?

    I’ll keep on reading this..and comment about it 😛
    and of course watching one of my favourites Show

  • S o M a

    hello! Paula;

    a former coworker of mine is chilean-german. everyone called
    him “Chili”.. although isnt it pronounced with a soft ‘a’ and not
    a long ‘e’ sound ? [chi-layh vs chil-ee]

  • Hi!
    In spanish Chile is pronounced like if you have de “e” between two consonants like the “e” on “red” or “bed”: Chil-e.

    That is how the “e” sounds for us. But the soft “a” works as well.

    Greetings from the end of the world ^^

  • I tried to build my own solution, similair to Friendfeed using Yahoo Pipes. Its a simple pipe that combines ALL of the stuff (rss-based) I do online (like Twitter, Youtube, Sharepoint shared stuff, etc ), and tags it, and serves it up as a combined RSS feed via Feedburner:

    That in turn, turns up on my WordPress blog, via a plugin that can post RSS feed items as blog entries:

    I too have this obsession of registering for just about every hot 2.0 startup with my Username “Jemimus” ..
    my current obsession is Seesmic, which is a very cool instant-video message site.. its kinda like Twitter meets Youtube.

  • It’s bad enough having to keep tabs on Myspace and Facebook without having other things too. Already I’ve lost track of Hi5 and all the others.

    Of course, if I didn’t find these distractions I’d have to get down to the scriptwriting that’s been bugging me all week…

  • Jemimus, damned dude, you definitely perfected the centralized “Jemimus” identity on your blog, I love it! I’d like to do something similar here. Why should I or anyone interested in my online stuff, have to go to another site? I want it all on this page!

  • Hi Felicia,

    I’ve just started using Google Alerts after your recent post and now you’ve given me more things to worry I’m not doing?! Give a born-again geek a chance! That’s the trouble/great thing about your blog – it makes me want to try more stuff out when I’ already too busy…but I still come back for more.

  • Hey Felicia. I just wanted to say thanks so much for posting a comment on my blog. It meant a lot to me that you made the effort and it was such a nice suprise! 🙂 Grats for all the success The Guild has had and good luck with your acting career in the future.
    -Georgi ( or

  • Jemimus

    Hey, you might find this article interesting. It deals with EXACTLY this problem we have of all this de-centralized data all over the place, around our identity.

  • wow, thanks for the mention, Felicia!

    “The Guild” fan and Digsby dev =)

  • Digsby is awesome!!! I like watching The Guild too, great job on that!!

  • I was thinking to create a startup on social media. If I will I’ll hire you as evangelist 🙂

  • What’s up colleagues, faastidious article and good urging conmented here, I
    am reallyy enjoying by these.

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