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WallStreetFighter: 5 Terrible Senior Pictures


WallStreetFighter: 5 Terrible Senior Pictures

I couldn’t help a link to these pictures. Maybe I should change my headshot!

Link care of my brother.  He made me give him a credit. 😛

  • Soma

    actually the last guy in chainmail isnt that bad..

    [or am i just that jealous]

  • LOLZ Soma 🙂

  • Pedro Morelos

    Well… you know… i will have some nightmares with the guy in the 3rd picture and i really hope they’ll be nightmares, cuz if it turns into a sweetdream i’m done for…

  • Carl

    Oh. My. God.

    I sure hope the first guy is gay, because if he’s not, then he’s he’s so far into the closet, he’s gone through the drywall…..

    When I first saw the picture with the bared belly, I thought to myself: “why is there a picture of a backside on the front of that dress”?

    I’m no judge of male pulchritude, but the guy with his shirt off is so uninspiring, that I think the pic must be some kind of a practical joke.. I mean, he is using the patented Joey Tribiani “smell the fart” emoting method.

    The hottie with the paint is just fine by me….. 🙂

    The SCA one isn’t too bad…..this enforcement of a “no weapons” rule is a prime example of a bureaucratic lobotomization of common sense.

  • edgar

    Hey Ryon,

    I have two younger sisters…

    I feel your pain…

    Hi Felicia… no, you’re awesome, I wasn’t saying anything…

    Ryon, you sure you want credit for this link? I wouldn’t


  • Those are just plain awesome. 🙂

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