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Vote for the Sexiest Geeks of 2007


Vote for the Sexiest Geeks of 2007

Hey, someone submitted me for the “Sexiest Geek” award on Wired.  If that person is here, thanks much! 😀

  • wasn’t me, but i agree 1000%

  • Courtney

    Wow… that’s a pretty good list

    Good luck. I’m glad I’m not you in that I’d probably be constantly checking that throughout the day to see how I’m doing and worrying if the ratio tips too much the other way 😉

  • Ben

    I would be satisfied with a tie between Felday and Joss.

    Congrats to you for being on a top sexy list. Geeky or otherwise, its pretty darn nice to be called sexy!

  • Courtney


    Felicia, Kari Byron, Kitta, Dr. Alice Roberts, Kirsten Sanford (kinda)…

    Lots of redheads on that list (well… more than the general percentage of redheads). Is there something about the perception of redheads that make em seem geeky?

    Also, gotta throw Alyson Hannigan in the mix too

  • soma

    i hereby officially and thoroughly protest this contest.

    -Sexiest- indeed..

    such a thing lends to a low-brow emotional pandering that not
    only succeeds to convey a truly lost sense of amorousness but also a
    bit of scornful philandering..

    so there..

    [i bumped you to 257]

  • Soma

    so im over at anina’s page/blog..

    cus today im a whore and a doubter..

    … simultaneously..

    the word “top” is used to an uncomfortable degree..

    a technorati supermodel who seemingly has no idea
    that a co. like canon makes cameras. . . but also that
    a co. like nokia should not..

    im a jerk. thats a fine.

    you can send your complaints c/o Grimgar in hellgate..


  • Mallika

    I’m glad you’re on there. I’ve always thought you were pretty, and my husband agrees.

    I have to say, though, that some of the women on that list are the kind that give us geek girls / gamer girls a bad name — plastering the web with half-naked or naked photos of yourself isn’t exactly the way to get other people to take you seriously. Ugh.

  • Dustin

    I like Kara Cooney the Archaeologist because I’m studying to be one of them. And one of the pictures is of her “…and Osama in Luxor.” Thats pretty funny. I’m glad to see Felicia at the top of the list, but I wish it put some more info about you up there, oh well people can link to the site probably. Felicia, you should think about making a video game, it’s probably pretty easy, you could knock it out in a weekend or something 😀

  • Soma

    i really wish they would rate by ratio..

    i mean this is supposed to be geeky et al..

    jade’s ratio is approx. 5:1
    i think ive seen her before.. i forget which conference..

    felicia and danica are at approx. 4:1

    i think FD garnered about 200 ups just today..

    although, i would probably up danica
    cus she does math.. i like math.. a lot..

    FD does math.. but i think she doesnt care to do
    math anymore.. or the violin..

    maybe her mom is to blame? i dunno.. sorry
    its late.. ive been driving all night..

    there arent any engineering girls on that list..

    i wanted to add dr. dava newman.. after reading
    about her in popsci..

    but im too chicken.. and the list is too biased towards
    a decent headshot.. and not the unreal tournament
    megasuperkill variety either..

    i wanted to post felicias image that i recently [blatantly]
    posted in the forums.. but alas.. i think the pic in there
    now is more demure.. and thus geek-alluring..

    ok ill stop now..

    .. ..

  • Soma

    EDIT: not to diss on comp.engr girls..

    but i meant to say i would like to see some
    mech/aero engr girls on there..


  • Sorry, Feli, usually I’m a big, big, no, wait, huge fan of redheads and would in a glimpse vote for you. But then there’s Joss, and he kind of transcends Coolness. So I’m voting for him 🙁

  • Felicia,

    congrats for the nomination!

    That was a pleasant surprise 🙂

    Side effects may include: more Zaboo-style stalkers 😉

  • little_sparks

    A Huge yes from me!

    The world needs more female sexy geeks. I’ve got the ‘female’ and ‘geek’ part down but I’m quite low on ‘sexy’.

  • J.K.

    Having looked at the entire list, I’ve decided that it’s odd that Wil Wheaton is nowhere to be found.

    Given the number of girls I used to know who watched Star Trek because “Wesley Crusher is dreamy”… I’m a little surprised.

  • “Yes, she is my favorite!” 😉

  • Mia

    My votes go to Felicia and Jade Raymond (my friend’s boss) 😀

  • edgar

    Haha, someone added Greg Benson of Mediocre Films, poor guy… more no votes than yes…

  • Soma
  • You can vote for more than one person you guys, LOL. I voted up a few people at once. Uh…I voted for me too. Whatever 🙂 Just another blip on the web radar! And I was supposed to CUT BACK on websites I obsessively check…

  • SNT

    Um, linked in through . . . I (shamefully) didn’t even know that Ms. Day had the Flog thing going. But I love it. And you’re wonderful too, and I voted for you (even and despite my utter allegiance to Joss). And smart = sexy is something we should have all figured out by 10th grade . . . 😉

    J.K.: I think Wil is in there now, somewhere on one of the following pages of sxeeks.

  • Formaldehyde

    Why does Kari Byron appear so many times? I mean, yes, she’s hot, but how are they supposed to count the votes. Also, what is Alyson Hannigan doing up there? Is it because her character is a geek? And what about Alex Vance (half life 2)…seriously people!

    But I’m glad to see you there, where you belong 😛

  • Dustin, you’re studying to be an archaeologist?!?! That’s so awesome! Have you been out on digs and stuff?!

  • Virginia

    Maybe I’m missing something here, but how do I submit a vote from that link?

    A poster said that you have a BS in mathematics, confirm or deny?

    There will be a quiz upon confirmation 😉

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