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I’m on my way to Vancouver for the last time this season for my days on the Season finale of Eureka. It’s been 3 months of fun with the cast and crew, what a great run and character, I really can’t wait for you guys to see my episodes. No definite air date yet, but I’ll let you know 🙂

I owe a LOT OF BLOGS, but honestly there has been no time to do them working on Eureka, flying all over the country everyone other week for conventions, press stuff, doing notes on web video production, writing Guild comics etc. BTW: The glamor of the “jet setting life” gets SUPER old. At a certain point I’m like, “Oh, to be home to actually wash my dirty laundry,” haha. Anyway, I will be posting the finale of The Guild and a season recap blog this weekend, promise 🙂


1) My SyFy movie “Red: Werewolf Hunter” is on THIS WEEKEND! October 30th, 9pm Eastern. Please tune in, and if you’re going out to parties DVR. I believe it’s airing on Showcase in Canada, no release dates for other International yet. It’s a fun over the top romp of my stabbing things, I had a GREAT time doing it and I hope you can watch and enjoy 🙂

2) Got a chance to play Fallout: New Vegas this weekend and actually picked up my own character in the game! I gotta send love over to Bethesda: They made Veronica totally OP’d. I mean, one shot head explosions EVERYWHERE. Here’s a great video @JPBrowncoat made and linked to me (I owe him a signed headshot for this!):

The other game I did a voice in, “Rock of the Dead,” was also released and am getting lots of Tweets about people enjoying that game too, so happy to be involved in the Video Game world like this!

3) Had a few web videos I’m in come out today. I’m in “The 5 Minute Jeff Lewis Comedy Hour” today. It’s a stand-alone episode, directed by Sean Becker. Really fun to get together with the gang and do a video for fun 🙂 WARNING: this is slightly NSFW and the other episodes are REALLY NSFW. But they’re funny!

4) The Legend of Neil released a 21 minute EPIC series finale today. (Also NSFW, you’ve been warned!) The Fairy has a great turn here, I’m so proud of Sandeep, he really raised the bar on Web Video today, this episode had 250 VFX shots?!?! Unbelievable. What a great run, I can’t wait to see what he does next, on the web or TV. 🙂

BTW, love in-flight Wifi for 5 bux. I don’t think I’d keep connected at all without it!

  • I’m excited about all of that! Will Red be on Hulu or anything? I think I’m the last person on the planet with no DVR and I will be out in the woods that night.

  • John W

    Red is on my DVR queue. The big question is when is it coming out on DVD?

  • John W

    BTW, how many eps of Eureka are you scheduled to appear in?

  • I also want to know about Hulu! While I have a dvr, I don’t have cable;). Rarely do I ever miss anything but I want to see Red!!!

  • humusTaster


    I loved it!

  • Can’t wait to see you on Eureka!! Great share!! I’m officially a Fan! – Lucas

  • David R

    I don’t have a DVR, but I will set my VCR for Red. Looking forward to it!

  • len

    Jeffisode: Angie! ANNNNGIE!! Where will this lead us from heahhh?
    Neilasode: Editing as high art or editing high. I can’t tell. Brilliantly bad.

    There is a squirrel outside my office window turning flips over a bush (really). Starbucks customer? Or a Tea Party candidate? I can’t tell. They’re both full of nuts.

  • I’ve got my fingers crossed that Red will be on Hulu. I’d really like to see it but I don’t have full cable. 🙁

  • The new Fallout looks awesome. It would be cool if everyone could play their own character. But I can’t wait to play Veronica 🙂


  • “Date” – favourited
    Jeff Lewis 5-minute Comedy Hour – subscribed

    Can’t wait for “Red.” Going to watch it with friends during a Halloween party!

  • Sounds like the jet-set life wouldn’t be anything for me. I personally like to be in one place, at least for a while, but I do like to travel.

    Everything looks super awesome. Great work, Felicia! 🙂

  • Dara

    Watched “Red” and loved it! Congrats on an awesome job!

  • Diogenes

    Sorry but Veronica in Fallout is bugged. She doesn’t level with the character so keeping her to the end battle is like bringing a calf to a veal factory. 🙁

  • Jordan

    Hi Ms. Keebs, good to see life is treating you super well. Wish I’d known you were coming up through Vancouver, and I woulda dropped a line sooner.

    <3 Umo

  • WTF

    Thanks for pointing out Jeff Lewis’ new work: it’s awesomely funny! It’s good to see you’re still busy and successful. I hope the rest of The Guild cast members make it as big as you, Sandeep, and Jeff.

  • James B.

    The gauntlet with the blade attachment in Red was cool. I thought red was entertaining from start to finish. In my first playthrough of Fallout new vegas I just let Veronica and rex do most of the fighting because its fun watching melee characters kill ranged enemies so easily. Veronica’s dialogue is some of the best in the game, you did a great job.

  • So, I enjoyed Red, but have a major bone to pick with Syfy. Immediately after the very last scene, where you-know-what happens, they quick-cut to some crap ‘watch this other show on Syfy’ commercial. TOTALLY RUINED the scene! A couple seconds of credits, please, while my brain reacts to what it just saw and heard! THEN you can blast crap on top of the credits. But let me finish watching what I’m watching!

    Second rant, but much shorter: what is with all the on-screen ads while a show is on? My god, I’m trying to focus on a storyline/punchline/visual for the show I’m currently watching – time those things appropriately! I’m not even saying to get rid of them, cuz that’d be pissing in the wind, but I sure wish they would play when there’s less happening.

  • mlb2233
  • Pam

    Looking forward to movie coming out, sounds exciting! Thanks for sharing.

  • Russell

    I just thought you should know that if you type “felicia” in google, your name is the first suggestion. And I was like, “Oh, I know who that is.” So I guess you’re the most famous felicia. This came up from ensuring correct spelling for a name contest for my friend’s cat. I suppose while I’m writing I might as well be unprofessional and tell you that you’re really pretty and I keep being impressed every blurb I see about your work or your math degree or your interviews, etc. To write back would make you my Day.

  • Soma

    -Veronica LOVES to punch

    -Even sneaked she runs right out and punches… especially around Death Claws

    -She conveys just the right blend of sarcasm/snarkiness… and sighs

    two .50MG rounds into the Legate’s head in hardcore mode and all i get is a
    an achievement trophy…


  • len

    At some point you will be past the action figure status, past the geek goddess and you will be stretching your considerable skills as a writer, producer, musician and actress. Yet you will still be an icon of feminine power and your generation’s acceptance and even embrace of it. Your intelligence and wit will be a beacon still calling to the younger women who will follow you.

    When that time comes, consider taking on the film biography of Cecile Chaminade. You are uniquely qualified for it having considered the role of women as seriously as you have done and championing it. No one has stepped up to tell the story of the most famous of women composers who died in obscurity because the time had not yet come for women to be taken as seriously as they should be and because a war of monstrous evil destroyed her livelihood as a composer when her publishers were liquidated in the Nazi death camps. Tell her story, Felicia. For the ones that follow.

  • I watched a recording of Red this weekend and I really loved it. Mark from Regrow Hair

  • So funny Ms. Day. I just loved it!!!

  • Mike

    Just want to compliment you on the work you did with Veronica in Fallout. I have a hard time not picking Veronica to wander the wastes with because her comments are fun to listen to….and it’s fun sending her to the Lucky 38 since she asks for room service….I mean she has been locked up with the brotherhood for how long? HOW DOES SHE KNOW WHAT ROOM SERVICE IS? sorry…didn’t mean to shout.

    Cheers to being in the most addicting game since Fallout 3.

  • I’m so bummed that Red isn’t on Hulu. Syfy doesn’t seem to understand that some fans don’t have full cable. I wish they’d get more on board with on-demand streaming. 🙁

  • Nana

    Yea, Veronica punches! My hubby was playing fallout, running though some place…and Veronica just runs ahead out of no where and PUNCHED A COW. I almost died laughing. Love your work, LOVE the guild…it actually got me back into Warcraft…after like a year….but still! <3

  • I’m living in Europe and I’m wondering if there is any possibility for me to watch Red. HULU is no longer accessible from Europe.

  • Hahahah I just watched the first four episodes of comedy hour and that guy is funny as hell, I like the humor and i’ve just subscribed to the youtube channel.

  • Fanderay

    No idea if you read your comments Felicia, but since you’re talking about videos I was wondering if you knew that George RR Martin’s books are being made into an HBO series? You seem like a big fan of aSoIaF , and as far as I can tell this is the first fantasy series to be adapted to television without being ruined (at least, it doesn’t look like it will be). This could be a big deal for fantasy!!

    Anyways, there are already previews out (hence the “talking about videos” bit). Here is a short trailer:

    Here is a long-ass trailer:

    The cast is amazing, and Sean Bean (Boromir) is Ned which means that the end of season 1 is going to be VERY very good (poor people who haven’t read the books).

  • I’m living in Europe and I’m wondering if there is any possibility for me to watch Red. HULU is no longer accessible from Europe.

  • Well I was finally able to watching Red here in Canada. I enjoyed it immensely to the point that I know I will buy it on DVD. However the next time you’re around the crew maybe tap the continuity or editing people on the shoulder and tell them how they runined the last scene for us nitpickers. You stab Nathan with `that`knife then you dramatically drop it. The we pull away for the long framing shot and guess what – you`re holding it again! I know it`s stupid but that stuff just drives me nuts…

  • Howdy! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any tips or suggestions? With thanks

  • Jeb Makula

    I realize that this is a five-month-old post and no one will read my comment, but I had to say that “Date” was very VERY funny.

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