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Vaginal Fantasy Book Hangout


Hey all! So I got approved for G+ Hangouts on Air, which is basically a broadcast Hangout with selected people, yay fun! I thought a fun way to use this new feature would to discuss books I’ve read lately, specifically Vaginal Fantasy books (meaning lady-leaning paranormal and historical adventure books. Boys might like them too, but there is a big romance thread for them to qualify for my “Vaginal” label. Check out my Goodreads account for how I classify books. )

Joining my Hangout will be my friends @Kiala, @Veronica and @Bonniegrrl. I think it will be fun, because Veronica and Bonnie normally don’t read these types of books and Kiala and I read every single one. Like, EVERY one 😀 So the discussion will be lively.

I’ll also start a thread the day of where you can add your questions and comments for us to add to our discussion. It’s gonna be fun!

If you’d like to join in with the main book we’re reading, it’s called:
“Grave Witch” by Kalayna Price

Hope to see you Monday, Jan 30th at 8pm PST!

  • Anna J

    Not to be a pooh-pooh, but you might want to think about using less divisive/engendered language. Your assumption that people (ladies) have to have vaginas to enjoy this is a) making gender assumptions, and b) pretty alienating to trans-women doncha think? Identifying as a woman should entail more than what sex organs you happen to be born with, or what gender stereotype you might buy into.

    • hody

      Seriously? If everyone had to guard their tongues that much we wouldn’t even be able to use gender specific pronouns. If you’re offended by it maybe you just aren’t comfortable enough with yourself. If you’re comfortable and concrete in your chosen gender role, than you wouldn’t be offended or need to bother people about it.

  • As a connoisseur of the subject I would like to be considered for inclusion in your hangout circle.

  • Amanda

    Sounds fun!! I definitely want to hang out. 🙂

  • Brian

    I’m an omnivorous reader. I would love to see what you read and what qualifies as a VFB hangout book. Or even a goodreads book. (I haven’t clicked that link yet).

    I have to confess, though, I’m here for a pretty base reason: I rented “Dragon Age: Redemption” as kind of a guilty pleasure and I clicked on your IMDb thing to see if you’d done anything else I’d like to watch. I was surprised to find the words “Vaginal Fantasy Book Hangout” and I couldn’t *not* click. Then I watched “Why I do What I do.” Two pleasant surprises in a row when I was expecting none.

    Seems like you should be huge with nerds; as a huge nerd, I’m surprised I missed you thus far. Anyway, this is just to say you are awesome and you should feel awesome about being awesome.

    I’m so looking forward to reading recommendations. Lately I’ve been buying 99 cent books on Amazon. It’s good in that you’d read stuff you would have never read before, but I swear, Amazon could make a *killing* by selling a red pen accessory that lets you edit and see other people’s edits on those books. And this is from one who thinks grammar is suggestion, not rule.

    Anyway — you seem super, and I wish you success and all the best besides.

  • Tee

    Hey I don’t know if I will do the whole G+ hangout thing but I have to comment for the first time just to say “thank you” for recommending that book! I picked it up this week and really enjoyed it. As you said on Goodreads, doesn’t reinvent the urban fantasy wheel or anything, but just some nice changes from the usual paths every.other.story lately seems to take. Now I gotta pick up #2!

  • Sorry I missed this! I fell asleep in the tub! 🙂

    I do love me some clit-lit though… I’ll but it on the ever grown read que. 🙂

  • 6502

    Fun trying to explain the tumblr page to my wife 🙂 Anyway, interesting book choice and fun discussion. Awaiting next recommendation, and simpathy to the all the kids who read cluster or tarot series.

  • Andy

    Hey, yeah I haven’t gotten around to reading the book yet but that g+hangout was hilarious. Seriously you could right another web series based on a g+ book club. But I am writing my own scripts at the moment so I can’t do it. Anyway keep it up I will definitely make time to be there for the live streaming. And also props for the Guild and fourth season reddit reference. Ok back on topic, I think that this type of genre (or whatever it’s specified as) will gain a fan base by your handouts. I know that I will probably read them just to see what it’s about. Also the name is perfect for what you want it for. Anybody who has problems with it, is either too sensitive or has no idea that there are way worse things that it could be named. So yep good job keep it up.

    the.r00st3r signing off

    Peace, cruel world.

  • I did work my way through your reading list, obviously comparing with mine and most of all trying to collect my jaw from the floor – now that is a seriously long reading list for someone as involved as you! I even found a few books I also read, and some of those I do cherish like you do.

    Considering your love of fantasy, I´d like to know how you think about Discworld.

    I have to admit I read all of them and do actually re-read them like some people do with LOTR, and they have given me solace on many bleak days in my life. I find them very clever, and wise, and heart-warming, and not at all irreverent or denigrating “serious” fantasy.

    Given your outstanding position re fans and conventions, I´d like to mention (I´m afraid I don´t dare actually recommending a book to you) Donna Andrews´ “We´ll always have parrots” to you, a – to me, at least – hilarious whodunnit happening at the fan convention of a rather cheesy TV show called “Porfiria, Queen of the jungle” or something in that line. Being an auld phart and not having actually attended a convention yet, I did find it quite amusing.

    Oh, and I did happen upon you watching “Eureka” on German TV – and did find your character engrossing in a geeky and heartwarming way.

    Please do keep up the good work says


  • BTW – I also read that Piers Anthony ‘blob sex’ book as a teen (I think it was in Robot Adept). I loved a lot of his stuff, not only Xanth, but Incarnations of Immortality and the early books of the Adept series, starting with Split Infinity, but some of his books definitely have a ‘WTF?’ factor, LOL.

    None of my friends growing up liked to read – I thought I was weird… I never knew anyone who liked to read what I did until after I began writing. When you mentioned Piers Anthony, I couldn’t help but smile. So glad I found this blog! I hope you continue it 🙂

    ~ Melanie

  • Jan


    have you read “The Riftwar Saga” by Raymond E. Feist?
    If not give them a try…

    *Lächle wenn du das Leben siehst, und erlaube deinen Tränen ihren Weg zu finden.*

    MFG Jan

  • thomrit

    you should get an amazon button the book club site…i checked out the next book and it was part of a 3-book kindle bundle…read first 2 started third…marches made me think of the mitfords and the detecting duo anne perry’s Thomas and Charlotte Pitt. enjoyable reads

  • John

    You have to check out Steven King’s 11/22/63, it’s AWESOME! Really, I think you and the group would probably like it…

  • I’m not sure if this is the right place, I just don’t know where to ask this.
    I love cRPGs, but I missed all the morrowind line, I followed the BlackIsle-Bioware stuff instead. I have a question about tho famous Bethesda RPGs.
    BTW my space is broken a bit, so if there is no space between words, I’m sorry, I didn’t hit my space hard enough. Actually I did it once. Anyway…
    So with Bioware cRPGs, when I talk with other gamers and they ask about them, I always sing them odes about Annah, Nordom, or Fall From Grace (Planescape Torment), Vic the Trader or Cassidy (Falloutv 2), Leliana or Morrigan, the Witch hunt DLC (Dragon Age Origins), Liara, Jack or Garrus (Mass Effect). I talk with almost tears in my eyes about my character’s experience and personal relationship with them.
    But whenever I listen to someone bragging about Morrowind or Skyrim, I never hear any names like that. No names, just how great the game is.
    so my question is, are there any personal relationships to build in those games? And if there are any, how come I never hear about them? I can even stumble into character names from other cRPGs simply by searching YouTube or Google, how come I never do that with Morrowind or Skyrim?

    • Nat

      I think Vaginal Fantasies is a wonderful name! Engendered language and all. 🙂

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