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Hey all!  I got up at 4am to catch a 6am flight to LA from wrapping Supernatural (an ep that will make you POOP with excitement! Well, maybe not that extreme, but it’s great). And now I’m about to get on ANOTHER plane at 5pm to go to Brisbane Australia.  THROMBOSIS AHOY!

Wanted to just remind you guys of a few things:

-If you’re in Brisbane or Adelaide, I’ll be there for the SupaNova conventions! Please come by and say hi if you’re there!

-The Guild is HALFWAY through season 6! If you haven’t watched the eps yet now is a GREAT time to catch up. Episode 6 is a monumental episode, partly because the post-production team pulled all-nighter after all-nighter to complete it. AND we have a lovely Guest Star iJustine who joins us for the rest of the season, so please let me know how you like it!

-Two really awesome shows, Space Janitors (a comedy) and On the Table (a Tabletop news show) are premiering on Geek and Sundry next week. If you like our stuff please subscribe, those numbers are going to be very important for us for renewal. I know we had a FLOOD of content earlier this year, but now we’ve learned how to moderate our release schedules, so your sub box will be more gently handled on our end from now on 🙂

-The Flog is back as well after hiatus, there are a few eps you can check out on THIS playlist:

-My Instagram web profile is up at I need to take more landscape photos 😀

-I’m looking to update my web page design, what would you guys like to see on it that’s not here? What is the function of a personal web site nowadays anyway?

Annnnnnd that’s it! I’ll see you guys down under, or online!

  • A personal website really should be your social media. One place to go for all your online things. But that’s a pipe dream, no one wants to do that.

    Also, congrats on season 6, it’s been going great!

  • Benjamin

    Needs more unicorns

  • Jay S

    The best thing about personal sites is to have the owner write to comments/discussions under blogs 😉

  • Jack

    The answer to all your questions is pizza. Deep dish.

  • Sic

    I enjoyed how utterly devoid of sentience iJustine’s NPC character appeared… and no, I’ve got nothing against her and did not mean to imply that she may normally be devoid of sentience. I blame YouTube for the flood of nonsense in the feed, since it didn’t always inform us of every little thing being done. Do we really need to know that someone likes their own video? Duh… I hope.

  • One of my friends has her Instagram photos feed into her blog. So you might think about that. I love seeing your convention photos! They’re always fun.

  • Knutter

    If you want to re-design your website, maybe just give it a little more white space? And possibly use colour to point out information structure more clearly? Other than that, I don’t feel it has to look much fancier than it does right now; I think the semi-professional appearance is part of the appeal of your site at this point in time. (I hope this is not insulting; I just think it has a very nice feel right now. G&S looks slightly more, F.D. slightly less official–it seems a nice fit to me.)

  • Knutter

    Watched ep. 1 of ‘On The Table’ yesterday. To me, it was mostly a bunch of fast talking about things I’m not *really* into (for which I apologise), but I was surprised how well it worked visually compared to ‘Sword & Laser’. I like Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt a lot (I think they’re the ideal couple for hosting this show), and I get that the heart of the show is their interaction, which is aptly covered in two-shots. Still, I am amazed by how much more immediate and personal it feels when the editing goes to single shots of Veronica and Tom in the interview segments. I have no idea whatsoever how to address this phenomenon, but it seems striking to me, and I think it might be worth some conceptual consideration. (Maybe just a tighter framing for the two-shots?)
    Btw, I don’t mean to be overly critical, but the set and graphics of ‘S&L’ seem slightly cold to me and, honestly, just a little bit cheap. I’m not saying this because I’m expecting higher production value or something–actually, this would seem completely unnecessary to me. I just think it would be easy to do something that for the same money visualises the semantics of the show less clunkily and more visually appealing, if this is not too harsh. Maybe something for season 2?

  • llambal

    I’ve ‘recently’ started watching flog, the guild and dragon age redemption. these series go from awesome to firetrucking epic!
    so really, my compliments. it is great what you are doing, except for the part that the content in most videos has cost me some hours of sleep. all very interesting stuff ^^
    I just struggled along this video called ‘dumb ways to die’. it is brilliant, serene, funny, ‘innocent’ and yet very disturbing.. it is awesome and I just had to send you the link [ ]
    hope this isn’t old news 2 you

  • Copyblogger makes a really good case for maintaining your domain/website instead of what they call digital sharecropping, a quick summary is that when you depend on other websites to maintain your online presence, you’re at risk when they change their terms of service or go under. Worth a read –

    Looking forward to your upcoming Supernatural episode!

  • How about just some short updates about your daily life? For instance: The main page could have several sections in smallish borders with a few words on what you’ve been doing.



    Did: Guild writing. Yay!
    Felt: Exuberant
    Pet peeve of the day: TURN THAT DOWN, YOU DARN KIDS!
    Final Word: Geeky

    I personally want to know what’s going on in your head…I hope that doesn’t sound weird…because I know it does.

    Thank you for the countless ways you’ve made me a happier person.

    Joe Cavallaro — (That guy from Chicago Con who caught you as you were leaving and crushed everone’s hearts at the panel with Jeff Lewis by revealing Eureka was being canceled.)

    P.S. Colin Ferguson (this/last year) was SO INCREDIBLY NICE TO ME! Every time I came back to his booth, he’d go JOE!!!. or Hi, I’m Colin, and you are? (I think I’d been there at least 5,533 times at that point…).

  • Thanks for the shoutout about BTD5 Felicia. Also, I’ve been a huge fan of Dr Horrible’s since it came out. It’s just so freakin’ good!

    Ninja Kiwi

  • Being the author of much of the background art and animation in that video, I heartily approve of the poetry! 🙂

    I also appreciated the mention of Car Wars in the Supernatural episode. Hope you liked the counters I did for that game!

    Denis Loubet, Ultima artist.

  • Elvis

    Just put whatever you want on your site. After all, it is *your* site… why should *you* be governed by what others think? After all, you never wanna give you up. You also certainly never wanna let you down.

  • Your home is valueble for me. Thanks!…

  • Fantastic site. Plenty of helpful info here. I am sending it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thank you to your effort!

  • Every year I get streak to 5 or so then I either end up forgetting about it or too lazy.

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