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Going back to Canada to do the last episodes of Eureka for season 5 (which isn’t even out for a year, haha).  Wanted to share some links with you, and hopefully I’ll get back to regular blogging in a few weeks when I am back in my own home for more than a week straight!!!

Oh, reminder, I’m gonna be at Chicago Comicon next weekend with Vork (Jeff Lewis).  🙂  Looking forward to visiting the city for the first time!

FIRST: Guild episodes! Episode 1 of Season 5, FINALLY UPLOADED! For Xbox and Zune users, you can get the episode (FOR FREE) here, and there’s a handy video to help you find it on you Xbox Live dashboard (in the US).
<a href=';vid=y02jncib&#038;from={from}' target='_new' title='Season 5 - Episode 1 - Road Trip!' >Video: Season 5 &#8211; Episode 1 &#8211; Road Trip!</a>

Yes, I know the staggered release thing is a bit confusing (Xbox/Zune on Tuesdays, MSN on Thursdays) but I appreciate everyone hanging in there!
Also: Here’s the brilliant season 4 recap that Kim Evey, my co-producer wrote. We got Randall, the Honey Badger dude, to do the VO because I AM OBSESSED WITH HIM!
<a href=';view=detail&#038;mid=18C6240A1D65E56DAD5D18C6240A1D65E56DAD5D&#038;first=0&#038;FORM=LKVR19&#038;videoId=6c16b5a3-6fd2-421b-93fc-6952c131b752&#038;src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='The Guild season 4 recap'>Video: The Guild season 4 recap</a>

I was on Attack of the Show Monday, here’s my interview (Kevin asked some awesome but strange questions haha)

And there’s a big article on me in Forbes, print AND digital, which is kinda cool. Most of you prolly already know all this about me, but whatever 🙂

LASTLY, I was on the last THREE episodes of Eureka. How do you like Holly? I hope you do, I’m gonna be around for a WHILE! 🙂
Ok, gotta go pack…eep!

  • WendyD

    I’m surprised that your exciting travels have never taken you to Chicago. It is my favorite city! I’m hoping to come over from Iowa for the ComicCon event on Friday. Hope you have a great weekend in Chicago. I’m loving your addition to Eureka and, of course, the Guild!

  • I really like Holly! I think she fits in perfectly with the show and I really like how she’s also helping to incorporate Dr. Parrish with the other characters. I have to admit that I didn’t like Wil’s character that much before (even though I heart Wil)… When the only point of Dr. Parrish was to annoy Fargo, it didn’t really work for me. Now, even though that’s still his main thing, your character seems to be making his character more connected, I really like that. Holly’s presence made me go from not caring at all about Dr. Parrish to being 100% Team Parrish! =P

    About The Guild, I really liked episode 1. I think it was a great start and I’m excited t see what’s next!! *patiently waiting for episode 2*

    And finally, great Forbes interview! The Aots interview was pretty cool too, and your hair looked great! =P

  • Have fun in Chicago! Should be cooler than it is here on the plains (or in Texas). Liked the first episode of The Guild, and looking forward to the season. Will you have anything to say about cons, or just have fun with the Guild at one?

    A Tejano music star? A white, red-haired, English-speaking Tejano music star? I’ll have to remember that; sounds like a character for one of my funny stories! 🙂

  • Okay…seriously…Team Parrish or Team Fargo? It must be hard to choose…personally, I’d set up a triad of geekdom and take both…

    You are a delight and Eureka is one of my favorite shows…

  • Grumpy Frenchman

    Great interview, Miss Day. And Holly is a fantastic character. I didn’t think I could love “Eureka” more than I already did, but she (you) proved me wrong!

    Thank you for all you create and offer us. *bow*

    Oh, and once you’re done visiting Chicago, how would you feel about visiting France? I’m sure we have a con or two that you could grace with your presence – and it’s no fair only North Americans ever get to see you!

  • Jens

    I like how Holly is getting more comfortable with the other cast. I think she fits in seemlessly with the show.

    Just saw that you’re coming to Fedcon in Düsseldorf next year. That’s in my timezone, so strongly considering going.

  • Holly is delightful and so are you. It’s been really fun having you (and Wil) as fabulous additions to an already wonderful show/cast.

    Super excited for more of The Guild as well. The week long waits between episodes are killer but so worthwhile. <3

  • Loved the interview on attack of the show. I must confess to not having gotten into Eureka, though I do love the premise. Having said that, the clips I saw of your character seemed really cool so I may have take the plunge and start from the beginning and then catch up to your episodes.

    That’s one element of entertainment media that has yet to catch up with teh internetz. Here I am in Blighty reading your blog and watching the Guild but when it comes to American TV shows I could be waiting months and months before those shows make their way over here. I haven’t the faintest idea when your Eureka episodes will actually air here in the UK. Still, gives me time to order the first few seasons on DVD 🙂

    By the way, absolutely LOVED the new Guild episode. Definitely worth the wait.

  • XavanQ

    The character Holly fits in so well with the other caharacters of Eureka that it is amazing she hasn’t always been there.

    Best exchange in this weeks ep, Holly to Carter “You can lick the safe-deposit boxes if you want to, but that would be weird.” Carter’s comeback “Someone put her in front of a cartoon!”

    That is just awesome writing and delivery. Eureka is knocking it out of the park. Gratz on having such a wonderful part written just for you. The people of Eureka know what they are doing.

    Good luck with the rest of the season. Looking forward to more awesome eps like this weeks

  • John W

    At the risk of sounding condescending I think you’re a perfect fit for that show.

    I was a fan of the show before but now that you’re part of the cast I’m a bigger fan.

    What I want to see now is Holly Marten on Warehouse 13 and Alphas for the ultimate crossover.

    • John W

      Question, when and where will I be able to see the Dragon Age Redemption project your involved in?

      Is it going to be distributed through xbox like the Guild?

      • Not sure about the distribution, rollout date to be announced this month, prolly early fall 🙂

  • John W

    Cool thanks.

  • Chantal

    On the subject of Canada and cons, any chance you’d ever hit up a con here? We’re having FanExpo at the end of the month, and although I’m sure your schedule is already filled, you should pay us a visit one day. Canada loves Felicia Day too!

  • Austin F

    Love everything you do girl!! Had a blast watching you on AOTS, what was it like behind the scenes and whatnot? So i have a question: You seem to be an awesome gamer, but I would only assume your Gamertag is a well kept secret for obvious reasons. How much time do you actually get to play with being an actress and all? Hit me up if you wanna play sometime, it would honestly make a dream come true =D
    Gamertag: Onvrik

  • You are kicking butt on Eureka this year and I’m loving every minute of it! I would love it if they made your character a permanent addition to the show. ~onecanonlyhope~

    Welcome (in advance) to my neck of the world grounds this weekend. Unfortunately I cant make Comic-con this year so I’m sorry to miss you. But as this is your first time in town I highly recommend you try some Italian Beef from Portillos and/or Chicago Style deep dish pizza from either Lou Malnatis or Giordanos. (bring a healthy appetite for the latter)


  • Foureyes

    I’m a huge fan of the guild! You guys are doing awesome this season! I’m loving all the convention stuff!

    On a side note, and this is a very random question, I realize, but what makeup do you use personally/have had put on you for shows? I am super, super pale. I’m 27 and I have yet to find a makeup that isn’t two shades too dark, despite years of searching. Since you’ve been on lots of programs and thus had experience with different makeup departments, I’m sure that you have to know a few. 🙂

    • Hey Just saw this question! I use Armani foundation. It is very expensive, yes, but the quality cannot be beat at ALL and it lasts forever, no need to use a ton. I also use Tarte tinted sunscreen because it has good non-chemical protection and great coverage/color. Sorry for the delay in responding, so busy lately!

  • After I logged off last night, I remembered something amusing I wanted to share re: the Guild & server demand… back when the Season 2 finale was released, I had the same problem I had last night: I would go to MSN and it would say “now playing” but nothing would happen, presumably because too many people were hitting the site at once. Well, I noticed that you guys had subtitled versions too, and I figured the subtitles weren’t going to bother me, so I picked one of the less popular languages and watched that version. Problem solved! 😀

    I really enjoyed Ep 4 — I was so tickled to see Grant Imahara’s cameo. And the bit with Brent Spiner using the hand sanitizer was funny too.

    Also, thanks for that sunscreen tip (in the comments above)! I just had a skin cancer scare (on my face, no less) so I’m looking for a good tinted sunscreen that’s not full of cancer-causing chemicals. I tried one but it was too dark — I’m also pretty pale. 🙂

  • Yuritau

    Just a heads up about the video embeds.. I’m using the latest version of Firefox, and the MSN video embeds just plain don’t work. They flicker in and out when you mouseover them, and there’s no way to get them to play, or even take you over to MSN video’s main site to view them. I have to go manually search for em.

    Loving the new guild season, and the Eureka eps!

  • I bought Bastion because of the story in your Bastion post, and it is a fantastic game (the interview reminded me of that). It also helped me get off my butt and start generating ideas for my own writing projects, so thanks for the hope-filled story of success and goal-realizing. I still think it’s incredible that both you and your friend imagined a dream that young and are getting to live it.

  • Sometimes I miss having cable because I really miss AOTS. Now all I do is follow them on Twitter while the show is airing and imagine something awesome and nerdy and geektastic and hip happening, with lasers.

    Anyway, great interview. You’ve always struck me as someone who just genuinely likes what they’re doing, in interview after interview, and that’s so refreshing to see. Keep it up. (It would be just great if you were all like “I hate everything!” right now, read that comment and then became re-invigorated. Otherwise it’s just pointless and pleasant.)

  • Eve

    So, you’re kind of like…my celebrity.

    Some girls have teenbopper music idols and such, and ever since I started highschool [four years ago] I’ve been following The Guild and it’s rise to stardom. And, your Attack the Show interview reminds me a lot of myself..

    I started my geekery when I was young too, and a lot of it did start with fanfic. I’ve moved onto MMOs, and it just really made me smile. I’m glad that there are geeky girls who get famous, I guess.

    I dunno. You’re really cool Felicia, but strange. And I can appreciate that because I can relate to it…
    c: Keep on truckin’

  • dominic

    Saw you on Eureka and discovered the Guild on my xbox on the same day. Nice coincidence.Now a fan.
    Brilliant work on the guild. Never knew internet TV really existed to be honest but you obviously have done a lot to promote it by the looks of things. All the best keep posting
    ps: the little side-bits1e: trying to put your leg over your head video…lovable

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  • that’s nice.thanks for sharing.

  • Congratulations, Felicia, on another tremendous season of The Guild. The production values dramatically improved, but you and your team matched the larger scale with a larger story that stayed true to your characters but also explored them to greater depth. And the writing was really damn funny. Thank you and your team for your hard work. You continue to be a creative inspiration.

  • And your guest stars speak to the quality and following of your work: Brent Spiner! Neil Gaiman!! Kevin Sorbo (!) Kudos.

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  • Draciron Smith

    I know I’m way behind on commenting as apparently the Guild is sadly no more. I have been too busy gaming to notice it before this lol. When it came on Netflix I watched every episode start to finish over the course of 3 days and loved it. Got to laugh at a few things I’m guilty of, exaggerated or maybe not so exaggerated stereotypes of many gamers I’ve played with over the years. Great series, looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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