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I wish I could say there was a lull in my schedule to be able to post some of my more traditional blog entries, er…not the case. 🙂 But I’m here at Dragon Age: Redemption final sound mix watching Joe the mixer throw in grunts and sword slashes, and thought I’d grab the chance for a quick update!

The final steps of finishing this web series are HUGE education in what I DIDN’T know about filmmaking. For The Guild (which we are now editing as WELL, two projects in post at once, eep!) we have just a few people in the post-production flow, editor, sound mixing, occasionally a special effect, but bottom line you can count them on one hand. The six-month process of this show from wrap to finish has been totally eye-opening. Who knew that there were SO many wheels turning at once to finish a fight-heavy visual effects laden piece. The prep involved with editing to special effects to sound effects to titles to scoring to color-correct to assembling…ugh! It’s been amazing because everyone has pulled through on our tiny budget. I think it has definitely tested the capacity of what is possible to do as an independent web creator, but as I look up at the video monitor now, and I see me in elf ears slashing an unnamed enemy 😉 I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO SEE IT!!!!  It’s gonna be late this summer, FYI, date TBD.

We are already planning San Diego Comicon logistics (panels to be announced soon!), and next week the whole Guild will in Calgary for their Convention! It’s the first time we’ve ever been in one place ON LOCATION together. Watch your video games and cocktails, people, har har. I’ve been traveling SO MUCH lately, that the last thing I wanna do is see another airport, but I’m going to Banff beforehand to get an award at the illustrious Television conference Wednesday, so it’s not ALL bad 🙂

On another note, I went to E3 last week for one day! WOOOT! It was a whirlwind to catch all the awesome games in one day, thankfully it’s the ONE place on earth that people manning the doors actually recognize me, so I was able to see all the games I wanted to.  I’m not bragging, but I am delighted.  Here are the highlights:

-Skyrim:  Seriously looks like the RPG that worlds have dreamed about.  The level of detail is astonishing that I saw in the demo.  Every inventory item is selectable and will ROTATE 3D ON INSPECTION??! I might take a month off when it comes out.  Seriously.

-Mass Effect 3:  I am so glad this is coming out next year, so I can have it consume my Spring.  The demo almost made me cry.  Bioware, your stories own my heart.

-Torchlight 2:  Wonderful little indie game, very Diablo-ish, but the improvements to this sequel, including MULTIPLAYER, will set it on it’s own feet.  Very fun. And my character was able to have a pet ferret!

-Bastion:  My friend @kasavin, who I’ve known since I was twelve, is one of the co-creators of the hottest indie this summer.  One of the Xbox live summer selects, this is an amazing isometric adventure/RPG story-driven game.  If you liked Braid, this is this year’s equivalent.

-Dead Island: This looks yummy.  Like Left for Dead, but less arcade-y.

-Dance Central 2: YUM

-Star Wars Kinect:  I mean, you get to kill people by swinging your own light saber, physically.  No lose here.

Alright!  I’m gonna try to do a video blog update this week sometime about all the great books I’ve read in the past few weeks, thinking maybe recording on my laptop and doing a few quick edits might be faster?  Experiment to see at least 😉

  • Can’t wait for the new Guild. Good excuse to go back and watch a few ‘ reruns’ to remember where we left off. During the hiatus between the few shows I watch… I often get the characters intertwined. Mental note… vampires = TrueBlood.

  • Andrew

    “me in elf ears slashing an unnamed enemy”


    You should visit the UK sometime, but you’ve got a pretty crazy schedule for this year already…

  • Mass Effect 3 looks so amazing, and yes, BioWare stories have a special place in my heart. It’s going to be a long wait until March.

    I’ll also have to check out Bastion. Sounds cool!

    And I can’t wait to see Redemption! Late summer, huh? Once you give us a date, I’ll be counting down the days 🙂

  • Thanks for the update, very exciting!

    Has anyone heard if any of the new games will be out on mac? I just started DA2, after having to give up on DAA due to a not-so-genius mac genius not transferring my files after a hard drive upgrade. balls.

    Sorry I won’t be at SDCC this year, boo. cry.

    • From what I can tell, I don’t think any the games mentioned here will be on Mac when they are released on PC (those of them that will be released on PC). I’ve never owned a Mac myself, but I think you can install something on it to make it be able to boot up as a PC. I guess that might go against the idea of having a Mac in the first place though?

      @Felicia: Still looking very much forward to seeing your Dragon Age series, as well as The Guild season 5 and Eureka. It sounds like hard work, but I’m sure it will be worth the effort 🙂

      Of the games you mention, I think I’m looking forward to Mass Effect 3 the most. I was acually going to take a look at the dlc for Mass Effect 2 today.

      Skyrim looks awesome. I actually didn’t like Oblivion much, but they seem to have overhauled the bits that I had the most issues with, so it has great potential for me.

      • I would really like to know what time management techniques you are using. Seriously.

  • Thanks for the update Felicia 🙂

    Sounds like your plate be all kinds of full, in a good way though. Can’t wait to see the results of all the hard work, I’ve no doubt it will be worth the wait.

    Oh, and I’ll join Andrew in asking you to visit the UK. You know you want to 😀

  • len

    You may be the only luminary in the business who understands games and virtual worlds are an entertainment medium and those who don’t get that lose money and butts in seats.

    The theorists who lecture social contact and worlds as nations, etc., are con artists selling tickets to mixers. “It ain’t got a thing if it don’t have that swing….”

    • Preach it, Len!

      It’s interesting because SOME companies are getting it now. They’re finally seeing that the gaming industry as a whole is not going anywhere. In fact, video games have BOLSTERED other businesses, including traditional “paper-based” games. That’s something rare when you see a major paradigm shift.

      It tickles me to see some of the companies out there trying to “gamify” their stuff. Clearly, game mechanics are a great retention tool – add replay value and keep people coming back – but you need something cool before you dress it up. LOL

      You’re right about the con artists selling their self-serving rhetoric, too.. That’s why I dig what Felicia and team are doing. It’s probably one of the most authentic things out there today! 8)

      • len

        Just a couple points before leaving folks to FeliciaWorship:

        1. CBS did a piece on game development in Texas. The salaries were about 90k for developers and the industry was keeping them above the recession/depression gulch. Whatever else one might say, for hard work it’s a good way to make a living.

        2. Raph Koster just posted a couple of brilliant presentation on games. The one on how gaming and social media can help each other and improve gaming is really quite good.

        3. Rushkoff (sp?) notes something others have noted before but worth repeating: gaming and game structures can be found in almost all actionable areas of social interaction. You can study everything from high school to religion in gaming constructs and they are all illuminated by it. I credit some of the fecundity of Day’s writing to understanding the world through the gaming lens. D’oh, ok but remember for some of us games start as those terrible wanker noise makers in night clubs that destroyed the gig for the band. I’d happily have taken the fire axe to most of them.

        As Raph points out, there is still a lot of unexplored territory now that for the first time, the palette is nation-sized. Maybe they are like songwriting; the words come easier when the music is there and working first and the game developers are just now getting the chops to the point where simple bits are simple and hard bits are a matter of schedule.

        A problem that remains is the fragility of the tech. As someone who built VR worlds, few art forms I’ve played at come with such a high maintenance cost to keep the same thing working. Proprietary engines, non-web apps dominate years after we tried to get standards in place. Games abhor standards, That’s a problem. It’s as if non-locality is the only way to entangle and ensure surprise. It’s like movies that can finally be mass produced in color but the film is really flammable and the plots are all recycled. I’m still not sure we’ve seen the first generation of developers who will be to games what Louis Armstrong was to music. On the other hand, not my art form or my passion so I’m kibitzing from the cheap seats.

  • I did sound mixing for the last 2 short films I worked on and I learned a lot too! It’s a really interesting process! But we didn’t have sword fighting… =P

    I’m super excited for Dragon Age: Redemption and Guild Season 5! And of course to see you guys again at SDCC!!!

    Have fun in Calgary! Guild chat regular, Caiti, should be there to represent us! =)

  • Felicia, let me first say that I admire what you and your team are doing. I was a hesitant The Guild fan (mainly because the creepy WoW fanatics were telling me to watch it) but your work with Joss Whedon opened me up to it and I LOVE it! Of course, I know many gamer geeks and game designers out there love the show.. How can they NOT once they watch it?

    What really impresses me is that you guys represent a success story you don’t hear about often: the indie bootstrapper. The fan support you have all garnered is impressive. It just goes to show that you don’t have to “sell out”. Of course, it’ll make things tough but the rewards are well worth it – KUDOS!

    Now, onto the more geeky, less fanboy-sounding stuffs…

    I LOVE the video game round-up. I feel like those games stand head-and-shoulders (no, not the shampoo) above the rest. I’m close to replaying Mass Effect 2, especially now that Bioware leaked some story elements. This year and the year to come, for me, seems to be filled with rather ho-hum game titles so these games make me a happy camper. Needless to say, I am foaming at the mouth for ME3!! =oB~~

  • John W

    Felecia I know your extremely busy but have you had a chance to watch HBO’s Game of Thrones, or read the books?

  • Slouch

    HOLY SHIT!! I get to meet the entire guild staff in a few hours, so excited 😀

  • Ian

    Off topic: To which email address do we send Felicia Day fan mail?

    • felicia@ felicia day dot com

      • Ian

        Thanks! And thank you for signing my Vork crotch in Calgary.

  • Just a big thanks to you and the entire cast for coming to Calgary! There were plenty of postive comments I heard from fans (plus some folks looking to check out the show – so new fans! – yea!). It was a real pleasure to meet everyone and I was really impressed at how nice you all are! Friendly and funny – good times!

  • alison

    I am sooo excited about skyrim, my husband and I logged prolly 1000 hours of oblivion!, I feel so bad my hubby logged 200 hours, and then his game save corrupted! he was sooo mad he almost broke the game in half lol, I assume they fixed that problem in skyrim, and we will for sure log as many hours or more in skyrim!

  • JoeB

    I know this is a bit off the wall but I just thought of a great part for you. I don’t know if you’ve read the Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin but he just completed an outstanding first season run of it on HBO for the first book “Game of Thrones”.

    In the future seasons, there will be a very prominent character called “Melisandre of Asshai” a red headed sorceress. You would be PERFECT for the part!

  • Dave B

    Felicia, first of all, I love The Guild and was very happy to see you in Dollhouse as well. I noticed in the latest E3 highlight video on the SWtOR site that you got some hands on time with the game. What did you think?

    • Mimz

      I just saw the same video and was wondering that exact question 🙂 Would love to see what Felicia thought of swtor as I am planning to play it and also enjoy similar games (bioware babies like ME and DA series).

  • Hey Felicia,
    Just started watching The Guild, half way through E1:S2 right now. It’s totally awesome, hilarious. I knew I recognized you from somewhere, and then realized it was from Dollhouse, super sad that show’s not on anymore. I”m totally with you on Skyrim, I’ve been looking forward to that game for ages, been playing Oblivion again to get prepped.

    Quick point of note from a fellow blogger, you should put an icon up for you webpage, like the ones that appear on the browser tags. Just use this line in your section:
    . I’m also a web developer :-P.

    Act on!

  • The comment moderation editing out my html for the link command, sorry about that.

  • Dae K.

    Felicia! When are you and The Guild going to stop by in Houston? (or anywhere in Texas) I’m sure we have our fair share of conventions here.

  • len

    Late Happy Birthday and all.

    You say you stay in things web because of your fans there. Que bueno, but… do it because it is fun. Don’t make like a martyr giving up wealth and greater fame for the cause. It’s a bit thin. Your numbers are such now that you are going to be a star with a huge following for the rest of your life. A few will grouse and peel away if you go full time TV or movies, etc., but there is zero chance that those people won’t be replaced by new fans who will love you just as much.

    IMHO, do whatever you do because you can do your best work. If that means the web where you can be the top dog in the production, do it. If it means TV where the budgets are better, the team is all A-list and the scripts are the best there is, do that. Do your best work. Anything else cheats us of what we really want: you at your best.

    The web as tech is just stuff. Your fans as your friends? It’s a bit true and a bit an unmanageable illusion over time as the fan base gets bigger. Every A-lister at some point has to deal with this. Some can do it with grace; some not. So far, with possibly the exception of the Vanity Fair Six kerfluffle, you’ve not stumbled. Trust yourself and do your best work with whatever and whomever are at hand and you will never disappoint us.

  • Thomas

    Oblivion ate up over 200 hours of my life, and I can’t wait for Skyrim. That’s nothing compared to WOW players, but I do have a child and have to watch him grow up and stuff.

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