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  • b!X

    As I mused over on WHEDONesque: Will the DDR video be a bonus feature of The Guild’s season one DVD? (And how much rum would you have to have to record a commentary track for it?)

  • Tyler

    That’s great! I was actually JUST watching Retarded Policeman thinking “When they going to ask Felicia to do one of these?”… then I saw the Episode 8 and you were in it. The universe provides :-p

  • aug

    hilarious DDR video! you did better than i could!

    will you be posting any rock band videos when it hits the wii????

  • O, Felicia! That was wonderful! *squee!*

    Even w/o the payoff, I would have gladly voted for The Guild. It more than deserved to win.

  • Formaldehyde

    Don’t worry Felicia, I’ve been playing guitar for 10 years, but you should see me play guitar hero…rather pathetic really.

  • That was great! Very funny!

  • Very cool. Congrats.. and the dancing was really funny! 🙂

  • That was both unwelcome and inspiring. How do you do it?

  • edgar

    Felicia cusses like a sailor!

  • s o m a


    i thought sailors curse like felicia!

  • Dustin


    Felicia CURSES!?!? And….dances….jerkily?

  • Ben

    OMG Felicia, that was funny.

  • Hahahahahahahhaha
    it’s impossible to look good in that game. I try it once with some rum… and you could imagine how it went.

    I can’t hardly wait for the next ep of the guild

    Greetings Felicia! Congrats!

  • Im So glad you guys won, LONG LIVE THE GUILD!
    That award looks like something used to burn ants however. In the sun.
    Ya know, like a magnifying glass!

    Love your dancing but that guy laughing in the background really made my day!

  • Virginia

    OH GOD IT’S SO HARD… priceless XD Also the video looks even more funny when all the camera is focused on is your top half. It’s almost like you’re not even moving your feet, just having a minor epileptic fit. Thanks for the vid!!

  • chuckley

    so i just read the interview with dynamic forces 🙂 of course everyone loves felicia. i cant wait to see some of your new work.

  • Greg

    You have a cute nose… I didn’t notice it until I saw this. Good job!

  • Lee

    CooL! I didn’t know you’d done anything with Mediocre Films! I love their Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show stuff. I keep hoping it will be some kind of deal like maybe something on Adult Swim. A 15-minute spot like they have for Robot Chicken would probably serve it well.

    Speaking of deals and films, I was talking with friends today. We think The Guild would sell really well on DVD. After you guys crank out an hour’s worth or so, might be a good idea. Though I suppose you guys have probably already thought all about that stuff.

    Anyhoo, byeee!

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