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Hey!  If anyone here uses Twitter, resident web guru Edgar Garcia has made a “Periwinkle Team” for the color wars competition that I joined:

If you don’t use Twitter, you’ll be like, “Huh?!”  If you DO and don’t already have a team, go ahead and “follow” periwinkleteam  and then follow the instructions on uploading pics for the color wars at: 

Upload by 12am Eastern, so do it quick!  Fun times! 🙂

  • Soon, it seems like, you will need an assistant…all the emails and press and such.

    I rock as an Office manager/Assistant….you know, in case you need one. 😛

  • Soma

    WTF edgar! i just got home..

    ok ok ok.. so what are the team colors..

    ah.. dammitall

  • Soma


    [i dont own anything remotely close to periwinkle or even blue or
    lavender or purple.. ]..

    wait.. i have a lavender tie!!!

    its too late!

  • Jen

    We’re color war opponents! I’m on the #FF1CAE team. 🙂

  • Soma

    im sorry; i couldnt help myself.

    its all i could think about:

  • Soma

    so uh..

    it seemed like you had been crunching on ice
    for five min.s before the SXSW acceptance speech..
    [and nervous]..

    i cant think of anything else to hijack this post..

    • Too many complmitens too little space, thanks!

  • lol. If you’ve ever seen Snatch, periwinkle blue is so much more fun of a color. Every time I hear that colour I think of Brad Pitt in his finest pikey accent… “periwinkle blue… it’s for mi ma…”


  • Thanks traci, I’ll keep those skills of yours in my back pocket when I need them!

    WOOT SOMA! Damned dude, that’s hot stuff! Nice scissors! 😀

  • HAHAHAHA OMG that is hilarious, I just clicked on your photoshop job! Omg, laughing so hard! 🙂

  • What happened to Periwinkle 004?

    And I use Twitter and still have no clue what you’re talking about. I lose.

  • Dmitry

    Heya There! Armmm , Russian Folk from Brazil, how do i join your team? i could not find any join button on Periwinkle.


  • Soma
  • Soma

    hmm.. the colorwar page wont link to our flickr images..


  • The site [] is slow with the pics and stuff… I am surprised it finally added more people to the team.

    FYI, there’s more going on than just a color… Periwinkle is an evil twin… can you guess who’s?

    * Note: I’m a hard core [web] programmer not a web designer lol (if anyone comes up with a better logo, I will post it up.

    ** Note 2: zefrank isn’t really a part of our team, everyone added him, he’s had his code monkeys remove him from game in their code (though he might be in blueteam).

  • Soma

    my contribution:

    i went with the color of the flower and not the blue variant…

  • I reserve the right to photoshop any photo posted above 🙂

  • aug

    got in too late! darn the time zones!

  • Soma


    i reserve the right to know what photos you
    are reserving the rights to photoshop..

    and to what end.. ?


  • Soma
  • Mia

    Since she said yesterday to upload before 12, I’m assuming it’s too late?

  • aug

    i saw Team Periwinkle won at least once!

    and Soma made a killer Merit Badge.

    I can only imagine what the Team Song would sound like…

  • We won!??!?! Where/!?

  • S o m a
  • Don’t I feel silly, I just took some pictures for this and THEN I see I’m too late.


  • soma

    *looking for EDIT button

    post away i say!

  • soma

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