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I guess having over 300,000 followers on Twitter can be a good and bad thing.  The bad is I can’t possibly follow or know each and every person who follows me, but the good is that when I get so many insanely smart and wonderful responses to things I tweet.  I would love to RT (ReTweet) them all and share them on my Twitter feed, but sometimes I get so many awesome responses I can’t give credit where credit is due.  So I decided, based on a Twitter I did this morning, to share some of my favorites.  My Twitter:

Seeing lots of snails in LA lately. I know people hate them, especially gardeners, but I don’t. Fairies use them as mounts after all. 😀

A bit surreal, but hey, I hadn’t had coffee yet.  I got SO MANY responses that can be classified in several ways.


tashabear @feliciaday Fairies must take the long view in regards to transportation.

Xandarr2112@feliciaday Why is that? Their flight speed is so much faster than their mounts can move.


bernardx@feliciaday I get uber depressed when I see smashed snails. Just looks so sad. They come out during the rain and I wanna yell “run”!!!

caliclia@feliciaday I love snails (because they are mounts for fairies :)) but my friend accidentally broke one’s shell as we were getting coffee 🙁

Hilarious, I actually found her friend’s response: WrockDinahSaur@feliciaday I would like to mention (as @caliclia‘s friend) that it was an accident and I moved it to safety so it could try and recover!


bytheshoreline@feliciaday You just reminded me of when I was little and made a tiny fairy world in my backyard. Can’t remember if there were snails 😉

CJArabia@feliciaday I always pick up snails and move them off the sidewalk so they don’t get stepped on.

tinytigers@feliciaday That is so sweet. I cried as a kid when my mum used to pull weeds in the garden, as that’s where I thought the fairies lived.


meld82@feliciaday ahhh snails would be a painful starting mount. I imagine they would lvl up fast and move on to dragonflys or butterflies

autographedcat@feliciaday Ok, now I want a giant snail mount in WoW. And it’s all your fault.


BlackDan@feliciaday or you could collect the trail and make cough syrup… although in LA you may not get a cold…

SethTaurus@feliciaday Snails are considered incredibly GOOD LUCK in Buddhist Philosophy~They represent Security of the home and are good Karma ^^

taterunino@feliciaday If you want to keep them out of your plants and flowers, string some copper wire around the borders. They dislike the feel of it

Tourach@feliciaday Fairies use corgis as mounts also; one of the best things about the breeds.


domicileblog@feliciaday I garden and I like snails 🙂 Now slugs are another story…

steph_sanger@feliciaday Snails I can deal with but not slugs. Yorkshire specialises in brown slugs that look like turds. Only evil goblins ride slugs.


MrDave2176@feliciaday Which is why fairies are perpetually the last one to arrive at most parties.

geeksdreamgirl@feliciaday Note to Fairies Using Snail Mounts: Do not drink margaritas with salted glasses while riding. Tequila shots, also right out.

And my Favorite SURREAL:

mansonovic@feliciaday – Hate snails. Their lack of any intensity terrifies me.

Thank you Twitterverse for making my day!  And who said Twitter wasn’t a creative, diverse way to share things 🙂

  • eastpath

    Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen a snail in forever! I love the responses you got to your tweet, too funny 😀

  • I’m just impressed that no one stooped to the obvious dirty humor. 🙂 OK, maybe I did. In my head.

    Heh. Mount.

    I swear I am a 29 year old woman and not a 15 year old boy. Really!

    • Voyeurangel

      Yay I am not the only 29 year old woman with a 15 year old boys dirty sense of humor!!!

  • James Payne

    I thought about calling snails the ‘tanks of the mollusk world’, but figured you wouldn’t even see it in the flood of @replies :).

    Sea snails could handle the margaritas..they need some salt in their lives.

    Nice compilation in any case.

  • Luna

    I used to like snails. And then I got a yard of my own, and planted some flowers. After a week, I wondered why the flowers seemed to be doing poorly. Then one day I came outside after a rain, and watched a snail DEVOUR an ENTIRE flower head that was THE SAME SIZE as the snail.

    There wasn’t just one — the plants were covered in snails. Nom nom nom went my flowers.

    Since then? I hate to say it in such nice company, but… I smash them.

  • I’m amazed that there wasn’t a single ‘racing snail’ or ‘snails are for Teeny Weenys not fairies!’ comment a la ‘Never-Ending Story’ 🙂

    • There were lots of racing snails comments, I just couldn’t put one of EACH, but ya, I shoulda listed at least one Neverending Story quote, gah! 🙂

  • Snail update from the @caliclia / @WrockDinahSaur conversation:

    The poor thing has retreated further into its damaged shell, but is still alive and fighting. Hopefully will be more recuperated by tomorrow. XD

  • Lindazilla

    I’m really surprised no one went the “and they’re so tasty, too!” route.

  • I have tried to explain Twitter to my family and friends, and very few of them get it. I try to list the myriad ways in which Twitter can be used, but they’re still not buying it as being anything more than “I ate a banana for lunch” type stuff. Thanks for giving me another item to add to the list of uses for Twitter. 🙂

  • Some great tweets indeed (mine seems so boring now!) But I’m glad to see there are fellow snail-lovers in the world.

    One time I was wandering around an area near here known as the Badlands and I found what had to be the fairies’ sacred snail burial ground–tons of shells everywhere, but no sign of any living snails. It was creepy and pretty at the same time.

    Btw, thanks for including me. I’m all a-twitter about it (ha ha)! 🙂

  • I just love to see Twitter get used in creative ways like this!

    I personally am Snail Neutral. I’m like the Switzerland of opinions on snails.

  • Jeff

    Found @MrDave2176’s tweet on perpetually last to parties hilarious. And the range of responses entertaining.

    I’m ashamed of myself for not seeing the potential of snails+faeries enough to reply. 🙁

  • Voyeurangel

    As a child I would collect a lot of the snails from the back yard and make up stories about how they were all families and the small ones were the kids. I only slightly remember it but my mom likes to remind me every now and then. I would keep them all on my big plastic slide.

  • Ha, ha thanks for sharing those. There were some really good ones. Growing up in Spain we used to gather up all the snails after the rain and have some escargot (sp?) for dinner;o) Although one could comment that at least the fairies take the time to enjoy the scenery even though they could be flying so fast. Something those of us in So. Cal. could learn from…….. sorry little fairies for eating your leisurely transportation 😀

  • Felicia…

    Get back to writing!!!!!!!


    Your webmaster.

  • I wanted to respond to this tweet about fairies and snails the instant I saw it, but thought twice about it because:

    1. I couldn’t think of anything funny, sad, touching, surreal, educational, or otherwise worthy of Felicia Day’s heart-stopping eyes.
    2. I didn’t believe Felicia Day actually read tweets that were ..tweeted to her. ..Is tweet a verb now? I have tweeted her before, and will no doubt tweet her again, but I didn’t get a response before and I don’t anticipate getting a response in the future. It’s actually a rather fascinating paradox. Why do we respond to celebrity tweets when we KNOW they’re too busy to even read them? And yet, sometimes they’re not, which might be even more reason not to respond to celebrity tweets. And why would celebrity tweets have any more or less value than tweets from your Uncle Sylvester or your best friend’s spouse’s sister’s next door neighbor?
    3. I had not yet seen Jim Carrey’s “Yes Man” and was still saying NO to everything.
    4. What I could think of to say would have been embarrassing had I actually tweeted her, and had she (or members of her entourage) actually read it. I don’t recall exactly what it was going to be, but whatever I would have tweeted in that moment would have sucked. However, and I think this is important, it would have had less words and been less annoying and embarrassing than these words I’m saying to you now.
    5. Following celebrity tweets is one thing, and other people responding to said tweets is okay for them, but ME responding to celebrity tweets makes me feel like a stalker or something. Not that I don’t respond to celebrity tweets now and then. I do anyway (tho i probably shouldn’t) when I do think of something that at the moment I hit ‘update’ appears to be funny, sad, touching, surreal, educational, or otherwise worthy of their attention, but then afterward I often regret it cuz a tweet to a celebrity is never as good after you hit ‘update’ as it appeared to be before you hit ‘update.’ And you can never take them back. You can only hope they don’t actually read their tweets, in order for you to avoid any further embarrassment.
    6. Like for example, awhile ago Kevin Smith (yes @ThatKevinSmith) pointed out that since his wife’s B-Day was coming up, this would be the last chance he had to have sex with a 38 year old woman (presumably cuz his wife’s turning 39), he asked his audience to suggest what he should do about it. I responded by saying he should invest in kneepads and commit to oral sex until his woman was thoroughly satisfied. At the time, it seemed like an amusing and educational tweet, but in hindsight I think it’s kinda creepy.
    7. Where was I? Oh yes.
    8. I no longer believe in fairies, and therefore the idea that fairies ride snails is rather absurd and preposterous, not to mention physically impossible. Since there are no fairies. Even if there were, fairies have wings, and would therefore not need to ride snails. The snails would be riding them so they can go faster.
    9. I used to believe that there were once fairies, but that mankind hunted them down to extinction early in the Dark Ages, along with unicorns, dragons, trolls, changelings, and other various and sundry mythological creatures. I think I was about seven when I started believing that. If there were still fairies around, the seven year old me assumed that fairies went out of their way not to be detected by Man, and with good reason: we hunted them down to near extinction – of course they wouldn’t want to talk with us and hang and be buddy buddy. Would you?
    10. Most of my adult life I have had a running theology in which I believed in The Possibility of Everything. Fairies could theoretically exist because there’s no evidence that they do not. However, there’s also no evidence that they do, so there’s an equal plausible chance that they do not exist. We’ve just yet to find evidence that proves conclusively one way or the other and until we did, I figured the metaphorical jury was just in session indefinitely on that score.
    11. Quite recently, perhaps within the past year or so, I’ve come to the realization that if there is not evidence of something, believing in it is rather foolhardy. Being a Christian, you can imagine how difficult this makes communicating with JC. Needless to say my relationship with God is a little ..strained at the moment. Perhaps I would be inclined to call upon Him more often if He had a Tweet account. However, I get the feeling I’d have similar issues regarding tweeting Him that I currently have regarding Felicia Day. I’m sure God’s too busy to tweet. Felicia Day may not be as busy as God, but she should be, because we all want to see her finish writing The Guild Season Three.
    12. I accidentally stepped on a snail once on a rainy day as I rushed out my house to the car, and am still psychologically scarred from the experience. I’d rather not talk at length about it.
    13. I would not have been able to convey all these thoughts in a single tweet, which is probably why, by design, Twitter frowns upon vociferous and ostentatious veracity. In today’s short attention span society, it is quite frankly against all odds that you actually read down this far, whomever you are.

    • I totally don’t want to hijack this blog post “for Jeebus,” but as a fellow Christian I couldn’t let the strained relationship bit go by without comment–noting that I don’t have a clue what your struggle is at the moment beyond the perceived lack of evidence for His existence, but you might find either Josh McDowell’s “A Ready Defense” or Lee Strobel’s “The Case For Christ” helpful for that.

      • That’s very kind of you Lisa, but I sincerely doubt reading more books in which there are eyewitness testimonials as to the power of Christ will help sway me further one way or the other. Perhaps if somewhere in the human genome, scientists find God’s signature, that might be of some comfort. I could perhaps describe it thusly: I still have faith in the possibility of a godhead of some sort, but that pretty much takes up all the faith I have currently, and therefore have no faith left over for the belief of fairies using snails for transportation. And now we’re back on topic.

    • “8. I no longer believe in fairies, and therefore the idea that fairies ride snails is rather absurd and preposterous, not to mention physically impossible. Since there are no fairies. Even if there were, fairies have wings, and would therefore not need to ride snails. The snails would be riding them so they can go faster.”

      This just makes me sad. 🙁

      I have believed in Faeries since I got to high school. They were never really a presence in my life growing up, but once I started recognizing them, I couldn’t help but continue to believe.

      Anyway…. that’s all, I guess.

    • danicaface

      God is in fact on twitter, you just havent looked hard enough!

    • Wow, ZachsMind, I bow to your verbosity!

      I had to comment to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading your entire comment :>

  • danicaface

    snails rock, however i’d have to agree that slugs are significantly inferior. yesterday my cat went out side, and when he came back in the house he apparently had a slimy slug attached to him. unfortunately i did not notice this until he was on my bed and the slug had dismounted my cat and was edging toward the pillow.

    thanks slimy cat. i had better things to do then wash slime off my sheets.

    needless to say, my cat has been banned from the bedroom…..

  • chloe

    Someone at my work was just imploring people to watch where they step for the sake of the snails. Another person then posted a link to a pretty cool timelapse video of snails cruising across the sidewalk. I didn’t know whether to be fascinated or slightly frightened at the sheer volume of snail traffic.

  • It didn’t occur to me to tweet back at you until I saw this, so I’ll just leave it as a comment: I used to have snails. I started out with three in my fish tank, theoretically to eat algae. The population exploded to at least 40-50, and shortly thereafter fish started to disappear from my tank. It was the frickin’ snail mafia. Dead serious.

  • Mika

    For some reason that fairy & snail picture reminded me of this dude’s video game remake art.

  • Dani

    This post is made of awesome!
    *claps for Felicia’s followers*

    Twitter Gold, Part 4!

    [FYI… Part 1: Christmas underwear tweet, Part 2: “I’m glad I don’t have sperm”, Part 3: The first time you ran into a light post] *and yes, I have a good memory for stuff like that…*

  • I used to help my aunt in her garden in Palo Alto when I was small. My assigned task was killing the snails; picking them up and dropping them in a can of salt!! 🙁 I hated it, it freaked me out!!

    And now seeing that you love snails, I feel worse! Oh poor little me, what did I do???

  • When I was a kid I would ALWAYS move snails off the sidewalks so they wouldn’t be stepped on — and worms too, when it was raining. I still do that, but now that I’m an adult and usually the snails are in front of my workplace on a densely populated college campus, so I have to be super sneaky about it, lest I look crazy.

    I like to think of them as karma pennies.

  • wthiessen

    Years ago I wrote a poem for this girl I liked and one of the lines was “fairy hair and fairy eyes”. She started at the poem for a long time, then finally asked me, “What does “fairy” mean?

    And suddenly she was a little less attractive to me.

  • did someone just say that fairies use Corgis? That’d be flipin epic! Those dogs are fast.

  • Brad

    A lot of snail haterz out there…

  • It’s interesting to me that far more people hate slugs than snails, when they’re just homeless, after all.

    And I know it’s technically advertising, but all this talk of racing snails reminded me of this:

  • Rob

    Thanks for sharing Felicia it was very enjoyable to read.

  • Zephanyah

    it is hard to see so many of them crushed! its a shame!

    key question for vegitarians: would it be better to eat them, than to walk over them? dont know whats the better death?!
    hmmm, snails! hey, the frensh are crazy but they do have a good taste, although it maybe looks a little bit uaargh! throw it in a pan and hmmmm,,,

    (a little bit of onomatopoeia, if thats the right word my dictionary told me^^)

  • Pterodactyl

    This is as good of proof as any that snails would make good mounts:

  • jd

    I hate snails, but it’s not personal.

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