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I guess having over 300,000 followers on Twitter can be a good and bad thing.  The bad is I can’t possibly follow or know each and every person who follows me, but the good is that when I get so many insanely smart and wonderful responses to things I tweet.  I would love to RT (ReTweet) them all and share them on my Twitter feed, but sometimes I get so many awesome responses I can’t give credit where credit is due.  So I decided, based on a Twitter I did this morning, to share some of my favorites.  My Twitter:

Seeing lots of snails in LA lately. I know people hate them, especially gardeners, but I don’t. Fairies use them as mounts after all. 😀

A bit surreal, but hey, I hadn’t had coffee yet.  I got SO MANY responses that can be classified in several ways.


tashabear @feliciaday Fairies must take the long view in regards to transportation.

Xandarr2112@feliciaday Why is that? Their flight speed is so much faster than their mounts can move.


bernardx@feliciaday I get uber depressed when I see smashed snails. Just looks so sad. They come out during the rain and I wanna yell “run”!!!

caliclia@feliciaday I love snails (because they are mounts for fairies :)) but my friend accidentally broke one’s shell as we were getting coffee 🙁

Hilarious, I actually found her friend’s response: WrockDinahSaur@feliciaday I would like to mention (as @caliclia‘s friend) that it was an accident and I moved it to safety so it could try and recover!


bytheshoreline@feliciaday You just reminded me of when I was little and made a tiny fairy world in my backyard. Can’t remember if there were snails 😉

CJArabia@feliciaday I always pick up snails and move them off the sidewalk so they don’t get stepped on.

tinytigers@feliciaday That is so sweet. I cried as a kid when my mum used to pull weeds in the garden, as that’s where I thought the fairies lived.


meld82@feliciaday ahhh snails would be a painful starting mount. I imagine they would lvl up fast and move on to dragonflys or butterflies

autographedcat@feliciaday Ok, now I want a giant snail mount in WoW. And it’s all your fault.


BlackDan@feliciaday or you could collect the trail and make cough syrup… although in LA you may not get a cold…

SethTaurus@feliciaday Snails are considered incredibly GOOD LUCK in Buddhist Philosophy~They represent Security of the home and are good Karma ^^

taterunino@feliciaday If you want to keep them out of your plants and flowers, string some copper wire around the borders. They dislike the feel of it

Tourach@feliciaday Fairies use corgis as mounts also; one of the best things about the breeds.


domicileblog@feliciaday I garden and I like snails 🙂 Now slugs are another story…

steph_sanger@feliciaday Snails I can deal with but not slugs. Yorkshire specialises in brown slugs that look like turds. Only evil goblins ride slugs.


MrDave2176@feliciaday Which is why fairies are perpetually the last one to arrive at most parties.

geeksdreamgirl@feliciaday Note to Fairies Using Snail Mounts: Do not drink margaritas with salted glasses while riding. Tequila shots, also right out.

And my Favorite SURREAL:

mansonovic@feliciaday – Hate snails. Their lack of any intensity terrifies me.

Thank you Twitterverse for making my day!  And who said Twitter wasn’t a creative, diverse way to share things 🙂

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