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Twitter Author List!

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There have been a lot of celebrity Twitter listings appearing in the news lately. Pardon my snideness, but what Britney Spears’ people are posting under her name isn’t that interesting to me. :) To round out the snarkiness, I WAS flattered by being included on a few of the lists, but for my own Twitter purposes if I’m following a stranger, I’m much more interested in what the more tech people and authors are doing. Personal preference. (If you ARE in to “celebrity” Twitterers, check out CelebrityTweet).

It’s relatively easy to find who the tech movers and shakers are and if they have a Twitter (of course all of them do). Check Twitterholic for the top followed users. Almost all are the “Techigentsia” of the web. On the flip side there are many authors are on Twitter but hard to find, because they aren’t as widely followed. The Twitter directories out there now are pretty sparse, because generally they’re listing people who self-submit themselves.

I recently Twittered and asked for people to send me well-known authors they followed and got a WHOLE MESS of recommendations! Thanks to all who sent me Tweets back! I went through ALL of them and pulled out authors who I have read, or are familiar with their work and am listing them here to help other people who are fans find them as well! By NO MEANS is this comprehensive, I’m just filtering it through my own knowledge base and the info I was forwarded (Clearly my tastes go towards Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi etc) so feel free to post in comments with more info. That way I can add people to my list who I’m familiar with, and others can find more through your comments! :) Hope you enjoy!!

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Authors
Ann Aguirre @ann_aguirre
Elizabeth Bear @matociquala
Tobias Buckell @tobiasbuckell
Cory Doctorow @doctorow
Diane Duane @dduane
Warren Ellis @warrenellis
Neil Gaiman @neilhimself
Holly Lisle @hollylisle
John Scalzi @scalzi
William Shunn @shunn
Scott Sigler @scottsigler
Bruce Sterling @bruces

Urban Fantasy
Kelley Armstrong @KelleyArmstrong
Rachel Caine @rachelcaine
Laurel K. Hamilton @LKHamilton
P J Haarsma @thesoftwire
Sherrilyn Kenyon @sherrilynkenyon
Caitlin Kittredge @caitkitt
Richelle Mead @richellemead
Patti O’Shea @Patti_OShea
Tim Pratt @timpratt
Lilith Saintcrow @lilithsaintcrow
Jeri-Smith Ready @jsmithready
Lisa Shearin @lisashearin

John Cleese @johncleese
Stephen Fry @stephenfry
John Hodgman @hodgman
John Lithgow @John_Lithgow

Tasha Alexander @talexander
Jonathan Carroll @JSCarroll
Cherie Priest @cmpriest

Mignon Fogarty @grammargirl
Shannon Okey @knitgrrl
Phil Plait @badastronomer
Wil Wheaton @wilw

Brian M. Bendis @brianmbendis
Ivan Brandon @ivanbrandon
Ed Brubaker @brubaker
Paul Cornell @Paul_Cornell
Valerie D’Orazio @ohsuperheroine
DC Comics @dc_nations
Andy Diggle @andydiggle
Danny Donovan @dannydonovan
Matt Fraction @mattfraction
David Gallaher @davidgallaher
Kieron Gillen @bremxjones
Adam Koford @apelad
Brian Lynch @BrianLynch
Marvel @Marvel
Bryan Lee O’Malley @radiomaru
Brian Reed @BrianReed
Rick Remender @remender
Ben Templesmith @templesmith
Brian Wood @brianwood

  • Quentin

    Thanks for including comics. And Wil Wheaton. I used to be a big fan of his Dungeon column. Oh, and Star Trek. That leaned toward rad as well. Oh, and “Stand by Me”. Oh, and…I’m out of oh, ands.

  • AlanD

    @johncleese is on twitter? John Cleese? Seriously? JOHN CLEESE?! OMG – he has a freekin’ video podcast too, with 34 episodes!!!

    Thank you Felicia! May your children be blessed. And if you don’t have children, then may your grandchildren be blessed!

    Weee! Happy happy.

    • Renova

      Me too.. just love John Cleese!!

  • Shannon

    Thanks, Felicia!

  • Danny Donovan

    *sniffles* I didn’t make it? Epic fail. :’(

  • Bryce

    Minor quibble: John Scalzi is also a sci-fi author. In addition to his non-fiction work.

  • Joe Casabona

    Great list! I had no idea John Cleese and John Lithgow were twitter. Thanks!

  • Ciangomo

    Fantastic! I’ve had a taste of author followship with Warren Ellis, and now I want more.

  • imaginarythomas

    No @jonathancoulton ? The man does good work.

    Also thanks for the John Cleese link!

  • ecc1977

    Thanks, Felicia. This is an awesome list.

  • @shawnwelch

    You forgot Jimmy Fallon!


    Came on twitter as prep for his new late night show, late night with Jimmy Fallon

  • Fluid Darkness

    There is also a female DC comics writer (Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, etc.)

    Gail Simone –

  • Sarah

    Jeri Smith-Ready! @jsmithready

  • Casey

    Is it just me, or does there seem to be an oddly high number of Brians in the comics world?

    But thank you! This list is so delightfully literary.

  • Jay Croft

    Eddie Izzard @EddieIzzard
    Russell Brand @russellbrand

  • Kim

    Joe Hill (Heart-Shaped Box, Locke & Key) is tweeting at joe_hill. He’d fall into both the horror and the comic category, I would think.

  • Quentin

    I saw Jimmy Fallon do stand-up in Bloomington, Indiana about 6 years ago. Pretty funny stuff.

  • Jill

    That’s great, Felicia. The Canadian Screenwriting community has been getting into Twitter big time. Here’s a link to some of us and some of the people we follow (including… Felicia Day):

  • Frank Stendal

    Mur Lafferty

    Great ‘super’ hero fiction, all around great writer and podcaster.

    • Kari

      Can’t agree with you more. Mur rules – Playing For Keeps was awesome!

  • iamwritebrained

    Cleese = Joy. And Gaiman, to boot! Excellent!

    Thanks! Exclamation points!

  • Chris Casciano

    seems the non fiction authors have the most creative names for themselves!

  • Mo

    @wossy (Jonathon Ross), @realdmitchell (David Mitchell), @andymurray (Andy Murray), @breagrant (Brea Grant), @greggrunberg (Greg Grunberg)

  • Chris

    There is always @jhonenv !

  • Phaedra

    There’s also Nick Harkaway – @Harkaway ( author of “The Gone-Away World”

    And thanks for the list!

  • Adam

    Does @joequesada count as an author? Editor-in-chief is sort of authory.

    And thanks for compiling the list! You rock.

    • Nalo Hopkinson

      Joe Quesada is an author in his own right. And now I’m off to add him to my Twitter “follow” list; thanks!

  • Da7e

    You should make a list of web video Twitter-ers. I’m pretty sure all of them would be following you anyway, and networking is difficult b/c there isn’t much beyond NewTeeVee for indexing.

  • solkana

    Becky Cloonan @beckycloonan

  • Ang D.

    Well, first, in a bit of unashamed pimping, myself: Angela D’Onofrio @ msfeistus, and my co-writer, Alishia Cameron @ knightinqs. (Our stuff’s at the website linked above.)

    Also, White Wolf contributor and fantasy writer Jess Hartley can be found @ jesshartley! :D She’s a great woman who’s done stuff for the Exalted series, tell her I sent you!

  • Keith Johnson

    Bonnie Gillespie @bonniegillespie is an author of Non-fiction books, business of show-business type books for actors and other industry types. While it’s a small niche, she’s got quite a following among the community.

  • Greg

    Woot! Great List! Wish Feist were on it, but some people just haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. You latest Guild Episode yesterday was awesome too!

    Keep up the great work!


  • Lisa

    I also follow @pennjillette. He’d be a great addition to your comedy category!

    I know there’s also some webcomic artists out on twitter, too. @hawkster (applegeeks), @sohmer (LFG Comic), @vgc_scott (VG Cats), @dresdencodak (Dresden Codak), @jephjacques (Questionable Content), @extralife (ExtraLife), @hijinksensue (Hijinks Ensue), @rlcomics (Real Life Comics).

  • Grant

    Oops, forgot Comic Artist Scott Kurtz @pvponline

  • valerie2776

    YA author Maureen Johnson: @maureenjohnson
    And YA author (and videoblogger) John Green: @realjohngreen -though he’s wary of twitter and doesn’t update much/at all

  • Mike

    A few more for your list :)

    Penn Jillette @pennjillette

    Comics (web)
    Richard Stevens @rstevens
    Erika Moen @erikamoen
    Danielle Corsetto @dcorsetto
    Scott Kurtz @pvponline
    Jeph Jacques @jephjacques
    Randy Milholland @choochoobear

  • Kyle

    Great list with a lot of variety, people on there from a number of genres I’m going to follow.

  • Umapagan

    Ooo. Ooo. What about Diablo Cody?


  • Stephanie

    Ooh, thanks for the list! Here are more.


    @CBCebulski / C.B. Cebulski
    @JHickman / JonathanHickman
    @FrankTieri / Frank Tieri
    @TopCow / Top Cow Productions
    @DC_NATIONS / DC Comics

  • DeadlyAccurate

    Another one who followed me last night: Robert Hamburger (aka Trey Hamburger, who wrote the Real Ultimate Power Ninja handbook and the recently released Ghosts/Aliens. I’m starting to think he’s following me around the Internet, since he first found me on GoodReads and then Twitter. It might conceivably be because I’ve been pimping Ghosts/Aliens as one of the funniest books I’ve read all year, but it also could be because he’s a psychic ninja ghost/alien hunter with the ability to travel to interdimensional portals.

  • phraktyl

    @warrenellis is a comic writer as well.

  • ZenMom

    Awesome list. Thank you so much! There were several folks on there I’m going to start following – including two of my favorite writers! Thanks again for putting together the list and sharing it. :)

  • Keith Johnson

    Mignon Fogarty @grammargirl is a Non-fiction author who writes, oddly enough, about how not to destroy the English language. She’s very funny.

  • GwenArtax

    JhonenV is Jhonen Vasquez (spelling optional) who did Invader Zim and Johnny The Homicidal Manaic. He’s a comic book… graphic novel… writer.

    Also what about other actors who have twitters like Greg Grunberg? Are there more of them?

  • Bill Simmon

    No politics category? Or would that just be considered non-fiction?

    I follow Steven Johnson (@stevenbjohnson) and Clay Shirky (@cshirky), both of whom are non-fiction authors I admire. Lawrence Lessig too (@lessig).

    Thanks for this list. There are some goodies in there. I only just yesterday found Gaiman on Twitter.

  • Sean

    Another author:
    @justinemusk / Justine Musk

  • Carrie Landers

    Under comics you’re missing Kelly Sue DeConnick — @kellysue.

    Also, if you count webcomics creators you’re missing TONS of people.

  • Candi

    Just wanted to point out that @badastronomer is Phil Plait, not Plair. :) Awesome list! I didn’t know John Cleese had a twitter page *adds*

  • Frank Stendal

    J.C. Hutchins @jchutchins

  • Diane Duane

    (waves) Can’t seem to direct-message you back from Twitter, but thanks for the link! I now have many more Tweetbuddies! :) And OMG John Cleese!!

  • Chicklit

    Thanks for posting this!

    My contribution is young adult lit author Sarah Dessen(@sarahdessen).

  • KatieNix

    Don’t forget the king of Reading Rainbow himself @levarburton.

  • Derus

    Question for you. Are these people on the list because they are interesting people AND prolific on twitter. Or just the former?

    Sometimes I get sad when I follow someone who I like and they never update or worse: It is clearly their publicist promoting their new book or TV appearance.

    For example, I follow two famous folk: William Shatner and MC Hammer.

    Shatner is not a very avid tweeter. Basically once a month he tells me that he’ll be on Jimmy Kimmel or something like that.

    MC Hammer on the other hand is a fantastic tweeter. I would highly recommend him. Not only do I hear what he is doing, which is important, but he is also really good on the communication with his followers.

  • Matches Malone

    I’m not on the list. I’m hurt :)

  • Matches Malone

    My Twitter home isn’t considered a website… Very sad.

  • Chuck Belier

    You should definitely add authors:

    Mur Lafferty @mightymur – Fantasy/SciFi as well as Non-Fiction.

    J.C. Hutchins @jchutchins – Fantasy/SciFi

  • Bryan Patrick Stoyle

    I second Bonnie Gillespie (@bonniegillespie). Keith Johnson mentioned her books above, but she also writes a weekly column for Showfax.

  • Steven E. McDonald

    Steven E. McDonald (science fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, audio drama) at @davidalexanderm

    Catherynne Valente is at @NorwichGrrl

    Cherie Priest at @cmpriest

    Agent Collen Lindsay at @Colleen_Lindsay

    Columnist and comics writer Rich Johnston at @RichJohnston

  • Lis

    Methinks that @EddieIzzard is not really Eddie Izzard… I mean it could be, but if it is, he’s just tweeting one liners from his various comedy specials.

  • Theresa

    Thanks Felicia!

  • aaronrhodes

    This was very helpful, thank you.

  • worldofhiglet

    Great list, Felicia!

    I totally forgot to mention P J Haarsma ( who writes wonderful sci-fi books: the ‘Softwire’ series. He also designed the remote control that Dr Horrible uses (he is a clever guy!). His Twitter is

  • klg19

    @Wossy has said that Russell Brand is NOT on Twitter. He’s trying to get him to start. So whoever is @russellbrand and posted one lone tweet in September ’08 is NOT the author of My Booky Wooky.

  • Roxanne

    Urban Fantasy: @jennablack,

  • Erica

    Another author:

    Susan Orlean @susanorlean

  • Wade Watson

    Thanks for the list, Felicia (my favorite followee, by the way). It kind of looks like the literary community is a bit slower to come into the Twitterverse than actors and geeks. I encourage everyone with a blog (including me) to assemble similar lists of people in their interest niches.

  • Mindy


    David Lynch – Filmmaker, Author, Painter

  • Kelly

    Mystery: Nicola Griffith @nicolaz

  • Famin

    Mashable just blogged about and I noticed that you made their list, Felicia! Congrats!

    And to keep this comment on topic, there are a lot of published authors on their list as well.

  • robgonzo

    Alexandra Erin @alexandraerin writes a great ongoing webnovel called Tales of Mu. Keeps her readers informed of updates via twitter.
    Jeph Jacques @jephjacques does
    Randy Milholland @choochoobear (poke him, he doesn’t twitter enough)

  • Dweeze

    Jason Aaron, comic book writer, @jasonaaron
    Lisa McMann, young adult fiction writer, @lisa_mcmann
    Colleen Coover, comic book artist, @colleencoover

  • Marc Hustvedt

    Thanks Felicia – great list (esp once you add in all the commenter additions)!

    Anyone know a good place to find a good list mystery authors on Twitter?

  • feildmouse

    another comic writer Duane Swierczynski

  • Eirewolf

    Artist / author Ursula Vernon: @UrsulaV

    I find many of her tweets amusing. :-)

  • joan

    In the Comics category there is also
    @rosalarian Megan Rose Gedris of

  • Amy Mays

    Thanks for the list! There were quite a few on there I added, because they do good work and it’s interesting to see what they’re up to.

    You already put the better known writers I follow, so I’ll add a couple of lesser knowns. These writers aren’t famous YET, but they’re extremely talented and pretty intelligent and twitter-prolific: Mark Jeffrey (The Max Quick Series) @markjeffrey and T.M. Camp (Assam and Darjeeling, Matters of Mortology) @tmcamp.

    On a geek-sidenote: I was so interested to read this, I tabbed out of WoW and got sidetracked. When I got back, I had been killed by a little Furbolg. Ugh.

  • rbtroj

    i found @harlancoben – best-selling mystery writer

    but, he hasn’t posted yet … think he’s just getting into twitter

  • Felicia

    Thanks SO MUCH for comments here! As I said, this list is by NO MEANS comprehensive, I basically culled the people I personally am familiar with or looked interesting to me. Felicia Filter’d :) I could have spent hours more researching. But, if you have an area you’re interested in, compiling Twitter lists like this would be great for the community!

    Marc, I don’t know about mystery authors, but I’ll look into it, maybe add that to this post. I may do a web series one if I have time this week. So glad ppl enjoyed it! :)

  • Kyle

    Wonderfully helpful list, Felicia! Thanks for posting it.

    A great suspense author who is very active on Twitter is @brandilyn (Brandilyn Collins).

  • Emily

    Mindy, is that David Lynch one real? It’s very bizarre. He is bizarre, of course, but the weather? Really? Hm.

  • Andy Diggle

    Hey, thanks for the shout-out in your comics author list! Although I hate to say it, you’ve listed my Twitter name wrong – it’s actually @andydiggle. Thanks again!

  • Felicia

    Andy, fixed it!

  • malpertuis

    @JSCarroll is Jonathan Carroll who wrote Land of Laughs, Bones of the Moon,…


  • Andy Diggle

    Hot damn, that was fast! Thanks Felicia! :)

  • Lydia

    What about some more on Comics like outstanding

    Karl Kerschl @karlkerschl


    Scott Kurtz @pvponline
    Chris Straub @starslip
    Danielle Corsetto @dcorsetto
    Nina Ruzicka @cartoon_tomb

    All the best to you


  • Pat

    Don Miller. GREAT author. @donmilleris

  • DeadlyAccurate

    Agent Collen Lindsay at @Colleen_Lindsay

    Heck, if we’re going with non-writers in publishing, Colleen recently posted a link to Twittering publishing industry folks:

    That list does not include my own agent, Janet Reid (, who is also one of Colleen’s colleagues at FinePrint and a damn interesting woman to boot. (I’m not just saying that because she loves my books either).

  • Addy

    Meg Cabot @megcabot
    Best selling author of the Princess Diaries.

  • Beverly Carom

    don’t forget new relationship author Charles Orlando! @charlesjorlando

  • Beth

    This post is super-awesome. Thanks!

  • Paul Gude

    Jay Lake!


  • jramboz

    Don’t forget Brian Clevinger (@bclevinger) of Nuklear Age, Atomic Robo, and 8-Bit Theater fame!

  • willfull

    Graham Linehan is on Twitter as @Glinner

    He’s the Irish bloke who gave us Father Ted and The IT Crowd.

  • Monica Valentinelli

    My name is Monica Valentinelli and I am a published author and hobby games designer; have more works on the way this year in addition to my online novel located at

    I also work with a horror and dark fantasy webzine called Flames Rising located at We feature authors a lot of the time, and I usually tweet when we have an interesting interview to share.

    @mlvalentine if you’re interested. Thanks!

  • Matthew Wayne Selznick

    I’ll shamelessly plug myself, Matthew Wayne Selznick, author of “Brave Men Run — A Novel of the Sovereign Era,” which is an alternative history / coming of age / super-powers book set in 1985 and published by Swarm Press. @mwsmedia

    Let’s also not forget New York Times bestselling horror / suspense author Scott Sigler! @scottsigler

    Mentions have been made of Mur Lafferty and J.C. Hutchins — good calls, both.


  • Maribeth Martell

    I follow Rachel Maddow @maddow who you could put under non-fiction, she is my favorite commentator on TV and radio, but I love her tweets too.

  • CourtCat

    Catherynne M. Valente, Urban Fantasy/Fantasy: @NorwichGrrl

    Mur Lafferty: @mightymur
    Scott Sigler: @scottsigler

    I don’t know how to define what those two write, though, as I’ve never actually read anything by either.

  • sonoazure

    @sgnp does some cool comic/book stuff too. Lots of interesting twitter updates as well.

  • Maria Langer

    I’m also not on the list. Wondering how many books an author has to write to get on such a list. You’d think 72 would be enough. ;-)


  • Sara Flock

    All the (free podcast audiobook) authors:

    @markjeffrey (The Max Quick Series)
    @mightymur (Playing for Keeps)
    @scottsigler (Infected, Contagious)
    @mwsmedia (Brave men Run)
    @jchutchins (7th Son Series)

  • Paul Gude

    Thanks, sonoazure.

    I publish under Paul Gude:

    Titles include:

    The Fuzzy Robot
    These Are Your Coded Instructions
    Giraffes and Elephants Are Friends
    Ninjas!: The SpaceFaring Cowboys of Japan’s Mesozoic Era
    Super Rocket Monkey

  • bolted

    @kbandersen–this is Kurt Andersen, author of Turn of the Century and Heyday, latter of which was a NYT bestseller and the former of which may have been as well. Category would be “Fiction.”

  • Matthew

    Cool Felicia, thanks for posting this.

  • Katy

    McSweeney’s ( has a a Twitter (that apparently he/they do not use.. but maybe they would if suddenly thousands of people followed? Who knows..) @mcsweeneys

  • Amber

    Add @ToniMcGeeCausey author of Bobby Faye’s Very(very very very) Bay Day to the list!

  • Tim Pratt

    *My* name appears on *Felicia Day*’s blog? What kind of crazy topsy-turvy world is this? The list is a great resource, and I’ll be following many of them. Thanks for posting it!

  • Jamie

    Awesome list!

    Here are a few more:

    Brian Keene @briankeene
    Tim Lebbon @timlebbon
    Anya Bast @anyabast
    Christa Faust @faustfatale
    Yasmine Galenorn @yasminegalenorn
    J F Gonzalez @jfgonzalez
    Bryan Smith @bryan_d_smith
    Katie MacAllister @katiemacalister
    Serena Valentino @blackbirdpirate
    Mark Henry @mark_henry
    Jennifer Perkins @jenniferperkins
    Vickie Howell @vickiehowell
    James Gunn @james_gunn

    You may be interested in some…since we seem to be following a lot of the same authors otherwise!

  • C. A. Bridges

    If you add webcomics, I’d like to shamelessly plug myself and my artist for “Save Hiatus”:

  • Maria Lima

    Love the list!

    Total pimping of myself @chickwriter and fellow UF authors @StaciaKane, @JackieKessler, @mstiefvater (Maggie Stiefvater)


  • Eric Kimberly

    The writer of the fantastic comic Scalped Jason Aaron.


  • Rebecca

    Warren Ellis is more of a comic writer, but who cares?

    Great list! I added Stephen Fry, Ed Brubaker and DC Nations from it. :)

  • Jeri Smith-Ready

    There must be some mistake. Are you sure you didn’t mean to put me on your “Most Obscure Authors on Twitter” list?

    In any case, thanks for making my day. Oh, and sorry I made John Cleese stop Twittering. I started following him last week, and there’s been not one peep from him since!

  • Maya

    We should create a wiki for this, so that people could keep lists up to date, categorize them, note which ones are PR shills or roleplayers, etc.

    Anyone up for it?

  • L.J. Sellers

    I’m the author of the Detective Jackson mystery/suspense series, and I’d love to be added to your list under fiction. My titles:
    The Sex Club
    Secrets to Die For (coming out this year)
    The Baby Thief (coming soon)

  • J

    Tina Fey is @tinafey

    It’s mostly poop jokes – so clearly the real Fey. Brilliant AND Hilarious!

  • Mike

    Non Fiction Author
    Sarah Lacy @saracuda

    Roger McGuinn @rogermcguinn
    Dave Matthews @DaveJMatthews
    Kina Grannis @kinagrannis

  • ejly

    Thanks a bunch for compiling! This post will effectively tweetbomb these authors with new followers today. And shouldn’t @feliciaday be on the list for your wonderful work on The Guild?

  • David M.

    Don’t forget SF/cyberpunk author Pat Cadigan (@Cadigan) –

    Wonderful post and a great way to network with your fans and promote Twitter. They should name you their honorary CCO!

  • William Aicher

    William Aicher: @kaliphonia

    Author of The Trouble With Being God (

  • TrinityisNeo

    Writer of Least I Could Do and Looking For Group, both awesome webcomincs… Ryan Sohmer @sohmer and the artist for both Lar DeSouza @lartist

  • HomersWisdom

    Cool post Felicia, I have another author for Fantasy/Sci-Fi @cedorsett C. E. Dorsett has several published books and runs a community of Speculative Fiction Fans. Also add @MH_Bonham she too is a Fantasy/Sci-Fi author.

  • John

    Surely there’s somewhere on we could put this list…

  • Kiala


    That’s not the ACTUAL BRITNEY SPEARS?

    Great. Next you’re going to tell me Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana are the same person.


  • Anastatia

    comedian and author Greg Behrendt @gregbehrendt

  • Vicki

    I usually hate t be a “me too” commenter but I’m going to be one and say THANK YOU Felicia! This is such a great idea. Especially because we like many of the same authors. Not only can I check out the tweets I can check out the BOOKS for the ones I don’t recognize. Wow.

  • Johnny B

    Thanks for the list. Since you listed DC Nation, I was also able to locate Gail Simone – @GailSimone. (Btw, you’ve got an extra “s” at the end of @dc_nation.)

    Also, please add Jhonen Vasquez – @JhonenV. He also posts sometimes as one of his characters under @Johnny_C.

  • Ash


    Been waiting on a list like this for months.

    Also, I find it humorous that the most popular search term in your blog shows that many people are wondering if you have a boyfriend

  • wildefae

    I don’t think he has a twitter, but do you read Charles DeLint much? I love his books.

    @gerardway is probably better known as a musician, but I recommend his comics, while we’re on the topic of comic geekery.

  • Jason Erik Lundberg

    Noticed that you’re reading Tim Pratt’s Marla Mason books; if you haven’t read Book 3 yet (Dead Reign), you’re in for a treat. All of the great stuff you’ve come to expect, but his writing just gets better and better. And I’m not just saying that because Tim’s a friend. I am genuinely in awe of his talent.

    Oh, and I’m an occasional SFF author myself; website’s here, Twitter page’s here, if you’re interested.

  • Shawn Thompson

    Thanks for the list. I’m not going to spam with a website, or suggest anyone, or tell you what else you should do. Jeez, people.

    Also, new website looks great. Of course I never saw the old one ;-)

  • Peter Cobcroft

    Personally, I should have suspected that Stephen Fry twittered, and hadn’t thought that Neil Gaiman might as well – thanks for the links!
    I love that it makes otherwise “idols on platforms” actually more accessible and helps dismiss the mystique they’re often surrounded with. makes the more human :)

  • Gavin Shepherd

    You should try Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamora

  • Francesco

    I just noticed Leah Moore twitters too. Actually I noticed only because Neil Gaiman replied to her. :-)

  • adam

    For Sci-Fi, check out Dan Abnett. He has written (and still does) some of the best Warhammer 40K (an amazing, begging for a movie sci-fi universe) novels. Eisenhorn, Ravnor and the Gaunt’s Ghosts series being at the top of the list.
    He also pens the Nova series for Marvel Comics.

  • Erika

    You don’t know how happy I was to find Neil Gaiman about a month ago, I love his tweets. Having read through the comments, I’m also interested in reading MC Hammer’s, Robert Hamburger’s, and David Lynch!

    Because you asked for people to comment and suggest names, I’ll just go ahead and mention myself, @erikaszabo. I write nonfiction articles for various websites (music website:, media websites: and, blogs (comic book blog: and a few magazines (online travel magazine The Compass, collectible magazine Collectors News, and Canadian visual arts magazine BlackFlash).

    I’m fairly new to writing journalistic work and am just shy of 21, so I think I’m heading down the right track! I’m not sure if anyone here would be interested in friending me, but the more the merrier. I need all the help I can get!

    Thanks again for this in-depth list. I know we all really appreciate it!

  • Kathie M. Thomas

    Here’s a couple more for you.



  • Cherie

    I just got the author I work with (did her web site) to get a Twitter account. Sarah Thornton, author of Seven Days in the Art World.

  • Masteradept

    Brent Spiner @BrentSpiner
    Quest of The Roots @qoolquest

  • marianas

    @hollyblack – urban fantasy author

    @cassieclare – Cassandra Clare, YA urban fantasy author. formerly famous for fanfic (harry potter, that is, but I didn’t want to lose my alliteration)

    @amber_benson – actor. I think you may have heard of her.

    @jamesmoran – screenwriter. wrote episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood among other things.

    @mariancall – musician. awesome and geeky.

    @RobinPWilliams – non-fiction author of Sweet Swan of Avon, The Mac is Not a Typewriter, and others. never updates.

    @artsangel – Sarah Ellerton, author of the fabulous webcomics at

    @NathanaelG – Nathanael Gassett, photographer. You haven’t heard of him, but he’s good.

    And, yes, I did just read all the comments

  • Mary Layton

    @Chadbourn – Mark Chadbourn, author of “Age of Misrule” and “Kingdom of the Serpent” series, etc. (fantasy)

    There’s buckets of us fantasy and sci-fi artists and illustrators on Twitter as well.

  • Dawn –

    Great lists thanks :)

  • Jenny

    @kristykiernan author of Matters of Faith and Catching Genius
    @amymackinnon author of Tethered, that EVERONE SHOULD READ
    @scottsigler I know people have listed him already, but he is SUPER fun!
    @as_king author of Dust of 100 Dogs
    @flwbooks compiles book lists, Flashlight worthy :)

    and those are just a few that I, @gracefulshrimp am following :)

  • Barry

    Great list and great feedback! May want to add:

    @benmezrich – Ben Mezrich – “Author of Bringing Down the House” and other NY Times Best-Sellers. He’s the guy who’s writing the Facebook book…out sometime this year.

    To satisfy your Sci-Fi needs he used to write of the X-Files and was a Sci-Fi thriller writer before switching to non-fiction…

  • Internet Strategist

    Thanks for the great lists. @Tabz sent me a link to this post in reply to a Tweet requesting more Niche Twitter Lists at Twitter. I’ve added your list to over fifty others in the post linked from this comment.

    Anyone who has a niche Twitter list is welcome to leave a link in the comments of that post and I’ll move it up into the body. Both links are dofollow.

  • Missy S

    For Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance… a few you’d like.

    Ilona Andrews @ilona_andrews
    Dakota Cassidy @DakotaCassidy
    Jill Myles @jillmyles (Ilona’s friend)
    Jackie Kessler @JackieKessler (just published Black & White with Cait Kittridge)
    Jackie Burton @jaciburton
    Mark Henry @mark_henry (my personal favorite.. zombies, fashion & snark)
    Anton Strout @antonstrout
    Melissa Marr @melissa_marr (YA UF)
    Stacia Kane @StaciaKane

    Alot of these UF writers can be found at The League of Reluctant Adults plus more. There’s about 25 writers there. :) I troll all the time. Good stuff.

    Science Fiction
    Ann Aguirre @ann_aguirre

    I’m so excited to have found you! I’ve been a HUGE fan of The Guild since early on in the first season. My husband and I love to sit and watch it together. We played WOW and other MMO’s for about 5 years. Just got out of them b/c we’re trying to get preggers. Keep ‘em coming please!!


  • Nathan

    Terry Pratchett has one. @terryandrob – pretty sure it’s legit.

  • David Niall Wilson

    There are a few more authors you might want to include…

    Well, me…

    @David_N_Wilson – Star Trek and Stargate novels, plus about 15 horror / dark fantasy / sic-fi and thrillers.

    @ThomasSullivan – Pulitzer-nominated author with a lot of novels.

    @StevenSavile – Stargate, Dr. Who, and more

  • Shane

    @cwgabriel – The guy that draws Penny Arcade Comic

  • Mira

    Brandon Sanderson has one. He’s finishing the “Wheel Of Time” now that Robert Jordan died. @BrandonSandrson

  • Debra

    You forgot @MaryRobinette
    Mary Robinette Kowal won the John W Campbell award at the Hugos last year for best new writer!!! She has written mostly short stories and has a column at AMC, but she also has a book deal now!!!

  • Felicia

    Thanks for the new additions, I will be updating this post as soon as I get a free “blog-day” :)

  • Josh Loomis

    @bluinkalchemist – Josh Loomis – Speculative Fiction and Non-Fiction

  • jen

    @Jeaniene_Frost – Jeaniene Frost, UF author :)

  • Liam Johnstone

    Brandon Sanderson is also a twit

  • C-M

    What about Kevin Smith? He’s on Twitter – @ThatKevinSmith and he’s an author, a comics guy and a film-maker, actor and celebrity :>

  • solkana

    Michael Marshall Smith = @ememess

  • Joshua McClure

    @neilstrauss is now on twitter. NYT best seller “The Game”, “Emergency” and several ghost writer best sellers.

  • Nina Shah

    Mark Jeffrey – @markjeffrey

  • Kaye

    I’ll second solkana here: Michael Marshall Smith, please :)

  • Brian Crowder

    @chuckpalaniuk (Fight Club) and @craigclevenger (Contortionists Handbook)

  • Carol Daley

    K.L. Going is an Author of Young Adult Fiction. I love her work (even though I am supposed to be an adult!)


  • Ron H

    just one small correction.. DC Comics is @dc_nation (no s at the end).
    Thanks for the great list.


  • Jonathan Patt

    Christopher Moore twitters as @TheAuthorGuy

  • Stacy Horn

    I feel weird about adding myself to this list, but what the hell. I’m another struggling writer and times are hard, we do what we must.


    Stacy Horn, author of:

    - Unbelievable: Investigations into Ghosts, Poltergeists, Telepathy, and Other Unseen Phenomena from the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory

    - The Restless Sleep: Inside New York City’s Cold Case Squad

    - Waiting For My Cats to Die: a Morbid memoir

  • Samantha

    Writers: Christiana Ellis @christianaellis (her podcast novel ‘Nina Kimberly the Merciless’ is coming out in print in May.. she also wrote/stars in a podcast audiodrama called ‘Space Casey’ which is absolutely hilarious and I recommend highly).

    Comics: Bernie Hou @bernieh , Alien Loves Predator (one of my favorites :)).

  • Heather

    Augusten Burroughs! (@augusten) He wrote Running with Scissors, among other things.

  • DC Grrl

    Loving this list, and your tweets! Since you asked for suggestions, here they are. In the comic writer/comedian category, working on a new show together:
    @michaelianblack Michael Ian Black
    @mshowalter Michael Showalter

    Also, @jimgaffigan [of Hot Pockets fame]

    I’m a huge fan of Dr. Horrible, and did you say you are in a Dollhouse episode? Hoping so! Sorry, just had to get that in there.

  • Andrew Thrash
  • Laura

    There are a bunch of cool Young Adult authors on twitter, like…
    @halseanderson (Laurie Halse Anderson)

  • Jessie

    Another author for the SF/F category:

    Sarah Monette – @pennyvixen

    She wrote the Doctrine of Labyrinths novels.

  • Jo

    I know of a few.

    Holly Black – @hollyblack
    Cassandra Clare – @cassieclare
    Carrie Ryan – @carrieryan
    Meljean Brook – @meljean
    Ilona Andrews – @ilona_andrews
    Rachel Vincent – @rachelkvincent
    Jeaniene Frost – @Jeaniene_Frost
    Melissa Marr – @melissa_marr

  • Naked Critic

    Christopher Moore – Author of such classics as “Bloodsucking Fiends” and “Lamb: the Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal” – @TheAuthorGuy

    Diablo Cody – @diablocody

  • Sarah

    Oooh, and don’t forget @libbabray!

  • cadeira

    I´m following @Doris_Egan who is one of my favorite writers on the show House,M.D. and also of the Ivory trilogy.

  • Alyssa

    Michelle Sagara joined Twitter a few days ago @msagara

    Also someone mentioned upstream that @eddieizzard wasn’t him, which I think was true back when the comment was made in January, but he’s since started up on Twitter for reals, made his icon a picture of him with his iphone to prove it’s him. ;)

    Dunno if they count, but Peter Sagal (@petersagal) from Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! and a few of the other Wait Wait! Panelists are also on Twitter. Paula Poundstone (@paulapoundstone), Adam Felber (@adameft), and Tom Bodett (@tombodett) are all writerly.

    Pamela Ribon (@pamelaribon) author of such books are Why Girls are Weird and Why Moms are Weird, former Television Without Pity Recapper and writer on Samatha Who?

  • Kimberley

    Sarra Manning is a great British YA author and she’s @sarramanning. I’ve followed her on LJ for years before Twitter.

  • Amber

    Someone already mentioned, but Augusten Burroughs is on Twitter as well. @augusten

  • Amber Evans

    John Passarella – @JohnPassarella
    He writes dark fantasy and has won the Bram Stoker Award.

  • Angelique

    Felicia, I think I love you- your twitter has brought me joy- AND you posted this list!

    I have become a twitter whore and I blame you!

  • Wendrew

    Hi Felicia,

    Not sure if anyone’s mentioned him yet: Terry Pratchett – @terryandrob

  • DeclanStanley

    Shameless self promotion.
    I am a writer and I also tweet @DeclanStanley

  • Kylara

    Sci-fi/ fantasy Authors:

    Rebecca Moesta @rebeccamoesta

    Kevin J. Anderson @TheKJA

    Brandon Sanderson @BrandonSandrson

  • RhondaL

    Toni Andrews @toniandrews Urban Fantasy

  • diana


    is Scott C.:
    Indie comics (& video game art direction – Psychonauts & Brütal Legend) over at Double Fine, also found in Flight (“Igloo Head & Tree Head”), Hickee…
    Plus amazing & amusing paintings. (

    The bay area hearts Scott C. and misses him since he moved to NYC… but his twitter updates almost make up for it.

  • Danny
    (there wasn’t enough room for JohnDiesattheEnd)

    David Wong wrote John Dies at the End, and published it for free online some years ago. Now, it’s being published & adapted as a movie. You can find out more on his website, – it’s an excellent, hilarious read.


  • Lisa

    @realjohngreen: John Green, YA, fiction

    @maureenjohnson: Maureen Johnson, YA, fiction

    @hollyblack: Holly Black, YA, urban fantasy

  • pbsjones

    @marjoriemliu (urban fantasy) is on twitter….also in China at the moment, posting her adventures.

  • Lisa Schmitt

    I haven’t read all the 191 comments above, so maybe you already got this from someone else. But if not, a fiction (and nonfiction, I guess – she did a memoir) contribution:

    Elizabeth McCracken @elizmccracken

    Thanks for the list!

  • Lori

    I don’t know if anyone else mentioned, but:

    Charles de Lint @cdelint : urban fantasy

  • Rebecca Anderson

    Please add author Kevin J. Anderson to your list: @TheKJA

    He writes novels (20,000,000 plus copies in print), comics (Star Wars, X-Files, Predator, JSA, etc), short stories, lyrics, etc. See for more.

  • Max

    Max Barry @MaxBarry
    - author of “Jennifer Government” (sci-fi), new to Twitter, currently writing real-time serial @machineman. Also massive fan of Felicia & Guild, tends to post comments in third person.

  • Area

    @jasperfforde – Jasper Fforde, author of the without-equal Thursday Next series, who jumps from book to book as part of Jurisfiction, the literary law enforcement agency. The series is so heavily about books, several scenes could not be depicted in any medium other than books.

  • Ed

    I’d like to recommend Brent Weeks for your list (and for your reading pleasure) – he’s got a great, gritty fantasy trilogy out called the Night Angel trilogy, and he’s on twitter @brentweeks :)

    • Felicia

      Oh I’m reading that now! I like it! Reminds me of the Assassin’s Apprentice, but “grittier” is right :)

  • Kim

    Reading Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series right now. Quite entertaining so far. But the one I wanted to tell you about is J.R.Ward and her “Lover…..” series. Now there are some hunky, gritty vamps for you :)

    Don’t know if she is on twitter though.

  • Wa Conner

    Don’t forget Pat Cadigan@Cadigan!

    She wrote the Arthur C. Clarke award winner Synners, and a bunch of other original works. In addition she has also done a ton of movie novelizations as well as worked on George R. R. Martin’s Wildcards series. :)

    I apologize if someone mentioned her in the comments and I missed it.

  • johnny

    There is a novel that is live posting on twitter right now at

  • Paul Gude

    My novel Love in a Time of Zombies has sex and zombies in it.

  • Ann Aguirre

    I’m totally stoked to be on this list, but it’s @ann_aguirre if anyone wants to follow me. Thanks for including me!

    • edgar

      Sorry about that Ann! Its fixed.

  • Tanner Cipriant

    @linc0lnpark is an emerging cult-fictionista. Without her, your list is incomplete. There are simply not that many women doing cult fiction, now.

  • Pamela Hazelton

    Joseph M Monks (Cry For Dawn, NightCry, Stuff Out’a My Head) – CREATOR, WRITER, and also first blind film director is on Twitter:


  • Affordable Housing

    Woww., That was exactly for what i was looking for. Since many days ..Excellent work..Thank you dear.

  • Joey

    I have a few more for you for Urban Fantasy!

    Jeaniene Frost:
    Ilona Andrews:
    Richelle Mead:

  • SheckyX

    Don’t forget the author Felicia herself commented on as “my favorite urban fantasy author” – Jim Butcher (@longshotauthor) of the Dresden Files and Codex Alera.

  • Alex Howard

    Great list, Felicia. That avatar song for the guild is *damn* catchy, too.

    I don’t see William Gibson (@GreatDismal) anywhere on your list or in the comments.

    I don’t think the father of cyberpunk needs any introduction. ;)

  • Ringo

    Huge thanks for Neil Gaimans Twitter Page, Felicia. I like his books a lot :)

  • Sarah

    I’ve been following Neil Gaiman for awhile now. But thanks for the rest of these links. Beyond useful!!

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  • Amy

    Thanks for the great list. So many people to add!

    Another Sci-Fi author who’s relatively new to the twitterverse is David Wingrove, author of the massive Chung Kuo series. He can be found here:

    Thanks again!

  • twitter top language jobs

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