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This Place Looks Better!


Thanks to Edgar Garcia, the website is now dusted off and almost ready to go into the Beta phase. I could not have done all the heavy lifting without you, thanks dear!

It’s been hard to let go of all the widgets in the sidebar, but the more I think about adding stuff, the more reluctant I am to do it. Do I need to have a widget for every single service I belong to? Probably not. So I switched to a FriendFeed widget. Friendfeed is a great service that aggregates all your social networking activities into one place. I admit, when I first joined (I got the handle “Felicia” I was so early on, hehe) I was not convinced. It’s not that pretty a service and I didn’t really see the functionality of it. But as a way to concentrate everything I’m doing, what I’m reading and music I’m listening to and Twitters I’m…tweeting, it’s a great place to keep a hold on it all. Also, when people comment on things there, it’s easier to be able to respond to them. I feel bad when someone Twitters an @feliciaday at me, but I don’t want to respond back with an @ reply to every one of them because most people don’t know what the heck I’m responding to. Friendfeed creates the possibility of having discussions about Twitters, and anything else really. I’m starting to use it more and more.
Can’t wait for tonight’s episode to air! Er, stream…whatever.

  • Jim

    It’s a beautiful new look! I love it! And congrats on the Dr. Horrible debut. I’ve probably watched Act I at least a dozen times today. πŸ™‚

  • The look is great and if it going to take a little while to get used to, that’s ok! Looking forward to seeing the next installment of Dr Horrible in less than 3 hrs (me? counting?) and have a great Dark Knight extravaganza!

    PS Is Dark Knight related to the Bad Horse in some way?

  • b!X

    “PS Is Dark Knight related to the Bad Horse in some way?”

    Having seen The Dark Knight on Monday, I can say pretty conclusively that no, no he isn’t. Heh.

  • Kyl=stm

    Back to reading blog entries…and the place looks great!
    Loved Act 1 of Dr. Horrible…especially since I thought I would miss it (thanks to the people here for upgrading to cable from 28.8k modem!)
    Looking forward to seeing the other two Acts later this week…


  • AlmostAGhost

    site looks great! very clean look.

    clearly, you’re all into web 2.0…if you’re interested in a brightkite invite (let me know, i’ve got a bunch of invites, i can send you one… πŸ™‚

    bkite is the new twitter, but with cellphone pictures, and locations. though locations may be TMI for a celeb as yourself, but you can be vague and just say “LA.”

    loved dr.horrible, btw — can’t wait for part II in an hour or so.

  • Mauro

    The new look is great! Can we start sending in “bug” reports already? (:

    * Looks at clock *

    Hm, Dr. Horrible starts in about 75 minutes. Must not forget.

  • Dani

    The site looks great! All ‘clean’ and simple… really nice! =]
    FriendFeed is really cool! Although I only log in to follow you, since no one I know uses FriendFeed. =P

    And I can’t wait to watch ACT II. I totally forgot about the time zone and yelled at my sister to leave the pc for me ’cause it was already midnight (at least here), and then I remembered the time zone.

  • I love the new blog skin, wish I wasn’t so lazy about getting around to mine :-p

  • Mauro

    Just finished watching Act II. Awesome!

    I’m glad you got to sing more this time. I was surprised (in a good way) to see that you can sing so low. (:

    It looks like Act III will be epic.

  • Oh yes, Act 2 is so good! But I fear for Penny….

  • SNT

    Wow, Felicia – you were great in Act I. But you really brought your pipes in Act II. What a gorgeous voice. And near smoochies from both co-stars to boot . . πŸ™‚ Dr. H is rushing towards a great finale (but not the last we’ll hear from these characters, I hope, at least according to Maurissa’s quote in U.S.A. Today today. Yay!)

  • Be careful about the Twittering, it may become too addictive and you may end up like this:

  • TheDudeAbides

    Is it possible for Act II to surpass the awesomeness of Act I? In a word, yes! Loved loved loved the duet between you and Neil (even though you guys weren’t even aware it was a duet), and I giddily look forward to Act III.

    Also, was “Billy Buddy” a Melville reference, or was that just a happy coinkidink?

  • I agree FF is great. It’s got more than Twitter. I like the new site but I think you should have a pic of yourself more prominent like in the header banner. The little thumbnails for the gallery aren’t visible when the page first loads because you have to scroll down to see them. Readers will want a visual of you right up front. =)

  • Ingot

    Looks like all the work and waiting paid off! The site looks great with the emphasis on what you have to say over what the widgets have to link.

  • Formaldehyde

    If Captain hammer was good, then I’d be evil too. Just saying, the guy’s a jerk.

    Act II rocks. Act III will be very bittersweet. Encore!

  • NWGaEagle

    Great job on Act II, the pipes were humming! Almost dreading the end to the series enough to not watch it! πŸ˜› Almost.

  • Also, I like FriendFeed because it sounds like it is a zombie movie, not a social networking site. Even though zombie movies scare me so I don’t watch them very often, I feel a lot more comfortable being associated with zombies instead of social networking.

    I have my reputation as an anti-socialite to uphold, after all.

    Act II took me to the moon, and I haven’t come back yet, by the way.

  • Jeremy

    Dear Felicia,

    Sorry for being a stranger and breaking in like this to your electronic clubhouse, but I really felt, after having caught “Dr. Horrible”, that I wanted to write you. You are just amazing, Felicia – you sing like a goddess (or at least what I imagine a goddess would sound like if she sang), and you’re so beautiful, so personable, that after only 2 acts of the show I’m half in love with you!
    You probably get that sort of thing a lot, I imagine, but really, Felicia, you’re a wonder, breathtaking both to watch and to listen to.
    I’ll be looking forward to many more years of great stuff from you! Take care.

  • Dan

    Wow, Felicia…Act II is about a billion times better than Act I, plus you really got to shine this time around. I fear Act III might leave me comatose from too much awesome. Does anyone else think that NPH seems to be channeling a little bit of James Marsters?

    BTW…dig the new site design. πŸ™‚

  • Pointy (Real Name is in my e-mail address)

    You were so great in your Whedonopolis interview that I just ordered the DVD.

    A few weeks back I “borrowed” a Gilbert & Sullivan song and changed it into meta-operetta about Dr. Horrible. And you, a little.

    A maiden fair to see
    The pearl of web TV
    A nerd who loves to role play
    For whom other nerds sigh
    Knowing her first as Vi
    Then as Felicia (some) Day

    Proprietress of The Guild
    A web base she did build
    So Joss made her his tutor
    In how to create shows
    Without lame studios
    And hawk ’em on computer

    Pity pretty Penny
    She may not truly see
    Her real horrible suitor.

    To the tune of “A Maiden Fair To See,” HMS Pinafore, Gilbert & Sullivan.

  • HAHA, omg that is HILARIOUS! Thank you so much for that song Pointy. So funny!

  • Pointy

    (Bows deep, wobbles, and clatters merrily to the ground πŸ™‚

  • Mia

    J’adore Dr. Horrible, tu es mon idole!

  • Jason

    Loving Dr. Horrible!!! I was showing it to some friends today at D&D and one of them saw you and said “Hey! She’s from the Guild!” I thought that rocked.

    I cant wait for act III, and I really hope a soundtrack is released. πŸ™‚

  • Like everyone else I know I’m utterly enjoying Dr. Horrible. I’m so jealous of you for being able to work with NPH and Captain Tight Pants. Penny is such a lovely character. In the midst of a world with superheroes and villians she of course is the true hero. I hope the success of Dr. Horrible leads to more opportunity for you to sing for us. While I’ve enjoyed your work on BtVS and The Guild, you are really, really shining in this little, hit musical (really.) It’s also so nice of you to carry Joss — he obviously needs more recognition. πŸ˜‰

  • Rachel

    You have such a lovely voice! Congratulations on Dr. Horrible – it’s fantastic – I can’t wait for Saturday and Act Three!

  • korkster

    You’ve done a wonderful job this year! I love the Guild and I don’t even play WoW (but find all of the addictions true… being a Whedon addict).

    And then Dr. Horrible comes along. That show wakes me up with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. I’m a night owl, and I haven’t felt this good waking up in a very. long. time. πŸ™‚

    I’m looking forward to meeting you at Comic-Con, getting my Guild DVD (awesome work!), and grabbing my Dr. Horrible shirt. It’s going to be crazy, but well worth it. Thanks!

  • Felicia, LOVE IT!! You go girl!

  • samatwitch

    You were my favourite potential, Felicia, and I have enjoyed the Guild from the beginning, but Dr. Horrible has blown me away in terms of meeting and exceeding my (high) expectations. It’s amazing how much singing can be accomplished in such a short time – and so well, too. Your duet with NPH was beautiful.

    I’m giddy with anticipation for tonight’s third episode, while not looking forward to it going off the air until I can buy the DVD. (I’ll download it on iTunes but don’t know if it will play on anything I have.)

  • Rob

    I can’t wait for tonight…and I will be sad when the time with the sweet, adorable and beautiful girl from the laundromat, Dr. Doog////Horrible and even that complete loser Captain Hammer has come to an end.

    Guess I gotta check out “The Guild”!

    I love what you Horrible people have done, all of you.

  • b!X

    Click my name. You know you want to. Or, you do if you want to see my brand new Captain Hammer t-shirt. (I mean, okay, he’s a corporate tool but it’s the only t-shirt they’re selling in black.)

  • Twitter, schmitter. You’re a WordPress girl — just pull dem twits (er, tweats) right into the blog. That way every thought in your head can make it out to your adoring fans — kinda like Jesus, but without the whole Mel Gibson thing.

    Soon enough you’ll get yerself a neural shunt and we can get inside your head.

    Hmm. Come to think of it, eew. Stick with the blog. πŸ˜‰

  • Xanza781

    Hiya, this is my first time on your blog, found it after I found The Guild, which I found after Dr. Horrible, and I have to say, I love your work, your singing voice is amazing, and the fact that you used to play WoW leaves me stunned.

    So, anyway, um. Yeah. Hi. Can’t wait for Act III and season 2.

  • Pointy

    You went for the full Edith Keeler, and then some, and I’ve got to tell you, you succeeded more than I hoped and feared.

  • Rob

    I just viewed Act III, and I wouldn’t be sitting here at an almost complete loss for words because of your portrayal of Penny.

  • Rob

    Uh…that didn’t come out right, did it? I did mention I’m at a loss for words — or at least coherence.

    You were amazing.

  • b!X

    Hah. Rob, I was sitting around wondering whether anyone was going to post wondering what you meant.

    (Meanwhile, I almost accidentally typed “” in the website field. I suppose being addicted to Twitter is okay since I stopped smoking, right?)

  • Iko

    I’ve discovered that I prefer Plurk over Twitter. The threaded discussions are a lot more manageable.

  • b!X

    Is it wrong that in my head I’m seeing a very special episode of The Guild where they’ve all just seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog?

  • Formaldehyde

    I watched act III and now I’m sad. No more Dr Horrible. I want more Dr Horrible.

    Congratulations on such an awesome series. My compliments to the chef also (Josh that is)

  • Jer

    Wow. Ms. Day, after watching Act III I though all in all you held your own with Harris and Fillon very well. Must have been challenging. Also, leave it to the Whedons to mix comedy and tragedy like that. Argh it was good. But I’m waiting a bit before I watch it again. I want to say “it’s not fair” but it’s almost ruthlessly consistent to itself. If and when there is any followup to this “tri-episodic melodic dramatic comedic” thing, they had better do it justice.

  • Mia

    Act III! Oh non, why did it end like that??? *sniffle*

    I went to the world premiere of another musical tonight, Repo! A Genetic Opera, and there were characters dying in there too!

    Ne pas de dying, okay Felicia? :-

  • Dahrk

    Penny blinked after she died. 😑

  • Dahrk

    Comment system killed my ‘oops’ smiley. And I just realized that was a spoiler. Oops.

  • Wow. My jar was on the ground the second they panned the camera over to Penny in Act III at the end. I was laughing so hard from Nathan’s performance… and then went completely silent and was crushed. Joss is so good at doing this… damn him! Ha! But great work as usual! Love it to death… then I would bring myself to life again, just so I could love it to death a second time, even harder.

    Thank you!

  • Rob


    She wasn’t dead, she was resting…. When Penny slumped (and what everyone assumed died), she wasn’t dead yet. Her blood pressure was exceedingly low but sufficient to keep the brain alive but insufficient to keep her conscious. The blink happened at that point. Even if the heart stops, you have 4-6 minutes before the brain begins to die. A patient in witnessed, full cardiac arrest for 5 minutes screamed “NO!” and tried to strangle me just after I yelled “clear” and before I pushed the two little red buttons on the Lifepack 10 defibrillator paddles. (We got him back, by the way!)

    Removing the shrapnel in the field would ensure her death. A good EMS system (like the one I was privileged to be a crew chief with) might have saved her.

    The late Dr. Peter Safer hoped for a gold standard for cardio-pulmonary-cerebral resuscitation (CPCR): something that would put the patient in suspended animation for transport and while the trauma doctor’s horrible yet necessary life-saving treatment went on. With something like that, Penny probably would have lived.

    I wonder if this layer of tragedy was intended.

  • Okay. I just watched Dr. Horrible, so nowβ€”and I hate to say it and make myself into “creepy internet guy”β€”I’m afraid I might have a teensy little crush on you. Or possibly a large one. Well, maybe I’m a little nuts for you. Call it whatever you want, you’re gorgeous and you can sing and I loved every moment you were on the screen. I mean, in my hypothetical world where I get to meet people upon whom I have poorly-defined celebrity crushes, if we were to meet (and ifβ€”still in hypothetical worldβ€”we hit it off) and started dating a little bit, and then I found out you had some kind of huge, glaring personal issues that caused severe social debilitation and removed any possibility for real intimacy between the two of us beyond a surface level, I probably wouldn’t even care that much on account of the gorgeousness and the singing. I’m sure you don’t have these flaws, and I’d put good money down that you are in fact a wonderful person, all I’m saying is that from what I’ve seen on Dr. Horrible, I’m now a fan and I very much hope to see more of your work in the future.

  • Marcos

    @Rob: I thought about it too. No medical training, just all-around geek, but hey, Horrible had a honest-to-God freeze ray, couldn’t he use that? But then, I think Penny’s last words were what really sealed her fate; the world just wasn’t big enough to accommodate his nihilistic cynicism and her unabashed optimism.

    I can picture people drinking and chatting around a table many years from now, and then someone says: “Remember when Penny died in Dr. Horrible’s arms?” “Oh, man. That really broke my heart.”

  • Pointy

    Ms. Day,

    I πŸ™‚ because I realize I will get to see you acting in a lot more parts now, thanks to your revelatory performance in Dr. Horrible. I am still recovering from the terrible beauty* of Act III.

    mia, why does Joss write such dead woman characters?

    * William Butler Yeats reference for added class. For years I thought his name rhymed with Keats. David Chase had Tony Soprano’s son make that same mistake to signify brainlessness. So much for class.

  • Tammy

    Hi Felicia, just wanted to say I enjoyed Dr. Horrible *immensely* (despite the ending, which we won’t talk about *ahem* ;)). Really love your voice, and the way it blends with Neil Patrick Harris’ just gives me goosebumps – can’t wait for the soundtrack!

    Pointy, that line about Joss? Best. Comment. Ever. πŸ˜€

  • b!X

    why does Joss write such dead woman characters?

    I just choked on my coffee.

  • Dan

    Doyle, Tara, Wash, and now Penny.

    As sad as Act III was, at least you’re in good company Felicia. There’s no finer testament to an actor’s skill than to be killed by Joss.

  • Formaldehyde

    waaaaahhh…horrible typo! I means Joss.

  • Really enjoyed your performance in Dr. Horrible. Because you were going to be in Dr. Horrible, watched The Guild. I’m not a gamer but I’m enough of a geek in general to appreciate it. I think you were even better in that, your own production. Looking forward to another “season” of the The Guild.


  • J-


    I just watched Dr. Horrible and loved it. Will you marry me?

  • Mark C.

    Hey Felicia!

    I’ve been avidly Watching The Guild, and I just got finished watching Dr Horrible – you rocked in both!

  • hey hey…

    I didn’t know this at first either, but when you do an @ reply in twitter, that message only gets sent tho those people that follow that person — so, people know what you’re talking about!

    Love that you’re fully into the twitter, blogging, iPhone stuff.. and great job in Dr. Horrible!

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