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"The Guild" Thank You Video!


We put together a little video on set Friday to thank everyone for their support (and to tell them about the other competitions, did you guys vote today? 😉 )

Watch it here!

  • Dan

    Don’t worry. I am voting like crazy. I think we all need to see that video of your wicked dance moves, Felicia.

  • Tyler

    I’m voting as much as possible too… and there’s no such thing as “too much rum” 😀

  • I’m voting like a dang a Floridian with all the voting I’m doing. Oops. Did I just say that out loud. Had great time working with you all. Looking forward to working with you all again. GO GUILD!

  • Chris

    Lotsa votes all the way from Australia.
    When will you let us know something about the “Joss” project?

  • Dan

    You guys are the best. I’m voting every day…gotta see more of that video! Plus, ZABOO’s mom scares the hell out of me.

    Oh, and I hear you’ll be working with Joss again. Guess my letter worked. 🙂

  • S o M a

    [watching dance clip]


  • Chris P

    Voting like crazy here, too. I’ve been trying to get everyone I’ve ever met to cast their votes as well. It’s a voting hurricane out here.

  • you’re welcome

  • William George Ferguson

    After seeing the video, isn’t it obvious? Felicia’s going to be a backup dancer in that dance project Glau and Whedon keep mentioning 🙂

    Everyone don’t forget, on Saturday March 29th on ION (the former PAX) you can watch Felicia getting paid to hang out with Kevin Sorbo!

  • Ben

    You can’t fake those dance moves. Voted again.

  • SNT

    I voting, I voting! And Felicia is going to be in a forthcoming Whedon project . . . although I might have missed her announcement here about it (or she might be rather too busy to be declaring it just yet).

  • stm

    Grew up in the Chicagoland area…”vote early and often” is a phrase I know by heart.

    Just curious…
    Assuming there is a sweep of all three awards, will it be called, “The Treble,” or have I just been watching to much English Premiership Football?

  • Kevin

    Wait, we are supposed to vote everyday? Oops. I forgot to vote yesterday. Soory. I’ll make it up by voting today and twice tomorrow.

  • Eugine

    and so are my friends

  • Ben

    I’ve been saying Felicia NEEDS to be in Dollhouse–I hope thats it SoddingNancyTribe!

  • Jim Bob

    the ending to that thankyou video is made of pure win.

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