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The Guild Season 3 DVD!


A few things. I had a FANTASTIC time at Farpoint Convention in Baltimore. I was so busy I only got to throw one snowball, but after being used to the giant cons like Comicon and Dragoncon, it was so fun meeting people in a smaller, more relaxed convention environment. I was so impressed, the organizers were stupendously welcoming, and I loved the fact that so many people had their kids involved in the convention. I also go to meet @osiramon, one of the Guild’s “Rejected Guild Applicants” from last season, which was a treat. Here we are at lunch:
Anyway, wonderful experience, I had a blast!

Biggest news in a while: Guild Season 3 DVD is out through Amazon CreateSpace today!
We added a lot of extra stuff to the DVD this season, it’s on 2 disks! It includes:
All the Season 3 episodes with “Play All” feature
2 commentary tracks
“Avatar” Video
BTS of “Avatar” Video, and cosplay segment on “How to Make Vork’s Sword”
“Axis of Anarchy” Interviews
“Rejected Guild Member” applications
And lots more!

It is Region-free and has optional English subtitling.
ALSO! You can order all the seasons in HD through AMAZON VOD for $6.99. Another way you can stream and enjoy the episodes. Please spread the word, we really appreciate it!!

And lastly, as a bonus to the DVD release, @GregAranowitz, the creator of the “Avatar” video weapons, filmed a “How to” video with ME in his studio on making Codex’s staff for his blog! It’s in three parts, the first part is up on his blog. You will quickly see I am not construction gifted, haha.

Hope you enjoy, back to writing!

  • LPS

    Felicia: Your kindness to my daughter (little ninja) was so very appreciated. You endeared yourself to everyone at Farpoint and were one of the best guests we have ever had. Thank you!

    • She was the CUTEST! I loved meeting her, you’re a lucky mom!

  • Liz

    Felicia- It was such an honor to meet you. Your talk about how you got the Guild off the ground and being on the forefront of the changing times was really inspiring. Thank you for your encouragement to take improv and I hope to one day meet you again.

    I can’t say thank you enough–so I’ll say it one more time. Thank you for sharing your time, it was amazing.

  • *sighs* ’tis at times like this that I wished I lived on the other side of the pond. Felicia if you ever decide to visit the UK we would make sure you’re very welcome at any con you wanted. Or better yet, you come and we’ll build a con around you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great news about the Guild S3 DVD, off to Amazon I go.

    • Put another way, “build it and she will come” ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I definitely would love to go to a UK con sometime in the next year, it’s kinda tough with my schedule, I have to reserve time to making stuff too ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Such is the struggle of the artiste! If you ever feel like taking a break from making stuff the coffee ain’t too bad on this side of the pond ๐Ÿ™‚

        Just one slightly weird request…please make it a Sunday appearance, I’d hate to miss it.

        Oh, I loved your lightsaber duel on the Jace Hall show. The sheer tonnage of ‘nerdsquee’ was hard to quantify.

  • Felicia, it was great meeting you at Farpoint this weekend! It was fun showing you how to Hoop Dance, if you ever decide to try it, you’ll be hooked for life!

  • Steve Kawakami

    Thanks for visiting Farpoint – Baltimore will never be quite the same!

  • Jonk

    It’s a great show. Ordering now (to go with the others :). Good luck with next season.

  • Soulforged

    “Avatar” is great! Even friends of mine who don’t follow The Guild comment on its quality.

    You make a very credible Codex.

  • Mike Donatello

    Mine came today (TYVM, Amazon). Can’t wait to check out the extras — and watch it on something larger than a 24″ screen.

  • Laura

    Sweeet, i look forward to ordering the dvd through amazon and then spreading the love of the guild around australia (atleast to my friends).

  • Loves Bitch

    Question. Are there any differences between this dvd set offered through Amazon, and the one that will eventually be released in the stores?

    • Burton

      The Guild season 3 DVD currently on Amazon is a DVD-R, that is a burned disc not pressed. Contents should be the same.

      • Loves Bitch

        Thanks! That’s what I was curious about, the content. I am familiar with DVD-R.

  • Awesome, looking forward to getting my copy of season 3 on my shelves.
    Great show, you are one of the smartest and possible cutest actress i’ve seen, would have been awesome if i could have met you at the con, sadly its a bit away from Sweden :>

  • I pre-ordered the DVD about a month ago, and just yesterday Amazon issued me a $2.50 refund because (apparently) the price had dropped! GUILD goodness and money back as well! Looking forward to all the extras.

    • Mike Donatello

      Me too.

      Felicia, can we donate the extra $2.50 to a “get-the-cast-to-appear-in-my-town” fund? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Dani

    The “How to” video was great!!
    I’ve been following Greg’s blogs about the Guild weapons, and they are all great, but this one was even better with the video! Can’t wait to see the rest!

    And I need to find Cons here in Brazil so I can join the “Felicia, come to a Con here!” chorus, hehe.

  • SarahGoulden

    I just watched it and I wanted to congratulate you and your co-workers… was a great idea….you managed to make a great series out of it….Iยดm a nerd/gamer/writer myself (maybe not quite as talented) so I admire the courage you had in you to make this.
    Iยดm following you on twitter now and hope for a fourth season…..and as soon as I can scrape the money together Iยดm buying the dvd. Such work should be nurtured….though Iยดm not quite sure thatยดs the right word for it….nevertheless…..thank you and keep having fun with your work.

  • Felicia, THANK YOU for your kind words about our con and for making our freezing cold weekend such a blast at Farpoint! Thanks also for being in our Friday night show. It takes a special person to provide the voice of an alien ferret! The podcast of the first part of the show is up at (And thanks again for letting us ‘cast it!) The audio is a little rough from being live, but you sound great!

  • I found your show on netflix instant and am now a solid fan. Great work. Sorry this comment has nothing to do with the convention, but I can’t be traipsing around looking for an appropriate place to comment. I have importantish things to do. I bought a shirt earlier and now have to track the shipping!

  • Yes another when are you coming here post… i’m sorry. When are you going to come to Chicago? Since I see you answering these types of questions often and I’m sure they do get boring and tedious I will also ask a few more interesting questions. What would be your favorite play? Are you a fan of the Absurdist Theater movement (ie Ionesco, Beckett, Camus)? If not, why? Thank you in advance, and now for some typical fanboy gushing… I <3 you much.. like for reals.. you make my knees weak and my heart bounce… whew.. sorry about that awkwardness… ok good bye!

    James Riley

  • I hope it sells a million copies! Thanks for creating such wonderful art and having such a cool Twitterfeed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gotta say, love the DVD’s.. the silkscreening is great.

    Though, I will say the DVD cases they use are terrible, mine doesn’t close at the top and bottom, so you can see right through.

    patiently awaiting season 4 =)

  • Elihu Feustel

    The world is a better place because of The Guild’s humor. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard! I look forward to your other projects.

  • Sarah

    Hi Felicia,
    I apologise for commenting on an old blog post but I had a question and I thought I’d at least find a post that was somewhat relevant! I live in Australia and I am ecstatic you are coming our way for Supanova! I’d imagine you can’t reveal your commitments exactly yet but I was wondering if you could tell me if you’ll have any Guild merchandise for sale such as the DVDs? xoxo

  • I may try to bring DVDs but I’m not sure if the region will work. Will try to though!!

    • Sarah

      Oh my gosh, thank you for replying! Wasn’t sure about the region either but I’m willing to own them anyway even if they don’t work ๐Ÿ˜› Would love it if other merchandise was available but get why that might be hard. No matter, it’ll be awesome times a billion just to be able to meet you. Can’t wait. xo

    • Michael

      Most australian DVD players can now handle NTSC, simply because everyone usually buys stuff from overseas that never gets released here.

      Hope to see you in Perth, buying my special Whedonverse experience pass today, can’t wait to meet you.

  • Felicia, is the DVD released this week any different than the print-on-demand one we bought back in February?

  • I just bought the S3 DVD from Amazon, looks like its region locked to US ๐Ÿ™ looks like i’ll need to find a region free drive to rip it so i can watch it on my pc

  • Felicia if you ever decide to visit the US we would make sure youโ€™re very welcome at any con you wanted.

  • you look so beautiful in this… love it.

  • I wish we had some events like this in here as well. I miss going to such conventions, they are so much fun. – Sandy

  • There are many men who love the pissing fetish when they watch their porn movies online. Thank you for sharing your time, it was amazing.

  • Rood

    people in Brazil love the guild !!

    and Felicia days too .


  • Gabriel

    If you come to UK this 2011 if it’s near enough to Sheffield I will beg my mom to come or I’ll just pay myself I’d look forward to meeting you because I followed The Guild since Season1 because I could relate to it being a World of Warcraft player, I’m a huge fan so plz come. ๐Ÿ™‚

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