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The Guild Episode #6: Blow Out is now posted! Please enjoy, and repost wherever you know people who might like the show! I’m especially proud of this and the last episode, they make me laugh quite a lot, and being able to weave the storylines together was very challenging in the short amount of time allotted in web video storytelling. I really hope it makes you chuckle :).

I know this website has been a bit of a wasteland, I could make 1000 posts on how I completely burnt myself out the last 3 months of the year and how my computer phobia sent me into a paperback-reading binge that may have made me cross-eyed, LOL, but instead I will spread the good news of great things happening here instead!

A whole new site will be going up soon, along with a whole new blogging attitude from moi. Lots to post about that and the fantastic design and designer making it happen when it actually goes up, within a week or two. Be prepared to squeal with delight as I do. 🙂 My whole approach to blogging will be changing too. I think having Twitter as my main source of communication on the web is great, but I realize it’s created an attitude in me where blog posts here have to be monumental in scope, long vast tracts of musings that take so much time for me to write that I put it off and end up not posting forever. I don’t think this should be the case, and am going to change that. So I’ll be posting more, linking to things I enjoy more, shorter entries, but hopefully creating a better dialogue with people who read here, because creating more communication is the key!

To that end, I will be phasing out the forums, because my neglect of them really makes my heart ache a bit, and since I simply can’t spread myself so thin anymore; consolidating places I need to go to communicate with people is my goal this year. I’ll still leave them up, but they will not be linked on the website as I want to drive traffic to this blog instead. The Guild Community Site is a great place to move any off-topic dialogues, as there’s a thriving number of groups dedicated to all subjects (Dr Horrible, Gaming, Guild, We Videos etc), and it has the ability to create profiles and meet more people. “Felicia-topics” (if I could call them that with a straight face, hehe) will be active here within my more frequent blog entries. If a topic emerges that the community wants to talk about I’ll make a blog entry about it so we can have more back and forth! Also, I will be making an effort to post on a variety of topics each week regularly; book reviews, web video production and acting to be the primary focus. So, that’s my solution and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying the new Guild Season, though it’s taken a lot out of me, when I watch the videos I’m wowed by all the hard work the crew and cast have put into them, and it makes all of the work worth it 🙂

  • Ben

    Hey Felicia–Glad to hear you’re excited about ep6. This season has been so funny…gonna watch ep6 as soon as there’s a lull here at the office.

    Can’t wait to read more of your insightful posts (long vast tracts or not!). As always, my vote is for more of a glimpse behind the scenes. Either from the Guild shoots (like, how did you turn your shed into a set??) or maybe from The Blue Appliance Crew or the Cheetos thing (was that a one day gig or what???) I’m sure all your fans would love to read any stories or anecdotes from any shoots you’ve done over the years.

    I also think it would be interesting to hear about your “dream role.” After reading and watching what seems like 1000’s of interviews, that’s a question I’ve never seen asked.

  • I can understand the judgement call on the forums! They do get unmanageable to an extent (and really hard to coordinate if you’re running multiple fansites / social networking sites). By the way Felicia, the last couple episodes have been great – ‘Zaboo’ working out and trying to be more manly has to be some of the funniest stuff you’ve ever pulled together.

    Chest bump!

    Glad you’re doing so well….keep up the great work and don’t throw up on anyone 😛

  • I actually just went through the same thing. But, mine wasn’t a self-induced epiphany. I had a nudge from a certain significant other, but it’s been fairly good so far. I’ve consolidated everything to my blog and just started linking from there, Twitter and all. So, good call on your part. Plus, blogs are a hell of a lot more fun than Twitter…from a reading perspective.

    Good luck.

  • Great, thanks all for the awesome feedback. Behind the scenes stuff is definitely going on the list of post-types, thanks for that suggestion Ben! Also Q and A posts, where i update the blog entry based on ppl’s posted questions might be a 1 x a month thing. My House entry definitely got a lot of interest in that format and ppl seemed to enjoy it. I just love the idea of having a real place to express myself and centralize everything. I find that because I run the Guild in a control-freak kinda way, haha, I tend to neglect myself personally online besides Twitter, and a balance would be good and hopefully more interesting.

  • Great news about the new blog! I think you are doing exactly the right thing. One little point – please can you make sure people can see the comments for each blog post and where to add them? The Guild Community site is thriving (well over 1000 members already!) so it doesn’t make sense to have another place here for you to maintain.

    And Season 2 is absolutely fantastic! I had high hopes and it has exceeded everything – it is really laugh out loud and the writing, acting and editing are superb.

    2009 is going to be a great year! 🙂

  • Haha – I just noticed that the most popular search here on your site is ‘boyfriend’! I can’t imagine why that would be….

  • Hey Felicia, I tracked down The Guild after seeing you for the first time in Dr. Horrible over the holidays. Awesome stuff!

    My girlfriend and I are slowly starting to hate Joss Whedon, first he kills Wash, and then you? Malarkey!

    Best of everything!

    -Glen (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

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