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The Guild Christmas Raid Carol!


Happy Holidays! A small offering for Christmas!

  • Dan

    Yep. That’s a classic. “Griddle heat some turkey meat” is going to be my new standard response whenever anyone asks what I’m doing that night.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the laugh.

  • Jim


  • M

    It doesnt play….

    We’re sorry, this video is no longer available…


  • Dustin

    Very cute and thoughtful video to do for Christmas.

  • M, weird, it’s showing up for me! 🙁 Try the youtube link?

  • Soma

    dear Guild crew:

    you make me very happy.


  • M

    Thanks F… Tried youtube link… Seems to be stuck in an infinite loading loop…

    Very strange… All other Guild Epsds played fine…

    I’ll keep trying.

  • Paul

    Fantastic! And what a cute dog! 🙂

  • Carl

    OT and Political…

    But a very funny youtube spoof of a compaign ad:

  • Carl

    BTW: Thanks for the Christmas Carol…it was funny!

    You’ve got a good voice, too…

  • M

    Finally it played 🙂

    Liked it…


  • stm

    Christmas came early this year! Thanks!
    I lost it after noticing Vork’s earphones under the hat.
    Santa Paws all dressed up is one cute dog…

    Happy Holidays!

  • Awesome.
    Well done everyone! And who knew you had such a nice singing voice?!
    I demand more musical interludes!
    Thanks for the giggle.

  • haha, wonderful. More more more! 😀

  • Also: People! Be decent geeks, get yourself some gravatars! 😉

  • Theo

    Felica, wonderful voice!

    I heard that vibrato, all in the right places. Someone took lessons? 😉

    (or gets loaded and does lots of karaoke?)

    Best regards!

  • That was awesome!

  • Haha, this rocked. Zaboo!

  • Addster


    I love “The Guild” and I love this blog. Felicia: on Christmas Day, when the presents are all opened, the food is all eaten and the moment seems to have passed, just remember how much joy you’re bringing to people around the world and pat yourself – gently – on the back.

  • Danny A

    LOL!!! Nice job! ^^

  • Gag Halfrunt

    Off-topic, but I’ve noticed that the Wikipedia entry about you doesn’t have a photo. If you were able to release a photo (for which you own the copyright) under a free licence, I could add it. Or you could add it yourself (instructions) if you wanted. (That said, it’s against the rules to edit the article about yourself.)

  • Virginia

    Totally awesome. What a nice treat before my last final 😀

  • This is gold on so many levels! Makes me wish you’d been around for Once More With Feeling:D! In the end, you just have to get into the Christmas spirit, and this so works. I’d help some newbies with you any day.

  • little_sparks

    Ahh now I am filled with the warm christmas fuzzies. 😀

  • Hah! That was great. 🙂

  • Jason

    LOL Felicia. Very cute. I feel bad for Vork though, lol.

  • Ronnie


    Gotta love Tink’s “shut it, douche”

    cracks me up every time and I’ve watched it too many times to count 🙂

  • Danny A

    I listened to it for the 10th time or so, today. XD
    It’s quite entertaining.

  • Awwww… NOW I’m in the right mood for Christmas!

    But admit it, you forced everyone to sing off-key so you’d sound even better!

    J/K 😉

  • Kristin

    Just have to say I love all the Guild videos. I have been an online gamer since forever, and I relate to alot of it lol. Keep up the great work, I am dying to see the next chapter now 🙂

  • Pedro Morelos

    Felicia, you’re the best, hope u had a merry Xmas =)

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