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Thanks! And a Podcast Interview Link!


Thank you for all your help in spreading the “Horrible” word! My Google Alert is flooded with Dr. Horrible blog posts. The power of Whedon is mighty! 🙂 Keep up the good work, and wherever you can spread it to Scifi sites, and other non-Whedon places. I’ve been doing a lot of cold emailing, can’t hurt, right? 🙂

I forgot to link it on Friday (due to too much Tequila for my birthday, ugh) but I did a podcast interview with Joss’d: The Podcast that was hella fun and has been posted! So if you’re interesting in hearing me prattle a lot, check it out! (And a nice review of The Guild after the interview).

I’m buried in so many tasks I am hoping to clear it up over the next week, thank goodness for the 4th! There are emails that I’ve given the evil eye for over a month that I WILL tackle or archive, I resolve it to be so! Good thing #1 is that I finished the rough rough draft of The Guild season 2. So excited to start massaging it into funny-ness! There’s a lot of work ahead, but getting the skeleton down is invaluable. I’m going to do another pass and then late next week send it to a few select people for notes for another round of rewrites. Ugh, that’s the nail biting part, waiting for notes! 🙂 I’m happy with the story though, and since my producing partner Kim Evey has taken the reins of the DVD production, things are a bit smoother than they have been for me.

I was thinking about it the other day, and it’s amazing how many hats a web content producer has to wear! All the standard filmmaking talents are required, and after that, all the knowledge of a web 2.0 startup has to kick in! That’s on top of PR and merchandising and social networking…etc etc etc! Every day is a learning process. And honestly…that’s what I love about it. Although I complain a lot. Oh well, I never said I wasn’t a malcontent. 😉

  • Tal

    Looking forward to season 2 of The Guild – I caught your interview on Joss’d – lots of fun 🙂

  • enjoyed your interview on JOSS’D. anxiously waiting for dr. horrible and season 2 of the guild. remember, if you get stuck writing it, people overseas play these games too. like my friend’s husband. that ought to be good for a laugh. 🙂

  • Posted about Dr. Horrible on my blog… for the 2 friends of mine that read it :-p But I’ve been showing it around to friends, and pretty much anyone that will listen to me!

    Glad you got started with writing the 2nd season of the Guild, I’m really excited for that and I’m sure it’ll be as great as I’ve built it up to be in my head!

  • Thanks so much for an awesome interview! We had such a good time talking to you. And yay for Dr. Horrible AND the Guild…. yay!

  • Hey Felecia… I can’t wait for The Guild DVDs! Also, I posted a Dr. Horrible advertisement in the comments section of over 100 of my Myspace friends. My page is also decked out for Dr. Horrible as well!

    I can’t wait!!!

  • I mean Felicia.

  • soma

    have a happy and safe July4th weekend, everybody!


  • I just saw “Zaboo’s Mom” on a Heineken commercial. Awesome. I hope the whole lot of you get tons of work as a result of doing the Guild.

  • b!X

    Dr. Horrible will screen in its entirety in Room 6B on Friday night at Comic-Con.

  • Mauro

    Joss plugged you back on his interview for Prodigeek.
    He says that The Guild was the proof he needed that web series are possible. Nothing new to us, but it’s good to see the word spread around. (:

  • Ingot

    Speaking of Horrible, Steve Jackson, extraordinary game designer, just plugged Dr. Horrible, here:

    I just saw Act 2 today, such a good show! It amazes me how much good story gets played out in these eleven to thirteen minute segments.

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