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Thailand Trip!


I took an amazing trip to Thailand in December and finally got around to editing the video (all by my lonesome!)

I know it’s a small silly video, but I have to say, getting back to taking as long as I want to do something, doing it all myself…I am so happy to be able to focus and be hands on fewer things, it’s my 100% goal this year! I hope to make cool stuff, but just on a more manageable scale. I can’t wait to share new stuff with you, whenever it ends up being ready 🙂

Here’s to a great 2014!

  • Tylor Hill

    I do hope you actually get to read this. I very much want to be able to meet you one day. I am a bit unfortunate in the financial world so even if you were willing I doubt I could make it happen. But I do want you know I am a huge fan. I loved Dr Horrible, and had a blast watching the guild. Lately I have been keeping up with Supernatural, I love that show. Anyway, enough babbling. I’m sure you get enough fanmail about how much people love you and to meet, etc. I’m a huge computer geek, and an avid gamer…will be be until the day I die. I would sacrifice my games and tech and vow to never touch any of it again if you were a part of my life. Hopes and dream eh? I know it’s a longshot, but I can’t live with myself if I never try to get in touch with you. I was required to add my e-mail in order to comment, as well as my name. I certainly hope you decide to use it. Stay awesome =)

  • Yogol

    Well, since you asked to say here in the comments where we think you got food poisoned… I bet it was when you looked at those silk worms. Just looking at those must have been enough to give you food poisoning, yuck!

    Funniest moments for me…
    – ‘divided by 3, divided by 10’, that’s an easy vacation-math technique, even math geeks want to relax sometimes 🙂
    – ‘they ate it’: all you need to know about Australian backpakcers in only 3 words!
    – ‘this is the thing you need’, in a very confident voice, suggesting this food is the ONLY thing missing in your life.
    – ‘one whole floor dedicated to iPhone covers’. All you need to know about apple-marketing in one comment, people!
    – ‘you just want to take a blow torch and melt some off’. ’nuff said.
    – the way you stood at the elefants, standing all alone inbetween 3 smiling couples, and still looked the most awesome person of them all!
    – the super-cool smile while wearing the super-cool sunglasses having wind in your super-cool hair on a super-cool speed boat. A speed boat! Stuff doesn’t get cooler than that!

  • Saila

    Sounds like an awesome trip! My mouth was dribbling with drool when I saw (the more delicious looking) food… And being a superpale person, I’m glad when I see someone else looking off-white in a tropical destination 🙂

    BTW, as you are an avid reader, I have to recommend Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi. It should be relatively easy to find on Amazon. It’s a scifi adventure set in post-human future about a gentleman thief who tries to regain his memories after being imprisoned in a virtual jail.. A very interesting read. It’s the first book in a trilogy that is yet to be finished.

    I suppose you’re not going to be a spokesperson for coconut water anytime soon? Take care of yourself and I hope your tummy problems are soon over. Someone’s probably already suggested this but try to cut coffee and sugary/fatty treat for a while (that is, if you already haven’t). I had stomach problems that were caused by stress and too much coffee. It was like I had eaten a block of concrete that was iced with acid and petrol.

  • Erika

    I started watching The Guild about 5 months ago and since then I have become a fan of Geek and Sundry and joined the VF book club. I can’t tell you how excited I am that there is a channel and book club for things I love. Keep on being amazing lady, it’s much appreciated! <3

  • The joy of creating is easily trampled. Society pushes creatives to produce bigger, bolder, more blockbuster-y works, but that wears out the artist and tends to weaken the offerings. If a project is meaningful to you, and you do it out of joy and gratitude, then it is probably both what you are meant to create, and also what the world wants to receive.

    Love the video, your hair is super cute, and I hope your tummy is all better!


  • Ron

    I really enjoyed your Thailand travel log. You looked as if you were really having a great time. I believe that you have asked what we would like to see. I’d like to see things that produce the joy I witnessed in this.

    BTW I am a fan. I’ve enjoyed your web programs, Supernatural episodes, and movies. Keep doing what you do.

    Thanks for being you.


  • Petula

    That was awesome.

  • I love to see what kinds of foods people eat on vacation (sticky rice and mango is one of my favorites.) And what a CUTE baby elephant! And your hair looks awesome, btw. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Jessica

    I really enjoyed this video! Loved the elephants, they looked so happy, and OMG the cuteness of the baby elie! Here’s to a great (and less grumpy) 2014. I think you kicked it off in style!

  • That was fun. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rickvist

    Hi glad you had a Great trip looks very Nice wish I could go there sometime the video was great.

  • Tim

    Poisoning around the time the Elvis impersonator was singing???

  • Willem.

    It looks like you had a great time there, my sister went to Thailand some years ago as well, she has pictures of various places you visited.

    I must say you playing with that little elephant is definatly the highlight, its just adorable and you seem to be having so much fun there.

  • The Carl

    “Lets go play with elephants!” << – sick moment?

  • James Alexander

    Great Stuff with those cutie Elefants. it reminds me of me and my dogs. just excellent. thanks for sharing your cool trip 🙂

  • derek smith

    Hey, new fan who stumbled upon The Guild. Love the travel video. Bonus respect! Us Americans need to travel more. I do a month abroad a year. Maybe we need a Tv/Web show about travel and video games.. hint hint. It worked for food, and sports, and well, probably other stuff.
    P.S. Talk with your tech person. When you post a comment if you haven’t already signed in, you lose what you posted. (Can hardly believe I typed this twice sinc eI never post on stuff). But you’re probably missing on tons of peoples comments. Granted most of them kinda pointless, but still, frustrating to fans.

  • Priscilla Basilio

    That was such an awesome video!!! The baby elephant was definitely the best part but also I’m jealous of that beach. I would’ve never left.

  • veggiedude

    I went there 2007ish, but your video was better. Baby elephants forever!

  • hotel narayan manali

    Thanks – great list! Awesome post

  • Hey Felicia! My Mom and I are going to spend a couple days in Bangkok on our way to Siem Reap, Saigon and Phnom Penh. We are going to do the Elephants!

  • tofubabe

    Felicia I do like you but really did you have to call he Aussies stupid for eating bugs? They are high in protein and if we start having food issues – you might be thankful for some bugs. lol

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