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SXSW and Austin Trip


I’m back in LA after a very exciting trip to Austin and the SXSW Interactive Festival!  I would summarize SXSW attendance as paying for parties from 4pm to 4am with the option of going to panels on off-hours, LOL.  The emphasis is definitely on the party scene, which is not necessarily bad.  The parties are a chance to catch up with people you know from the web, even meeting them in person for the first time. I met MANY people I know primarily through Twitter or the ‘net only, so it was a pleasure to see them in flesh.  I had a great time bouncing around the convention hall, watching panels and chatting with random web strangers.  Amazed at all the Twitters of people who spotted me and didn’t say hi, but observed I was “smaller” or “way paler” in person. Like a cave mushroom or something, LOL.

On Sunday night I stopped by the Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm concert because Paul and Storm talked some Twitter smack about me:

@feliciaday is not at our show, but I’ll still be rocking my Guild t-shirt on stage during Jonathan’s set, because I don’t hold grudges.

I had to prove them wrong. 🙂 Of course, I should have stopped by regardless, but whatever 😉 If you aren’t aware of Sir Jonathan or Masters Paul and Storm check out their tunes, great Geek music.

Other than that I participated in a GREAT panel called “No Budget to Low Budget” that was crossed with the Film/Interactive conventions.  I was amazed by all the questions from filmmakers about web content, and am excited that the Film community, which had previously had a bit of an attitude towards web stuff 😉 is finally warming to the venue.  Here’s an awesome summary of the panel and a short video clip of me talking (pretty slowly) at the panel.  (I was tired, it was a very early panel!! )

I went to some parties, but primarily loved running into people around the convention center during the day.  I don’t drink much, but especially avoid it at parties out of town.  Basically one of the ONLY cool things about my face being sometimes recognizable is that I don’t have to brave the “cold open” with strangers at parties, which I am DISMAL at! Without people coming up to talk to me, I’d probably be sitting in a corner, total wallflower.  I especially hate when the parties have loud music and I end up losing my voice trying to scream in people’s ears, paranoid I had onions for dinner.  My agent George Ruiz was nice and accompanied me around to the few I attended and walked me to my car when I left, very nice! Here’s a cute photo of me posing at a party by Clintus McGintus.  Yes, I was posing, and yes that’s a Sprite.

rifle Of course, one of the biggest treats in going to Austin is seeing my family, and as you can see from the photos I’ve embedded, my Dad and I spent some “quality” time together at the shooting range.  It’s Texas Baby!! 🙂  I have never shot a gun before, if fact I’ve resisted all my life.  But lately I’ve been called on in acting auditions, and even had a job, where I had to use a gun.

There’s nothing worse to watch than an actor who is:

a) Holding a coffee cup with no liquid in it

b) Lugging a suitcase that is empty

c) Wielding a gun like they’re an idiot girl.

handgunSooooo, much to my father’s delight, I asked him to take me to the range.  Ooh, what fun!  And actually…it WAS fun.  I shot 5 different types of guns, 4 handguns and the rifle you see me with above (not my favorite, too hard to target!).   It’s amazing how each gun shoots differently, and how easy it is to pull the trigger of something that can kill people.  I’m still in horrified awe.  That said, shooting the 45 below was pretty empowering (although not as fun as the Glock, woot!)  That stupid grin is my video game side coming out, hehe 🙂  Anyway, hopefully the sense memory will translate if I’m ever called on to pretend I’m a cop or something!
EDIT: My Dad sent me a video of me shooting the rifle. I wish I had smiled at the camera or something, but it’s still cool to see it fire like that 🙂

To top it off, my most surreal/cool experience was totally random.  I was several blocks from the festival waiting for someone to pick me up when I heard three dudes sitting on a park bench muttering under their breathe, “Zaboo!  Zaboo!”  I turned and asked them if they were saying what I thought they said.  One of the dudes jumped up and went crazy. “I knew it!  You’re that strange-ass girl on that random-ass web series I downloaded off of Xbox!”  Nothing to do with the festival at all, just a random sighting.  Surreal and cool.  Strange-ass girl indeed 🙂

Upshot, fun times, and an interesting experience meeting people I know, but don’t “know”.  I guess I’ll be heading back to Austin next year!

BTW, while I was gone, “The Guild” was nominated for a BUNCH of Streamy Awards alongside “Dr. Horrible” GASP!  I’m very torn between my love of both projects, but am in the great position of being happy whoever wins.  BOTH web series are up for the Streamys Audience Award and you can vote 1 x PER DAY until March 28th.  Please click if you can, and I will not personally urge either way, just whatever you liked best.  Whatever wins, this is a great year for web video, hopefully there will be a greater year ahead of us!

  • I was NOT aware of these geek music people, but by mentioning them you have saved me time wasted working. WHEW!

  • You’re holding that AR-15 like a pro though! It’s been too long since I’ve been shooting, but looks like you had quite a good selection. (@SWATJester)

  • I shot a 22, 32, two 45s (one of them a Glock) and the AR-15. Surprisingly the tiny 32 was the hardest to shoot! WTF is with that?

    • Modesto

      I’d like to start off by saying that I just finished watching some episodes from the Guild and I think the show is awesome. I googled your name and it said you graduated from UT so Hook ‘Em (Im also a Texas Ex with a minor in math ^_^). Third, no offense, but I can’t stand Glocks >.< I am too fond of my Kimber 1911 .45 . Glocks are great reliable guns but I personally do not like the design, I think the 1911 is still the best looking design for a pistol. Lastly, I really like the AR-15 with the eotec scope and the front mounted pistol grip, very classy.

      Also with the .32 it was probably the hardest to shoot because it was probably the lightest gun so you felt the recoil more.

      Instant Fan,


    • I read that you had problems aiming the rifle. Judging by the video I saw, your problem was that you had your head too far back from the EOTech. The best way to fire an assault rifle like that is to have your nose up against the charging handle, that way your eyes are level with the rear sight and it makes it easier to aim.

      Sorry, this is just the military guy coming out in me. I fired M-4s and M-16s for six years of my life and watching you fire that AR-15 brought back memories. Figured if you ever got to go back to the range that this might be a helpful tidbit.

  • I just had a flash back to a mortifying fifth grade Nintendo Duck Hunt mishap. On the other hand, you would get a lot of PR from getting a carry and conceal permit for that Glock.

  • Killergawp

    Hey I love the outfit you’re wearing in the picture of you posing at a party. Your clothes are so unique, where do you shop? 🙂

  • Glad you enjoyed Texas (as though it’s not ALWAYS enjoyable)! Next time you come to Tejas, I’m definitely going…even if I have to dump some major cash on SXSW. Maybe a Texas guy can join the in season 3 even though it’s a local guild…

  • Killer, I shop at random places but lately my faves are Madewell for basics and Free People for cute stuff like that shirt. I can’t really afford the full-price stuff at Free People tho, so I get it all off the sale rack, good hunting 🙂

  • Sorry to have missed your panel in the cultural firehose that is SXSW.

    Yes, do practice with the gun. It’s a pet peeve of mine in film. I expect men are better at it because they spent their childhood practicing via variations of cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, Indy vs. Nazis, and so forth.

    The nadir of gun-wielding actresses is definitely Halle Barry in “Die Another Day”. She looks terrified of the thing, and utterly incapable of shooting anybody with it. On the other hand, Milla Jovovich is seriously kick-ass with the weaponry.

  • Bel-Rand

    No power in the verse can stop gun-toting Felicia!

  • Felicia,

    It’s because the .45 is a relatively low speed round, so it recoils more as a push. The AR-15 is heavier so the recoil is offset. The .22 has almost zero weight behind it so it doesn’t recoil much either.

    The .32, however is generally an irritating round to shoot.

    Twitter: @SWATJester

  • My brother used to date a woman from Austin and she said SXSW is a BLAST! I’m glad you had a good time at the gun range, but that is not a Glock you’re holding. It looks more like a Beretta. The Glock must have been the other .45.

  • Oh yes, you’re right! The Glock was…blockier! EEp, I wish I had a pic of me with THAT one, grrr!

  • AndrewL

    Hi Felicia! Great to see you taking firearms seriously. Guns are simply tools, albeit with deadly purpose, and should be treated the same as learning to use any other tool. Plus there are few things sexier than a woman who knows and understand firearms and marksmanship.

    My hat off to you!

  • It was so unfortunate that I didn’t get to run into you! I saw a few people mention that you were at sxsw (including yourself) and I was so psyched! But by the time I found an opportunity to go look for and find people, you already headed back! Boo.

    Hopefully we’ll run into each other in the future! I’m a huge fan 🙂

  • Killergawp

    Thanks Felicia! Are those stripped gloves (I’m assuming their gloves, unless they are part of the shirt :)) from Free people? Those are so adorable. Happy twittering – always enjoy your updates!

  • Hey! I was the chick who accosted you on the escalator at SXSW and then after the JoCo show. 🙂 Thanks so much for being so sweet and approachable. And I just cannot agree more that the most annoying thing in the world is an actor holding a coffee cup with no liquid in it – that junk gets under my skin so bad! It just looks so horrible and really distracts me from the action. 😛 Hope to see you at PAX! 😀

  • I guess I really picked the wrong week to come to LA huh, glad you had a good time in Austin, I’ll actually be there in a few weeks. Well, maybe next time. I’m planning another trip out for another class next year, if you’re not Uberfamous by then, or are but still remember the little people maybe we can have dinner. BTW, did you see that you have over 200,000 followers on twitter? That’s ten times what you had earlier this year amazing how its growing.

  • Glad to see the award nods for The Guild! By far my favorite web series, totally unique. I literally can not wait for Season 3

  • james_riley

    Ok ummm just wanted to say sorry again for my comment on twitter. Especially after you took the time to talk with me a little. Now i feel extra lame, but at the same time I’m kinda freaking out cause i actually really kinda talked to you (yes i consider any sort of online communication to be really talking to someone). Ok, I’m going to go before i sound more like a freakish stalker internet guy.

    also sorry this has nothing to do with the topic at hand.. and sorry about my grammar believe it or not iI’m an English major. something about the internet makes me let it all go out the window. finally, sorry for being so sorry about so many things.

  • Looking at the pictures of you with the guns, I hope I never annoy you 😉

    Glad you had a good trip!

  • James no apologies! 🙂 Sorry I called you out like that, the randomness of Twitter! And now I’m listening to the Decemberist album because of you, so it’s allll good!

    And Brad, sorry I missed you too! Next time!

  • Wildride Robert Roy

    Even with a gun in your hand, you look adorable. I can just imagine “Felicia gone bad”:

    “Oh look, she just pulled a gun on me — Isn’t that the cutest thing ever. And, hey, she just shot me through the heart. What a sweetheart. Speaking of hearts, mine just …”

  • WTL

    The thing I hate the most about parties is when someone decides that the music needs to be so loud you can’t hear anyone. … I mean… what in the name of lawn gnomes’ mother is that person thinking? Isn’t the whole reason of a party to talk with friends?

    Why stop it?

    [end o’rant]

  • I am so glad you posted this! I wanted to make your panel but as you pointed out, it was SO early. Well, it was SO early for sxsw. Good to even get a few moments of the presentation, thanks!

  • I was totally one of the ones who saw you in the hall and smiled dorkily but didn’t say hello and then proceeded to tweet about it for the rest of the day. But I did get to ask you a question about the future of digital media during your panel, and you gave a great answer! It was so cool seeing you in person, even if i didnt cross the twitter stalker line and go to parties you said you were at. So glad you were there, and I’m really glad I got a chance to hear you speak. You’re awesome and keep up the great work!

  • V2Blast

    Were I at SXSW and had I seen you there, I would have said hi. 😛

    It’s cool that you went down to the range with your dad… I’ve wanted to go to a shooting range, but there are none near where I live =/

  • being in the army, the M-16(AR-15) is general issue but i have never fired anything as decked out as that one. that must have been awesome ^^

  • Andrew

    Legend of Neil is also up for a Streamy, against The Guild and Dr. Horrible.

  • Ed

    Great to meet you briefly at the Tumblr party! (Violet Blue introduced us) I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to hang out and chat and thank you for all the laughs and entertainment I’ve gotten out of The Guild. (Voted btw)

    I’m also sorry I didn’t even think about going to the shooting range while I was in Texas of all states.

  • Oh~Really different than I thought.

  • Heh, I’ve had a similar experience with shooting in Oklahoma, coming from England, it’s even more intimidating to be hanging around so much firepower. When the guy next to me started using a laser sight on a target 10 yards away (on a gun that he had pulled out of a concealed holster on his ankle) I decided it was probably time for me to go, but it was definitely an experience worth having.

    And thanks for linking to the panel, interesting stuff. I think we’re still a little lower on the radar here, so we’re very much on the ‘no budet’ side of things! But I’m still giving it a go! At the risk of appearing completely shameless:

  • Jonathan

    It was nice meeting you at the Arcade. Picked up a PHB2, and have to say that Daily 6d6 sorcerer power is nice, but Dragonfrost is great with the right feats and items to make it a push 3.
    Don’t underestimate the Warlord though. Exalted Armor + Stand the Fallen + Bloodclaw Execution Axe = Insane damage + keeping everyone alive.

  • Alden

    Looks like you were at Red’s indoor range. Nice place.

    Love my glock as well.

    Have a great one.


  • Pob

    You know, I’m going to have to start Twittering because the blog isn’t giving me my fix. I’m not blaming though. If you were sitting in front of a computer all the blogging, you wouldn’t be having all these cool things to blog about.

    I do have to say that you are definitely one of the coolest chicks ever. You got “strange-ass girl on that random-ass web series” and thought it was cool. I see the fame the uh *cough* fortune haven’t gone to your head. 😀

  • First time with firearms? The grin says it all 🙂

  • The guild is pretty big, so it doesn’t surprise me that you are getting random encounters. Many of my 8th grade students watch and talk about it all the time.

    Strange is good. I had one my co-workers call me that once and when I smiled and said thanks they just shook their head and walked away.

    The new Decemberists album is out and it is really good. I don’t know if you caught them is SXSW but if you get a chance you should see them live, they are fantastic. 🙂

  • Gareth

    I just have to say what is it with Americans and there guns? That said looks like fun though!

    “Strange-ass girl” what a complimentary turn of phrase or was he perhaps refering that you have a rather odd rump.

  • “…short video clip of me talking (pretty slowly) at the panel.”

    But is it an amalgam? That’s what the people want to know!

    Oh, and I agree regarding music at parties. I went to my high school reunion mrrmph years ago and…err…whazzat? What do you do now? Which sheep are on fire?

    But hey, now you can credibly threaten people who jack up the volume! And prop guys who don’t give you enough coffee or heavy luggage.

  • BobW

    That’s way cool with the rule. Yet more confirmation that you’re smart!

    All women should learn how to shoot. The .45 is fine. A classic gun for a classy lady.

    Gareth: The USA has a *much* lower hot burglary/home invasion rate than most of Europe.

    • Phil

      And a 3 times the murder rate using guns than the total murder rate (with all methods) of the UK

  • “Strange ass girl”. My God, you are nice. I probably would have smacked him in the mouth.

    (I have like zero karma points as you may have guessed.)

  • Jeff

    I shot an Uzi while at a Las Vegas shooting range off the strip. I wanted to shoot handguns (before that, I’ve only shot a 9mm at a local range) because I was kind of intimidated by the whole experience, but the theme of the place was automatic weapons and rifles (And the guy behind the counter kept telling me to go home and shoot handguns at home, this was Vegas. Sigh, guilt tripped.).

    Congratulations on the nominations! The multiple nominations across too many wonderful projects is a good thing, despite being at times in the same categories. But the exposure and legitimization of web content as a viable avenue is good. Perhaps web film making in general will grow 1382%, like twitter!

  • Man I miss Austin and SXSW. It is always a good time of the year. Of course I have Sundance now up in Utah. Can’t wait for ACL to roll around, will definitely have to get back to Austin for that.

  • Heard you on NPR yesterday during a quick Tech segment covering SXSW. It was at once surreal and exciting. You’re the best pretend friend ever.

  • Good for you! Actresses who look lame with even a rubber gun are a pet peeve of mine (as are actors). My other pet peeve is actors on-camera running around with their finger ON the trigger constantly. I don’t care if it’s a prop gun, it makes you look un-safe.

    FYI: the best armorer in the biz (imo) is Harry Lu. I hope you get to work with him some day. Veritable font of knowledge and very safe.

    A .45 is a big package for a teeny (and pale) person. I’m 5’8″ and sturdy, and I don’t like them myself. I have a S&W .38 revolver that’s classic-looking and fits in my hand…and I can actually hit a target with it. My husband will never give up his 1911 (.45 again).

    Mike: I hope you gave Mr. Laser Sights a good, incredulous, raised-eyebrows look. At 10 yards he should be able to make a pattern one-handed with iron sights. Lame. My husband can (almost) hit a running coyote with his 1911 at about 100.

    All: loathe loud music in restaurants or at parties. I’m there to communicate, too. It’s bad enough at a concert.

  • Nice to hear you had a great time!
    And the job you had to use a gun was “Final Sale”, right??? I’m still waiting for that to be available online for us to see. =]

    (or maybe you were talking about Dollhouse……… *wonders*)

  • Hi, Felicia! I would love to come to the Guildies improv. You seem to be holding them once or twice a month. I’m in Berkeley, so if it is possible to let us know ahead of time when they will be I could come down and catch a show! I think I’ve checked all the associated websites for an advance schedule and haven’t found one. I’m “sunah” and your follower on Twitter.

    Thanks very much, and have fun tonight!

  • MiltronB


    I found your website after learning you actually WRITE the Guild and not just act in it and after reading your Wikipedia article. Math-loving target-shooting Guild-writing girls are one in three billions!

    I really like your work.

    I’m from and live in Mexico and I make robots.

    Add me to Twitter! (Miltron)


    -Miltron B.

  • I work at a college library near San Francisco, and a bunch of my coworkers started getting really into going to shooting ranges and getting out their librarian rage, or something. I guess ranges are realizing that nerds are a lucrative crowd, and the librarians have been gleefully bringing their paper targets to post in their offices to show off their scarily improving gunmanship (Gun fu? Whatever.) The paper targets are pretty cool though.

    Zombies targets? Head riddled with bullets.

    Vampire targets? Heart full of holes. Maybe the bullets had little silver crosses?

    The Cylon Centurion target was my favorite. Oh frak! Bullets all over that one. Too bad it won’t do any good.

    If any sudden apocalypse involving monsters occurs anytime soon, I guess my library will be the safest place to be.

  • Sludge

    Felicia, I’m guessing your dad is a pretty big firearm afficionado based on the selection of guns you mentioned. That being said, I hope you realize how happy you made him by going shooting with him. Remember folks, when you find yourself in danger and seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    • Remember folks, when you find yourself in danger and seconds count, the police are only minutes away.


      Another vote here for Glocks and .45s.

      Although I have to admit, when my wife and I were taking a handgun safety course our instructor said the most versatile self-defense tool you can carry is a cell phone.

      Back on the SXSW topic, Did Marian Call make it to SXSW this year? I thought she was supposed to, but don’t see any mention of it on her web site. The reason I bring it up is that I would love to see the two of you sing a duet. She’s going to be in Southern California for much of April. hint, hint

      • *sigh*

        Just in case it’s not clear, that last paragraph was meant for Felicia, not Sludge.

  • There’s nothing worse to watch than an actor who is:

    a) Holding a coffee cup with no liquid in it

    THIS!! Or people sipping from a cup that obviously has no liquid in it.

    Well done on the nominations! Have voted a few times now, will try to remember to vote again.

  • I’m with Simon Templar when it comes to guns, but I won’t judge anyone who loves using them – I don’t want to get shot! 🙂

    You’re quite right about the importance of script. I don’t have any faith in the last feature I worked on, because the writer didn’t know how to do the job, and the director didn’t know how to get changes done.

    P.S. Talking slowly? Really?

  • Felicia,

    It was super cool to meet you randomly. Glad I’m in the boat of people who:

    A) recognize you in the midst of unfamiliar coffee shops, and
    B) have the gusto to introduce themselves.

    Thanks for pointing me to the Laughingsquid party too. Met some great people there who will continue to be friends after the festival.

    Take care

  • If you want to check out some more geek rock, I would recommend checking out Uncle Monsterface. I can’t begin to explain what kind of music it is, but to give you an idea, they identify themselves as a Sock Puppet Rock Band. My friend Marty is the lead singer and happens to make a living by selling Sock Puppet Portraits that he makes. – to check out the sock puppet portraits!


  • I’ve been to a number of Internet/New Media panels through Film Independent, and it always blows my mind where so many film people are at with this stuff. I always feel like, man, the Internet is sitting right on your desk! Jump on in and figure it out for yourself, the water’s fine.

  • Of all the things I could comment on in this post I have to say yes!–I hate watching actors “drinking” out of empty cups. It’s one of those things I wish I didn’t notice (along with typos and reality tv). Always enjoy reading your blog…

  • Sounds fun. I might drive up to Austin next year and buy you a beer.

    I didn’t realize you were a Texas girl. No wonder you have your head on straight, strange-ass girl. 😉

  • I wanted to thank you again for being nice enough to do a favor for me (randomguythatmadeyoutalktohisfriendonthephone). You were as sweet and approachable as people say you are. I hope you found and enjoyed your BBQ. 🙂

  • len

    After seeing you on Buffy, Dr Horrible and so on, I didn’t know you were from my hometown, Huntsville, until one my old friends in theatre here mentioned it. I guess it’s untrue that nobody escapes the Valley.

    You’re doing great! Best of luck!


  • james_riley

    hall and oats is the best ever btw

  • Glenn

    Felicia, you rule! Thought you were great in Buffy (EVERYTHING was great in Buffy), and Dr Horrible was so cool. More Felicia on our screens please! Just wanted to say g’day from Australia.

  • alexreager

    Felicia–Wizard World Chicago is August 6-9, I’ll bring you Krispy Creme’s to your booth!! (can’t hurt to try a bribe!)

    Are we ever going to see a Felicia video blog? I think it would be fun to see a Codex style video blog from Felicia as the real Felicia. You could sing a song, tell a joke, give your thoughts on global warming or even just play the violin. (not that any of us here at my office have been debating whether or not you can actually play an instrument and that you just say that to look super talented…because I’m sure that’s not the case!)

  • omg, my bff’s husband just took us to the shooting range a fea weekends ago. was the first time for me and was kinda cool i shot 3 different handguns, but then us girls had to go off to find a bathroom so we were done for the day. awesome experience and her husband has these old targets from the 70s with these guys on it and some hostage with farrah faucet hair.. too funny!

  • Ms. Day,

    I am glad you posted these pics & vids. When I fired my first weapon at 17 I was so nervous I thought I would puke. Practice makes it better. These weapons are just tools.

    Here is some totally unsolicited (unwanted?) advice from someone who has spent quite a few hours on a military rifle range.

    You need to pull the butt of the rifle into your shoulder. You can use the table in front of you for support, but you really want to feel as though the rifle is stuck in the flesh of your shoulder (but not pulling it in so much that your arms start to wobble from the exertion). It looks like you are squeezing the trigger – which is perfect! – and not pulling the trigger, but if you’re going for accuracy I’d practice the follow-through (holding that trigger down deliberately for just a moment longer – but this only really applies to those deliberate, single shots). In this position, your breathing isn’t affecting your aim too much (since you are using the table), but the ‘natural point-of-aim’ will float around if you are not firing at the same point in your breathing cycle. So breathing is still important.

    All that to say that I’ve seen really good actors handle and fire weapons on screen poorly. I don’t blame them, and I suspect that the Director is partially at fault. But when I see an actor handle a weapon like they actually know it inside-and-out, well, then I’m impressed and it helps us military types buy-in to the film. (Nebutron’s point above about the finger-on-the-trigger problem is very true).

    Anyway, keep up the good work! Love your show.


    Saskatoon, Canada

  • james_riley

    I’m jealous of Mowat. I wish I lived in a town with a sweet name like “Saskatoon”. However, this would in turn make me candian. I think I’ll stick with living in boring named Lisle and not be canadian. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not for me is all. One piece of advice Mowat, when you enter a room in another town you must enter while saying, “Saskatoon is in the room”. I’m not sure why it just seems like it would be the right thing to do.

    “Jammin” James “The Freshest” Riley

  • Joel

    Magnolia Cafe receipts swiped during SXSW, your credit card may have been compromised story:

  • Jeff Elwell

    Hi. I have a question about writing.. Right now I live in Colorado, but was born and raised in SoCal. so I’ve done the ‘extra’ jobs on set and such, and it was amazing to see the making of a show.. Though I’d like to write a script sometime, I’m working on a story..
    I have the premise, but as I write things keep changing. But the major “block” is dialog. characters unique personalities.. Where do you pull the motivation from? How do you write the dialog, or am I over thinking it?

    Also the story keeps growing, and I’m not sure of the end.. A friend says just write, but I fear I’d have 1 million notebooks full of rambling..

    Thank you for letting me ask this. 🙂

    Oh.. Sorry more than one question. It’s just cool to have access to a good writer/ actor

  • Ooh thanks, but Lake Austin is the one I only go to. They have cherries for the pancakes, SoCo doesnt, or used to not 😀 Thxx for that tho!

  • Hey! Nice questions, I’ll make a note to do a blog post on it in the next few weeks so everyone can enjoy and comment 🙂

  • Tony

    I knew I liked you for more than just your good acting chops and your adorable redheadedness.

    Your dad is very lucky. I have an 18 year old daughter that despite everyone else’s opinion of me, thinks I am the biggest scumbag on the face of the earth. I would give anything for her to call me up someday and ask me to take her shooting.

    If you’re ever in the PNW and want a surrogate dad to take you shooting for the day, look me up.

    @tfaville on twitter, already following you…god, that sounds like a stalker, so does watching……yeah, um, I have you my twitter list 🙂

  • Jay Gantner

    @feliciaday Followed your link on TWITTER to the streamy, thank you & congratulations, you were great. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work soon! Lock and load and go girl! You are an inspiration.

  • I am looking forward to hearing from you at Paleyfest. I am flying from Houston to LA just for the Horrible jaunt and then back home. Yay for Southwest Airlines!

  • I live in Ft. Worth and I love shooting guns. I love to hunt too! It’s one of my favorite things to do. You should definitely go sometime! South Texas is a great place for it. I hope you’re cool with killing animals… Otherwise, forget it. :-p

    Thanks for what you do – making people happy being one of them. 🙂

  • Ace

    Late to the party, but what the heck–commenting anyway.

    I applaud you for headin’ to the range with your Dad and learning about guns. And shooting some. 500 bonus points and 1000 XP to you.

    Yep. I now have you as the model for one of the characters in my webfiction series KAT AND MOUSE: GUNS FOR HIRE.

  • FlamTapDan

    You are a bad ass, plain and simple.
    I have to say im a relatively new fan, but your obvious talents have caught my eye.
    look forward to more of your work. i just discovered the guild, and im loving it.

  • thanks for sharing.I enjoy it.

  • Many thanks for finding the time to speak about this, I’m fervently relating to this and I take pleasure in researching this topic. Please, as you gain information, please update this website with more information. I’ve discovered it very useful.

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