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In the last few weeks, I’ve had some amazing encounters with people who have been affected by what I do, either with my show or what I do online.  I wanted to share a few of these stories because I think they might speak to anyone who creates.  And because it shows that “entertainment” can mean much more than that, even if it is totally inadvertent.

-Leaving Emerald City Convention last weekend, Amy Okuda and I were going through security and unfortunately found that jam and peanut butter are banned items in a carry-on.  But that’s not what the story is about, haha.  During the bag search, one of the TSA workers approached me and thanked me for The Guild because, as he explained haltingly, he met his wife because of it!  Evidently, they met through friends, he introduced her to the show, they had date nights and watched episodes together, started gaming together, got married…  Then he pulled out his phone, and showed me a picture of his baby, six months old.  And then he thanked me for making a show for “us gamers”.  I left kinda quick, because I felt pretty ready to cry like a maudlin baby, but it was an amazing moment.  And a beautiful baby 🙂

-I received an email through my website last week from a guy named Mike, who was perusing my website, and read my bio last year.  He said that:

There have always been things I’ve wanted to accomplish and do well, but I never felt like they were attainable. When I read your bio it gave me a completely new outlook and drive to get up and start accomplishing the things I had put aside…I was inspired and decided to pick up the violin, again, but even more seriously than I ever had before.

To summarize, he decided to practice the violin.  For himself.  Hundreds of hours of practice later, he gave a recital (he linked me a video of his performance.) Watching the video was so inspiring, not only because he performed one of the HARDEST violin showpieces so well after 15 years of not playing AT ALL, but because, to me, the totality of his journey represents the true essence of creativity.  Whether you reach 10 or 10 million, being an artist is first for yourself, but ultimately for the world.

-We had a signing a few weeks back at Barnes and Noble in The Grove (it’s the mall I shop at frequently, so seeing the banner in the window was one of the biggest thrills!) A girl holding a beautiful art poster approached the table, VERY emotional.  I got a bit flustered, but since SHE was way more flustered and almost in tears, I told her to sit down while I finished signing and we could chat when she got her composure back.

After the line waned, she gave me the poster.  On it was a note on the back, and a printed Tweet from ME from 2009, linking to a Kotaku article about an art auction organized by the boyfriend of a girl, Kat, who was struggling with breast cancer.  He had arranged for friends of his, video game concept artists, to contribute works of art to benefit her and her medical bills.  It was an amazing story, and, like I do, I shared it.  And that’s where it ended with me two years ago, with a Tweet linking to the auction.  But it began again at that signing.

The girl with the poster was Cat, in real life.  She fought through breast cancer, and is now a survivor (as she told me her story I started crying, she is so beautiful and has endured so much). I never even put a face to her name when I linked the article, but her boyfriend’s efforts were, at the time, something I wanted to support.  The fact that my Tweet helped her through a horrible time in her life, and helped spread word of the auction, is so amazing to me.  A gesture of kindness that echoed because of the power of the internet. Cat you are still an inspiration.  You can check her blog out, Beautiful Grim and see more of her story if you like.

I would never want to get too self-important or precious about what I do, but these stories do make me stop and think.  I create entertainment, but the by-product of my work has had effects I’d never have thought of.  I think it’s important to realize that the little things we do, by sharing who we truly are, can echo through other peoples’ lives in ways we can’t imagine.

  • Heather

    Felicia, I love you. Thank you so much for sharing these stories. Everything you have to say (or tweet) is interesting. I hope you are doing well.

  • Ulmka

    Wonderful stories Felicia I feel honored that you decide to share them with us. Thank you.

  • That was an inspiring post and I am not afraid to admit that I teared up a bit at the last story. Thanks so much for sharing these on your blog.

  • Thank you. As a writer, there are times when I feel like my work is trivial compared to nurses and teachers and firefighters and soldiers…it helps to be reminded that somehow, somewhere, my words might touch someone and give them something I never even imagined, as I sit in my little office and type.

  • Bret

    Nice; I almost QQ’ed.

  • Frank

    It is nice that you are moved by this. But I hope that you can depend on it.

    I had tweeted you, about you being on the Kevin Pollak show a while back. You mentioned you had just finished season 3. You mentioned that you were close to a breakdown, the night before even, because you were doing too much. A few days ago you mentioned a book pertaining to that same thing.

    I hope you can take those great stories from fans and be uplifted. Hey You’ve earned it!

  • I must say there is a synergy at work with the universe. I find inspiring stories like the one’s you shared here more often as I wrestle with my own decision to put the corporate world behind and follow more creative pursuits. Mostly writing and acting. Thank you for sharing your’s and others’ stories of creativity and courage. Maybe one day I’ll see you at signing and say. “Thank you.”

  • You put great energy out and it comes back to you. At ECCC I had you sign a copy of The Guild season 3 and I told you how I used The Guild in my dissertation and how you guys helped me find the participants for my study about women gamers. Just another example of an unconventional way your work has impacted someone’s life. Thanks for that. 🙂

  • What beautiful stories. It’s amazing how much we can touch people’s lives and not even realize it. Reading about encounters like these make me feel so much more hopeful about humanity — it’s so refreshing to be reminded that people can be really wonderful to each other. I feel so cynical sometimes when I see how self-centered and selfish people act… I need to hear stories like these so I don’t forget that there are plenty of good people out there too.

  • *happy sigh*

    I haven’t sold a heckuva lot of copies of my SF books this year as I take a deeper leap into self-publishing. This post reminds me of one of the reasons to keep at it. We create for ourselves, but we also create to move others, even if it’s just to entertain for a little while. You move us, we move you, and we all move each other.

    Thank you!

  • Felicia, I can’t begin to tell you what a spectacular and powerful post this was. I’m glad you seem to have a proper handle on the responsibility that comes with blossoming into an ever-public figure.

    I hope you never lose the beautiful personality inside, and never lose touch of why people are so inexplicably drawn to you in the first place. If only half of Hollowood shared your genuine care for the people around you.

    Keep flashing that infectious smile, and never lose the ability to shed a sympathetic tear. I look forward to watching your career continue to inspire…

    Much love and admiration…

    • Mike

      Ditto what Jeff said, Felicia. Your compassion is incredible. Thanks for your example.

  • Jeri Ellsworth

    Wow. Please don’t stop putting yourself out there and being approachable.

  • Cheryl

    Felicia, I would love to meet you~!
    But I live allll the way in CT and nothing good happens here.

    You’re so awesome!

  • Doug

    “the little things we do, by sharing who we truly are, can echo through other peoples’ lives in ways we can’t imagine.”

    That is so true. Every little thing we do. By sharing our hearts, through what we do, through who we are. We never know what effect sharing our truth will have on others. You really can change peoples lives for the better.

  • I’ve always meant to thank you for making me aware of Dan Carlin’s history podcasts! Great stuff.

  • This was a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing! I definitely teared up on that last story. And the couple that got together because of The Guild — holy moly!

  • Heather

    So glad to read this blog post. You do make a difference in people’s lives, aside from just giving us awesome pieces of entertainment. (Even the little things: such as when my friend mentioned my name to you and you referred to me as the “cute Asian girl” = exciting!)

  • Matt

    You should be careful, people might start coming up to you on the street to serenade you with ‘Wind Beneath My Wings.’ :p

    (It is awesome you’ve been able to inspire so many people.)

  • TheNextMajor

    It’s not just the entertainment you make, it’s the interaction with the fan base that drives this. Never stop.

  • Don

    Art is art. It reachs, touchs people in different ways. And what some people bring to it personally – whether it’s a disease or past experience or dream – determine what people take from it.

    On Sunday, a stand-up comedian, Mike DeStefano, passed away. (You might remember him from last season of Last Comic Standing.) Only 44, he had had a hard life being HIV positive and a recovering heroin addict. He had turned things around, first as a addiction counselor and then as a stand-up. Mike had a gruff, almost confrontational personality, and it showed onstage and off. Because of that, he wasn’t my favorite comedian although I respected his talents.

    Yesterday, when news of his death spread on Twitter, people gave rememberances of him. One of them was surprising. It was a storytelling festival in Austin where Mike told a moving tale of the grandest thing he ever did. The video follows:

    This is why I will always remember Mike DeStefano. The story is incredible and perfectly told. Not that there aren’t moments that he doesn’t break and stumble and reach for words. It’s that he does and that’s what that story deserved. I’m not saying that it was performance. Just the opposite. It was heartfelt, real, honest.

    The best of art is all of that – it is created with passion and emotion and honesty.

    That’s what makes your work so wonderful, Felicia. You bring a passion and honesty to it that shines through. You show us who you are – whether it’s an artist who creates a series that expresses what it’s like to be a gamer, making people feel less alone; or a life-traveler who pushes her own visions into reality, inspiring others to start their own artistic pursuits; or a celebrity using your popularity online to support a worthy cause – and that is all it takes to be wonderful.

    You echo because you are who you are and you share that with the world.

  • It is so easy to become jaded in this business (the business of entertaining people in general) to the fact that every time you express something in front of people you can change a life. You seem to be a remarkably considerate performer and artist and I’m glad to follow you. Is it a bit meta that your blog post about how inspired and touched you have been by the people who’ve told you how inspired and touched they’ve been by you has in turn inspired and touched me? It’s like Inception, but less dark… 🙂

  • Kevin

    Thank you for reminding me that good people can still make a difference in this world.

    • We starting following you recently on twitter. We watched some of your webcast show and knew a little about about your work with Whedon. You’re a talented writer and actress but most impressive is you really seem to be a warm, intelligent and caring person. You’ve made us fans.

  • Well now, I’m tearing up reading this.

    It’s been about three years since we first met online, even though I didn’t even realise it was you commenting on my site at first 🙂 You are inspirational and a huge part of why we are making webseries now. Hopefully we’ll actually meet up one day and not just via Skype.

    You’re a nice lady. Thanks for sharing. And everything else.

  • You know, it’s stuff like this that makes me totally unashamed to think you’re super awesome; a genuine person with genuine feelings that gets to do something that they love and gets to reach so many people. One of whom is me. I can only hope that at some point I can make that kind of difference in someone’s life. 🙂

  • Sic

    What is this website of yours you receive email from?

  • Thanks for making me cry in public at my workplace. 😉 I do love a good sob story or three. I also love pretty much everything you create and work with (at least everything I’ve seen so far). Much love from your Norwegian soul sister.

  • Nick Mowery

    I have to admit that not only did Cats’ story touch me, but the influence you have has driven me to pursue my photography with even more passion. Do it for myself first. Thank you and can’t wait for this summer to see DA: Redemption and The Guild S5!!

  • Wow. This is truly inspiring in itself. 🙂

    Just watched The Guild panel from ECCC – funny and insightful.

  • Kellie

    Felicia, this was a wonderful post & I wanted to share another story of a life you’ve touched. I suffer from chronic pain & sometimes just getting through the day is really tough. When that happens I put on The Guild because I know it is a guaranteed laugh. And as they say – Laughter is the best medicine. Just a couple of episodes is enough to give me the strength to get back into the day & put a smile back on my face. THANK YOU 🙂

  • Interesting! And very entertaining. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

  • Meg

    Felicia, you have a warmth and sincerity that draws people to you. You are an incredible person, & an inspiration to so many. I have enjoyed so much of your artistry, and at the same time, while I can admire you, you keep it feeling very personable, the way you connect with people. Thanks for being so open with your fans. Oh, and yes, I cried at that last story as well. (and a beautiful piece of art she brought out!)

  • Thanks very much for sharing these stories. I’m going to save this quote:

    “Whether you reach 10 or 10 million, being an artist is first for yourself, but ultimately for the world.”

    This article was very inspiring and has me really motivated to continue working toward my goal of being a video game developer. Thanks for all you do, Felicia 🙂

  • Lovely

  • Awwwwwwwr! Felicia!!!!!

    You’re such a good little egg 🙂

  • Raj

    It makes me proud to be wearing my Guild t-shirt at work today.

    It’s great to find “celebrities” who remain genuine people in the face of all the pressures their status brings. Small gestures can have wide-ranging effects. Good on you and may you, yourself, continue on to bigger and greater things. (That is provided you don’t abandon THe Guild just yet. I still want to know when to expect season 5!)

  • That’s really inspiring!

    I think in any walk of life it’s so easy to get caught up in our own work and struggles, but it’s definitely worthwhile and rewarding to look outwards and connect with others even if they’re not necessarily part of our daily life or circle.

  • This is Lovely, Felicia. And you are truly an inspiration, I twitted you a few days about how your show inspired me to pursue my own fantasy radio drama series. “Whether you reach 10 or 10 million, being an artist is first for yourself, but ultimately for the world.”

  • Felicia. These stories are why you are one of the very best people in the industry. You are down to earth and absolutely incredible. You impress me with everything you do.

    Just awesome.

    Also, thanks for signing my Guild photo at the Toronto Fan Expo last summer. You totally made my day. I was grinning like a dork for the whole weekend.

  • Ian Cook

    Thanks for sharing Felicia, I should learn to stop reading heartwarming stories at work. Someone is going to walk in on me when i’m crying one of these days.

  • Markus

    This is such a wonderful blog update which proves how one person, even in unexpected ways, can make a difference in the world. It’s so gratifying to see you rewarded for your hard work in this way. I bet these stories are worth more than all the money and series contracts in the world.

    As I sit here in my Guild t-shirt (that has become part of my standard wardrobe) I realise now why it’s worth sharing your passions and gifts with the world.

    Many many thanks Felicia 🙂

  • Beautiful stories. Thanks for sharing them with all of us. It’s got to be encouraging to hear that doing what you love and just being you is changing people’s lives in such a deeply personal and positive way. Pretty awesome.

  • Enrique

    Espectacular… Gran trabajo!

  • len

    That is what karma is, a web of reciprocity times 3.

  • Thanks for posting this. It a great reminder of how we all have an effect on others’ lives, many times without even realizing it. Blessings on you for your compassion and good heart!

  • Daniel

    These stories make me feel all fuzzy inside =)

  • Firnantok

    Thanks for sharing these stories with us. 🙂

  • Felicia, you are a great giving person. You have inspired many and given laughs to a bunch of us. Finding the Guild, Robot Chicken and the Legend of Neal has helped me fill in the sad times this last year. My wife suffered from pancreatic cancer and lost her battle. Watching some of the amazing stories you guys have crafted has been awesome and uplifting.

  • Yaeee!! I’m glad you had these surprising encounters, Felicia. I too got teary.

  • It’s really uplifting and encouraging to read inspiring stories such as this.

  • You have a bright future Felicia. Oh and stop being so rad, you’re making me look bad 😉

  • Neil

    As always, thanks for sharing. I love that each story highlights a different aspect of what you do.

    The first shows an unexpected consequence of creating your art: literally bringing people together.

    The second shows the power of new media, and particularly the aspect of community that it offers over traditional media (a theme you’ve discussed before). By sharing of yourself with a community you provide inspiration beyond the work you create.

    The third is an example of kindness at work. Perhaps it’s the most important example you provide. While many of us may not be able to share our creativity on the Internet, we can all be kind. If a community can agree on the power of practical compassion, the world can be made better.

    Sometimes, the unforeseen consequences may be the greater part of the effort. Who knew?

  • Felicia – thank you for sharing. You’re awesome! See you at Chicago Comic-Con. My wife, kids and I are HUGE fans of all you do.

  • darren

    Thank you for sharing these great stories. I just wanted to say thanks for the little things that you do too. I met you at ECCC last weekend and it’s the little things that I saw that weekend that made me an even bigger fan. Your lines were huge all weekend when it came to signings. In spite of that you were always so approachable and made time to really talk to every person in line. You didn’t just say hi, sign a pic, then say thanks. You took the time to acknowledge the person in line and make them feel like they actually got to chat with you. I’m sure that people that met other celebs didn’t feel the same way. Last year would’ve been my first ECCC and the whole reason I was going was because of you. It didn’t work out due to you filming Red but I’m glad you came out this year. You were the reason I went again this year and meeting you was awesome. I still smile just thinking about it. I hope that you go again next year 🙂

    Thanks for all that you do and for being someone that both guys and girls can look up to. You’re chasing your dreams and making them happen. That’s something that both sexes can look up to. Even better you’re a great role model for girls in so many ways. Thank you for that – I told you this at ECCC but wanted to say it again. My little girl is only 3 but I’m ecstatic to know that she has someone like you to look up to as she gets older. I’ll add too that if she grew up to be even just a little bit as awesome as you, I’d know that I did a pretty good job as a father 🙂

    All the best – I was the guy that was wearing the button up shirt which I now think of as my “tear-away” shirt now… I never realized that it could do that 😛

  • JS

    Long Live the Net-Generation Revolution! 🙂
    Singularity here we come!!

  • Josh

    Hi Felicia. I am watching out right now at SXSW 2011 and followed your to your blog. Anyways, These are really great and inspiring stories! I actually live and work in the LA area and would be more than happy to donate my time to help with what you are doing with The Guild and your other projects. Keep up the great work!

  • jason

    Hi Felicia

    I almost joined Twitter just to tell you a similar story – although not as dramatic – but suddenly here was your relevant post. I was in the midst of a heavy WOW addiction last year when I find out about The Guild and, after watching every episode available, I nearly quit (sooo hard to quit 😉 thanks to Cyd/Codex and your great writing!

    Anyways, in an interview you said ‘write what you know’ in reference to your gaming influencing The Guild. That started my thoughts of dusting off an old book idea and combining it with my Warcraft experience and since completing NANOWRIMO I have been doing tons of writing and no gaming – disclosure: only because Blizzzard doesn’t support Windows 2000 anymore.

    Thanks for being an inspiration, talented, and a hottie redhead!

  • Robert

    Reading these stories, and subsequently these responses, it would be somewhat mute to say i am another one of the people who feel affected in some way by you and your staggering determination and talent (which i clearly am) so i will just say, you have devoted fans here in merry old england. You are great. And if these responses are something you read, which they so often aren’t, then i would like to say no other celebrity compares to you. Oh, and mass effect rules all. Hopefully you can find the time to play the third one that will be coming out. Felicia, i bid you farewell

  • Chris C

    Yes, your work does touch others. My teenage daughters see you as a role model. I see you as a role model. We love how you can turn a vision, like The Guild, into a reality that so many people enjoy. We can tell you make it with love, which makes it credible.

    As an example where your inspiration can lead: one of my daughters, a wrestler on her high school team, is working to pick up skills so she can become a stunt woman. I think she wants to be your stunt double.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Having had my jam confiscated at security in Vancouver and it being many years before I anticipate going back to Pike Place Market in Seattle I can totally relate to losing your jam!

    It may not be as important as the violin or eradicating cancer but as Joey on Friends said, “No more jam?!”

    Love your work-keep hiring Wil-love him too…


  • Viji Nathan


    As a Guildie… (even if it’s just the horrific mom of a Guildie… 😉 this is the first post on which I just had to comment.. I can imagine someone as humble as you wondering if you should share these stories of your positive impact.. I’m adding my thanks to those above for your having shared… you made a baby!! ;)..and you know that rates high in an Indian mom’s messed-up head.. :). But the story and photo of Cat… I’m verklumpt as a Hinjew..

  • You’ve certainly inspired me so I can relate to the people you’ve talked about in this post. The story about Cat is particularly moving. It just shows that the little things people do can have such a huge impact on others lives!

    I briefly met you at SXSW last week so thanks for signing my copy of The Guild comic. I wrote a little post about it actually:

    I know, I’m a geek!

  • Daley

    Very fun read. I also love corn dogs.

  • I’m still learning from you, however I’m bettering myself. I certainly love reading everything that’s written on your blog.Keep the tales coming. I loved it!

  • Lovely story. Very heartwarming. Keep them coming please.

  • I remember reading Cats story when they posted it on I lost the bookmark and now you pointed me back to it. Thanks for that. And thanks for inspiering me with your work.

  • alexreager

    Its been a while since I visited the site…and I’m SHOCKED to see that your reading selections are all comic books. I was expecting to see a bunch of romance books with the obligatory half clothed Fabio-lookalike. Its a welcomed change!

    I guess I’m the only one that wasn’t “inspired” by your stories (that seems to be the theme in the comments) but I still love you anyway…And really just popped in to say hi and to tell you how excited we are to have you coming to Chicago in a few months! Woohoo!

    The Wizard World site says you’re only going to be there on Saturday but you tweeted that you’re there more than just one day….any update on that? Thanks!

  • you’re a wonderful person felicia never change 🙂

    p.s could you post more of these stories? I really feel a connection to other fans now 🙂

  • Alan aka Space§man

    What an awesome story Felicia!

    Just goes to show how the seemingly small pieces of the puzzle everyone carries with them can fit together to make a perfect picture!

    We need to here more about this sort of thing out there in the media in general. So on top of your productions, enthusiasm, creativity and humour being just awesome and inspiring as they are, this post was an unexpected read and bonus, and in its own way just as vital.

    I’m staying glued to this blog 🙂

  • Alan aka Space§man

    Heh, enthusiasm erased the other half:

    Props to the subjects of the stories – for showing iron will and determination and getting stuck into that violin, and for Kat/Cat having the bravery to stay up front and speak out about what she has gone through, and her awesome BF for showing how a real man *should* act!

  • len

    Dropping this in the soup because a) you don’t behave like this and that says a lot about where you belong in the galaxy and b) I’ve had it with the old school a-listers who just refuse to change or grow a pair.

  • Leonard Flaro

    Within the walls of the Rembrandt Museum some of the finest artist in history. Divinci, Van Gough, Picasso, Monet, Rembrandt. I’ve stood in front of their works and wondered, why can my brother have the same gift as any of the for mentioned artist yet I can barely create a believable stick figure. After many years of envy for the gifts my brother had, he unknowingly said something that changed my envy into understanding. He said “Without the viewer the artist is nothing”. Since that time i’ve bathed in the arts, and come to understand my role, be the viewer, and be the best viewer I can be. (that’s how i got here)

    When I read your story and seen the picture, I started thinking of how art, has the power to change, heal and inspire. Even if by vicarious nature, art is powerful.

    (a test of this power, you say?)

    Who knows? just by typing the words maybe something good will happen.

    The most powerful concept artist I can think of are working for ArenaNet on the Guild Wars 2 project. If it’s a sample of power your looking for that would be your richest source. (plug plug) Everything that team touches turns to gold.

    I’m gonna head back to my guild and let you get back to “The Guild”
    Great story Codex, you ROCK!

  • Hi Felicia,

    My husband and I just finished watching The Guild for the first time. We aren’t gamers but were attracted to the quirky storyline. I didn’t know anything about you and your many projects (I did watch Dr. horrible, but I have to admit Nathen Fillion was my reason for watching:) Anyway, when I found out that you produced and created The Guild and are working on so many other creative endeavors it inspired me to take a serious look at all the things I’ve wanted to create over the years but have been scared to.

    There’s something touching to me in people creating things for themselves and not going the traditional routes. I have been on a winding road that at many times feels like it’s getting me nowhere. I’m trying to start a business but because I’ve allowed people to influence my decisions and because I’ve basically been intimidated by the people already in the industry I’m trying to break into I’ve not taken certain important steps to make my business a reality.

    You, and many other creators like yourself (Wil Wheaton comes to mind) have taught me that there are no formulas to life. You must do what you love regardless of what people will think. And the only route to true success is through creating things you love and are good at.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes people successful in their business or other projects and for a long while I was looking for those answers in business and marketing books. And I started to believe that the success come directly from the way you market or from the day-to-day business operations. While those things can help or hurt a business I realize now that it’s the creativity and courage of the owner or creator that makes it successful. We are taught that most areas of life are formulas and equations that have to be worked out. But life isn’t a problem to be solved, it’s something to be lived.

    This turned out a lot longer than I anticipated but I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do and helping to remind me to create what I love above all else.

  • This turned out a lot longer than I anticipated but I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do and helping to remind me to create what I love above all else.

  • But life isn’t a problem to be solved, it’s something to be lived.

  • Humberto

    Although I’ll probably never have the delight to see you, know what your like in person, or understand you in any way. I’d still like you to know, even for a second, that I Humberto Quiroga have fallen in mused and trance over your ever expanding glow of warmth and pizzazz.. When this world sees you leave, It will experience a great loss.. and by world I mean me. I love you Felicia Day.

    The Guild is genius. Kudos

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