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If you missed it, here’s the episode I was in last week:


And here’s the chat I did after (sorry for the blurriness!  It was dark and I had to watch the TV at the same time!)


Hope you guys enjoyed ittt!

  • Gordon Hack

    Hey Felicia. Thanks for the hangout last week and for posting the episode of Supernatural. I think it’s going to be on TV here (Australia) next week.
    Don’t know if you’ve heard anything about it in the States but Brisbane has had another serious flood this week, so it will be good to have something nice to watch instead of the endless flood coverage on TV.

    Thanks again for the hangout. It was awesome.



  • Gordon Hack

    Ooops! Looks like I’ll have to wait till next week to see the episode. No Hulu outside of the US 🙁

  • viking

    Eh…. Ms. Day? You made me google Belladonna… I think I have to reformate my harddrive and wash my eyes with soap. And then recover with some Cthulhu p0rn.

    When that is said, you have to get that painting and put it next to the Guild painting. Dont worry about stealing, blackmailing or using other dirty tricks to get it. This is a question about geek honor.

    I have absolutly no idea what happened at the end of the episode. Bravehearth meets the 13th Warrior and a cheap blond wig? At least this opens for another guest apperance of Charlie. Best luck with your further work.

    Yours Viking (OH… I SAW THE SUN TODAY! THE WINTER IS LEAVING! Just another 2-3 months….)

  • The hangout was so much fun! 🙂

  • Dale

    It is great seeing you in Supernatural, you have done an awesome job both times you have appeared. It would be great to see more of you on Supernatural 🙂
    It is too bad Eureka is over, you were great to watch there as well.
    Keep up the great work, and don’t forget to continue making the Guild 😉

  • StephyDMcD

    Great job! You are a pleasure to watch in all you do.

    P.S in your list of future personal appearances you Ottowa, it’s Ottawa (since it’s my hometown) just wanted to let you know. We’re nice that way.


    Keep up the great work you are an inspiration!!

  • Gordon Hack

    Just watched the episode tonight in Australia. Great work Miss D. That fairy snog scene…phew!

  • GutsyGamer

    Great episode, you mentioned in the live chat that your favorite table top was dungeon and dragons. Will we be seeing you or anyone from Geek & Sundry at DunDraCon this year out in San Ramon?

  • Watching your Supernatural chat and your comment about waking up being hard as an actor made me laugh. I couldn’t agree more!

    As a freshman in college, I got cast in a senior directing project which was kind of a big deal. In the short play, my character starts onstage in bed asleep. My scene partner, playing my husband, had the first line which is the reason I wake up. BUT HE FORGOT TO SAY IT! Leaving me onstage, alone, waiting. Until I pretended to wake up and plunged ahead. ARgh. Kind of killed the mood for the comedy.

    Loved seeing your character on Supernatural! Again, yay!

  • Masshuu il Thulcandra

    Did you enjoy kissing Tiffany Dupont? She is so pretty. I hope you did!

  • Tim Bowser


    I just wanted to tell you (Totally off topic of your post) How much your series “The Guild” Is awesome. I am In the Army Guard and was recently deployed to Afghanistan. When I could get the internet to work “The Guild” helped me relax and drift away from where I was and the realization of how far away I was from friends and family. Along with other methods of relaxation (I.E. Books, Games and making things from cord) your creation was a great addition to my day.

    Please keep up the good work

  • Geri

    Hey Felicia,

    Loved you on Supernatural!!

    By the way…heard of a game you might be interested in on NPR in Chicago this morning.
    It’s called EyeWire…’s a game to help scientists map the brain.

  • len

    Good to see you’re still doing the do. Furloughs here in the hometown. Not pretty. On the other hand, if this is the cost of shutting the wars down, so be it. We’ve lived in a pretty Ozimandian bubble for a decade and it isn’t exactly the christian thing to say, “Oh no, why must WE suffer now??”

    Dark humor. Dark times in local hangouts.

    So, time to finally see all of Dollhouse on Netflix. Season 1 was excellent. Just starting season two and who do I see, the Red!

    Best to you and yours!

  • len

    And today I finished up the Dollhouse series on Netflix. Compliments to Whedon and Dushku. A finely crafted story it is.

    Well acted, Red. You did good.

  • Kristi

    I’ve been watching the geek and sundry channel for quite awhile now but this will be my first comment *ever* to you because quite frankly, you make me hell-a nervous and I am already super shy by nature.

    I just wanted to say that everything you’ve done gives me hope that girls actually have someone more “real” to look up to in pop culture. I’ve always been a gamer geek who’s never really “fit in” the way society thinks I’m supposed to. I always do my own thing, and it feels really good knowing someone with a face in the media does their own thing too.

    I’m sure none of this is new to you, but I want to say it all again anyway. Keep doing you the way you do best. I’ll be here on the other side of the screen sipping cocoa and enjoying it all.



  • AAAA, Amazing film! I am a fan of Supernatural!!!

  • I like all article abou Supernatural))) By the way this blog is very good job!

  • Nice video! thanks a lot for sharing! I liked to watch its.

  • Wow, Paul. Very interesting and a lesson learned to keep track of your own brand as well as work done by others. Need to be clear about what is happening by those you are hiring. Get it in writing what exact steps they will be doing and don’t fall for the, “well, it is a proprietary process” or “it is just too complicated to explain.” Thanks for the info on Google’s guidance on that as well. I’ll have to research that more.

  • Kristoffer Gabriel Kobbus

    Hi there, did you make some other live streams like this one ’cause i love it. I saw e few videos of Grimlock but its always a bad time for me here in Germany when they are live, i tryed a few times but the last time there was a lot of spam or haters or how do you call that and I didn´t wanna interfer there. but i talk to much so maybe this one´s to old and you never will see it but i have to try at least didn´t I 😉
    so then hope you might see that and I will make it to ask you things in live chat someday.

    BTW: will you be on GamesConvention in Germany someday?

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