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SUPERNATURAL Episode: Jan 23rd!


Felicia as Charlie Bradbury


Here’s an article linking to a lot of pretty  pictures from my Supernatural episode, “LARP and the Real Girl”.  I can’t tell you how fun it was to film!  Maybe I’ll do an hour chat on Geek and Sundry after the airing, would you guys watch that?

  • Guy from Alaska

    Yes, we would!

  • Of course! I LARP all the time and write about it professionally. I’d love to hear what you have to say about it!

  • Shoshana K.

    Absolutely! As a LARPer and LARP staff member/storyteller I’d love to see how this episode went down and hear what you have to say!

  • viking

    Ms. Day, now I’m seriously jealous of you. Not sure if that dress would have looked good on me, but doing a LARP with the budget of Supernatural? We are talking some serious roleplay geek heaven. Please do a hangout about it. It would be interesting to hear about. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I think this might be popular with your European followers. So perhaps an really late or early hangout? So we either can catch it when we come to work (GMT 0700-0800) or just before bedtime (GMT 0000-0100).

    Now I have to try to make you jealous so the balance of power is restored. This is how we celebrate our independence day.

    Each part of the country have their traditional folk costumes known as bunad. Depending on the silver, where some of the oldest is claimed to be of elfish (huldra) origin (more likly scavenged after the Black Death or some other famine…), the price tag is from $2.000-10.000. And we use it two-three times each year, spending most of the day complaining that is too hot and too uncomfortable. So then you have Real Life LARP? The cost and the level of comfort is probably comparable….

    And if you want to go viking LARP, you have the historical re-inacting or plays. In Trondheim (3rd biggest city in Norway with a staggering population of 180.000….) we have 3 different organisations for stage fighting based on sword, shields and axes. Hey, everyone have to learn to use an axe growing up, so its not as weird as it sound. Just think about it as while kids in US learn to shoot, kids around here goes through “survival training” in the woods and mountains. Most commonly known as easter vacation…. You dont even want to know…. We are a seriously f—- up people… In short, its quite popular to dress up and go mad. Heres a link to one of the organisations (norwegian only. Sorry…)

    Based on that bragging, I think that here in Europe there is quit a lot of “closet” LARPers. We just call it “tradition”or “histroical play” and used that as an excuse to dress up and go berserk. So if you would chat or hangout and tell about this episode and the LARP connection, it would be a great way to “spread the word”. Keep up the good work, both with G&S and the other projects you do. 🙂

  • Yes! Charlie is awesome!

  • Jason K.

    Oh yeah, I’d watch that. Can’t wait for the episode! Dean is (as always) really hot in that outfit.

  • Would we?

    Hells yeah!

  • I love these photos!!! You look so great in those costumes.

  • krista

    Yes! As long as you dish: so Jared and Jensen, as cute in person as on tv or cuter?

  • Jay S

    Of course we would watch that!

    Also, looks like you finally took to the Queen of the Internet nickname huh? 🙂

  • Joe

    What the hec is a LARP? 🙂

  • Luke

    I would! Can’t wait to see the episode!

  • Knutter

    Yes, I’d definitely watch that!

    ls there a way of announcing the details that gets through to people who are not on twitter or facebook? (Sorry for being lame …)

  • Will definitely watch it!
    Beautiful pictures, Felicia. 🙂

  • Gordon Hack

    I’d definately watch. Hell, I’d watch you read the back of a cornflake box if you wanted to film that 🙂

  • Joe Presley

    Felicia Day and Supernatural are the best combination since peanut butter and ice cream! Any chance of a chat after the episode airs on Hulu or for all of us cable cutters?

    • Joe Presley

      I meant peanut butter and chocolate but peanut butter and ice cream works too!

  • Vince

    Absolutely love it! At the end of tonight’s episode for next week’s Supernatural! Showing Felicia Day as guest star, no way too cool!

  • Gordon Hack

    Not sure if we’ll be seeing the episode in Australia, but I’d be interested in hearing you talk about shooting it.

  • Foureyes

    I thought of something AMAZING yesterday. I would love to learn how to play the violin. I even have one but have been super lazy about it. I know you are crazy busy, but I think you should do little segments teaching the basics!
    And by basics I mean the very basics. Like break it down Barney style for us, please. See, isn’t that a great idea? And no cheating by doing it as a vlog segment, we need more time than that!

  • Justine

    Would love to hear you talk about the episode! It looks like it’s going to be amazing. I won’t get to see it until a little later being in Australia but will definitely tune in anyway!

  • Sic

    The opening credits had me nervous. Such a big delay…name,name,name, then… waiting…(where is she?!)…waiting… “And Felicia Day”. Yeah, I guess I know I should be commenting on something else. Oh well.

  • Zagron

    Awesome episode! I totally wish i could make out with that fairy too! But My tastes are more for the “Queen” lol <3

  • Paul Falcon

    Ha ha… hilarious episode, I love how they make Dean (Jensen) open to all the nerdiness. But, yeah… LARPing… yeah, no. I’m more of a rping behind the comp kind of guy. XD

  • Matthieu Guinard

    Awesome episode !!!

    Yes would enjoy a Geek and Sundry follow up. And would like even more that you come back on Supernatural 🙂

  • John W

    You look beautiful.

  • Chris

    As I big fan of Supernatural and of yours of course, I would like to say yes… I´d watch that 🙂

  • Matt

    I’m watching this right now!
    Love it!
    Belladonna haha

  • Amnesty

    Best episode of Supernatural EVER!

  • I constantly spent my half an hour to read this webpage’s posts every day along with a cup of coffee.

  • Rachel

    I just watched this episode last night. I just wanted to say that you are amazing. and gorgeous. and I wish you were really lesbian. aaaaaaaand not famous, and lived in CT. lol

    love everything you have been in.

  • Erson Cokaj

    I definitely would.
    You made Supernatural even more awesome. You’re amazing Felicia Day :’)

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