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I’m looking at that goddamned list I made up, 101 ways to torture yourself, and I’m failing on so many levels, two weeks in!  O M G!  It needs a total revamp!  All those recurring things can never give me a feeling of accomplishment, because they aren’t cross-outable until the end of 1001 days!  Why didn’t I see that before!?  Everyone, take the lesson I have learned and make sure the items on your own list are QUANTIFIABLE and finite.  Jeez.

I am proceeding with the actual doable ones while I replace the guilt evoking ones, and have knocked #47 and #48 off the list.    Yay, I feel good about myself again!  #47 was done through an accountant, who helped me set up a retirement plan through my corporation.  Yes, I have a corporation.  I’m “the man.” 😀  The reason is, actors have such a high percentage of their income flowing out to deductible business expenses, with 10% going to an agent and 10% going to a manager and sometimes 5% going to a lawyer (for fancier actors than myself) plus classes etc., that they invariably get caught paying a buttload of extra money because of AMT.  That is, if you make enough money acting, LOL.  One day Congress might fix that rim job of a middle-class tax, but alas, they can’t seem to do it anytime soon.  They sure take care of that top 1% of earners though, especially the ones who make money through dividends and capital gains!  That’s another rant though.   Anyway, that knocks off #47.  Now I just have to get the money in the account.  And there’s a strike on.  Yikes!

For #48 – Save $100 dollars a month, I did the smart and easy thing.  I opened an ING account.  No, not IGN, the great gaming site that I always accidentally type in first.  The one with the high yield savings accounts.  I looked into other online banks with a higher rate but I went with the most “well know” company, because internet banking makes me pretty nervous in theory.  When I started getting appointments for ING commercials I guess it legitimized them in my eyes, haha.   I set it up to withdraw $100 dollars a month from my checking account automatically, so I don’t have to think about it and thus give myself the opportunity to avoid depositing it and spending it instead on, say…shoes.

This weekend I’ll be working on revamping my list. Oh, and I scratched off #15 too, “Carry a Notepad”.  I bought a kick ass moleskin planner with a notebook in the back and then hot glued some pretty, not very weatherproof art paper on the front.  I’m not a very good long-term thinker.  As this post demonstrates. 😀

  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take a deep breath and remember that these are more guidelines than rules you must adhere to. You’re doing this for yourself, so generate unneeded stress.

    Except for the shaved legs one.. that’s just gross if it gets too long…


  • Mia

    I’ve had an ING account for the past 4 years and I find it extremely convenient. My money isn’t locked down, so I have access to it whenever I need, and it isn’t depreciating due to inflation. I mean sure, if inflation is 2% and the rate they give me is around 3%, I’m not making a whole lot of profit, but that isn’t really the point, so I’m just glad not to be losing money while it sits in the bank.

  • Soma

    first post from my free student version of vista32..

    yeh i hate it.. i told myself that its worth familiarizing myself
    on, due to the high saturation rate of vista on new machines..
    and i dont want to be left holding the XP door when these
    new -kids- need help with their respective machines..

    basically.. i miss the XPness of right-clicking damn near anything
    i want and modifying it to my whim..

    vista goes as far as to remove even the main menus so
    you have NO options but to read every little detail of every
    little menu that pops up..


    my new rig rates a 5.6 on its neat performance tester.. which
    upsets me a little cus its based on five categories…..

    yeh ok.. ill post this in the forum.. i see your eyes all rolling
    at me..


  • Congrats on the corporation. That’s a big step. Saving money is always good. (I’m a Scrooge, though, so that’s easy for me to say!)

  • All those recurring things can never give me a feeling of accomplishment, because they aren’t cross-outable until the end of 1001 days! Why didn’t I see that before!? Everyone, take the lesson I have learned and make sure the items on your own list are QUANTIFIABLE and finite.

    Would it be mean to say “I told you so”? 😉 I’m loving the phrase “101 ways to torture yourself”…my list has felt that way much of the time. Except for when I end up ignoring it, like I have been lately.

    Congratulations on the retirement plan! I quiver in fear of all the financial complications involved in an acting career. Although I’m pretty sure that some of the professors I’ve had for these “professional issues” type courses deliberately make everything sound a million times harder than it is in order to scare us off.

  • ScaryBear

    Your 101 things in 1001 days inspired me to do something similiar a couple weeks back. Only I don’t have the attention to sent goals 3 yrs in advance so I just set goals for this year. I don’t have 101 things, but it can always be a work in progress I suppose. I find I actually like the weekly goals, and I get to check off lots of things each week and feel like I’ve accomplished something (plus I really do need reminders to visit family et al on a regular basis or it gets away from me and I get the ‘you haven’t been over in 2 months’ tone when I call my mom. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration, and good luck with the list.

    BTW, for #92 (AV Receiver with HDMI), this is one that I’ve been looking to get for a while. I finally picked up a Sony STRDG910, which in addition to having 3 HDMI inputs (and 1 output of course), it also upconverts regular composite video as well as component video to HDMI. Yay, finally one cable to the TV. (warning: minor geek speak coming up) Plus it does the full 1080p pass through (some are only 1080i). The ‘upconverted’ video from compontent is actually just converted to digital and sent through HDMI, not actually upconverted to 1080p. It also has 4 subwoofer outputs to really tear down walls and freak out the neighbors, though it doesn’t have direct access to adjust sub volume from the remote (it’s done through the menus, wth were they thinking!!). One other bonus is it sets up all the levels and balance automatically … just set up the included mike in the sitting area, click and button, and 30 secs later the system is all adjusted and ready to go – it even checks that you wired the speakers properly (I had accidentally wired my surrounds as rear surrounds, which would have likely taken me an hour of cursing to figure out :). Anyway, not sure what level of receiver you are looking for, but if it’s in the middle somewhere this may be a good one for ya to get another item checked off.

  • Reaching goals is hard, and I applaud you for doing so in such a public way. I think it would be easier to just take the one day at a time. Driving from New York to LA sounds really hard if you think about it all at once. But, if you just think about making the next mile, then it seem much more doable. I also think it would be easier to think of goals not as burdens to bear but as adventures to experience.

  • Dave

    Were there any moles harmed in the making of this blog? 😉

  • edgar

    I’m with Courtney… don’t remove the shaving one…

    Furry knee-highs are not in…

  • Hey there, Felicia.

    I used to have an ING account. Then my normal bank (BB&T) started offering an “e-Savings” account that pretty much mirrored what ING was doing. The benefit of going with the BB&T one was that it was linked to my BB&T checking account, so in the off-chance that I’m overdrawn in my checking, it will automatically pull funds from the e-savings account.

    Also, I was checking out your list (by the way, writing down goals is one of the best things you can do to be successful), I noticed your goal to sell “The Guild.” Would you still be involved in the production, if you sold it? The reason I ask is because I’m getting some viral-type video podcasts started for AOL. And acquiring existing shows is a possibility.

    Anyway, best of luck with your goals this year!

  • Gogo

    Never mind that, did i just see one Felicia Day in a cheetos commercial?????

  • I’m still trying to MAKE my list. Then again i am doing 1000 things in a life instead of the 101 things

  • Minerva

    Congratulations, Cheetah Girl! — er, I mean Cheetos Girl. You got to use your real name and get all the Cheetos you can eat?? Very funny! I like Cheetos, but now know another use for them!! Glad the company can laugh at itself…

  • Bills205

    Wow 101 things. Before I saw this blog I had 4 things on my list. I feel so … behind. I made my list when I was a teen but I always remembered it. One was to go sky diving. Two, learn to ride a motor cycle. Three to see the world (I live in Hawaii, so everything is freak’n far away). I’m still trying to figure out number four.

    BTW, I just saw your cheetos commercial. Sweeet.

    Gratz on your retirement stuffs. I just opened a ROTH IRA myself. It’s teeny right now, but I have time. I like them because I’m poor (so I qualify and I’m in a low tax bracket), I don’t pay taxes on capital gains, and I can pull money out at any time without penalty as long as I only touch the principal.

    Bad thing is that my contributions aren’t tax deductible… But if I had a spouse I could pass my ROTH to her without penalty, and if I get sick, or buy a primary residence I’m pretty sure I can use it all without incurring a penalty. It’s my new savings account, only better =) My advisor is pretty slick too, I think she’s made me over 10% in the last 4 months. I have a pretty high risk tolerance though, so bang or bust something’s going to happen with my cash.

  • I set up a company last month. Now it just needs to earn some money…

  • Psst… linked to this blog in my latest piece for The Edge of the Forest!

    It’s an article about New Year’s Resolutions, so I mentioned 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days and that I found it here.

  • i agree with Courtney! if it takes you 2002 days to do 101 things, at least you can say you crossed it off your list instead of saying you didn’t do it at all. they are not set in stone as unexpected life stuff will get in the way. keep yer chin up! we’re all supporting you here! 🙂

  • Ok, so you inspired me to get off my butt and finish rewriting my list. I set up a shiny new blog just for posting about my progress, and that’s what I’m sticking in the URI field now because it’s got to be more interesting than my babble about yarn. LOL

    The actual list isn’t up yet (I’m about halfway through organizing it on paper, which my brain insists on doing before I can type it), but I do have a couple of posts with information on my past involvement in the project and tips on choosing tasks.

  • Igniferroque

    Do what your brother did; add counters for every item. For the habitual things, you can give yourself credit yourself each month.

    I’d set your denominator to 80% of the 1001 days to keep yourself motivated. If you set your goal to 100% and you miss it once, then achieving the goal will be impossible. This will only lead to frustration. Life happens.

    So use 26 months out of the 33. This gives you half a year for personal crises and other things of out of your control. Like the Writer’s Guild strike.

  • Ben

    I can’t help you with #89, or make “Efficientize” a real word; and I should probably clean Stanley Kubric’s box out 2x a week {thats my cat},…but I can help you simultaneously relieve stress whilst crossing #101 off your list! I too was raised, and semi-homeschooled (don’t ask) in the “Epicenter of Metiocrity”…the shining metropolis of Huntville, Alabama. I sometimes revisit family when “My redneck past is nipping at my heels”… {to quote Ben Folds} If you still have family there, and would like to take the plunge next time you visit them; I’m just a few hours away….I’ll bring the firearms and the Paris Hilton targets. Cheers…

  • I originally came to your site because of the musical, but I had to give in and post on your blog because I’m a total yoga nerd (not to mention a gamer geek and a web design chick.)

    It’s totally a shame I don’t live anywhere near you, because between my husband and I, we could totally hook up #56 and #77. I’m currently embroiled in my second Yoga Teacher Training, and my husband teaches kung fu.

    P.S. Have you considered redesigning your whole site in Drupal? It’d handle the multimedia demands of your profession quite well!

  • Deirdra, I don’t really know what Drupal is! I guess I could check into it 🙂 I have so much on my plate right now, i think I’m pretty close to hiring someone to do it for me…except I won’t. It’s like paying to get my eyebrows waxed. They do a better job, but the fact I could do it passable makes me reluctant to spend money. hehe.

  • I understand where you’re coming from: I like to maintain self-sufficiency if at all possible. I can’t pay good money for someone else to dye my hair when I can do anything short of complicated high/low-lights myself. Eyebrow waxing on the other hand, is an area where I am destined for EPIC DOOM. A professional took several layers of skin off along with my errant eyebrows, so I would be scared to death to do it myself. Now, I get my eyebrows “threaded,” which always makes me cry, but I know there won’t be open wounds on my face!

  • Drupal is simply a content management site that lets your create fairly complex web sites without needing to know HTML and also bother with uploading your changes to the web server. You basicallyh edit the site using a web browser. If this sounds like what you do with your blog, then that is because WordPress is a content management system, too. Drupal is better at building out a full web site that does things like credit card transactions or provide forum support. However, I think the Drupal learning curve is pretty steep, and I have always preferred content management systems like Mambo or Joomla (which is a fork of Mambo).

    All in all, a good content management system will allow you to set up a professional looking web site with a minimum need to understand the guts of how it works. Although, knowing how to code PHP or Perl helps if you want to do advanced things or troubleshoot errors.

  • Wow, please excuse the typos in my last two posts! I’m doing this on my phone, and it does not have spell check!

  • Anjuan,

    I’ve developed two projects for Joomla! and I think their site hierarchy and lack of a good taxonomy system, as well as the nickel-and-dime attitude of the development community, sets it back in spades. The learning curve is pretty steep if you’re wanting to develop your own modules for Drupal, but fortunately, the coolest and most robust modules for Drupal have been funded by large companies (like SonyMusic) and been made available to the public, gratis.

    I initially suggested it because their theme engine and their content templating would give F. the ability to spec out her own design, offer a more robust community for her fans (because let’s face it, she’s moving up in the world) and give her the ability to fully integrate media into the site in slick (and free) ways.

  • I have only played with both so I will yield to your much more in depth experiece! When I installed Drupal, it looked like a very basic site, but I installed Joomla, and the default site looked like it was much more advanced. I also found Drupal to be hard to use in terms of administering the modules. However, Chris Pirillio is releasing Gnomepal. You can read about it here:

    It’s basically a preconfigured instance of Drupal that enables the modules that most people find useful.

    Also, some people are using WordPress to build powerful sites including social networks. I still think it is best used as a blogging platform, but it can be extended to do much more.

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