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First, let’s get this first piece of new over with:


How exactly is that you ask? The Guild getting popular? An awesome role in the 13th episode of Dollhouse? Something bigger? Oh yes. Take a gander at this recent piece in the NEW-frikkin-YORKER:

“The success of the ebook is being fueled by the romance and erotic romance market,” Peter Smith, of ITworld, reports. Smith cites the actress and Kindle enthusiast Felicia Day, of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” who has been bingeing on paranormals like “Dark Needs at Night’s Edge.” “I’ve read like, 6 books this week and ordered about 10 more,” Day blogged. “It’s stuff I never would have checked out at the Barnes and Noble, because the gleaming and oily man chests would have made me blush too much.”

Oh yes, I’m the “oily chest” chick.  My Dad is proud all right. Er….whatever. Onto the book reviews I’ve accumulate for the past month or so:

Thorn Queen (Dark Swan, #2) – Richelle Mead
My appetite for the “tough paranormal chick” literature has waned in the recent months, namely because I think I’ve read them all. Like, hundreds this year it feels like. But this series really caught my interest with the first book, Storm Born. The second book, Thorn Queen, after a slow first couple of chapters lived up to expectations. Eugenie is a cool character, a real-life working Shaman but who is connected to the Faery world as well.  What I like about this series is that some takes place in “real life” and some in the Faery land.  It’s what the Merry Gentry series from Laurell Hamilton COULD have been (other than porn with lots of guys, bleck).  I really liked how the characters developed in this second book and a few twists in the romance were very satisfying.  I can’t spoil anything, except to say I really really hope that the ending isn’t a feign, and that a key character who’s yummy doesn’t turn bad in the third one!  If you like Laurell Hamilton, or Jeannie Frost or Lillith Saintcrow or Rachel Caine you’ll like this series.  Also, for a time the Kindle edition was free download on Amazon, not sure if it’s still free but check it out!

Naamah’s Kiss (Kushiel’s Legacy, #7): Jacqueline Carey

I loves me some Jacqueline Carey.  I mean, I even turned into a blithering idiot getting a video with her at last year’s Comicon.  Whatever.  She’s had two books come out lately, Sainta Olivia last month (which I liked a lot as well) and just recently Naamah’s Kiss, which I went out and bought in hardback because I need her on my “keep you long time” bookshelf.  So, if you’ve read the first 6 you’ll know the world, and this book is the start of a new series in the same world.  This time the heroine is Moirim, who turns out to be er… *slight spoiler*

a hot bisexual druid.  You read that right.

*end spoilers*

The world is lush and awesome, I love love it as always, and after we visit familiar territory we take a jaunt outside of the worlds that have been established towards the end of the book.  I enjoyed it a lot.  It’s hard to live up to Phedre and Jocelyn from the first trilogy, but this had enough intrigue and definitely set up for some tussles down the line.  There are a BUNCH of (awesome) racy scenes in this, so if you’re not into that…who’s not into that again?  I just think this author is the bomb and would read her grocery list if I could.  The book has a lot of romance in it, but the world building is so rich and thorough it’s really epic fantasy at its best.  I would compare her to Guy Gavriel Kay with way more naughty bits.

Desperate Duchesses: Eloisa James

Ok, boys look away.  This is pure romance crap coming towards you.  Eloisa James’ Duchess series, starting with Desperate Duchesses is crack, pure and simple.  Think “Pride and Prejudice” meets “Sex and the City” or the “OC”.  It’s amazingly addictive.  I’ve tried a lot of other authors in this historical romance genre lately, and none of them capture the flirtation and wit that this author does.  It’s just really enjoyable to be frivilous with these aristocrats.  I’ve read pretty much all her Duchess books and am working my way through her other series as well.  They’re all very similar, but enjoyable as the characters weave in and out and pair up book after book.  Fun reading.  I enjoy them with no shame…because I have the Kindle to hide behind. 😀

Best Served Cold: Joe Abercrombie

Boys, you can come back now. If you follow my reviews you already know my love for the First Law trilogy by Abercrombie.  Well, his latest installment, Best Served Cold, just is….as awesome.  Whew!  Cool thing is, a few of the secondary characters from his trilogy come back in this book and are much more fleshed out.  It’s a very cool way to expand the universe. If you like grit and blood and nastiness and double crossings, this is the author for you.  The realism of his descriptions and his world is really intoxicating.  After I read this book I wanted to log onto a FPS game and shoot me some zombies.  There’s no “romance” in this book, Abercrombie busts any of that into bits, and it’s so fun to watch!  I really loved it and hope to make a drooling YouTube video where I look like an idiot with him one day as well.  If you like George RR Martin, or Stephen Erikson or Brent Weeks or Richard Morgan’s SF books, try Abercrombie, you will not regret it.

Across the Nightingale Floor (Tales of the Otori, Book 1): Lian Hearn

So, do you like Kung Fu or Samurai films?  Did you like Memoirs of a Geisha?  Would you like those things combined and then some magic thrown in?  Then try this series starting with Across the Nightingale Floor.  I have a weakness for any movies involving Asian Martial arts, so I was sucked in big time!  The books are set in a nebulous country, but it’s so similar to Japan you might as well say it’s Japan.  There are feudal lords and women held hostage, orphans and assassins…it’s got it all.  Boys and girls will like this.  I will be continuing this series!

Whew, that’s a lot of reviews (and only a fraction of what I’ve read this summer)!  Books I read that I hate, I simply let the experience go off into the ether.  I know how hard it is to create things, so who am I to dissuade people from trying an author, or trash someone’s creation?  Everything is subjective.  I do add a lot more books than I blog about to my GoodReads account, occasionally those are a little more critical, but I only list ones I would want other people to try.  Here on the blog I try to feature my very favorites.  Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think!

  • Kaung

    Hehehe. This makes me think I got you the right gift for Dragon*Con.

  • amber

    Try The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon You’ll love it! The Main charector Jaime is a scotsman to die for!!!!

  • “Asian Marial arts” – Martial, or Marital? (there may, or may not, be a difference 🙂 )

    You seem to have taken over the Internet today, Felicia -and now The New Yorker, too!

    I’ve not read any Abercrombie yet, but I think I’ll have to give this a look. Thanks for the recommendations.

  • Grats on New Yorker.

    Thanks for the book reviews, I definitely follow the GoodReads account, but having you blog your “picks” makes it easier to decide which books for me to look at, based on what you really like, we have similar tastes, except the oily men sure, so it makes it totally easier on me.

    Abercrombie is totally fond of you, at lease based on an email exchange I had with him regarding you 😛

    One thing I would suggest is adding the shelf you’d put the books in like “vaginal fantasy” so I could easily avoid those books lol.

  • Hey Felicia,

    Great site!

    I have a new book coming out Nov 1st, called – Realm of the Rodent, Book One: Blood Brother. In a quick pitch, it’s Lord of the Rings with Rats and Mice. It’s being pre-sold on Amazon right now, but I would love to get you a copy so you could review it!

    Let me know if that is possible, and anyway – keep up the good work!

    Greg Hildebrandt jr.

    • Hey Greg,

      Check your email in a bit.



  • I seriously just read Naamah’s Kiss a few weeks ago :O It’s really good! Ms. Carey amazes me (as always) with her superb writing style and dynamic characters. Plus.. the racy scenes don’t hurt, either 😀

  • Christina

    Carey rocks. I’ll have to try reading some Mead, too. Thanks!

  • Maya

    I loved Across the Nightingale Floor. Unbelievable book. Dissapointed by the second and third and fourth book though.

    But there will always be a special place in my heart for the first book. Made me cry.

    • Yeah I was reading reviews and the other books are not loved by peeps! 🙁 I will try #2 out at least. Hate to spoil a great book by a not great sequel tho.

      • TW Andrews

        They’re not as good as Across the Nightingale Floor, but that’s a tough book to follow up on. I was glad I’d read them though.

      • tyler still

        Felicia you are an amazing woman you are so down to earth and reasonable and very intellectual i love the way you play Syd in the guild and i think your a beautiful woman. you make me laugh allot in the gag reels and thank you for that laughter is wonderful im a bit of a comedian myself :P. neways i just kinda wanted to say all that and to give you my e-mail address maybe if you need an extra for an episode or somethin. this is all prolly just a shot in the dark but if we dont have hope what do we have. p.s. that picture of you is totally plus 10 to sextarity lol.

  • Hilarious! One of the benefits of being a librarian is being able to slyly check out your own books without anyone else seeing, thus avoiding the embarrassment of checking out the oily-chested book.

    … though the way I phrased that just makes the book sound soggy and as if it would have translucent pages. “Oily-chested book?” Gross.

  • Mickey

    I knew the name Joe Abercrombie sounded familiar. I recently discovered the Pat Rothfuss book “The Name of the Wind” (evidently I live under a rock) and loved it. Soon after a friend tweeted me a link to this:

    You can put in the name of authors you like and see other authors with similar styles. I’ve been meaning to check out Joe Abercrombie based on this (and now on your review), and appreciate the other suggestions as well. Also, if you haven’t read any Guy Gavriel Kay, Garth Nix or Christopher Wooding, I’d highly recommend them. Cheers!

    • Thanks for that link, Mickey – it’s fantastically helpful!

      AND most importantly, thanks to Felicia for the rec’s *squee*


  • If you like magic, double crossing and strange Fae creatures in the real world – try The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. It’s like detective magic brain candy goodness.

    Vaguely post-apocalyptic, cool circusey, trilogy – The Droughtlanders by Carrie Mac. Seriously unknown, seriously amazing.

    Holly Black’s YA Fae books – Tithe, Valiant and Ironside – all darkly beautiful in their own sexy way.

    Stephanie Meyer, while I will never forgive her for the Twilight montrosity, wrote an amazing adult book called The Host. Last chapter is disappointing but you won’t be able to put it down up until then!

    Probably my favourite adult fantasy writer – Mercedes Lackey – specifically the Arrows of the Queen series. Favourite YA fantasy writer – Tamora Pierce. 26 novels, many short stories and I’ve never been disappointed.

    I could go on like this for a really long time. I’ll try to stop now…

    Oh wait, Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessel. Geeky literature gone mainstream.

    I’m done now, really.

    • geminigal

      Wicked Lovely
      Ink Exchange
      Fragile Eternity
      by Melissa Marr are also not to be missed. Written for Young Adults but Adults will enjoy just the same LOL

  • Laurell Hamilton disturbs me. I tried one of her books and I felt dirty reading it. It had potential, but when like 3 guys started doing the heroine, it just went into scary territory, lol.

    Just picked up:
    Magic Lost, Trouble Found (Raine Benares, Book 1)
    Armed & Magical (Raine Benares, Book 2)
    The Trouble with Demons (Raine Benares, Book 3)

    Can’t wait to read them!

    • Yay! I love those books sooo much!

      • Legate

        Hi ms. Day.(I’m old fashioned, I know)
        Found your website and blogs(not the most net-savvy peson either, clearly)
        Noticed you’re also a reader of Laurell Hamilton and Jacqueline Carey.

        Yes I’m a guy, ha ha!

        But because you have SO much time on your hands(hope you detect the subtle note of sarcasm and smartassery there, heh heh), I thought I’d recommend The Hollows series by Kim Harrison.
        Not incidentally<if I may say so, you'd be a GREAT fit for playing the lead character, Rachel, if such an opportunity ever arose.

        May all your hits be crits!

  • Travis

    The Otori series is AMAZING. There’s also a prequel book and a… postquel? But I haven’t read either of those yet.

  • Maya

    That’s not to say the second book is utter rubbish. It’s just the first was so fantastic and the second suffered the whole ‘oh i’ll just build up all of the story line to be finished in the third’ Which is just such a shame.

    • Second books are lame sometimes because of that, it’s hard to make a standalone between a bridge of books 1 and 3. I will try them tho!

  • Meagan

    New books I’m going to have to check out! YAY! 😀

    Have you ever read any of the In Death series by J.D. Robb (aka: Nora Roberts)? That series is amazing. There are 29 books as of right now with some little novellas and a cross over book that she wrote as Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb. They are set in the future and are about Homicide Detective Eve Dallas. Mystery, murder, romance, cool gadgets and a handsome Irishman as the love interest. (He’s dreamy.) Anyway, I thought I’d suggest you these since you always give us all great books to read.

    Thanks for the reviews! I need to get myself a kindle so I’ll quit being embarrassed by the oily man chest covers….. 😛

    • Erg I’ve read every In Death book, novellas too, I was kinda obsessed and read all of them in a month. True story 🙁 I think I have a blog post on them, it was unhealthy. Rourke is seriously the most crushable man in fiction 😀

      • Meagan

        Nice! I’m glad you like them! 😀

        I’ve been reading them for a few years, so I didn’t have that many to read when I first found them, but I usually finish the new ones in a day or so. Of course, I do nothing but read all day and ignore anyone that comes near me. Everyone knows not to disturb me when I’m reading now… I have the ‘I-am-going-to-punch-you-in-the-face-if-you-interrupt-me-one-more-time’ look down to a science.

        If I could pick one man to jump out of a book to marry me; it would definitely be Roarke. Nom, nom, nom! I love him. 😛

  • I, too, love many of the authors you’ve read lately. In the pure Regency style romance, I would recommend Candace Camp if you haven’t previously tried her. Her recent Matchmaker series was one of her best, IMO.

  • amarygma

    There is nothing wrong with being smart AND enjoying a good oily-chested book every now and again.

  • Meg

    Ah! I, too, love Jacqueline Carey and historical romances. Admittedly I’ve only read Kushiel’s Dart… I started listening to the audiobook of Kushiel’s Chosen, and the narrator’s voice always put me to sleep. There also seemed to be a sad lack of action. Does it pick up, should I keep reading?

  • Mel

    Ooo, thanks for the recs! If you want some cheesy romance goodness, I just finished Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband (The Daughters of the Glen, Book 1) by Melissa Mayhue, and I am whipping through the next three that are out in the series. Time-travel, heroine who saves the day, and hot highland guys with faery blood. And the covers aren’t completely embarrassing. What more could you ask for? 🙂

    Also, I just read “My Soul to Take” by Rachel Vincent (of the wonderful Werecat series that started with Prey), and it was a great start to a new teen series about baen sidhes — I read it in one night before I could fall asleep 🙂

  • Maya

    I always feel a bit mean badmouthing second books. You can definately see the thought put in, but they never live upto this high expectation you have from the first, and then you spend all the time waiting between second and third going ‘if the third book answers all these things that the second book sets up, then that makes everything okay…right?’ Or maybe i’m just too judgemental. It’s probably that 😀

    Yeah definately read all three. I don’t want to put you off not reading them, because they are a good read.

  • Eva

    Hey thanks for the book reviews. I have been dying for some new blood. Will look into a few of these Authors.

    Again thanks again!

  • Lydia

    Thanks for the reviews! I follow you on GoodReads and would say about 70% of my library requests are based off your reviews there. You have great taste in books! =)

  • Kari

    Thanks for the reviews!

    I also adore Jacqueline Carey and am currently reading Kushiel’s Justice. Glad to hear she’s planning another trilogy in Terre d’Ange.

  • korkster

    Thank you SO MUCH for reminding me to go get Naamah’s Kiss! Carey knocks it out of the part every time.

    Druids, though? I’m curious to see how that’s tied into the story. (It’s been a while, so please correct if I’m wrong but) isn’t the rest of the world she created… human? Maybe I don’t understand her take on druids. It’s funny that the bisexual thing doesn’t see “out of the norm” for this series. 🙂

    Is Sainta Olivia a different world? I’m curious about it, and I’m curious if this is a diversion from her Kushiel series.

    Thanks for the book review! They always make my day. 😀

  • Thank you for the book suggestions! I was needing something to tide me over while I wait for my next Jim Butcher books to come out. I am in love with his Dresden (film noir/wizard/romance/bromance/fae/allthegirlswanthim/alltheguyswanttobehim) series as well as his Codex Alera (roman/magic/huge epic battles) series.

    Ok, true, I am also guilty of a little (read: a lot) fluff reading my Star Trek and Star Wars stuff, but I always find myself wanting to get my teeth back into a good fantasy with a love story. I may not have worked my way up to oily man chest cred yet, but I suppose I’m on my way. 🙂

    Thanks again and keep the reviews coming!

  • Lisa

    You should try Maria Snyder’s “Study” trilogy: Poison Study, Magic Study, and Fire Study. Truly breathtaking. Not quite the “oily-chested” romances that I so adore as well, but seriously good. Involves, an alternate world, magic, love, and female empowerment. And acrobatics and great fighting scenes. The heroine’s love (note: not the hero) is a ninja-of-sorts. What more could any girl want?

  • +1 for redheadpixie’s recommendation of “Special Topics in Calamity Physics” by Marisha Pessel – great read! =]

    btw, I think you meant to say “on” instead of “only” when you wrote: “because I need her only my “keep you long time” bookshelf” =] hate to correct you felicia, but i grew up on an odd mix of chinese and english =P or perhaps there’s some deeper meaning I’m missing =D (feel free to edit this part out afterwards, i’d hate for this part of the comment to be an eyesore ^.-)

  • Lisa Bilger

    Definitely have to check out those authors.

    I’m writing my own series of urban-fantasy-supernatural-noir called 3:33. First one is called 3:33: The Darkest Hour. First book is available on Amazon. I’d love it if you could review it.

    Thanks for the reviews. Keep em coming, and I’ll keep checking them! 🙂

    • TW Andrews

      Ask your publisher to make it available on the Kindle… Since I got mine, my wife has a very strict policy on new physical books coming into our apartment.

      • Lisa Bilger

        It’s available as an ebook download from the publisher site ( 🙂

  • Xsi Kal

    Great reviews! I recently picked up a Kindle and am always on the lookout for new books to read. It’s very nice to have books identified as romances in sheep’s clothing, now that the paranormal fantasy genre has secretly metamorphosed into paranormal romance.

    I picked up the Thorn Queen for free on the kindle, although it’s no longer free. I’m a bit leery about it though, given your citations of Laurell Hamilton, Jeannie Frost, Lillith Saintcrow and Rachel Caine. That’s kind of a mixed bag for me… I liked LH’s early work, but lately it’s been non-stop boring porn and emotional hangups. My wife read the entire Dante Valentine series by Saintcrow, but I thought it was drek. :/ And Caine’s series is readable, but not really my cup of tea. Hopefully, Thorn Queen is good, regardless. 🙂

    BTW, I’ll second the Jim Butcher recommendations… my wife and I both love the Dresden Files, (which are far better than the sci fi series that lasted for one season), and I also quite like the Codex Alera as well.

  • Melissa

    I don’t usually comment on blogs, but I can’t resist a book blog. I even looked back through your other book posts, because I’m one of those people that has to know what other people are reading. But it’s funny to me, because it’s like we’re book twins. I mean, ANYONE that puts the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin as their favorite series is pretty flippin’ awesome. I check his site regularly for updates on the releases, and I’m dying to know how the HBO series is going to turn out, maybe even go out and get HBO just so I can watch it (SEAN BEAN as Ned Stark! How awesome is that?!).
    That one’s definitely my #1, followed by the Outlander series. I know you’ve read that one, too, but I think your opinion would be a little better if you hadn’t read it along with the bodice-ripper Highlander books, lol (it’s not even a romance novel, really… almost more of a fantasy). But even, say the Kim Harrison books (I can totally relate, those get downright weird), or the Patricia Briggs “Mercy Thompson” series. Have you read C.E. Murphy’s “The Walker Papers” series?
    But I’m glad to see that someone likes the same books I do, because now I won’t be so lost when I actually get to the book store and I’ll have people to look up.

    Sorry, I tend to ramble when it comes to books. Just felt like sharing…

  • Two really good books that I read recently are
    Lamentation, the astonishingly impressive first novel in The Psalms of Isaak series by Ken Scholes.


    Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament by S.G. Browne. You will not read a crazier love story this year.

  • Markus

    Many thanks for taking the time to reccommend some amazing books. Where on earth do you get the time to read in amongst TV/film work, writing and headlining at conventions!?

    Its a real breath of fresh air to see reviews focussing on the positive. I think people fall too easily into the trap of thinking that being a critic means to pick faults and pubicly slam other peoples creations.

    Anyhoo, currently working through some Tom Holt books myself. Really loving Nothing But Blue Skies

    Cheers me dears,

  • Francesca

    Rea across the nightengale floor, kinda all shades of loved it but for some reason still haven’t been able to pick up the sequels and I see them every time I’m in B&N!

  • Matt Brown

    Well done on the New Yorker 🙂

    Thanks for the reviews, I might just have to check some of these out! I’ve heard of that bottom one before, they sound pretty good and are quite cheap on amazon, so might the series!

    Have you heard of the Chronicles of the Necromancer by Gail Z.Martin? They’re a bit like that bottom one, same setting and era and all that. Although I would give a bit of a warning, they’re one of those really addictive series you can’t put down! But well worth a look 🙂

  • Lioness

    Who needs Oprah when we have Felicia? 🙂
    My city has a full S-F library but it is reference only. If it wasn’t, I think I’d recommend that the librarian there have a table at front with a sign “Felicia recommends this month… ”
    You obviously zip though books. I’d like to hear sometime about the books you have put down occasionally, and read slowly because you didn’t want them to end.

  • Valarya

    I’m only just now getting into the romance side of books. I’ve been watching your GoodReads account for a while because we rate fantasy novels the same way (thanks for recommending Garth Nix, btw. Loved the Abhorsen Trilogy and will be moving on to his other series soon).. so now it’s time for me to plunge head-first into some raunchy romance.

    I read the Mary Balogh regency romances until someone recently put Acheron’s tale in my lap (steamy Atlantean god sex for sure) by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

    Anyway, thanks for posting reviews. I’ll now have some easy & steamy reads between my fantasy/sci-fi. 😉

  • Congrats on the sweet New Yorker mention!

    I’ve been trying to get my husband interested in the Abercrombie books for some time now. I’m thinking that a recommendation by another chick equally as awesome as I am, will probably sway him toward reading the books, finally.

    You should try ‘Electronic Echoes of the Mind’ by Wade Kimberlin. It’s light with subtle, comedic prose you’d probably enjoy immensely.


  • Maia

    Felicia, question:

    HOW do you manage to read so many books in a week?! Seriously, what’s your secret? I really feel retarded compared to you, im such a slow reader!!
    and im jealous because i could read so much more if i was fast like you

    anyway, i love your reviews!
    i will try Abercrombie and the dutchess series.
    Have you read the other richelle mead’s series, Vampire Academy? The main character, Rose, is fierce and sexy and witty. Love her.


  • Well, if you’re leery of the authors I mentioned er…it might be the wrong genre for you then, just to be honest. I need to do a list of Jim Butcher-esque authors that are urban paranormal but not romance-y for peeps like you 🙂

    • Xsi Kal

      Thankfully, since it’s free, I’ll check it out anyway, just to be sure. It seemed a bit odd of the publishers to make the second book in a series free, (instead of the first), but whatever works, I guess. 🙂

      Have you tried any of the Kat Richarson series? (Greywalker, etc.) I’m still a bit on-the-fence about that series, three books in, but it seems like it might have promise.

      Another relatively recent series I’ve enjoyed is John Levitt’s Dog Days/New Tricks. More of a quick read than great literature, perhaps, but the mix of jazz music and magic is a nice blend.

    • Urban paranormal? Maybe Kelley Armstrong’s ‘Women of the Underworld’ books. Awesome reads, and not overtly, er, romantic.

  • I read those, Poison Study is on my “keep-you-long-time” shelf! I just downloaded her new series, Glass Study or something? It’s in my next week queue!

  • maitland

    Hi! I was wondering if you’ve read The Forest of Hands and Teeth yet, by Carrie Ryan. It’s an awesome book, I think you’d like it.

  • Thanks for the tip about Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan series! I love her Succubus books, but for whatever reason, I wasn’t sure the Dark Swan series was one that I’d enjoy. But I really liked Laurell Hamilton’s work before it dissolved into porn territory; I even liked the first Merry Gentry book (despite the fact that she did sex acts with half the cast) because it presented such an interesting and different world than other things I’d read. I’ll put Storm Born on my wish list ASAP.

    Best wishes,

  • Annastasia

    I’ve followed your book advice before and been glad of it. Added several of these items to my wishlist to purchase later. Also after what you wrote about the In Death series in the comments, I decided to check that out as well. But good grief – how many of those things are there, anyway?

  • Squid

    If you like the creepy folk/fakelore side of things, you should check out The Red Tree, by Caitlin R. Kiernan.
    The Amazon reviews do a much better job of describing it than I ever could.

  • A Game of Thrones, by George R R Martin. Best book ever, it is going to be a series on HBO. Please read it if you haven’t!

    and not for the tweest….

    Will you NOT marry me?

    You can respond via email, that is fine.

  • If you’ve read ALL the “tough paranormal chick” literature you might have already read them, but I really recommend Justina Robson’s ‘Quantum Gravity’ series.

  • Thanks for all these reviews, and it looks like your Goodreads is going to give me a lot of material to fill my new kindle with.

    Wait, you read Collapse and Guns, Germs, and Steel, but missed out on Why is Sex Fun?

  • Victoria

    I just saw the comment Jacqueline Carey put on Facebook and so came here. Clearly I have been missing something! I had no idea you did these book recommendations. Yay! As to the interview at ComicCon last year, yes that was hilarious. Of course when I met JC I was exactly the same way. My sympathies. 🙂

    Anyway, I haven’t gone through all your posts yet so maybe I am recommending stuff you have already read but here goes. Not sure if you have ever gotten into MZB’s Darkover novels but don’t let the Avalon series scare you off; her Darkover books are very different! There are a bunch of them so they should keep you entertained for a while. The best one, especially as an intro., is the ‘Forbidden Tower’, at least in my opinion. Also, hard to find (not on Kindle I bet, 🙁 sorry) but great, ‘Sister Light, Sister Dark’ by Jane Yolen. Otherwise, I have a bunch of reviews and favorites on Facebook so feel free to friend me; it is always great to meet fellow Kusheline! Have you seen Christy Carew’s soundtrack? Awesome!

    Finally, for Meg’s comment way above: I also don’t love the narrator’s voice for the Phèdre trilogy but, I assure you, Chosen picks up!

  • Kethry

    Huh. Maybe you recommended it earlier and I just missed it, but…have you tried David Weber’s Honor Harrington series? FANTASTIC. He’s started a new series that feels slightly similar in the play with religion, but entirely different in the storyline/characters/etc, starting with Off Armageddon Reef. Also Robert Aspirin’s Phule series, Spider Robinson’s Callahan Chronicles, and SM Stirling’s the Change trilogy (with following trilogy in process). As far as fantasy goes, Simon R Green’s Nightside novels (and his Hawk&Fisher and Eddie Drood books), Tanya Huff’s Smoke, Blood, and Keeper series…es…(is there a plural of series..?), and Kate Elliott’s Crown of Stars series. In the YA section, the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane, the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathon Stroud, the Firebringer trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce, and the Bloody Jack Series by LA Meyer.

    …Oops. I kinda went crazy. 0.0 But they’re SOOO good!

    PS – Delighted to hear there’s more after Godstalk/Dark of the Moon! Must go peruse Amazon.

  • Phloxy

    Hey thanks to Jacqueline Carey’s facebook I’m here as well. Thanks for the new authors I’ll check them out. Some authors I’m currently on : Karen Chance, Patricia Briggs, Anne Bishop (love the ephemera series I hope theres another book), Eileen Wilks, Vicki Petersson just to name a few.

    AND I think Laurell K Hamilton is awesome I like the heroines and their menagerie of men (love Doyle and Richard) I think the author herself is funny (following the tweets) and I dont like how everyone bashes her books because of the sexual content you can just say its not your thing or you know stop being a bunch of babies

    • TW Andrews

      There’s no doubt that Hamilton can write some really great books, and I don’t even mind if there are porny parts in them, but they still need a plot. For the last half-dozen books (everything since Obsidian Butterfly) is been Ardure and Ardure that.

      I don’t mind it as much in the Meridith Gentry books, because the series is what it is–some farie stuff with lots of sex. But in the Anita Blake books, I keep wanting her to kick some ass again, and it keeps not happening.

  • TW Andrews

    Somebody needs to start (or tell me about if it already exists) a web service where you can subscribe to your favorite authors (or series) and get an email when a new book is published.

    • That’s a really good idea. I always thought that Amazon should email me when an author I’ve bought publishes a new one!!

  • Felicia, did you catch the post Orbit Books (@orbitbooks) did featuring your twitter endorsement of Best Served Cold? Mighty nice and big company you are linked with there!

  • I was actually coming to your blog to tell you how much I and my LotR Online kin members enjoy The Guild, but then I saw you’d given a rave review to Joe Abercrombie’s ‘Best Served Cold’ which I also raved about on my blog, so you’re now officially my favorite actress.

  • Little off topic: Me and my guys love you over here. Big fans of the guild and your other work. Just saw the Bui Brothers video and can honestly say you make us all miss home.

    • That is so nice to hear 🙂 I’m so glad that anything I do helps out, I grew up on military bases so you guys are always in my thoughts 🙂

  • Emily

    I’m totally addicted to Karen Moning’s Fever series (she also writes a series about oily-chested Scottish men, so you may have come across the author before). In this series basically the evil Unseelie Faeries are trying to escape their prison and the world is about to go to hell. Oh and also there’s a hot Seelie Faerie named V’lane who let’s just say has a pretty exciting effect on human women. Even better, the first book, Darkfever, is available free on the Kindle right now so you can try it out painlessly. I ended up buying the next two almost immediately and the fourth in the series comes out in a few weeks.

    I’m also totally obsessed with Robin Hobb’s Farseer books. I think you can get Assassin’s Apprentice (the first in a 3-trilogy set of related books) for free on the Kindle right now as well.

    Naomi Novik’s first book is free on the Kindle as well. I like the Temeraire series but the first is far and away the best of the lot.

    Also for free I picked up and am reading The Briar King, which so far is quite good. I LOVE THE KINDLE!

    • Emily I too am ADDICTED to the Fever books! I am drooling for the new one to come out, so much that I tried to pull a “do you know who I am” card and…failed miserably to get an ARC. hahaha. Oh well, humility is good too 🙂

  • While these books aren’t my cup of tea, I took a look through your list of good reads and it was like looking at my book shelf. I’m especially impressed to see my fellow Canadian, Guy Gavriel Kay, on your list. A fantastic author, IMO.

    I’ll be looking over the list more to get some new book ideas, but I noticed that you’re light on sci-fi. Not unusual, as not all fantasy fans are sci-fi fans, but if you want to try something a little different for you, I recently read Spin by Robert Charles Wilson, which won the Hugo in 2006, and it was excellent. I won’t do the description justice, so I’ll just suggest checking Amazon out for it.

    Same goes for Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis. Horribly offensive and yet a great buddy story. Best first line I can remember reading in a book. Joss is even quoted in the hype reviews, IIRC. 🙂

    Looking forward to Guild Season 3. Keep up the great work!

  • Hi Felicia,

    I have just discovered your blog after seeing you pop up in many of my favorite Whedon series, the Guild and House. Congrats on all your success!

    Considering my “bad habit” of downing fantasy books like chai lattes, I have added two of your recommendations to my most recent amazon cart load. Here’s hoping they digest properly ;).

    The Otori series, beginning with “Across the Nightingale Floor”, was one of my favorite series in a long time, so I just needed to comment and recommend an equally addictive novel. It has the passion of “Memoirs of a Geisha” and the thrill of “Nightingale” samurai fights, but this time with a FEMALE kick-ass lead (a noble turned concubine girl out for revenge for her father’s murder and desecration, set in old Japan = recipe for awesome).

    Check out “The Tokaido Road” by Lucia St-Clair Robson.

    Enjoy! Looking forward to the Guild season 3.

  • Guy Gavriel Kay is my favoritest.

    Also, have you read A College of Magics? Have we talked about this?

    And Tam Lin (Pamela Dean). I love both of these books equally.

    The New Yorker OMFG!!!!

  • ladygeeke

    Anything by Diana Wynne Jones (the original author of the book Howl’s Moving Castle, which is nothing like the film) is brilliant, but the Chrestomanci series make a good starting point. They are child/young adult magical fiction, witty and with tricky and convoluted plots that exercise your mind about all aspects of life and human relationships (no sex/love tho’).
    In fact, her book “Tale of Time City” is the best book I have ever read about time travel/alternate universes, including all the adult and non fiction ones.

  • ladygeeke

    Can I also put in my vote for Justina Robson, Tanya Huff (the ‘Keeper’ trilogy is the funniest/sexiest), Patricia Briggs and Kelley Armstrong, plus Mike Carey’s Felix Castor novels, which are similar in style to the Harry Dresden books only set in London, England.
    And raise you Kage Baker and Charles Stross.

  • I work for a popular weekly comedy/entertainment podcast. One of our hosts has expressed interest in having you on the show. I would love to talk to you more about this and answer any questions that you may have. We would love to help you raise your already exploding profile, and talk to you about how you are harnessing the power of the new media.

  • I have a few books by Eloisa James, and I enjoyed them, but I still prefer Julia Quinn hands-down.

    You really can’t beat an author who makes you laugh. :/

  • Kaitlyn

    Just wanted to say that I started watching The Guild tonight and I love it.

    Will be checking out some of these books when I got to Borders next. 🙂

    Some other amazing authors are Carrie Vaughn, Karen Chance, Vicki Petterson, Patricia Briggs and Rom Thurman.

  • ~Marci

    I just got Storm Born and I am very excited to read it!

    Another series you may like is The Dark elf trilogy. One of my fave series ever.

    Have a good one!

  • Few things here 😛 I’m sorry, but I don’t read much these days. Brian Herbert’s brutal molestation of his father’s work has shocked and horrified me into not wanting to open a book. Also, Shannara series ftw! >.>

  • Love the Guild as well as the brilliant Dr. Horrible (more please!).

    In regards to the books mentioned above, Im hoping that you’ll keep the recommendations going. Love getting input from readers that have similar taste. Such a great way of discovering new titles. Just to add my two, three, maybe even four cents.

    Wheel of time series – R. Jordan – Will always have a special part in my heart, given that the series seriously got me through the army. Sitting as a guard alone, in the middle of snow that came up to the rooftops, those bricks gave me warmth!

    Sword of Truth series – T. Goodkind – Bit harsh in some places, but seriously is a series that has given me chills at some points. RE: the whole segment on the statue Richard made.

    Jacquiline Carey – Mentioned a lot here, but as a guy, this is my “oily man’s chest”. Not the easiest book for a guy to bring to the counter:p Why cant they sell Kindle’s in Canada or Norway??

    George RR Martin – Brilliant series, and Im VERY interested in how they will bring it onto the screen!

    Jim Butchers Fury Books – In the middle of them now. Very well written!

    Since others have mentioned other genre’s, I have to add some of my favourite sci fi books.
    Spin by R. Wilson has been mentioned.

    One of the best sci fi writers in my opinion, though I am absolutely appalled at his anti-gay views, are the Ender books by Orson Scott Card. Also has written Pastwatch, which is really good as well. Cant believe that someone that writes characters and community stories like those can be so narrow minded……

    Out of curiosity, do you read any non-fiction books? If so, what are some of your favourites?

    As a last note to a lengthy post (always happens when books are brought into the picture), I have to comment on your ‘I’ve made it’ post. After watching the guild, as well as Dr. Horrible. Im not surprised, and will not be surprised at all if you’re still ‘on the rise’ :p Great acting, great vocals….

    Thanks for an entertaining blog!

  • Jason

    Do you read any sci-fi too? I am not a big fan of fantasy novels but I am a big fan of yours. I was just curious if you read much sci-fi and would mention what some of your favorites are.

    Looking forward to The Guild Season 3 real soon.

  • ~Marci

    Ok I am officially addicted to Storm Born! I have read 100 pages in a day! This is so your fault Fel!

  • Bonnie

    I can’t believe you read all those books (and more) this summer…that’s like the number of books I’ve read (not finished) in the past 2 years combined…when do you get time to read?!?!?

  • Josh

    I dont consume nearly as many books, but that’s purely an income thing. I didnt even realize Carey was coming out with another series. I think I finished her 6th book not that long ago (I’m guessing somewhere back in June). I felt weird for a while reading The Kushiels series. It felt like if someone were to see me reading and caught a glimpse of some of the content, they’d accuse me of reading one of those romance novels you find in a grocery store.

  • Amanda

    Hey Felicia,

    I saw your reviews on Eloisa James–I adore her. If you haven’t read her books on the Essex sisters (starts with Much Ado about you, then kiss me annabel, the taming of the duke, and pleasure for pleasure) definitely check them out. I think i like her because she remembers that people have friends and that their life neither begins nor solely revolves around the hero/heroine. Plus, Villiers rules.

    Mary Balogh has some good ones too. Her stuff on the Duke of Bewcastles’ family and relations are pretty good–shes’ got a related series that follows four schoolteachers in Bath that I adore, but those should be read after the Bewcastle ones, i think. First book in that series is a Summer to Remember, and if you like it, there’s probably 15 books to entertain you.

    Also, if you don’t know of it, check out to find more kindred souls!

    Thanks for all the wonderful work you do!

  • Jim Grace

    Hey Felicia!

    You are one awesome lady! (Just wanted to get that out of the way.) I’ve been looking for new authors to check out and stumbling on your reviews is perfect!

    Do you ever check out fiction from amateur authors? (I ask because I am one and I’d love to get input). Only I don’t want to be a self-serving weenie and advertise in your blog. Let me know if you’d be interested – my story seems like it would be right up your alley.

    Thank you for the amazing work you’ve done. I am always looking forward to more!

  • Super F!

    I watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog for the er… 15th time… this weekend. I made my mom and best friend watch it for the first time. My mom, who is not impressed with anyone, not even God, said, “That Penny girl is really talented.”

    Anyways, have you checked out the Scarlet Pimpernel-esque spy series by Lauren Willig? It’s a hilarious historical romance series that is definitely my guilty pleasure.

    I’d love to know what you think.


  • Hi Felicia!

    I’m a huge fan of The Guild and your other work. It’s funny that I found your blog with this post, because I was just looking at The Thorn Queen in the store yesterday. My girlfriend recently introduced me to Karen Moning’s books, and we were looking for her latest and instead ran into The Thorn Queen. I’m also a fantasy writer… though not romance, and while on Amazon sadly not yet on Kindle. My most recently published novel is called “The Queen of Stone” and is about a spy named Thorn… so stumbling across Thorn Queen, I had to say “Hey! It’s the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup version of my novel!” I didn’t pick it up, since it was #2, but on your recommendation I’ll have to track down Storm Born.

    Anyhow, I’m a fantasy writer and game designer. I know you’re an RPG champion from back in the day, but I don’t know how up-to-date you are on your tabletop games; I designed the Eberron setting for D&D and the card game Gloom if you’re familiar with either of those, along with a number of novels. I’m working on an odd writing/gaming project at the moment, and I’d love to ask you a few questions privately if possible. I’m sure you’re too busy to respond to every such query, but if you have a moment and interest please drop me a line at

    In any case, thanks for everything you’ve done so far – I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  • Jessi

    Dear Ms. Day,

    I think you should use your celebrity powers to land Jacquelyn Carey a movie deal for the first Kushiel trilogy. I mean if Twilight can get a deal, why can’t Phedre?!

    Thank you,

    PS: Thanks for all of your amazing work on ‘The Guild’!

  • james_riley

    Hello. Would you be interested in going to see Samuel Becketts Endgame at the Steppenwolf with me this winter?

  • Brittany

    Have to say, Carey has been one of my favorite authors since the first Kushiel books. I read the first in Imriel’s series, got bored, and stopped. But with Kushiel’s Kiss, I got hooked again. She’s amazing! Now I have to check out the rest on your list. Bravo!


  • Liz!

    Hi Felicia,

    I think I have also torn a hole through the paranormal romance section thanks to Amazon’s crack-Kindle. At any rate, I think my taste is similar to yours. With that said, here is a completely non-paranormal romance: Palimpsest. Not my usual fluff; this one was strange and complex. I have no idea why I liked it but it was crazy and lovely and ugly. Good Kindle purchase (questionable cover).


    I just watched the first episode of Season 3! Yay! Welcome back!

  • Liz!

    I checked my “love and keep forever” bookshelves and compared with your Goodreads. Snow Queen by Joan Vinge – epic fantasy/sci-fi.

  • Osty

    The Tales Of The Otori are amazing! Loved that trilogy! Haven’t read the follow ups though, but I heard Harsh Cry Of The Heron was a good follow up. I really need to read more… >.>’

  • Wilfred

    Pat Hodgell’s Kencyrath series may be right up your alley. The anti-heroine Jamethiel starts out as a thief, can dance out people’s souls, and has CLAWS!

  • Kellen

    Yeah! I knew you were a woman of taste! Jacqueline Carey really does write beautifully. I agree with you. I have everything she does in hardback.

    I’ll check out the Storm set. I love me some fae! My forever in progress novel has a lot of fae in it.

    I have to agree with the George R.R. Martin suggestion as well if you haven’t already read them. I live in fear and excitement over HBO doing it.

  • Nathan

    Two of your passions collide: romance novels and gaming:

  • Danyel

    Once upon a time, I found a site that had all your reviews of pretty much everything you’d read. Is that still out there somewhere? You had some awesome genres represented.

  • It help me very much to solve some problems. Its opportunity are so fantastic and working style so speedy.

  • frankie schneider

    hey my name is Frankie and i just wanted to suggest a book series that i really liked.
    “the sword of truth” series is a long story that i really like, i’m still reading it but i think it has been worth it, i’m on book 9. i found out about the series through a show they made out of the books “the legend of the seeker”, and like most the books are better : P i saw that you like fantasy and i thought you may like them because i know i am.

  • Excellent website. A lot of helpful information here. I am sending it to several pals ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks for your effort!

  • watch the newet movie scarymovie5 here:

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  • Lewis Costley

    For some good young adult fantasy fiction you should check out Abigail Zimmerman and the crystal key, or Daniel Dunn: the boy who would become death. Both are on Amazon kindle

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