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So I want to make this site a little more artistic.  I love the layout of the WordPress Theme as CMS for the site,  but I want it to be prettier and quirkier, so if anyone has any suggestions, wallpaper, donts, design for the front page content, post it here, all thoughts are appreciated!

Also, there are a lot of new ppl reading this I’m sure, so if there’s a subject you’d like me to blog about, post it here.  I will be compiling ideas and blogging a few times a week.  What are you interested in hearing about (that isn’t redundant on Twitter 🙂 )

  • Hi Felicia

    You got me hooked on Twitter!

    Been following you on YouTube for a while and when I saw you were going to be in Dr Horrible (With NPR and Joss!) I just had to watch it.

    Penny Arcade and Fark are notorious for bringing servers down…and almost ruining people with huge hosting costs. But I am pretty sure you are now the #1 Gamer Girl in the world!

    Some of the things I’d like to read about is how you can cope with so much to do. The Guild, Dr Horrible, Commercials, Auditions, Gaming, Reading fantasy novels, Facebook, Twittering (just that has to be 6 hours a day lol), etc.. How do you get all that energy!

    Also :

    I’m curious about the books you read and the games you play.

    What’s your day-to-day like for an gagming actress with a huge online life?

    Dont stop those tweets!


  • Dan

    I know you’ve been busy with Comic Con and getting season 2 going, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some more book reviews in the near future. 🙂

  • Suggestions? Well … I’m biased, but we hear lots about your video and computer gaming. But I’d really love to hear about your tabletop role playing game experiences! I distinctly remember you talking about playing 4th Edition D&D. So dish!

  • edgar

    For those of you interested in Felicia’s reading habits… You can find her on

  • Hi Felicia,

    My wife and recently became fans of Dr. Horrible and the guild. We definitely want to support this sort of work, but our options seem to be limited to buying a future DVD or purchasing iTunes DRM content.

    We’re perfectly happy with what’s available for free on the web (YouTube,, RSS feeds etc. )

    I really want to financially support this work, but I don’t need another DVD, and I’m fundamentally opposed to buying DRM content.

    So my suggestion is to add a paypal or google checkout link to your project websites. I’ll happily take the money I would have spent on DVDs or downloads of the content and sent it directly to you for the content you’ve already provided for free.

    If you wouldn’t mind passing this on to Joss Whedon I’d appreciate it. As well as supporting the guild I really want to make sure as much of the $$ gets to the people that helped make Dr. Horrible during the strike.


  • “suggestions, wallpaper, donts, design”

    Err donts?

  • Dom

    Donts! Yes, you definitely need more donts!

    (Are they like donuts at all?)

  • Ferralangel


    Something to possibly consider as the website continues to evolve( or crash..joking 🙂 ) is developing more content for the various projects you are working on or contemplating on. I think you are in an amazing position because you have a strong base of fans that are less dopey dow eyed and more interactive and proactive.

    The Guild is a great series and I agree with Paul that you have access to a large amount of resources, financial and other, that you could use to apply to various projects you want to do. You have shown yourself to be a creative person and by sharing more about those projects you might find interested people who want to help you.

    The look and feel of the new site I like, I think it is a strong representation of you and overall a very inviting, easy to navigate site.

    Finally, I think if you are serious about your con experiences and your direction, you want to show a strong ability to interact with your committed (committable?) fans. People are quick to remember the interactions with those they choose to associate to, but will also remember the push offs they get as well. I think as long as your website continues to embody that, people will enjoy coming here.

    P.S. More Cowbell?

  • Dani


    hum… more funny videos like the DDR video? That (and the twitter moment and the Jaqueline Carey video) was just PRICELESS!

    Neh, I’m kidding (not)…

    I don’t know… I’m awful at suggestions… but I’d love to see you blogging about movies and tv series you like. I love the games posts (although I don’t understand them, they are always fun) and the books posts (although I feel stupid when I see how much you read and how much I don’t)… but some movies/tv series posts would be nice. I’d love to know what you think about the mainstream films and shows.

  • Mauro

    You said “that isn’t redundant on Twitter”, but I think that some sort of compilation of you twitters would be interesting. You could explain better what was going on when you sent something, acknowledge (and respond to) comments made on FriendFeed and post follow-ups to days old twitters without getting anyone lost.

  • Naked pictures of Jeff Lewis, definitely.
    Comic Sans font.
    Dr. Horrible fan fiction.
    A list of books that you haven’t read, and probably aren’t going to.
    A shot-for-shot remake of The Day the Clown Cried, starring you in the Jerry Lewis role.

    Oh, that is the list of don’ts. Although Lewis pix are okay if he’s in character. Vork can do no wrong.

    A serious don’t is don’t muck up your site too much. I like it simple. You could hold an artist contest to render your likeness. Winner gets their work immortalized on your site in the header.

    I’d love to see short clips of your gaming group in action. I find other groups really fascinating: they have a character of their own.

    Also, if you do writing exercises, dialog, that sort of stuff that you don’t use professionally, those would be cool to see. Writers who show their hand a little are writers I’m more likely to seek out and enjoy. E.E. Knight is one of those types. Have you read his Age of Fire books? Yeah, I know, dragons. But really, really amazing and complex.

  • ….developing more content for the various projects you are working on or contemplating on. I think you are in an amazing position because you have a strong base of fans that are less dopey dow eyed and more interactive and proactive.

    This is absolutely what I was going to come here to say. Machinima, photo/video contests (a la ZeFrank’s When Office Supplies Attack)… icon contests, for buddy icons or livejournal/forum icons…

    I know I’d participate! 😀

  • My friends have a little blog called “An Open Letter to MMO Devs” to air their grievances with the online RPG genre. I’m plugging it here because they’re all new to blogging and wouldn’t mind some critiques on their own work.

    I loved The Guild, and I loved seeing you at Comic Con! Hope to see more of your work soon!

  • aug

    How about some insight to your experiences with writing and producing your own web series. You inspire many of us by leading by example. It’d be educational to have tips and lessons you’ve learned from the process.

    and continue to share those moments like Jaqueline Carey – love that you are a fangirl!

  • Vicky

    I agree with Ferralangel and XDpaul – I love the look of your site already. It’s really clean with well-chosen colours and fonts. In fact, I’m so inspired, I’ve decided to have a go at creating a site of my very own! Will try not to rip off your ideas, though… 🙂
    BTW – have only just discovered The Guild and think it’s hilarious. More, please!

  • Tinny (d20toasty)

    Suggestions could involving your gaming session of how your DM’s story when, and your experience as a Wizard, and your character’s perspective of your DM’s world. Right there is a blog in itself.

    Another suggestion is be a video game reviewer, of what you think of the game and which you recommend to people.

    Game On !!!

  • Cam

    Hmmm, I think it would be great to have more of a behind the scenes look at some of your projects and at your creative process. I always love to see all the work and experiences that go into makes any creative work. helps to motivate me to do my own projects 🙂

    I come from more of a visual graphics background (2d Illustrations/3d animation) but something a lot of people in those fields do on their websites is write tutorials or howto guides. Perhaps a howto on script writing, or producing a web show or something along those lines would be good 🙂

    Aside from that, the only other thing I can think of right now would be doing game reviews along with the book reviews (if you have time to play games anymore 😉 ) I think alot of people would like to hear what you have to say about games out there today 🙂

    Anyways keep up the good work 🙂 make me feel like a lazybutt with all that energy you seem to have! (which is a good thing 😉 light a little fire under me bum to get me moving on things)

  • Vlad

    Well, now that the site is more popular, you control a modest internet horde yourself. It’s not as big as those that sacked and looted your old server, but it’s probably big enough to throw your weight around among the smaller settlements of web-land.

    Since this would be my main suggestion, I will keep my suggestions limited to the site layout question. It’s for the best. The layout of the site is good, and you stand to break more than you fix, which is no reason not to try. The front page feels a bit sparse, but I think that feeling would subside if that huge, largely empty welcome box was filled with some more text. Alternatively, “latest blog entries” could be listed up there next to the picture. That’s sort of the “news” section, and those things tend to be prominent on sites (probably for good reason). No need to clutter it up much more than that, though.

    If you’re looking to really change the look, attacking the color scheme is the best bet. This suggestion was bound to come up because rotten meat pink and partially decomposed algae blue-green are among my least favorite colors. The site still looks good in them, which is quite an achievement, but I imagine you could only do better. Wouldn’t you rather work in a blue that’s closer to sky than to algae? Maybe not. I don’t know.

    There are two minor technical details that could deserve a five minute fix. One is that headings seem to have no font specified. This leaves you with a default font that is out of your control, and that is invariably an ugly serifed font. The second one has been fixed while I was writing this post.

    And finally, a non-artistic thing. If the site is getting expensive to run with the new traffic levels, have you considered using ads to offset the cost? Nothing obnoxious, maybe some Google text ads on the side or bottom. All the other internet sensations use them, including the ones that brought down your server. Something to think about.

  • Suggestion: fan based banner contest; you could even give a color scheme or mood for people to follow. get your mini horde of fans to do free work!

  • Definitely would like to echo the behind the scenes stuff. And outtakes =) You and everyone else just doing what you love on your own has been inspirational. Not quitting my day job yet, but it’s making me really think things through.

    As for the actual layout, it feels a little scattered and all over. I’d work on categorizing the front page a little more… promote the current projects, then your blog. the social networking stuff can be a constant sidebar/footer/header maybe?

    I’d leave the what the “press” stuff on it’s own page.. if you want to promote it, maybe a horizontal clip over the current projects.

    Keep it up!

  • I’ll second the call for more about your pen and paper RPG experiences, and I would be quite interested to read as much or as little as you feel comfortable sharing about your writing process.

  • Korki


    My suggestion would to be to keep it personal. So far you’re doing a great job… Twitter, blogs, Facebook, etc… Your fans are attached to YOU and your work. The video clips of you embarrassing (as if!) yourself (Jaqueline Carey, DDR, “Twitter” moment) are very special. If possiblility strikes, more would be appreciated.

    Your blogs are very professional and personal, but they always have a topic to your career (since I’ve found your site ~3 weeks ago). Very understandable and encouraged. But we would also read about your other takes on life (hobbies as mentioned, writing/acting process, elaboration on your Tweets, etc…). Something Nathan Fillion does on his MySpace page is write about things that personally affect him. He did a “blog” on proper manners and politeness and it was probably one of his most viewed blogs. You have a very intimate fan-base; the more you share the more dedicated the fans are (see Joss Whedon). 🙂

    I, for one, would love to see nude pictures of Jeff Lewis (as Vork). 😉 I can never see him the same again after that Easter egg. Ack! I blame you for that AND for my new addiction to Twitter. Thanks a lot. 😉

    Color-wise, I would say that your blog scheme is both professional and personal. Deciding on what you decide to include on your blog will probably affect what colors you use. If you take the more personal route, I would suggest finding colors that reflect your persona. If you stay on the fence, this is fine.

    That’s my two cents. Hope it helps! Comedy is the answer to all. Sometimes. 🙂


  • If you’re looking for visual ideas, you could poke around the official Themes repository or the WordPress Themes viewer. Both have good stuff and bad stuff, but it’s a good place to get inspiration for what you want to do with your theme.

    If you are ever looking to get some of your loyal horde to help you out with the site, I’d be happy to help out a little. I’m no visual designer, but I’m pretty good with WordPress. Just ask Jonathan Coulton. 😀

  • hacksaway

    It looks like the color scheme is based on the colors on the shirt in her headshot. They’re different from what you normally see, so I don’t mind it.

    Just keep doing what you’ve been doing. Whatever you blog about always turns out interesting. I do kind of miss the 101 things though.

  • Omer

    When you are completed with a season, consider going through your script revisions and posting about what you adjusted from earlier drafts and why you did. Doesn’t matter if the reasons are creative or logistical or both; seeing that sort of dissection and insight into your thought process can be very useful for other writers.

    I suggest bringing back more of the personal/idiosyncratic posts that you used to do. I know you use Twitter for that sort of thing these days but it was nice having those conversational kinds of posts on the blog as well, since it has a comments section. Plus its good to have that sort of thing to break up the work and promotional stuff. But that’s just me, I know you love the twitter. 😉

    WordPress for iPhone can make this easy!

    As far as layout goes, I recommend bringing the “comment” link back underneath each post like before, instead of having the post title link you to the comments like you do now. The current format isn’t that conventional and a lot of people might miss the comment section as a result. I initially thought they were down or taken away.

    I also suggest more consistency between the font families use you. Seeing serif and sans serif fonts mixed like that makes my eyes hurt.

    For color, I don’t remember exactly what it was but I really liked the color scheme you had two or three versions ago, some time before the predominantly red one. I’m pretty sure it was more pastel. Maybe use something more like that; it was a clean layout and very easy on the eyes. I won’t make any more specific color or layout suggestions since you already know how frigging minimal my own website is. If I was responsible for the look of the web the whole damn thing would just be light blue and grey Helvetica or Verdana on off-white. 😉

  • Julie

    I adore how you embrace your legions of online fans, first of all. You seem to draw a nice line between a private and a public self, which is never an easy task, so props to you for that.

    What I’d love to hear more about is how on earth you manage your time, like what a typical day is like for you.

    As an aspiring writer, I’m also interested in your creative spark — what gets you writing, what else do you like to write.

    And finally, as a WoW guild master (my guild loves The Guild!), I’d like to hear the occasional story about your WoW-related experiences. Clearly, your experiences led to The Guild, but certainly there are other stories you’d like to share with us that don’t make it into The Guild. 🙂

    Keep up the amazing work, and make sure you schedule some time for sleep, too. 🙂

  • Omer

    Oh yeah, and bring back “The Flog”, I always liked that title. 🙂

  • David

    Hi Felicia,

    Um a suggestion would maybe be like a 1 minute video blog every month or so summarizing twitters/blogs youve made in the past month in a more personal way. Though that could be a little redundant seeing as you twitter every 3 minutes and blog already 😉 so we’re pretty up to date… and I guess it could make your site crash more often if people tried to view them 😉 hehe.

    Wallpapers sounds good. Maybe a section for fans to submit (as I plan on doing 3d models of the Dr Horrible characters this year ;-))

    You already do too much though Felicia! If anything you should cut back! …wait, forget I said that. DO MORE COOL STUFF! ;-D

  • I’d like to hear about what kinds of things happen behind the scenes of all the things you do.

    My 6 yr. old daughter and I LOVE Dr. Horrible. While I’m waiting for the DVD, I watch parts of it most days on myspacetv. My daughter likes to sing with me, the part, “I love your hair,” “What?” “I love the uh… air, heh.” 🙂


  • Felicia – website looks GREAT! And I must admit, you got me hooked on Twitter too. Between you and Merlin Mann and Kottke and so son, there’s a lot of great stuff to read in short little snippets throughout the day. I love that!

    Anyway, I’d love to read some stuff about your background, if you don’t mind sharing. How you got into acting, writing, etc.; what was it like to work on Buffy; what are some of your favorite past projects and why; etc. (If you’ve already covered material like this I’m sorry – I didn’t see it here but would love a pointer to it.)

    I also like the suggestion for a quick video blog every month or so. You’re hilarious and charming on camera and all your fans would eat it up for sure.

  • Hi Felicia! I am located in Detroit and I am an avid fan of you and your work. How about putting a store link on the homepage here? I would also like to help fund the Guild Season 2 as a first-time donor. How can I get an 8 by 10 signed photo of you? I noticed you took tons of new photos lately. I thought it would rock if you sold them signed here to help fund your ventures. You can e-mail at about a donation for the Guild. I noticed the Pay Pal donation buttons are down.

  • I have to say I really enjoyed “The Guild” and “Dr. Horrible.” I don’t even play WoW, but I know the mentality and have certainly had my share of “gamer” moments where I wake up with a keyboard imprint on my face.

    ANYHOO, getting on-topic… I think it would be cool to hear about the different workings/goings on in entertainment industry. Particularly details on how you produce “The Guild” and your wacky misadventures with that; but also your wacky misadventures with the “bill paying” jobs as well. Perhaps you can throw in some “biz” lessons for us lay-persons along the way!

  • weacreas

    I’d like to see you talk about your com project, especially the tools you will be using and what you like and don’t like about them. Animation tools for the budget filmmaker are rapidly approaching professional, studio level film quality. By the end of the year we’ll start seeing inexpensive rendering tools on common hardware whose output rivals WETA and Pixar (,,51_52_15438_15106,00.html?redir=uve001).

    Even though the technology behind those tools won’t show up in games for a while, I don’t think it would be cheating (i.e. not recording a machinima film from within a game) to do a machinima film using them.

  • Dym

    I tried a video blog once. It was a lot more time-consuming than I expected. It’s a nice idea, but I wouldn’t do it if I had lots on my plate like you apparently do. Anyhow, it doesn’t seem necessary. The Flog and twitter are already plenty good enough.

  • hwbj

    off the top of my noggin suggestions

    …in the blog section you could use graphics in some places, like an oval button or some kind of scroll work under lining the titles of each post or even a few separating the sections in the columns instead of the solid colored rectangles

    …I noticed there was no link or listing for comments on the blog page at the end of each article, it wasn’t until I selected the single article that I could see the comments

    …maybe a goodreads widget in the sidebar to let people now about the books you’re reading or are into

    …a lastFM widget

    banners for The Guild & Dr. Horrible

    you’ve probably thought of them all…but my feeling always has been “Content is King” and it looks like reading the comments most folks are interested in the day to day stuff you do…so I’d say just find that blog-o-voice and keep posting and keep on going for it

    it’s all pretty $%^%#@ amazing anyway 🙂

  • Ben

    Hey Felicia–as someone stated above, I’d re-add the comment button below each post. I thought we were unable to post replies. Your last couple posts asked for response and I had plenty of input (what else is new?) but thought it was a conscious decision to not have a comments section. I’m glad I finally clicked the link.

    As far as changes, don’t change a thing. It’s obvious to any regular visitor that you are passionate about both work & play. And you’re not shy about asking for thoughts or comments (like this thread!). I remember a while back you were trying to decide which music to use for The Guild’s theme. I posted a comment with a little advice about how to make the decision and you commented right back and said I gave you “great advice and that it really helped make the decision.” How f*cking cool is that? That just about made my month.

    I think one of your biggest draws is that you come off as “real.” What other celebrity blogs about getting parking tickets? We love you for it! I found The Flog because I’m a Buffy fan but I keep coming back because now I’m a Felicia fan! (And you give great link.)

    While I wasn’t fast enough to “win” a signed copy of one of your book recommendations, at least The Flog is responsible for shrinking my carbon foot-print. Yay Earth! (followers of the site will know that Felicia got me off disposable silverware and paper plates!)

    And since I haven’t been able to post, I’ll use this opportunity to say Dr. Horrible was really wonderful. I also recall posting a request for a musical episode of The Guild (btw, that was way before the writers strike and Dr. Horrible. I like to imagine Joss read my comment on the Flog and said, “hmmm, what a great idea, Felicia singing on an internet blog.” If Joss will just confirm my theory, I can take credit for the birth of Dr. Horrible! alas, that’s never going to happen and it’s probably all in my head 🙂 ) Codex and Zaboo on a moon lit fire escape, singing a duet…magic… might be hard to pull off, after the success of Horrible but I still think you should consider it.

  • Morganelefey

    I wasn’t sure that I wanted to watch the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog. Sounded a little odd. I loved the Guild and as a wow player, I thought it was hilarious. But Dr. Horrible? I dunno, sounded odd. I know I know…a wow player worried about odd things? I don’t know what I was thinking.

    I long ago gave up my tv and I watch all my shows, news, etc on the internet now, so I’m pretty hooked on sites like I logged on the other day and lo and behold, Dr. Horrible was on the front page of hulu. So, I watched it.

    I am so glad I got over whatever bug was up my butt and watched Dr. Horrible. It was hiarious. I was rolling on the floor laughing my butt off. (yes I spelled it out…)

    I really enjoyed it and sent the link to everyone I know. On-line shows, movies, videos, news, etc are the future. As happy as I am that The Guild and Dr. Horrible are getting mainstrem recognition, I kind of hope the mainstream media outlets never fully realize and appreciate this. I am really enjoying some of the unbridled creativity occuring in this medium and I worry that it would be washed away by the msm coming in and taking over.


  • I say continue blogging about what’s going on with stuff and what interests you! I love reading your blog; it’s been a lot of fun so far.

  • Ziv

    Hey F, I was in a chat you did after the third Dr.H came out.
    Asked about you coming to Israel, you said you’d like to visit.
    Anyways, there are cons in Israel, and I could contact between you and the folks that runs them, so hopefully you’d see this, my email is included 🙂
    Great site

  • simple is better methinks, i like plain backgrounds.. it’s pleasing for the eyes~

    the new design looks great

    (and not that you have done it here, but please DON’T put background music, music player that autoplays..~) <- one of the DON’Ts suggestion

    have a nice day

  • Oops I just added the crazy background, but I do love it! 🙂 Cool thing about this theme is that I can change the color scheme very easily, so if I get bored…I’ll whip out something else!!

    I guess I’m in a sunshine mood today.

  • >shrug< it’s your site.. you can do whatever you want 😀

    mood eh? wouldn’t it be great if your site knows your mood and changes accordingly? (…. what a scary thought~)

  • Pointy

    I want: Cartoon Codex to sing a Disney-style “I Want” number while being dressed, not by Cinderella’s chirping birdservants, but by smiling smoke-breathing dragons who dress her *for battle* and whose gray exhalations fill the screen before it dissolves into Codex leading Guildies in a foot-tapping assault on a horde of Bad Creatures whom they vivisect by swinging their cartoon swords in time with the music.

    Climax: Codex joyfully picks up a Bad Creature’s severed head and holds it aloft. Said head duets with her as she finishes her heartfelt plea for “A World Where I Can Finally Be the Real Me.”

  • Evening,

    On a layout note, I’d lose the flower things – but that’s academic as many folks will read through the RSS feed.

    You’re getting a lot of new readers? If I were you I’d take a leaf from Wil Wheaton and post about whatever interests you at the time – be it something super-important, or some minor thing you’ve noticed. Keep the conversation going….

    (But then, what do I know – I have only a few readers. It seems that as a rule, themed sites do better, but as a site owner I prefer to maintain my ‘whatever interests me’ site!)

  • Oh, with wordpress you may want to investigate the ‘subscribe to comments’ plugin. That way people can opt to receive an email if anyone follows up to their comment. (The default is no email, so it’s non-spammy).

    I feel rotten mentioning the flower thing now I’ve seen your comment that you’d just added the ‘crazy background’ and loved it. That’s the main thing….!

    The important point is that the main reading area is a plain background – there are many sites out there which would have plastered the flowers all over!

    The general site does look good though. Clear navigation on the top. I really must give mine a big kick in that regard. I have plans for increased elegance but I need a non-destructive method of converting categories to tags first (the built-in wordpress converter removes the categories, which’d be a pain for me).

    I also need a block of time with no other commitments whatsoever to do it!

  • Rae

    For what it’s worth, I like the flower background. It has personality. And it’s not like you’re making us read the text on top of it. It’s just a little something extra around the edges.

  • I love the flower background! It’s fun and has more personality to it than what you had before.

    I’m looking forward to some more book reviews. 🙂 And, of course, anything related to Joss Whedon grabs my attention.

  • Somehow this background reminds of an image I have lying around here:

    Use that instead and enjoy lots of confused and incoherent blog comments plus sponsorship from leading pharmacy concerns (selling a lot more stuff against headache and dizziness).

  • bev

    I like the new background and color scheme, it adds some spunk, methinks.

    My other suggestion would be to get the gravatars tweaked… I am unsure if you’re aware of this, but those with Internet Explorer see little broken images where the gravatar is supposed to be (this isn’t actually seen in firefox, though). I think you just have to get a default gravatar or use one of the plugins on the gravatar’s options page. If you don’t have IE, you can try viewing it on

    As for stuff to talk about in the blog, you can maybe do one of those “Ask so-and-so” type features where people ask questions and you can post answers to them. Or you can post the ridiculous questions/comments people have already sent you, as I am sure with the recent flux of new fans, there’s bound to be some major LULZ in some of those questions/comments you’ve gotten.

  • Korki (korkster)

    Yay! Flowers! I like it, and the idea that it’ll continue to change depending on your mood. It’s very smile-worthy. 🙂

  • Korki (korkster)

    AND, you got rid of that green. >)

  • I like the flowers. I also appreciate the fact you can change color schemes easily, I used to have a particular design set up just for that reason. I miss that fun. Something blue for the winter… something orange and black for Halloween.

    Like someone said above, the important thing is to keep the text filled areas simple. I, for one, tend to like a white background like you have here, for those spaces. Because, ultimately, it’s about readability.

  • Ferralangel

    IS IT JUST ME or is the forum down, I end up at a blank page. Am I crazy?

  • Zach

    you should add more footage of you singing from Dr. Horrible to you acting reel. Your voice is like a mixture of Furgi and Jesus! For a sec there I thought you transformed into a unicorn or something! People like unicorns.

  • Ben

    I get that too Ferralangel, its been down quite a bit lately. (And that’s not a knock on Edgar!)

    And I’d like to vote for Pointy’s suggestion a few posts up.

    LOL “Said head duets with her as she finishes her heartfelt plea for “A World Where I Can Finally Be the Real Me.”

    “Said head duets” is not a phrase I expect to hear again anytime soon. (Although I can’t seem to shake the mental picture in my head 🙂 )

  • I just watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and I just wanted to say what an awesome voice!

    Can’t wait for more Guild episodes!!!

    Also can’t wait for Dear Me!!!

  • Pointy

    Thank you kindly, Ben!
    I find the Duet With a Severed Head as haunting an image as that of Heads in Jars in a Mad Scientist’s Lair Singing Doo-Wop.
    “This is not a democracy. It’s a cheer-ocracy!”* The Guild is Felicia Day’s chance to bring her comic vision forth in 99 44/100 percent pure form, and I respect that. And applaud that!
    (Of course, I may not understand a comic vision that does not encompass duets with severed heads. At least as DVD extras.) (I’ve got a pretty melody.)(And some lyrics.) (Just saying)

    *”Bring It On: The One She Wasn’t In”

  • Howdy

    Looking through the comments, there’s a theme here. One I agree with and wholeheartedly endorse! Reveal a little more of the fangirl… personality, i mean!

    Seriously, I’d love to read about your RPG experiences on and offline. It is always fun to get a chance to experience another gaming group in action, as each has it’s own, thankfully unique, dynamic.

    Some kind of production blog or dissection for the guild would be cool, but that kind of leaves things a little… underdone for my tastes.

    I’d love to see someone form an online community for ‘webisode’ producing people, as it is so hard to get everything together and organised and, for those in out-of-the-way locales, almost impossible to complete a project. As someone who has both undertaken a ‘webisode’ project, with a high level of success, and has a growing pull amongst the online nerds, you’re ideally placed to bring these people together to help each other and make other, less funded, ‘guild’ and ‘dr horrible’ type projects come to life.

    Just for a quick aside, I don’t know what kind of budget ‘the guild’ was done on, but I’m assuming there was at least a *bit* of cash behind ‘dr horrible’. Fake moustaches can get ostly… strangely, I say that from experience ;P

    I’m working on one now and, although my current stumbling block is the filming, I would still like to have more people to bounce ideas off of and help with the drafting of the episodes.

    But, then again, that could just be me. Who knows?

    Anyhow, hope that rambling mess can be of *some* help



  • Layout and usability are paramount, and I’d say that the current layout of the site is the most direct and clear of the various layouts you’ve tried. Some of the more “busy” layouts seemed to cram too much info onto the front page. This layout seems as if everything has a place, know what I mean?

    Only you can determine if the flower theme is one that you can grow with, if you’ll pardon the pun. Will you be able to look at it five months down the line without gritting your teeth? If so, stick with it. It’s important to establish an identity for the site, so frequent visitors feel at home.

    Add me to the list of users who wish to see more behind-the-scenes, creative-process stuff here. Script development, editing, the changes projects go through as they are brought into being — as a performer myself, these are subjects that fascinate me. I do also appreciate the reading lists and book reviews and such; they provide potential sources for inspiration that I might not have run across, and I’m sure the users here have returned the favor by recommending books to you. Win-win!

    I’ll conclude by saying thanks, Felicia, for all the effort and energy you put into what you do, including this site. It’s a great reflection of who you are and how much you care.

  • Jave

    Hey Felicia! Just discovered you through Horrible, then The Guild. Just wanted to suggest a Fav Icon so it looks better in *my* bookmark tool bar! I know, selfish indeed 😛

  • Great suggestions all! I will try to make more creative-type posts about my process (as dysfunctional as it is) and will definitely look into adding subscribe to comments and a favicon to the site in the next week. Thanks so much for your input!

  • Kairinnia

    First off I must say, you are an inspiration to geek women everywhere! We need more of ya, girl power needs to hit the Interwebs more 🙂 And dang hon how the heck do you get all that energy? Its like I look around and you are EVERYWHERE! Secretly you have a clone don’t you? I really think thats the only way to make all that happen 🙂

    Me personally, I would love to hear about your computer gaming/pen and paper gaming experiences – sooooo few women are into D&D that its just great to meet another one! I would love to hear about those funny/crazy/witty/weirdness things that happen in that arena for us all 🙂

    Anyhoo have a wonderful day oh and I love the background on the site its so summery 🙂

  • Chris

    Not much of a suggestion, but I’m sure the Plurk community would love to see you on there. Many Dr. Horrible and The Guild fans floating around there. 😀

  • Chris

    Sorry for the double post… but you’re already on there. I need to look before I leap more often, hehe.

  • oh yeaaa 😉

    definately more and more stuff to say in your life yes?
    pretty soon you’d get someting like

    “I know every floor plan of every place you have ever lived”

    “wednesdays and saturdays except twice this month and skip the weekend”



  • Given your degree background, how about some posts on some interesting bits of maths? Perhaps how matrices are applied to 3d gaming?

    No? Perhaps that’s just me…. I’ll go and read xkcd a bit….

    Hides under a rock

  • Andy

    You should definitely definitely write about your addiction to Dwarf Fortress. Cmon now, no need to be shy. You can lie to the rest of the world that you’ve never touched it, but I know somewhere deep inside you want to try it out!

    I thought you might enjoy the game since it creates great stories and is rather rpg’ish.
    Fear the elephants 🙂

    And if you’ve already played this and are thinking, “what a turd for assuming I have not already heard and played such a high quality game such as this!”, then a thousand and one apologies!

    Ok, go!

  • Pointy

    If you ever wish to deliver an informational rant regarding MySpace and the pain you have suffered in its cyberclutches, I am sure that those of us who are just beginning to explore social networks for our own web video projects would find it most enlightening.

  • I think a blog about how on Earth you keep up with your immense online presence and daily life/work would be great…haha. Felicia Day’s Guidebook to Surviving Online…

  • I hope you know about Shelfari. I’d love to follow what you’re reading. You can add a widget on your site of your shelf.

  • I use Good Reads as my book service, which you can see in the sidebar.

  • ferralangel

    Please bring the forums back. PWEASE!!!!

  • Sandra S.

    I have a question. I know that you’re a huge famous celebrity and everything, but you’re also wonderfully geeky. So, I was wondering if you’d heard of the upcoming Nvision 08 event in San Jose (Aug. 25-27). I wondered because there’s going to be some stuff there that I thought you might be interested in. Although obviously you’re extremely busy with everything right now. My husband and I are going for the Demo compo, but there’s lots of other stuff there.

  • Have you seen that you are on the The most influential individuals in the LA Tech Scene from NowPublic ( 🙂

  • Lara Pavlov Stone

    If you really want to make someone’s day- My best friend is a huge fan and I’m doing everything I can to get a plea to you! On March 30th my friend Chuck (warmly known as Chuckles) is turning 30. He is a huge fan of yours! A signed autograph, hell- even a “Happy Birthday Chuck” or something on Facebook would mean the world to us both. I know this is highly unlikely and unorthodox, but it would be something he would never forget. He’s the best friend a girl could have and I would gladly make an ass of myself however necessary to ensure a special birthday unlike any other.

  • Lara Pavlov Stone

    Please! I’m trying everything I can to make a personal (and this *is* the suggestion category, lol) plea to you.. My best friend Chuck (warmly known as Chuckles) is turning 30 on March 30th. He is a huge fan of yours and the best friend a girl could ever ask for. I want to do something really special and surprising for him for his birthday- It would mean the world to us both if you could send him a signed autograph or even just a “Happy Birthday Chuck” on Facebook as he is a fan on there. I would gladly humiliate myself a 100x over publicly for the guy, so if you have any suggestions as to how I can convince you- I’m all ears!

  • You made some first rate points there. I seemed on the web for the issue and discovered most individuals will go together with with your website.

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