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Strangely enough, I clicked on a Dr. Horrible link in my daily “Felicia Day” Google Alert email (YES, I Google Alert myself, it’s not narcissism, it’s BUSINESS 😛 ) and lo and behold the official fan site for Dr. Horrible is up and running here!   Wow, when Joss said this would be a “little internet project” I guess maybe I took him at face value a little too much, haha.  Pretty exciting to see him already turning the internet upside down, and people so interested,  so early on!

Looking at this site made me think:  Goddamned I need a new website!  They put that great place together in like, a week!  I mean in comparison this place is pretty ghettolicious.  I need to flip my blog over to my main directory and have the whole site be a WordPress platform.  I have some skins I’ve looked at adopting, but nothing makes me happy.  I guess is the narcissism and modesty fighting tooth and nail in my head.  I don’t want my cheesy face slap-dab in the center of people’s screens when they log onto my site, but when I play with a skin WITHOUT that, I’m like “Well, am I an actress or not?!  Show your mug woman!”  And…and I have no time for anything so…oh well.  Summer project 🙁  If anyone finds a skin I could easily adapt like this layout, let me know.   That site is brilliantly laid out!

Total separate issue, I was hunting around and found a “behind the scenes” little video from a project I did in the past, it will remain nameless.  Someone was just filming the set and happened to pick up a conversation.   I wasn’t in the video, but it showed some of the actors hanging out waiting to shoot, and saying some stuff that they wouldn’t necessarily want thrown on the internet, at least I wouldn’t if it was me.  I was pretty disturbed by that.  I mean, when you’re hanging out waiting to work, you don’t think that a private conversation would be broadcast to the world, but when people are interested in what you’re doing, especially actors, it seems like it’s fair game to do whatever with their privacy.    I don’t have the cleanest mouth, I like to say “balls” a lot, but if a video of me cussing like a sailor got out there, which I’m sure there’s one out there from improv at least, it could hurt the way some people think about me.  I dunno, it just seemed pretty lame to throw this unnamed clip on the internet without permission.   And made me think…I need to look out for cameras when I’m cussing.  HAHA. 🙂

  • You should charge people per cuss word you use. That way you’d make money as your angelic hollywood reputation goes all chernobyl.

    Just think, Tarantino would own Spielberg had he done that early in his career.

    There – I’ve done all the hard thinking for you. Now all you need to do is come up with a transactional interface.

  • b!X

    No one should be surprised by the fansite already existing. It would be unusual if a Joss project did NOT have a fansite up and running within, frankly, minutes of the news breaking.

  • Tyler

    I like your current site, but you’re right about it being updated to have the same template throughout- that would look really nifty.

    I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with your cursing like a sailor, it just goes to show that you’re a real person. And lemme tell ya “balls” ain’t that bad. I’m partial to “piss” myself… okay that whole thing just came out sounding worse than I had intended and I don’t feel like editing myself.

  • Ben

    Balls!!! See, now you’re not alone. We cuss with you in solidarity!
    (Just remember to say, “earmuffs” first)

  • hahahaha Tyler. OMG that made me laugh. Well, balls is pretty mild to what I come up with. I like shocking people with the gross stuff I invent…no, I won’t type it out. 😀

  • Aww, we’re glad you like the site. We have a myspace page too we left you a message there 🙂

  • Tal

    The trick with WordPress is to find a skin you like the basic layout of (ignore the graphics/colors they may have used) as a starting point and then replace all the images, change the colors and then you can tweak away with column widths and stuff until you’re happy … if I find a theme simliar to the one you linked, I’ll try to remember to come back here and post it 🙂

    And while I think there’s nothing wrong with your current design it think having your pretty face up there would certainly make the place brighter 🙂

  • ferralangel

    Did anybody notice that Felicia got top billing on the site’s banner. Way to go Felicia!

  • I use bitchcakes… only a few people have caught the reference, and usually, if they do, I know they’re people I’d like

  • s o m a

    i only curse with people i know very well. that being
    probably my two older brothers and two other friends.
    and its usually to put emphasis or level of severity on what
    im talking about e.g. the atrocity that is so-called food service
    in nyc.. dennys has something they -call- syrup, but im not
    fooled.. the eight dollar [dam near with drink] chicken strip
    baskets at DQ are really only one chicken breast cut up..
    and other horrors in my fine-dining experience.. dare i say
    that the -mystery meat- nuggets at McDs were better?

    but i digress..

    admittedly there are photos, videos, montages in DVDs, and
    other forms of media that do not cast me in the greatest of
    lights [candle vs OLED].. and when an inquiry arises, i feel
    much like what these senators/governors probably feel wherein
    i should acquiesce to whatever character assassination should
    eventually occur, and have some sort of press conference..

    except it would be filled with fems “throwing daggers” with
    their eyes, whislt asking condescending questions.. whereas
    guys typically give me a pat on the shoulder and follow-up
    with a “phwoar shes pretty hot” comment.. which make me feel
    pretty sleezy, in that.. most of the norcal girls i have ever met
    are very nice and happen to be of a certain physical type..
    i was just trying to have a good time and well.. the pictures
    show it.. .. ..

    for which im not proud.. and dont condone that type of behaviour
    all the time nor will i find myself in that position again, unless of
    course money, time, place, space, motivation find themselves on
    my doorstep.. maybe vancouver next time..


    time to hit the cafes, eh?

  • s o m a
  • Rob

    For those who are waiting for Felicia in “Dr. Horrible” and the next installment of “The Guild” can see her in the movie debuting this weekend:

    Name: Prairie Fever
    Character: Blue
    Network: ION
    Time: 9:00pm US/Eastern

    Already got it on my Tivo to record!

    Make a Blog entry about this! No shame in tooting your own horn!

  • Rob

    Grrr… forgot to add:

    Date: Saturday March 29th

    *bonks self*

  • s o m a

    oh my.. kudos on your backyard mural..


  • s o m a

    cubby is semi-formal [i think i have that tie!]

  • Joss Whedon has himself a huge following on teh intarwebs (I’m a browncoat, too; if you’re not familiar with the term ask Nathan), so I’m not suprised that there’s a fansite up already. I get the feeling that you’re about to hit big time stardom, Felicia. 😀

  • I love the circular nature of you pointing to the fan site that has as its top story you finding their site.

  • aug

    i put “cuss less” on my 100 things to do list…I’ve gotten bad about doing it outside of friends (the friends who put my cussing to shame!)

    i like bitchcakes…i need to add that to my repetoire. always good to vary up the cussing!

  • Mia

    That’s your mural?? Very nice!!

  • soma



  • b!X

    “if you’re not familiar with the term ask Nathan”

    I’d actually very much like to hear just how Nathan would phrase his answer to that question.

  • HAHA Michael, I totally love that too! 😀 I was like, wow, it was news that I wrote a post discovering their site which was reversely discovered by them, that I discovered it! I love the internet!

  • Congrats! I am so excited about Dr. Horrible! I’ve gotten my fiancé hooked on Buffy lately (he’s never watched it!,). We’re on season 4 so far. It’s fantastic that Joss has more stuff for Whedon fans to engorge themselves upon. I miss Buffy and Firefly!

    As for the WP thing, I switched from it long ago, because it was so bloated and I couldn’t ever get it to do what I wanted it…however there are some very awesome themes out there. You could always ask Matt to share his theme with you. All it would take is a little CSS tweaking to get it looking like you want. I also found a theme here that is pretty wicked:

    Slidey mootools posts! It would be pretty easy to customize that theme.

  • b!X

    One way to discover some interesting themes that for whatever reason don’t show up in WP’s theme repository is to Google for “powered by WordPress”. It can take some sifting, but some good stuff can be found that way.

  • Cussing is fine! We’re all humans, and daaayum, if there ever was a day I didnt say a word other people didn’t like! Xdpaul’s right, if we all had a dollar for each time we said a swear word, we’d be retired by now!

    Don’t worry about it. If we ever hear you cuss, we’d love it. No one, no matter how angelic, can ever stay away from swearing. It’s delicious, I tell you.

  • By the way, any thing can be a swear word. My inner circle of brothas and sistas have a communication system. The words we use, no one else can decipher. Think of it as coded vulgarity.

    Almost like how Ross and Monica ‘point the middle finger’ in Friends, if you know what I mean.

  • Kim

    Delurking here (does one delurk after only a couple weeks reading your blog?) to pass on some geeky fangirl WordPress love. I’ve used it for so many things and I always tweak the theme—sometimes till it’s unrecognizable. Somewhere I have a list of links I’ve used over time to help… I’d be happy to dig it up if you want. (If my webhost weren’t dealing with some annoying glitches, you could see my minor tweaking of a theme; maybe by the time you read this the glitches will be history.)

  • So, this is almost a year old. Still, glad to hear all this WordPress stuff. I’ve got a few blogs to get off the ground and WP comes with my webhost already—–so I wanted to check it out.

  • Great post thank you (why i cant subscribe to your feed ? i keep getting an error)Thanks

  • I got it bb, sorry to disturb u , it seems that i have problem in IE

  • Firefly is one of the TV Series that was created by Joss Whedon. I love Firefly so much but it does not have Season 2.*–

  • I really love what you post here, very refreshing and intelligent. One problem though, I’m running Firefox on Debian and parts of your content are a little misaligned. I realize it’s not a common setup, but it’s still something to to keep in mind. Just shooting you a heads up.

  • Joss Whedon is a great director, most of the science fiction series that i love are created by him.~`;

  • i wish that Joss Whedon could also make a sequel to FireFly and Serenity”‘`

  • joss whedon should have continued the Firefly series on TV, it was a nice sci-fi series,;*

  • geez, Firefly is the best sci-fi TV series. i just hope that Joss Whedon revives that`;*

  • I love how flexible OLEDs have a quicker response time than LEDs!

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