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I’m crazy swamped, but I wanted to post a little something about The Streamy Awards, a fantastic night to celebrate web video!  I commented to a friend of mine, “It’s like we became the cool kids for one night!”  All the web video people dressed to the nines, all these Hollywood people lined up to get into our party!  Crazy!

I was honored (and a bit flabbergasted) to win Best Actress in a Comedy (over some hilarious women I admire) and The Guild took Best Comedy Web Series and Best Ensemble in a Web Series.  WOOT!  Full list of winners at the Streamys website.  We couldn’t have been in the running without our donors, it’s quite an honor to have been supported through Season 1 by viewers, so my most heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who donated, or linked the video.  It’s a real democratic win I feel 🙂  The Guild cast had a great time too, it makes me proud to have created something that makes my actors get recognized, LOL.

Dr. Horrible racked up MANY awards, as it should have!  I was very torn during the whole process, especially with the Audience Award (which was of course taken by Dr. Horrible! 🙂 ), so I tried not to personally promote one project over another, even though The Guild is my baby.  My conscience is cleaner for it.  And Joss and Neil were there in person to accept their awards, with Joss’ wife Kai and Maurissa, one of the writers of Dr. H.  They all rock and I love them so much!  For me, Dr. Horrible was the reason that web video is blowing up, pure and simple.  Without Joss going outside the system and getting mainstream attention, web video would never be where it is today, I truly believe that.

There are many pics of the event (Here’s the Official Flickr Photo Collection for The Streamys.)  Thanks to all who tuned into the live stream, hopefully the video will be posted soon to link the acceptance speeches etc.  Below is an interview I did with Kodak that was very nicely edited before and after the awards.  I will never forget that night, it was an amazing experience.  Now…back to work 🙂

This Girl Does It All – The Fabulous Felicia Day from Mary Rambin on Vimeo.

  • Hey Felicia, Congrats on the wins!!! That is awesome! Keep up the great work I look forward to seeing you in some more excellent shows in the future.

    • Val

      When the story of Casey Anthony is done, you must play her.

  • U R my webular hero and role model, Felicia! And not just because I’m really pale. Web vid is exploding with millions of little packets of you. Seriously. The FCC should investigate.

  • James

    Congratulations Felicia. I’m really happy for you. Also, I can’t wait to see you on Dollhouse. That show has been blowing me away the past couple weeks and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of role you will be doing. Also I hope you’re a doll and you’re character’s name is Foxtrot. Cause that’d be super-cute.

    I don’t know where else to ask this, so I might as well ask here: Where can I get the DVD for The Guild season 1? I can’t find it anywhere on the website. Is it sold out?

    • We are about to relaunch the DVDs on a new site, stay tuned this week! 🙂

      • James

        Thanks so much for the response! I’ll be one of the first ones in line to buy them when they’re ready. 😀

  • You deserve every accolade you received, Felicia. If there is one person who’s earned the right to gloat about how tirelessly she works on her pet projects it’s you.

  • Hey Felicia, great congratulations from Slovakia, The Guild is perfect, Dr.H. is great. And most of thing I wanted to write some wrote before me. Well I’m looking forward to see Dollhouse episode with you, when will it be?
    wish you good luck by other projects 🙂
    fans from Slovakia :), your fanclub is growing here 🙂

  • Brian S

    Congrats on the wins! They’re well deserved.

  • Rob Garrod

    Congratulations on the awards. I’m in the UK and have enjoyed watching the Guild immensely, and Dr. Horrible was just so unique it was impossible not to like it. It is nice to see web content being honoured in this way, low budget does not mean low quality it just means you have to innovate more. Looking forward to the Machinima project.

  • Now-redundant congratulations from New York, as well, but I suspect that you’re the only one surprised by the Best Actress win. Not that I’m an expert, but of the nominees, you’re the only one able to hit the high speed needed for short video and still retain the voice of your character.

    Loved your spot in the “how to” segment, too. But is that really how we’re pronouncing pwn? Really?

    And, of course, you’re right that independent video wouldn’t have been “a thing” without Dr. Horrible. But hopefully word won’t get out too quickly, else every site will be infested with unobjectionable lowest-common-denominator corporate videos trying to look independent. Like that phony “viral” push a few years back.

  • Congratulations, Felicia. The Guild really deserves its accolades, and you should be proud.

    I need to get my own web series written. Procrastination is baad.

  • len

    Huntsville is proud! (although like Courtney Cox, you probably didn’t spend much time here… but what the heck, the bio says you’re a Valley Girl).

    Joss kicked the door open, but the fleet of feet are keeping it that way. You are the first of the new generation and you shine! I’m very interested in how it goes with Machinima. I’m more taken by real-time 3D, but I understand the vertex economy and it ain’t cheap.

    Whedon made the best observation on NPR about the Buffy fans having their own interpretation of the show, and that is how he knew it was art and not just a commercial. I think you’re going to make that cut above the rest. You’ve got the writing Jones and if it doesn’t get submerged in the need to keep some distance, you are going to touch a lot of people with those stories growing even richer. Break a leg.

  • Congratulations from Kansas! You and the Guild cast have their characters down, that’s for sure. What I think is great is that you’re also learning and growing as a writer. I’m not just looking forward to the new season, but to any other stories you have to tell, in whatever format they come in.

    Keep creating, Felicia!

  • Congratulations, Felicia! You truly are an inspiration. =)

  • Ben

    So freaking cool. Web awards are definitely in their infancy and you completely owned them this year!!! You’re almost as over exposed on the web as Tina Fey is on tv. But make no mistake, she’s got nothing on you.

    And how about that va-va-voom dress!! You looked smokin’ hot! Way to represent!

    Now get back to work! 🙂

  • Christopher

    I always knew you were gorgeous but…WOWZERS!!

    And gratz on the wins. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Jeff Elwell

    Congrats!!! Wish my PC would have allowed me to watch, but it rocks that you all won. Have to figure why it won’t let me see the vid for next time.. ‘Keep rock’n Hollywood cyber style!’

    Big, yet average sized fan,
    Greenfalcon805 on Twitter.. *sighs* yes I’m one of the soulless..

  • Fantastic. It looks like it was a really great night and I’m very happy to see all of your hard work and drive has paid off. I’m sure there must have been lots of times you wondered what the heck you were doing and some of the decisions you made, but I’m very glad to see you rewarded and recognised for all of your effort and your belief in the work that you’ve done. Looking forward to Season 3 of The Guild!

    All the best


  • Dani

    I’ve said “congratz” everywhere (twitter, friendfeed, Guild community,…) but I think one more is needed:


    And yeah, Joss going outside the system and getting mainstream attention is a great thing that caused all of this, but…. as Joss said… You were a great reason of why he decided to do it, so… it all goes back to you. =D

    I can’t wait for the speeches to be posted, I wanna watch it many times again cause it was awesome!

  • you deserve it all, gf.. and you looked AWESOME!

  • I would like to apologize in advance if my friend Ken comes over here and asks you an inappropriate question.

    It’s his way.

    (Congrats again!)

  • Lasargo

    Congrats on the win and for making work less boring. As long as I don’t get caught watching videos that is 🙂

  • ken

    the REAL question your fans/readers/stalkers need answered is how you feel about those who wear neither boxers NOR briefs.

    the “commandos,” if you will.

    eagerly awaiting your reply…

    • I dunno, Ken, she has no problems with me…



  • I’m sorry. He means well.

  • Congrats on the well deserved recognition. You look stunning and that dress is absolutely scorching.

    I would also love to hear a response to Ken’s question for those many of your fans for whom these things matter greatly.

  • Oh Stoogie. Sigh.

    Someday I will explain to you about my circle of blogger friends and their love of making me blush…and now you blush.

    THIS IS TAME. Just don’t ever ask Ken about his chin strap thingy.

    I’ve said too much already.


    Except not really.

  • HAHA Omg you guys! That question was really stupid, I was totally thrown.

    And Edgar doesn’t wear pants, and his office chair has skid marks. There, I said it.
    Thx for the practical joke spoony hehehe.

  • Congrats on the wins! Completely awesome.

    Oh, red carpet questions that make me cringe.

    “OMGZ she likes teh boyz who wear the clean underwears? Crazy!”

    Haha, I liked your semi shocked reaction.

  • Congratulations, Felicia, you deserved everything you got! And at the Streamys, too! 😉

    And – ewww for the Edgar pantless comment! Now when he twitters during the day I might think back to what you said and…..NOOOOOO!

  • I would like to apologize for both my husband (Ken) and my blog’s boyfriend (Stoogepie).

    They are pigs.

    Congrats Felicia.

    Your hair is gorgeous.

  • Shelley

    Congrats on the wins for both “The Guild” and “Dr. Horrible”!

    I have a totally off-topic question though – where did you get your dress? It’s gorgeous!

  • len

    Something for your not-often-enough spare moment. If this is inappropriate on your blog, delete it. It’s a bit dark. I don’t want to draft on your blog. It seemed the easy way to share it with you as yet-another story in the world of web streaming.

    Not an overture. You have your own stuff. 🙂

  • My dress I got at Max Studios, but it wasn’t free or anything, it was on the half-price rack. People kept asking me who I was wearing and I was like, “Uh, I dunno, let me check my credit card receipt.” I guess one day I’ll get free stuff, but until then I don’t really want to give free advertising to clothes companies, haha! 🙂

  • I’m so glad you pimped The Guild in the Dr. Horrible commentary (the musical!), because it’s now one of my favorite things ever. I already knew that you could sing and act, but I have a special place in my heart for my fellow lady writers, and you kick ass at it! 🙂 Congrats on all the well-deserved Streamy success. You’re an inspiration, and I am SO looking forward to Season 3.

    And it must be said – you are like the Tina Fey of New Media. 🙂

  • Thank you so much Teresa for your kind words 🙂 Pimping The Guild on the commentary was all Joss. A gentle ribbing for my constant mentioning of it. I’m pretty single minded 🙂

  • Congrats on the wins! It was so fun to watch live!

    Can’t wait to watch you win again next year! 😀

  • Grr Aargh

    Are there any plans to make the Streamys more international next year? Mainly because I’d love to see more good international web video. There could be some great non-english language stuff out there just waiting for Dani Figueiredo to do the English subtitles for! Though of course some of this years nominees are not easily accessible from outside the US…

    • William George Ferguson

      Well, the organization behind the Streamys is the ‘International’ Academy of Web Television, (either that or I Agree With This Video) So it should be, you know, international.

    • Dani

      @Grr Aargh


      Actually, I’m currently searching for web-series from all over the world for a project I have… but seems like there aren’t many…
      It’d be awesome to subtitle some non-english shows into english, though I’d have to speak other languages, which I don’t (except for Portuguese, =P).

      And Edgar: Like Higlet said…. “ewwww”.

  • len

    I take it the Streamy’s are pretty much a ‘video’ media only affair? Too bad. Once again Hollywood takes a multi-dimensional medium and turns it back into the only medium they really understand: film. Que lastima.

    Nothing against video. It’s just the web is a hypermedia system with incredible potential for non-linear storytelling. Crunching it back into a million channels of sitcoms seems rather retro. No offense because I think Felicia a brilliant storyteller and capable of becoming an artist with deeper reach if she cares too. On the other hand, being from the music side of the house, I’ve seen what money does and if the song “Money Changes Everything” isn’t on her iPod, it ought to be.

    A new kind of storytelling is emerging. Perhaps Hollywood, being the elite cultivar of entertainment, is not where it will take root and grow. As Clapton sang, “It’s in the way that you use it.”

  • you own

  • Hey I’m a big fan of yours. Just started following your Twitter thanks to Huffington Post. I enjoyed The Guild and pretty much everything I’ve ever seen you in. Yes, I saw Bring It On Again too. Thought your role was hilarious in that too.
    I just wanted to take the time to say Hi. I’m sure you hear it a lot.
    Incidentally…I’m curious about what you play in WOW (I wouldn’t be so intrusive as to ask where or ask your screen name but Classes, Races and Levela I’m not at all shy about asking about.

  • I dig your dress and the bright makeup. Well executed.

  • Varnicles

    You looked stunning!

  • Alexia

    You looked awesome! Good choice on the green dress to go with your red hair. 🙂

  • Congratuwelldone on all the awards!! And I can’t wait to see you on Dollhouse- loving that show at the moment- especially that drhorrible recently hinted that someone from Dr. H will be on Dollhouse, so happy it’s you!

  • Felicia, I’ll watch anything with you in it! lol Sometimes I feel like purchasing a red washer and dryer set too. lol

    Many congrats to you! Love all the gorgeous photos!

  • I feel so lucky that I got to congratulate you in person after all those Streamy awards, what an amazing night! Totally historic.
    I also wanted to share some photos I took that night (I was there taking photos with Dorm Life)- I have some posted on my blog – there were some great ones of you and the guild too 🙂 You can click on any of those photos to get to the flickr album as well.
    enjoy! <3 emily

  • Graeme

    A little late…but congrats on the Steamys!! And I have to say…WOW!! No not that WOW…but WOW you looked stunning that night!! Like…jaw dropping!!

  • The Infernal Mr Adams

    I keep thinking it says the “Steamy” awards, rawr…

  • shadow_self

    The interviewer didn’t even know the name of the show, and seemed to be most interested in underwear. And you say this was ALREADY edited? Here’s hoping you get to speak to people who ask questions that matter. I love your work, by the way. 🙂 In… that show. You know, with the people who wear underwear.

  • len

    Here is something from the VRML vaults: A long time ago a group of Geek Geniuses decided to make a gift for the children of Ireland. That gift was the world’s first virtual reality epic, IrishSpace. Designed for 3D, I am turning it into video. The people who did this did at night, for free, without ever meeting until the two producers met in Tralee 24 hours before the deputy prime minister and neil armstrong were to arrive to assemble 80 minutes of 3D real-time files and audio into a navigable episode.

    Because it was episodic and video capture is easy for homebrew producers, the home movie will get made over a decade after that original show. Digital arts are great. Versioning. 🙂

  • I love your blog. Maybe you could let me know how I can subscribing with it?

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