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I’m still obsessed with redoing my website.  I tried to make a “no internet” weekend to detox from my obsession, but then I stared at a computer screen for 8 hours a day watching the new episode of The Guild being edited, so really, I didn’t avoid the “new media” stuff like I would have liked.    I had finally broke down and decided to hire someone to do it for me, when I stumbled across this site,, for free flash templates.  Oooooh, shiny pretty themes!

Now, I hate waiting for a flash site to load up, and I really hate it when music plays automatically, but all the cool shiny buttons and animation is so scrumptious!  There aren’t very many templates, but there are several good ones. Of course, the TV one is too on the nose for me, but this one is a possibility, I could put all my headshots where the photographs are,  and what little information I need to convey on the main site will fit fine in the boxes.  The only thing is, the Flog would be linked to a non-Flashy site, and it might look kinda downscale.    Sigh.  I hate deciding about things I shouldn’t even be obsessing on!  Go do something better with your time woman!

  • What the hell, I thought I told you not to use flash.

  • Edgar

    I agree flash might not be fun… well, then again hmm…

  • OK FINE. You guys are right. Back to the drawing board!

  • Let me say that I am a HUGE fan of using flash templates for actor websites… I hate background music – but, seriously, all the little clicky transition sounds and animation? Awesome.

    I’ve started doing a bunch of my friends actor sites in flash using templates from bluegelmedia (my web address is a modified/revamped template for a ‘model agency’ template from blue gel media that I got bored and jacked around with) . I never realized there was a free site for templates, so you’ve made my day.

    Ignore the 100% use of complete incorrect grammar in this comment.


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