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Speed Tips?


Here I am all excited to play the Hellgate beta for only the second time since I got a key, when I run into the deadly re-download. NOOOO! Why they make me redownload 4 gigs and not patch it, I don’t know. But, I started the download, and promptly ran into a problem I haven’t had in a while: Speed Envy. My brother, with a cable modem, is outclocking my download by 3 TIMES! I can’t get over 93 kb speed, and he’s over 300! Now, I’m supposed to have the middle speed DSL from AT&T, fastest isn’t available in my area :(, and I’ve noticed that my connection is REALLY slow compared to other lines I’ve logged onto. So, in a fit of outrage as my speed stalled and his whizzed ahead of me, I called tech support.

Why, oh why, did I bother. I disposed of 49 minutes of my life as a semi-helpful man read from a manual and told me to do asinine things to my computer, at one point blaming my laggy connection on a single piece of DoubleClick spyware. He tried to pawn me off on a variety of other departments at the end, only to find they were “experiencing high call volume”; translate to “asleep or not picking up the phone.” So, what did I end up with? Having to start my download ALL OVER AGAIN because he told me to restart my computer, and had absolutely NO INSTRUCTIONS after that, like a restart would magically solve my speed problems.

So, can anyone give me tips to speed up my connection? I would even switch companies, I swear. Too bad I don’t have the budget for a T1 line. Oh wow. If I were a big movie star, I wouldn’t buy Prada bags, I’d get a T1 line into the house. 🙂

Sigh. 16%.

  • I gave up on AT&T DSL when they kept sending me to the guy reading the manual (or screen or whatever), even after I complained over and over about the crapful speed. I even bought another DSL modem that had a menu screen that showed all of the data collisions I was getting (which is why the speed was so crapful), but AT&T didn’t want to hear about it.

    I now use a cable modem, which is ‘spensive ‘cos I don’t want their TV, just their bandwidth. (Can you say Dish Network? They sent me a nice card last Winter. I subscribe to too many premium HD channels, methinks.)

  • Nathan

    I can’t think of any tips, but when you do get on, tell me what you think. I was sorely disappointed.

  • Omer

    I have a stupid fast connection via AT&T DSL. If the server can do it I’ve gotten as fast as 1.5+ megabytes per second downloads. For the most part I get ~800kb per second. Why won’t they let you get the faster DSL plan?

  • Carl

    Worry not my Fair Maiden: I shall rescue you!

    Behold! As I come charging downhill on my White Stallion!

    Gaze in wonder! As I go flying past! (Where are the brakes on this thing?!!)

    Cringe! As I leap from my recalcitrant horse….and land in a heap of armor, tools, discs and pocket protectors!

    Struggle to keep a straight face! As I stagger up to you and collapse at your feet.

    Clutched in my hand, is a parchment. Upon it is written the magical incantation: dsl tweaks page

    Your quest begins there at the “Tweak Tester II” start button. Be warned! You must first drink the magical “Java” potion, before you can enter the realm of the Tweak.

    Forsooth and anon! You may also have to become initiated into the Secret of the Forwarded Port!

  • Dustin

    I was thinking of trying Verizon FiOS but they don’t access my area. Other than that I have no clue about connections, all my computational education fell out of my head when I started playing WoW 🙁

  • Carl

    Port forwarding is generally used to avoid ISP P2P traffic shaping. I’m not sure if it will help your problem or not. I’d recommend getting a download utility like this one or even this one.

  • Carl

    One more thing:

    It’s possible that the server you are trying to download the app from is getting hammered by other beta testers. Don’t forget to try and download from a mirror site. The 2nd download tool I’ve linked in my previous comment, accelerates downloads by automatically connecting to several mirrors.

  • Carl

    Another comment from a serial murmurer:

    Even if you can get your brother’s d/l speed, it will still take you over 28 hours of uninterrupted downloading to get 4GB. You really need a download utility that is robust wrt downloadus interruptus….especially if you are stuck at 100kbps and a 3.5 day download.

  • Hey

    Just found your blog & thought to add a comment. Haven’t read up much on Hellgate but I did have to repatch WoW after a full restore to my computer.

    The one thing I didn’t back up? yup…

  • Ben

    OK Felicia, here’s what you do…

    First contact your cable TV provider and ask for internet options. If you have a dish, they should have inexpensive options too. (In Chicago its about $38/month for a 6-7 meg download speed and about 100-200 upload. Pretty sweet.)

    If cable and satelite are not options, I would investigate wireless internet access. (Again, in Chicago, we have a company that does static 768K connections for $69 and thats without any overhead bandwidth.)

    As a last resort, I’m a partner of X4 Communications (this is what I do for a living). X4 is a carrier agent and represents over 100 carriers across the country. I usually do this for businesses only but for you, I’d make an exception. If you need me to check this out, forward a service address and I can request written quotes from everyone that has access at your address.

  • cirby

    I just upgraded mine yesterday – 10 megabit down, 1 megabit up, static IP (I can now host Real Web Pages out of my house, and I have a really old computer reinstalling the OS in the other room for just that reason). Sustained real-world download speeds in the megabyte per second range.

    Brighthouse Cable with Roadrunner internet. It’s in Florida, so probably not super-helpful where you are…

    Oh – and Felicia, sweetie? After resisting WoW for years, “The Tribe” (and this blog) finally triggered me into trying it. Two days in, and I’m running a 15th-level Gnome around, looking for copper and better armor…

    It’s your fault. Evil woman.


  • Carl: Best Roleplaying post ever posted on the Flog. Maybe the first, but undeniably setting the bar high for all who follow you 😀
    Thanks so much for all the responses and advice! I will definitely look into switching to satellite, I have Direct TV for channels. I was just under the mistaken impression that DSL was better, more reliable service. If AT&T would expand their top tier, over 300, service to my area, I would be happy, but the lady on the phone was like, “Oh, the service stops 1 BLOCK AWAY FROM YOU.” Talk about rubbing it in.

    cirby, you make me SO ENVIOUS 😀 How fast are all the big cities going to load for you in WOW?! Mega fast, no lagging, beautiful! Just please please don’t become an addict, I can’t have that on my conscience!
    Ben, I will contact you just to ask you a few questions if anything. To be honest, I don’t know as much about this as I’d like, and I guess that’s why I haven’t pitched a fit to AT&T before, because unless you KNOW about something it’s hard to complain about it. Like, “My car has a thumpy noise in the front” v.s. “My brake shaft is tinging on the right turn.” I just made that last one up, I have no idea if a brake shaft exists, but you get my inane analogous drift 😀

  • Chris

    Try speak-easy they give an SLA, you can have all the bandwidth in the world but latency will still low you down.

  • Ben S II

    I’m going to bore you with the horror story of Verizon DSL service. Two months ago we “upgraded”to a faster service then and then found that Verizon had shut down our account. Two weeks of zero access, numerous phone calls to the script reading Tech Help got nothing accomplished except for re-booting both of our computers many many times.
    At the end of two weeks, and several screaming sessions with Customer Service, we finally got a technician that actually knew what he was doing to come out and work on the problem–over the years squirrels had gnawed on the wiring and the junction box on the pole was something the tech hadn’t seen in fifteen years something the first two techs couldn’t find.
    Later that same day we got a call from someone in billing saying they had straightened out our account by having to ‘reprogram’ everthing from scratch. A month goes by and we get this bill for three times what we had been quoted. Seems they forgot that fact that all these services had been bundled three months ago.

    My recommendation is to go with cable or satelite. While DSL is much faster than dial-up, dealing with a company like Verizon will turn you gray before your time.

    Ben S II

  • Carl


    Thanks Felicia, that is high praise indeed.


  • Carl

    Here I go again…. 🙂

    Ask your mechanic if Zoomialis is right for you. Side effects may include a loss of traction, noisy brake pads, uneven idling and a loss of fuel efficiency.

    If your brake shaft tingles for more than 4 hours, you should contact your mechanic immediately: this could be a sign of a rare, but dangerous mechanical condition.

  • brent

    Felicia: Don’t bother with satellite internet service. You might get some faster download speeds, but the upward latency is horrible and you would go crazy trying to play games.

    Cable is the way to go. DSL connections also depend a lot on how close you are to your ISP, so if there is another DSL provider with an office closer to you, try giving them a call.

  • cirby


    I get about a three to five second lag when changing areas, including the big cities.

    Now, if I could just find some way to use that to get me some Medium Leather (I swear, someone could get game-rich by just making that stuff – zero available at the auction house, and a LOT of people need it).

  • OMG Medium leather. FLASHBACK. That crap never goes away! Then you throw it out, and when you’re 60 some quest needs 40 stacks of it…ah economics of MMORPGS are amazing.

  • cirby

    I just spent a couple of hours building up enough silver (50) to grab a stack of 20 that came up in auction. So, of course, after running around a stupid rainy Loch, fighting big ol’ spiders and bears and vultures, I get back and it’s gone…

  • Adam

    Having used both DSL and Cable I can say without a doubt that I’ve always been happier with my cable service. I started with DSL and after running every tweak and speedtest I could find, I found myself to be at about 1/3 the speed of my cable friends, not to mention that I also had to put a call into tech support about every 3 weeks. The only thing Cable really loses too DSL is upload speed. When trying to run things like torrets or the dirty Kazaa on Cable I find myself having to restart my router if I let it go too long. So all and all I’d recomend cable.

  • Craig

    So how do you like Hellgate? I tried the demo and it’s definitely… something. I’m not sure if I like it or not yet, but I’ll likely end up buying it ^^

  • Willy

    I was having speed problems before too and I fixed it really easily by just updating my router firmware. Try that if you have a router I guess, worked wonders for me. I went from 50k/s downloads to 800k/s downloads, hopefully it’ll work for you.

    Also I’m in the Hellgate London beta too, I really enjoy it so if you want someone to play with let me know!

  • the WOW talk just is lost on me.
    i feel like i am listening to my friends at wafflehouse.

    with download speed – i have consistently gotten decent download speeds just with cable. At worst I was downloading at 300kbps
    on average i am doing about 1 to 2 mbps.

    right now bandwidth tester is saying i am at about 436k


    I also noticed that my speed seems to go up right after i use adaware to clean up my system.

  • Virginia

    A T1 line for the house? O_O Woman after my own heart I swear… makes the idea of living in a fraternity style house with a bunch of people chipping in for the uberline almost seem worth the lack of privacy.

    I’ve got comcast cable here, and while I think it’s kinda pricey, it’s way better than any other crap I could be getting.

    Also you could try to stop watching so much pr0n XD

  • Options:

    1. Move. Use internet speed as the basis for location.
    2. Copy it from your brothers machine.
    3. Adjust your packet size, i forget how to do it anymore but you theres a happy medium of speed and size.


  • Courtney

    Don’t really have much to add, but I got a new router this week and flashed its firmware to dd-wrt. My connection is a lot more stable now, and the wireless has improved tenfold for strength of signal.

  • Oh, how do you update router firmware?

  • Courtney

    It was surprisingly easier than I thought it’d be. Just had to install it from a command prompt when booting up a router. DD-WRT was highly suggested from a friend, because it gave a cheap router the same features as one that costs a few hundred. Not all routers are supported, though.

    See here for more info:

    This page has a very detailed walkthrough:

    I bought a modem from Circuit City for $30 after rebates, so this was a great investment.

  • Ben
  • Ben

    ebay for dummy me

    Sorry to use your site to learn felicia, but I really need to know how to do this…

  • stm

    Apologies if this is a repost, but the group of us renting a house have been happy with our FiOS service.
    Eighteen months and no problems so far.

    The claim is that we get 5Mbps/2Mbps (download/upload) service; testing it on several sites yields:
    Local server: 5.11Mbps/1.80Mbps
    Across USA: 4.98Mbps/1.76Mbps
    London 4.03Mbps/1.63Mbps
    Auckland 2.23Mbps/1.09Mbps
    Tokyo 2.26Mbps/0.30Mbps

    And this is the slowest version that they sell.

    Of course…when I visit my parents and have to use their 28.8 modem…
    I. Just. Want. To. Scream.

  • Dave

    I was stuck with dialup, was fed up, and decided to go the route of Hughesnet. It’s not really as bad as people say (or maybe I’m still used to dialup). When you request a page, it take a couple seconds, but I consistantly get my 1.5mbps download speed. My wife and I play EQ2, and we zone faster than some and experience very little lag. The one major caveat with satellite internet, however, is a daily download limit (the amount depends on which package you sign up for.)

    They do have a three-hour window without limitation, though. Very useful for those large game updates. You just have to plan ahead of time.

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