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When I was a kid, I was pretty obsessed with personality tests; Numerology, Astrology, all the things that could tell me who I was as a person.  I particularly remember a passage in my Chinese Horoscope that said that people born under my sign would have their worse career “doing any sort of manual labor.” LOL

I’ve pretty much stopped doing these tests, but one from a BBC site caught my eye because of the recent discussion about “strong women” and sexual stereotypes in life and literature, so I had to do it.

Male/Female Brain Test

This series of tests claims to identify the “sex” of your brian. You can be male and have a female brain, and vice versa. There are 6 steps to identifying it, everything from a survey about behavior to spacial tests, it’s really fun, definitely worth the time.

So I finish it, and the results come back on a linear grid, from 100 to 0 on the female side, and 0 to 100 on the male side. Guess what I found out!?


Yes.  That’s right. On a scale from 100 to 0 in the female direction, and 0 to 100 on the male direction,
I scored a ZERO!!!!!

As you can imagine, I was pretty disheartened, I mean, scoring a zero on a brain exam is pretty depressing as it is, but having absolutely no sexual orientation to my brain makes me question those times I looked through a Victoria’s Secret catalogue;  makes me paranoid that maybe I was looking at the bodies instead of the bras.

Of course, the argument could be made that I have the PERFECT MENTAL BALANCE of female/male characteristics.  Maybe that’s why I’m so good at Tetris and my Mom made me get a math degree.  I just hope one of you is a non-gay man with a score of zero to make me feel better.  Oh hell, who am I fooling. No one else is gonna admit it. 😀

  • Richard

    Heh. Well either you have a perfect balance or you’re possibly gay?

    Do you golf? 🙂

  • Richard

    OK that test freaked me out. I got a zero. But I don’t know how much that says, because although I’m a sucker for women, I sometimes wonder about myself.

    I really like that song “It’s Raining Men” and I probably shouldn’t. Maybe _I_ should be an actor. I do know the entire score to Man of La Mancha.


    Oh and I think they put the results at fixed positions because the ‘averages’ scored were at 50 and -50 exactly on their scale. So, 0 might mean 10, or 24…

  • Michael

    Well, that was interesting! 🙂

    I too scored a “0”. Reading the evaluation at the end, the results suggested that my gray matter maintains a good balance between the male and the female; the Yin & Yang of our very being. I did really well in the Angles and 3D shapes, but I was also very empathetic, descriptive and preferred feminine faces.

    And, since I’m a Gemini, duality is in my very nature. This all makes perfect sense to me. 😉

  • Definitely male, definitely not gay but likewise scored 0. Not even a Gemini so no dual nature.

  • Frigid

    The whole scoring a 0 thing is kind of freaky…I am pretty sure I am far from balanced, then again I was too lazy to get a ruler and just skipped that part of the test.

  • Greg

    Hi guys,
    I’m male, straight, and got a 0 too.
    That makes a whole bunch of us now 🙂

  • Samantha

    I scored a 50 toward the men’s side, which according to the site is the average for men.

    …but, um, I’m a girl!

  • I scored 50 male. Some of the tasks in this test are BS – like the finger thing – whether your left finger is on top or your right one has nothing to do with sexes but with which part of our brains is dominant when it comes to the control of our extremeties. Then scoring high on the eye task should represent an ability to judge emotions well by looking at one’s eyes (or face) as almost every facial muscle has one of its ends attached to the area that surrounds the eyes. And finaly – scoring zero doesn’t mean you have a NEUTER brain or you are gay.

    I think the best criteria about what type of brain a person has is the attractiveness of a series of faces.

  • James

    I scored 50 female…

    I guess its because I have a thing for eyes…

  • James

    er btw, Im a straight male, lol.


  • Courtney

    I’m a straight male and I got a 50 female also =/
    I have no idea why, but I ALWAYS score feminine on any of these tests. From my name to my astrological sign (pisces). Aced the shape rotation part though. GoGo Tetris skills!

    About the finger part, it’s a fairly recent finding that has surprisingly pretty good validity. In a study of lesbians, they found that most had finger length similar to men, especially the ones who were more butch. I was extremely skeptical of the study too, but as I read more about it, it’s pretty fascinating. It brings about the question whether the level of testosterone prenatally at least plays an impact on sexual preference. This goes a long way in proving that preference is nature, not nurture.

  • chris

    50 male.

    I agree that the legitimacy of the tests is questionable. It seems to operate on a lot of ‘ifs’ and generalised statistsics.

  • WHEW! Ok, excellent. I think it means that none of us are imbalanced one way or another; like so female you can’t read a map, and so male you can’t tell that “I like you as a friend” is a breakup line. lol.

    It was pretty fun though, I’m glad I have a group of fellow Zeros to hang out with!!!
    Wait, that sounds bad. 😀

  • Frigid

    “and so male you can’t tell that “I like you as a friend” is a breakup line”

    It’s a what? Oh..oh god…Jessica noooooo!

  • HAHAHA. Wow, I think I ruined Frigid’s weekend. Sad clown 🙁

  • Hm. I’ve been married 13 years and have two daughters. Yet I scored 50% on the female end.

    And yes, definitely a straight guy.

  • jen

    I’m a zero too. I can read the facial expressions, and aced the spatial object thing (not entirely surprising since I *am* an engineer) although I’m not the greatest at Tetris.

    Slightly disturbed to discover that the one finger is longer than the other three…

  • I know! That finger thing was the scariest part because it’s like…on your body proof of something 😀

    I’m going to try to find another test we can all participate it that doesn’t grind the collective self-esteem into the dirt, lol.

  • Tim

    I was going to do this, until I hit the finger thing and it needed me to measure in millimeters.


    I may be a guy but I don’t have a millimeter ruler sitting by my computer. Guess if they had an option that said

    “I’m too damn lazy to find a ruler”

    It would say something about me as well.


  • Samantha

    I didn’t do the ruler thing either. I’m with you, I don’t exactly have a ruler next to the computer for just this sort of occasion.

  • The sad thing….I have a ruler next to my computer. I have no idea why, but I also have a protractor in my desk. If you need an angle calculated, I’m ready! 🙂

  • Edgar

    Finally took the test got a 25 in the male side…

    I guess I am alone in the 25 male side club…

    Felicia… I googled “metric online ruler” and got a pdf version… so I set it to “actual” size and guessed that was correct…

    I am a nerd.

  • Joe

    Google also has a built in converter. Just do a search like “3 7/16 inches to millimeters” and you get:
    (3 7/16) inches = 87.3125 millimeters

    Google makes life too easy sometimes.

  • Rolf

    hmm, Plenty of 0000 0000 scores here *S* I have done the test several times over a time and always score 0. Luckily (or unfortunatly depending on the viewpoint) i work with several psychologists and we discussed the test and the consensus is that if you get an Zero score then you have an easier time to see and understand both sides. If you are a “fringer” in the test the more you probably complain that your bf/gf does not get you (if you care that is).

    Or like the trio of psychologists said … “If you want to see a bad zero result do the DSM IV or if you really really want to worry do the Dark sides test”

    Greetings from a cold and dark Stockholm

  • Super-late to the game here, but I’m killing time on Halloween…. I am a straight female who scored +50 male. Although… I don’t have a problem with calling girls attractive…and my boyfriend gets hurt more often than I do…hrm.

    As a serious believer in personality type having much more (than gender) to do with the way humans do almost everything, I am not really surprised, nor am I remotely convinced that this test has anything whatsoever to do with sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • len


    Unsurprising. Test tedium. Life lackadasical.

  • Matt

    Chalk up one more straight male with a zero score.

    Aced both the angles and rotating the object. My lowest score was 2 of 20 on empathizing. Slightly miffed that I’m considered more female for high scores on verbal fluency and remembering objects. Why can’t I just be a more well rounded male?

  • Brandon Mitchell

    Oh, man, I got 25% female! Apparently, I like masculine faces. (don’t tell my wife 🙂

  • James

    I scored a zero as well o_o

  • Rei

    I used to be super interested in astrology and numerology when I was younger too! So when I can across this post, I had to take that little quiz and see how I scored.
    Aaaaand, I totally got 0 on the scale as well…

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