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So sleepy….


Just wanted to post a quick note before I crash from being up 15 hours straight working on The Guild. We wrapped a few hours ago! I’m so happy with how things turned out, I don’t believe I’ve ever laughed so hard on camera when I shouldn’t have because other actors were SO funny. I hope we can cut around my giggling 🙂

It will take a few weeks to edit, but I’m so happy that so many people were willing to lend a hand to make it possible for us to make these episodes! Thank you Dustin and Jermaine for coming out and being so helpful by…sitting 🙂 OK, I’m tired now. Nighty night. Tomorrow I’ll try to find as dastardly a post as the spinning lady to entertain you guys anew. Muhahaha.

  • Dustin

    My pleasure ma’am. *Tips Cowboy Hat* 😀

  • cirby

    Sleep is optional.

    At least, that’s what my hallucinations tell me.

  • Ben

    Dustin–You’re an inspiration for all of us west-coastally-challenged Floggers! Can’t wait to see your face on my screen. Not only that but how cool is Felicia to invite a website fan (read potential whacho) to take part in an original episode(s) of The Guild? Way cool!

    (I keep trying to make Flogger catch on but I just dont think its happening)

  • Matthew

    Sleep is only a problem if you don’t have insane amounts of caffeine… or Aletrac Valley…

  • Matthew

    *Alterac -_-

  • somasaint


    you mean all you ‘net-fans out there arent
    agoraphobic! [like me ?]


    and now presenting:

    ZzZzZz-man vs. Captain Caffeine
    [i almost put sandman there, but i wouldnt
    want to encroach on neil gaimans territory]

    most times, Captn-C wins.. but when the ZzZZ’r
    comes calling.. im out for days!

  • Paul

    New Guild! Yay!

    A few weeks! Aww!

    As for sleep, just drink some Jolt, that’ll wake you up nicely. 😀

  • edgar

    Haha I can’t wait!

  • Courtney

    It’s funny… your current front page has a buxomy video game character and a spinning women that you’re SUPPOSED to stare at. You sure know how to draw attention on the Internets. 🙂

  • Damien

    new guild! cant wait cant wait!

    .. well i guess i kind of have too :p haha

  • Dustin

    Oh Ben I’m still a Wacko. I can just turn it off when I’m around people. It was a ton of fun, doubtful you’ll see my face but you should get a good look at my back or the back of my head while I sit there reading quietly.

  • Chris

    Yaay for being done!!

  • Michael

    This is slightly off topic: If–okay, let’s be real–When the SGA goes on strike, what effect will it have on new Guild webisodes? I’m deeply curious.

  • Jai

    Oh, this is super news! I just wanted to leave a little note to say how much I appreciate the time you and the other cast members have put in to make The Guild. It truly is hilarious and I look forward to Episode 4.

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